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Keeping Kim Honest

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by NWgirl, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    I posted yesterday here but the server change lost it. :(

    I've had some issues with eating at the Oregon coast on vacation, but I moved on. Overall I'm not doing badly. Getting a lot of seafood including steamer clams, crab, smoked oysters, scallops and prawns.

    My CT yesterday was amazing. We're renting a house in Barview and I went to the beach of the bay that is essentially filled with ocean water, it is so close (Tillamook bay). The water temp kept changing, but I got my skin temp down to 49. I must have stayed in half hour to 45 min. the 3 teen girls (two are mine) went with me and they went in too but they didn't stay in long and were impressed that I did.

    At one point an old fashioned steam engine went by and we waved. Near the end I settled into a hole in the sand in the water that was shaped like an arm chair, faced the sun and watched a pelican hunt for dinner.

    Best CT ever!
  2. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    When I get back home I'm following the plan to the letter including the early dinner!! Need to get more disciplined about this to see the most benefit.
  3. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Something weird but good has happened! My appetite is really low today.

    Bf: tilapia and salmon in fish broth, two bites of Asian pear, coffee w CO and cream

    Linner: carnitas bowl at chipotle (no rice or beans of course) but I only ate less than half of it!!!! Will save the rest for BAB tomorrow.

    I'm not sure why this is happening but I love it. Maybe this is what it feels like to be normal???
  4. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    The ritz cracker demons are haunting me.
  5. LinD

    LinD New Member

    Do you work on a computer for work? Or use one at home a lot? You're neck position is critical. Sewing, reading, or anything that.keeps your neck hovering/hanging down? Ride bikes a lot?
  6. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Yes, work on a computer for work and also read a lot. :) I use iPad after work for reading and Internet browsing.
  7. LinD

    LinD New Member

    This could very well be the reason for your neck/shoulder pain. If you were here, I would loan you my book by McKenzie, "7 Steps to a Pain Free Neck and Back."


    You would see how very important it is the position we stand, sit, and sleep in.

    I have C5/C6 herniation, so I know the pain it can cause when I've let down my guard and improperly get my neck in the wrong position for too long.

    I hope you look into it and consider the possibility.
  8. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Thanks LinD! I will check that out for sure.
  9. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    I've lost 2.2 more pounds! And that is over vacation! Total lost 12.8 pounds since 7/1.

    Bf: tilapia, coffee w CO and cream

    Lunch: curry veggie soup with a bit of beef, chicken, cherries

    4pm- got hungry, had a pluot and a small bite of coconut butter

    Dinner: grass fed beef steak, mushrooms, green beans & zucchini, homemade sauerkraut, sour cream


    Ate way too much at dinner, not sure why. I had beef left on my plate and was going to stop but then I just went on. And then I ate waaayyyyy too much watermelon. Damn those summer fruits. Tomorrow I will be eating half he serving that I had tonight.

    Poop talk alert...... Don't read on if you don't want to....

    Was starting to get the stiff neck and shoulders again yesterday. This is weird because it always seems to happen on a Sunday and then lasts two days. Well yesterday I started thinking, maybe my liver is clogged with toxins? So I did a coffee enema. I immediately felt better after I was done. The pain was still kind of in the background at first then it just dissipated. And today I have been have the most wretched awful BM's like burnt rubber or something. I'm definitely getting rid of something bad!
  10. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    My weight has been up a few pounds even though I haven't cheated at all, kind of discouraging. I'm hoping it's just something hormonal and it will go away again.

    I haven't had as much of a problem not eating after dinner lately, which is good!

    Realized that I haven't had my TOM in like 3 months. Never thought I would miss it but I do. At least I knew when thing were happening then. I'm too young for menopause (43)!
  11. Don't bother with the scale Kim, it's normal that is goes up and down. No TOM is not fun :( Did you get tested lately for hormones? Seems that something is wrong, and that will likely slow down your weight loss.

  12. Just for fun, I'm going to put it out there that for Kim (just kim, context ya know! :) might benefit from facing the scale. When someone has been very overfat before, and can be in denial while putting on 20, 30 - 50 lbds - setting the habit of monitoring weight can be a useful tool.

    I'm finding that once I embraced the discomfort of it and now just do it every morning, and face it - it's getting easier and easier and I'm also mainting a weight range in a way I've never been able to do before.

    I think for those that are obese or have been obese, the use of scale might be a good "lab". Clearly for someone who has a ED of a different sort - it can be a complete negative.
  13. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Caveman, for us that have been overfat I totally agree with you. Your words on this a few weeks ago really hit me, thank you! I was used to just eating and not facing it, but weighing for me is GOOD and makes me face whatever it is that day.

    That being said, I don't have a scale at home right now and have been weighing at work on their medical grade scale. So I guess I'm doing it 4 or 3 times per week or so.

    I'm considering getting that scale that will go with my fitbit but it is $125!! :) anyone have that and like it?
  14. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Thank u for reading!! I just had my hormone tests done and waiting for results. I hate waiting!! Once I get them back I can have my first consult with jack too.
  15. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Still doing well! I've been really into lamb lately, had a major craving for it. Not sure what that's about but I'm enjoying it along with fish for most meals.

    I ate 6 oysters for breakfast on Sunday and ended up in urgent care with food poisoning... sucked. Only good part, I lost 5 pounds and I've kept 3 of the 5 pounds off. lol. It's going to be a LONG time before I try oysters again. I'm not sure if my current gut flora can handle it. I don't even think that the oysters were 'bad' I think it was just me (but I could be wrong).

    Had my first consult with Jack on Monday and it was great! I'm still feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the info, but hoping to fit in more researching in my free time to understand the next steps I should take. I think I will wait about a month and then repeat labs again, then have another consult.

    Apparently I may have hashi's plus PCOS, and I need BHRT. I'm not sure what move to make next on that.

    Still no TOM and very little sex drive which is weird for me. Still doing CT. Did 45 minutes last night, kind of dreaded getting in but it was fine when I was in it (typical).

  16. Would you mind sharing what your lab values were that made him think Hashi's + PCOS?
  17. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Interesting. I had raw oysters yesterday and I was sick like a dog all night and day. I stuck it out at home but my PCP said I was going to have to come in for fluids if I didn't stop throwing up and running to the loo by 3pm. But I had them for a couple days before as well and didn't get sick.

    I can usually tell what I got sick from but not so this time. I had my last food yesterday at 4pm and that was liver and bacon (cooked!) and I didn't get sick until 1:30am.
  18. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    I got sick like that a few times. It was always a combination of big and fatty meal with a cold and prolonged CT. Maybe a detox?

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