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Kelly's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by ktrosper, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. ktrosper

    ktrosper Me, Husband, Father..

    "Know thyself." -Socrates
    Many of these questions we must ask ourselves on the road to optimal are impossible to answer "correctly, in context" without this knowledge of ourselves.. It's the first and quite possibly the most critical step toward optimum, in my opinion..
    About my journal:
    I have and will continue to put a lot of thought into this.. I'll edit this as time goes, as I continue to learn and build understanding, as those I trust and respect come to influence me and as my priorities change..

    My Guiding principles:
    • Context matters.. Always try to put everything in context.
    • Value truth above all else.. Seek it and embrace it, even if it means the destruction of a premise, belief or value..
    • Ask the right questions/Ask better questions.. Useful answers come from asking the right questions.
    • When you know better you do better/To believe in it, I must understand it.. Change is easy when I understand why the change matters.
    • This is a marathon, not a sprint.. The road to optimal is long, there's a lot of learning to be done and there are only so many hours in a day..
    • Search for conflict.. conflict reveals a possible flaw in the premise, a possible gap in the knowledge or a messed up value-system.
    My Goal: I want to achieve optimal HEALTH while promoting LONGEVITY while ENJOYING my life...

    Is this the same as wanting to Enjoy life, while promoting optimal Health while promoting Longevity or
    wanting to achieve Longevity, while promoting optimal Health while Enjoying life? Close, but I don't think so.. The differences are subtle, but they are worth thinking about..

    Defining what I want begs more questions..
    Some of these obviously seem redundant, and maybe they are.. It's my way of ensuring that I've arrived at the right answer and I've set the right priority within the context of my life.

    Can I enjoy life without health? Probably, but to a lesser extent..
    Can I enjoy life without longevity? Of course, but I'd prefer to enjoy it for as long as possible.. Some things I enjoy come with risk.. Life is full of tradeoffs.
    Can I live a long time without health? Chances are reduced, for sure.. I suppose it's possible to live a long time with a feeding tube stuffed down my throat while on a ventilator..
    Would I enjoy living long without health? Certainly less enjoyable than living long with health..
    Would I want longevity without enjoyment of life? No, Probably not.
    Can I achieve optimal health yet lose out on longevity? Of course, accidents happen..
    Can I achieve optimal health yet lose out on enjoyment of life? Yes, and that's not what I want.

    These questions, in my opinion, are worth contemplating AND the answers worth documenting.. The answers help to define my focus and my priorities. They tell me where I'm at and they shine the light on the path forward.. The documentation makes them "real", allows me to scrutinize them and search for conflict, revisit them as needed..

    Before I could answer any of these questions I had to define these objectives..
    Before I could really define any objectives, I had to understand what it is that I truly value.
    Know thyself..

    My current/best definitions:

    "Enjoying life" is..
    Spending my time and energy on the people and things I love and value. (Family stuff, CheapEagle (my Powered Paraglider), Gladys (our RV), General (my truck), Hunting, Working on my Health, Learning/Self-educating, Becoming a better man, Running, Bucket List). Risk/reward value judgments are obviously a factor. Would I enjoy snorting a line of coke from here to Memphis? Probably, but I'm not willing to risk my health or longevity over it.. Where is the sweet spot?

    "Longevity" is..
    Duh! Living a LONG time.. Centurion? Sure, I'll take it.. but longevity's value is relative to health and enjoyment. Would I want to live to be 200 if I had to spend that time in a bubble in the basement? Of course not. Quality of life matters. Life is full of tradeoffs. Where is the sweet spot?

    "optimal Health" is..
    Physical, mental and spiritual functionality as close to peak as possible (optimal)- but not at any cost.. Value judgments are a factor here, too. Could I peak physically on HGH or steroid injections? Yes, but the cost to longevity is not something I'm willing to pay. Would I peak mentally if I spent 10 hours a day doing brain sharpening skills? Maybe, but that kind of investment would be too steep for the return.. Could I peak spiritually if I were to meditate 20 out of 24 hours? Maybe, but at what cost? Where is the sweet spot?

    This "sweet spot" is most probably in a different place for all of us.
    It all comes down to value.

    Know thyself..
    (to be continued...)
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