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Keeping Kim Honest

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by NWgirl, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. I agree with Vicky, each time you are not perfect - just make it worth it by thinking on it, and getting back up the next day. I think for most humans, "directionally accurate" is pretty good! I think as you make each change, you will find the next one easier. . probably as our brains heal it gets easier.

    A year ago I would not have thought I'd be taking ice baths, wearing funny glasses, sleeping with the sun and eating ketogenic most of the time - and without much pain.
  2. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Yesterday's food:

    8am BAB: taco meat w/3eggs, tiny bit of cheese, green salsa, coffee w heavy cream and CO

    Iced coffee with heavy cream (Starbucks)

    1pm Lunch (persian food out): 1 lamb shank, 2 bites feta w basil, cucumber tomato salad w olive oil and lemon

    Homemade iced coffee w heavy cream, cocoa powder, CO and stevia

    8pm Dinner (out-benihana): 7 pieces sashimi w tamari. Sautéed onions, zucchini and mushrooms. Sauteed shrimp with cucumber avocado tomato yellow pepper asparagus. Green tea.

    Busy but fun day out of the house with hubby, dinner w the kids. Almost 10k steps for the day. Severe congestion/allergies even w Zyrtec. Had dinner very late about 8pm but the seafood was a good choice felt light on my stomach. Slept like a rock. No CT even though it hit 100 degrees.

    Before dinner got really dehydrated and low blood sugar but felt better after 3 glasses of water and sashimi appetizer. 7 hours is still pretty long for me to go between meals although I'm getting better.
  3. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Feeling really ****ty today and yesterday. Just feel 'off' and have stiff neck and shoulders. Also got Hemorrhoids this morning. Still having diarrhea so added enzymes and probiotics and am also making some raw sauerkraut tonight. I used to eat it a lot but haven't made any in awhile.

    Here's the recipe for sauerkraut on my blog: http://thenourishingcook.com/sauerkraut-winters-miracle-vegetable-salad/

    Food really has been fine both days, no fruit today so far. I'm trying to only have one serving of fruit per day which is difficult for me this time of year.

    I'm pretty down as well as feeling physically awful. I could feel better than this and eat all I want! So the goal is not clear to me today, but I will keep going.
  4. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Thank god I started to feel better Tuesday after two not so great days. The neck and shoulder pain was kind of like a headache but not in my head. I wish I knew what caused it because I hate it so much, and it seems to always rob me of a weekend day.

    Been doing good today, but the last two evenings were difficult food wise. I had a few bites of things I shouldn't have and also ate snacks, and too close to bedtime. My husband brought home pirate's booty and I ate two stale pieces sitting on the counter. How weird is that?? Also partook in some fresh pineapple which I probably should not have since it's a higher sugar fruit. My husband brought his in and the smell was so strong and good that I had a very hard time resisting it. My sense of smell seems to have really increased and I had a great nose before!!

    Oh great my daughter is now making cookies and it smells heavenly. I really wish my whole family was doing this.

    Today's food

    Bf - chicken thighs, coffee with CO and HWC, cucumbers

    Lunch - ground lamb and chicken kabobs, zucchini, cucumber tomato salad, onions

    Dinner - shrimp w basil and butter, cucumber, some yellow pepper, pineapple, 2 string cheese sticks

    Went 7 hours between lunch and dinner without dying, woo hoo.
  5. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    I just ate 3 small gluten free cookies. Lovely. :(
  6. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Oh well, moving on from the mistake and learning from it! Shrimp planned for BAB tomorrow.
  7. Inger

    Inger Silver


    I see you struggle and I think part of the fault is your poor foodcoises.. If you are messed up and want to heal fast you need to be very strict.

    Like eating lots and lots of raw seafoods, only the best stuff! I would eat the meat raw too. No need to eat all raw but it helps huge I can tell from experience.

    You get lots of good bacterias.. and the best, it helps huge for mood-issues! What will help you stay strong in any situation too!

    Have you read BG6? There it stays all - how to eat to heal. I did not see you eat much algae.. or organs.. or shrimpheads.. or raw fish.

