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Keeping Kim Honest

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by NWgirl, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    I decided that I really need to have a place to write some things down and have a record do how I'm feeling and what I'm doing. A place to "keep Kim honest". I have a huge record of trying things and not sticking to them long enough to see if they are even working. I'm so tired of not feeling well and having so many 'ups and downs' that effect my mood. I want to get better!

    Here is a short synopsis of where I'm coming from:

    - I'm 43 with husband and twin 16 year old daughters (I adopted them from Korea). My parents also live with us. They are healthy which is good!

    - currently 245 pounds but my highest was 400. I had weight loss surgery 11 years ago (duodenal switch) and got down to 205 so I've regained 40 pounds.

    - I've been on LR a couple weeks and I'm also doing CT baths. I'm very familiar with primal and paleo... Have tried it multiple times over a few years without success. I found it difficult to stick to long term.

    - history of PCOS, on thyroid meds (armour).

    - I had excess skin surgery in 2006 to remove off tummy, breasts and arms. I don't gain where I had the surgery so now I have an upper "man tummy" which I hate!!!

    - I got into "real food" about six years ago through the Weston A Price foundation and I've started a couple blogs based on Sally Faalon's books.

    - as a result of my WLS surgery I have had trouble with absorption of iron and vitamin D. Spent some time extremely anemic but now I receive iron infusions every two years which has kept me non-anemic for about 6 years thank god. I have had trouble getting my vitamin D level above 32.

    That is enough history for now, if you have specific questions let me know! Feels weird to write all of that down...

  2. You/Me = Peas/Pod


    We are almost identical on age, weight, bypass. I had no PCOS and not on any thyroid stuff. No surgery for skin here. Would love to figure out how you got someone to do the iron infusion - no luck with my docs here as I'm just below range with the sublingual supps. Same Vit-D issue but I've recently started sunbathing in addition to taking it.

    I got up to about 400, lost to 220, stalled out and yo-yoed from 220 to 300 several times. Basically since early 20's I've been either gaining weight or losing weight. Never stable until the Leptin RX + CT.
  3. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Cavemam, Carlsons has really nice vitamin D sublingual drops - I use the 4000iu per drop in MCT oil. It helped my D. They come in a tiny dropper bottle.

  4. That's the one we use!
  5. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    wow Cavemam you are correct! We r definitely two peas in a pod. I too would NOT change the result of the bypass. Because of that I actually had the confidence to date (yes via Internet) and met my husband. That would not have happened if I was still 400.

    Re: iron infusions. I struggled almost one year until my then doctor "let" me have one. He kept saying how "drastic" the infusions would be. At the time my ferritin stores were almost at zero (had to fight to get that lab done) and I was VERY anemic. Finally I put my foot down and my quality of life was back within 5 days of the first infusion. I never went back to that doc after that. Now I see a naturopath that is 1000 times easier to work with.

    For me I think the iodine supplementation (and supporting supplements) may be the next step. I have some small goiters I'm hoping will shrink with that protocol. Oh and the LR and the CT of course!
  6. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Thanks Cavemam for reminding me that I actually have vit D drops already!!

    My DIM came today, hopefully it will help with the detox problems I've been having! They seem to be better today though.

    Quick synopsis of yesterday and today:

    Yesterday took my CT bath in the morning for the first time. I washed my hair and then got in the tub, which wasn't ideal but better than I thought. My body got cold faster because my head was cold/wet. I could only stay in 30 minutes but did ok considering. I liked taking it after BAB will definitely try that again on a weekend. I was pretty tired after CT though and I realized that I'd normally be sleeping through that!

    Ate pretty well and we even went out to dinner. Had more trouble when we got back. I'm having trouble not eating after dinner. This has typically been my "fruit" time - I have an apple with Celtic sea salt or a pint of berries or cantaloupe, whatever is in season. But my go to is an organic fuji apple with salt. Is it really imperative for the program for me to give this up? I guess I could eat it as part of my dinner if I really needed to.

    Today I went to work and did really well. Our cafeteria is really good and they have a ton of veggies and good local meat choices. They will serve me any of the dishes with extra veg instead of starch or will let me get a side salad. And the soups are homemade and twice in the last week they haven't had grains in them! Score. Good way to get more veggies in.

    Only bad thing today - it's after 6 and I have no idea what I'm eating for dinner. Better work on that now!

    Thanks for reading...

  7. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Last couple days have been good. Did my 10th CT bath last night and got it down to 51 degrees with some ice. Did about 40 minutes and it was the first time that my skin got really pink. I did put topical magnesium all over 15 minutes prior to getting in, not sure if that helped the pink color.

    Food has been good but not perfect. I found that I get really nervous if I think that I should eat to keep myself from getting hungry. Weird, I know. So I've been eating some snacks but I do want to get to to 3 meals a day thing.

    Yesterday I came home from work and was exhausted. After CT I went to bed at 8:30pm! I slept straight until 6:15 (before my alarm) and felt much better today.

    Apparently I save all of my really good writing for my day job. My brain is fading!
  8. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    First day that I didnt get hungry between meals, yaah! Also did CT for 30 minutes 53 degrees. Almost sat down right away, the fastest that I've gotten into the water. Still having problems with getting neck and shoulders into the water though.
  9. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Yesterday I had the most fabulous day. Took the day off of work and took one daughter and nephew raspberry picking. It started raining a very warm rain... I felt so 'back to nature' and peaceful. Tons of berries (for freezing) was only $7. Then went to lunch and took them to a place to play. Then a nice nap before going to dinner with my husband and friends. And the best thing, I did all of this while sticking to the LR. I even waited 7 hours to eat between lunch and dinner, without killing anyone! There was one moment of frustration when they all ordered a huge thing of fried tater tots for appetizer. But I know that they always made me feel sick, and I wanted to keep feeling good and thinking clearly. I chose health!

