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Kicking Fibromyalgia's ass..!

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Karen & Glen C., Jan 17, 2019.

  1. Hi, so last night my big sister ( 68 years old) put a very nieave post on Facebook about climate change, she didn't get much reaction so put it on our family messanger which it isn't for, anyway I said I can't comment and in the end I pointed out that I've never heard on the news before that this time of year in Australia is bushfire season and that it's from global warming, I said it's SUMMER .
    Well that didn't go well and I said I only care for all my huge family and that we should be more concerned with wifi, nnEMF, radiation and blue light and that's why I and Glen homeschool.
    Well they thought I was attacking my sister and I copped a lot of aggression which I don't care.
    I personally messaged my sister this morning and was told to fuck Off.
    Lesson learnt, just look after who's under my roof.
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  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    yes, yes, and yes!

    People that need this information the most - listen the least I feel.
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  3. Absolutely Caroline, my sister kept saying it was Glen writing the text and if it was me that she doesn't know me anymore.
    She has no idea how much I've changed, I a very different woman now, I'm always roaring
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  4. drezy

    drezy New Member

    Some people have a very strong urge to just be Malthusian.

    If you'd like to listen to some facts about positive environmental changes (brought by technology no less) in the first world the interview here along with a plethora of references is worth perusing:


    The amount of re-wilded US land since the 80s is staggering as well as the decreased need for raw materials.
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  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    stand strong, stand proud and take care of your own!
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  6. So, if one has gratitude they release light?
    I mean, do words carry light Jack?
    Then there's feelings and postures.
    It's all half truth.
    If you don't stay in the lie, you end up as someone else's truth. -1-2-3-O+1+2+3
  7. I will definitely do that Caroline.

    And thank you Drezy
  8. So my sister has seen my messages finally but no reply, I don't want argue with her but I don't want to cave and not be myself so I do nothing.
    Still going strong with how I'm living and it's still keeping my well and strong for someone with fibromyalgia, I will never ever give up on myself or my precious family.
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  9. Will do but I have made up with my sister for myself.
    I didn't apologize as I had no reason to but I told her I'd put it behind me and that I care for her.
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  10. It's our son's 9th birthday today and he's just done a 4 minute CT in 12 degree water, so proud, before that he did a nude sun bake , he's growing every day.
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  11. drezy

    drezy New Member

    A handsome young man.

    Watch out, the gals with tooth floss shorts will be knocking on your door sooner than you (or I) would expect.
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  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    What a cutie!!!!!
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  13. Yes I'll have to watch out for them for sure,,,, lol
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  14. We think so, and he is still improving all the time from homeschooling.
    My daughter is sulking at the moment, she is improving as well but won't admit it, will take some time yet I think.
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  15. Still moving forward and am happy to be doing so.
    Have bought silkie chickens so we have our own eggs, first two ended up to be roosters so a friend took them for me as she has some land and I can visit.
    Have one young hen now and waiting for another when the sex is known. Will get there eventually.
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  16. My wife wanted hens about 9 years ago and I said no way. We had them the next day! They have brought so much joy into my life, now we have a flock of sheep and are dreaming of multispecies grazing. We usually have between 20-50 chickens, which gives us extra eggs to share and makes us less sad when a raptor swipes one or two. Have tried silkies a few times, but they are more fragile and haven't survived like hardier breeds. Also, most books recommend using heat lamps, supplemental light and grain, which I haven't done since finding this oasis of quantum knowledge. Mortality is much lower. Just my experience. Good luck. I hope they bring much joy into your home.
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  17. drezy

    drezy New Member

    I wear the pants in this house...........but she tells me what pair to put on.

    That is interesting. I guess it shouldn't be too surprising that this would be noticeable especially over the shorter lifespan of chickens.

    On the inverse it reminds me of the albatross:
  18. Wow sounds great, I don't have the room for that many chickens but I've always wanted silkies, I have two dogs, two cats, 9 birds, a lizard and 17 mini min rabbits.
    I breed and sell my rabbits, they are a fairly small breed with lovely natures.
    I hope your herd expands.
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  19. So I was just talking to Glen and explaining to him that for the last week or more I've just been doing what I need to do, house work, homeschooling, looking after my animals, groceries etc.
    Now usually I'd be in a panic about what has to be done but all of a sudden it's gone, there's no time controlling me anymore and I feel more relaxed and smooth about my day, I feel happier, time doesn't exist hardly at all.
    How fantastic is that?
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