    I promise you it will be so much worth it, to eat stuff that maybe not please your palate so much but will heal you fast! :)
  8. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Thanks Inger... I really do like raw fish too but am only having it about once per week. I'm not used to preparing these foods at home but I think I will make ceviche this weekend to break that cycle. I was also going to look into buying some fish heads for stock. I am a broth making fool normally but haven't done the fish yet. I also have beef liver in the freezer that I would like to try.

    The foods I'm eating may seem poor now but it is definite progress from what I was eating before, which was wheat and lots of corn and rice and less protein and less veggies. Out of all that I only miss my corn tortillas.
  9. ealachan

    ealachan New Member

    Every step in the right direction is a good step!
  10. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    If anyone is on instagram and wouldn't mind critiquing my cafeteria lunch choices, please add me. My user name is nourishingcook.

    It is really helping me to NOT pack a lunch right now so I would like to keep doing this if at all possible. Our cafe serves lots of locally raised meats/veggies and they make their own soup. Their food tastes homemade to me, which is coming from someone sensitive to restaurant food. They don't have fish every day but I try to eat it when it is there and not deep fried. :)

    One issue - we get FREE fruit!! We are only supposed to eat one serving though. But I've been attempting to abstain from the fruit lately, just being extra careful to only eat one serving per day instead of two. I prefer to eat fruit at dinner for 'dessert'.
  11. All of that doesn't sound BAD - I bet the thing to look out for is the fats. Lots of 'healthy' types still use seed oils from a fear of saturated. Those are as bad, if not worse on sugar and high glucose foods.

    I know right now you are 'healing', but eating seasonal and local fruits that grow there when they grow there is great!
  12. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Baby steps will get you there too.;) Just keep learning and making small changes and it will happen!!! 6 months down the road you will say look what I use to do and look what I do now. Will be a totally different story.
  13. Hey Kim! I just had the opportunity to ask jack some bypass question along the lines of what I'm questioning. Going to post on my journal.
  14. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Bf: shrimp, coffee w CO and HWC (didn't eat enough was too hungry at lunch)

    Lunch (out): 5-6 small pieces seared raw tuna, half of a crab & shrimp omelet with Swiss

    Dinner: rest of the omelet, a cucumber tomato feta salad with lemon & olive oil and half an avocado

    I lost 1 more pound!! Total of 10 pounds lost since beginning of July.
  15. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    The hemorrhoid Gods are angry today. :(
  16. Have you tried vit k1, k2 and vit c?
  17. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    I have not tried vit c yet and I definitely need to start because it's part of the iodine protocol. But vit k1 k2 I've tried but due to my weight loss surgery 11 years ago I have trouble absorbing the fat soluble vitamins so I'm not sure how much I'm actually getting.

    Thanks for your note!
  18. Aw sorry, didn't know about your surgery. No surgery here, but all those vits mentioned earlier plus lysine help my 'roid problem. Collagen is helpful too!

    Are you taking iodoral? Make sure you get your salt too! Congrats on your weight loss, keep up the good work!
  19. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Thanks for the tips I will definitely look into those! I hate these roids!!

    Yep I'm taking iodoral. And a 'yes' on the Celtic sea salt too that one is so easy I love that stuff. Probably a good sign that i really need it. I'm also taking the ATP. Selenium is coming in the mail and I take magnesium topically before CT.

    Thanks for the kind words!!
  20. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Bf 8am: BAB shrimp and 2 eggs, coffee w CO and HWC

    Lunch (out) 2:30pm: BBQ brisket and pulled pork, coleslaw (didn't especially enjoy the meat, didn't eat it all)

    Dinner 7pm: a cucumber, pepper, onion, tomato feta salad with lemon & olive oil and half an avocado

    I lost 1 more pound AGAIN! Total of 11 pounds lost since beginning of July. I'm now at 239 which is the lowest weight I've been in a couple years. Breaking the 240 barrier is a huge step for me.

    I liked the eating schedule today of BAB then 6 1/2 hours later have a medium lunch and then a lighter dinner. I didn't eat any meat at dinner, didn't feel like it. I guess we'll see how that went tomorrow. No cravings today at all, and I don't feel especially susceptible to cravings for the rest of the evening.

    I don't have to go to work until Monday 8/20!! Yaah.

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