    Here's a picture of my daughter Allie and nephew:

  10. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Yesterday was NOT a good day. I really had a 'mood' problem until I did CT in the early evening. Had good CT did 40 minutes then followed it up with my first ever cold shower. Of course my body felt fine but my shoulders and head were not used to it, so I think it was really good for me. At dinner ate too much well done steak (restaurant cooked it wrong) and had trouble digesting. Slept well though. Ate too many raspberries.

    Today, slightly better than yesterday but had major attacks of diarrhea this morning. Not sure if it was the raspberries or the too done steak or what. But my stomach didn't settle down until noon. Mood is better but it still lingers. Making 'no bean' chili tonight for dinner and I need to be strong to resist the corn tortillas.

    I'm starting to get really tired of this and wondering if it will even help. No one in my house is eating this way so it seems to be a constant challenge. Also I realized that I get 'bored' at home or unhappy or something and I tend to think about food more there. Maybe it's just because I'm not distracted by work though.
  11. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    I resisted the corn tortillas fine last night although it was tough. They were chips fried in coconut oil and looked yummy. Slept weird last night didn't go to sleep until 11:30pm and got up for work at 6:30 just fine. I will probably be tired tonight due to that!

    Had two baked tilapia filets for breakfast. Having nausea and diarrhea at work but not as bad as yesterday. I hope the day gets better!

    I'm considering going off coffee completely and just taking a caffeine pill for awhile to see if that helps me. I am wondering if the acid is what is killing my stomach. I do have to mention I drink green iced tea (unsweetened) at work all day too.
  12. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Just realized I have lost 9 pounds since starting LR beginning of July! So maybe this is working. I take back what I said last night. :)
  13. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Still doing good. Great thing is that I feel better in the morning and have more energy. I had two tilapia filets again for breakfast but then ate cherries between breakfast and lunch, which made me hungry. Duh!! Yeah need to work on the no snacks thing.

    Started having hot flashes again a few days ago. CT helps with them but they come back eventually.
  14. You are doing good! Don't give up!! It could take several weeks/months for you to see positive effects of the protocol. You have to stick to it Kim. If you go back to your old way of eating, you will keep getting what you used to get: nothing. I know it's hard and not always convenient, but you have to do it for your health and to feel better. Why don't you get everybody at home eating your way? It would be really good for your daugthers, too.

    Congrats on the 9 lbs loss. Something must be working :)

    Have you done any labs lately? That could really help you figure out what is wrong.

    Have a good day!
  15. janagram

    janagram New Member

    9 lbs!! I'd love to discover that! tilapia for brkfst...hmmm. could be good!
  16. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Thanks for the note and the encouragement!! Sometimes I just want to see weight loss. But I need to remember that my insides are being changed first. Yeah I just did labs and there are many things out of balance. I purchased a 30 min session with dr k so I'm sure will be learning lots!
  17. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Working on sticking to 3 meals with NO snacking. This is harder than I thought but I'm making progress.

    The malbec on Friday night was a total mistake for me. It of course knocked me out of ketosis but the worst part was I was hungry between meals both Saturday and Sunday even though I stuck to the plan. Still even today I don't have my previous satiety back yet.

    Bf - 2 tilapia filets with salsa, coconut oil

    Lunch - pork roast and pork veggie broth, cherries

    Dinner - spoon of coconut butter, half roasted chicken (dark meat), full fat Greek plain yogurt with cherries

    Snack- 5 brazil nut kernels

    Ok I may be eating too much fruit, will work on that! Hey at least I'm eating it with meals now instead of as a snack. The fruit thing is hard for me this time of year due to all of the good local berries, cherries and cantaloupe.
  18. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    I would test your bs after eating yogurt too. Might not be on your protocol and might stop you from getting LS someday.

    Fruit and yogurt were tough for me to give up cuz I just love that stuff but somehow I managed.
  19. NWgirl

    NWgirl New Member

    Vkiernan, thanks yes I know you are right. Funny I haven't had yogurt since that one night and I'm suddenly fine to not eat it! The fruit however is still a daily occurrence although I am eating it only with my meals now, yaah!

    I'm still doing really well, which is completely surprising to me. I'm not trying to be negative but I don't have the best track record sticking to 'paleoish' eating. But I feel so good that I just want to keep going. I still am not losing weight very fast but I really think I'm changing on the inside.

    Some good things about this is that my behavior is better. I don't get as frustrated and annoyed and I'm more even than before. Plus I am not hungry between meals and my energy is good. Also my thinking capacity is just amazing now. At work I'm doing well and am so productive and thinking of new ways to do things (I'm a IT systems analyst). I'm only working about 40-45 hours a week but my work output is like I work so much more. And when I get home I actually STILL have something in my brain leftover for my family most nights. We even are going swimming after work as a family two nights a week (too warm to be actual CT but oh well). I sleep like a rock most nights and mostly wake up clear headed. It is still a struggle not to eat at night (habit).

    I'm still having some issues I would like to work out, the main one is diarrhea. Also I'm getting a lot of allergy type symptoms and sneezing, weird. And if I go more than one day in between CT sessions some of my joint pain comes back. Who would of thought cold baths could be so helpful?

    But for one month in, I've lost 9 pounds and I feel good. :)
  20. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Yay! Good for you. You know for me this wasn't a perfect start and finish; well I am still not finished even after a year. I was really strict and then had a slip up, really strict and then a slip up. But, I kept doing more things that were for the better. You are still pretty new to the game. Everyday just keep getting up and doing the best you can and if you slip or "eat fruit" eventually you will change that thought and keep moving toward optimal if that is your goal. I am happy you are having successes. Tells you that you are on your way!:)

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