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Kealoha’s Journey to Optimal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Katrina Morris, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. Hi all!!! New member here and so excited about changing my life LITERALLY

    A little background on me....I am a Registered Nurse and work in Interventional Radiology (radiation I know). I am married with two beautiful kids (ages 7 and 8). I live in Northern Idaho (CDA) but I travel every month to Northern Cali where I work as a nurse. Been doing that for two years now.

    I had my thyroid removed completely due to cancer 3 years ago and ever since then my health has been a roller coaster to say the least. Gained a bunch of weight, headaches, fatigue, brain fog, hot flashes, tachycardia...the list could go on but I’ll spare you ‍♀️ Curious if I really do need to be on thyroid medication for life or if that is something that is a fallacy

    Changes I have made within the last 2 weeks: Blue light glasses, blue light screen protectors for my phone, i have EMF stickers on all electronics and I have a EMF protector case for my phone. I try to watch the sunrise now as much as possible.
    I use the Dminder App and get out in the sun after work before my “window” closes, I take 10,000 units of Vitmain D3 along with multi vitamins, turmeric, stuff for gut health, etc. I also bought a pair of the grounding sandals.

    Now my big question for all you seasoned members is what are some other simple changes can I do in my home or for myself? I know I need to change the LEDs in my house but to what? EMF protectors for the house? Grounding pads for the beds? Any and all advice would be so helpful.
    Thanks y’all!! And CHEEERS to optimal health!!
  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Katrina and welcome....

    You already know that your job isn't ideal....

    EMF stickers???

    Are you doing the leptin RX? C/T?

    What are you eating? what water are you drinking? Seafood?

    Do you listen to Jack's podcasts? Read his book?

    Do you have your computers wired in?

    Why are you taking VitD?

    All electronics out of the bedrooms?

    5G? smart meters? power lines? antennas?

    What about your kiddos? do they watch TV? play video games? etc. etc.

    Please give Dr. K. some health history for your Mom and Gran?
  3. Ok so let’s start off with family history:

    -Mom’s side has gallbladder issues but that is just about it. Although my grandpa had prostate cancer and melanoma. My great grandma just recently died at the age of 97 and my great grandpa is 100 and still kicking lol

    -Dads side- has ALOT of heart disease and hypertension. Grandpa died of lung cancer 13 years ago. My grandma is British and very healthy.

    -Job is not ideal but trying to pay off all my debt by next year so it’s not going anywhere for now. Although very hard to stay on a diet while traveling because I do drive 15 hours one way to get to work.

    - I bought and am currently reading Jack’s book along with the Paleo Book by Rob Wolf. When I get home my husband is on board with us changing ur eating habits. Current habits are not great as I do love cheese, breads and pastas. Not a huge Seafood fan minus an occasional salmon or two. So I know my taste buds will be forced to change.

    - So to answer your question about the Leptin rx, I will be starting that in a few days when I go home. When reading about trying to eat within the first 30 minutes of waking I did have a question. I take Armour Thyroid in the morning and it’s supposed to be taken about an hour before eating. Just curious how to manage that?

    -Trying to drink more alkaline water as much as I can.

    -Have not started CT yet

    - I’ve watched several of Jacks videos and just started diving into all the podcasts.

    -I do not own a desktop computer. I do have a laptop that I rarely use. I’m usually doing what I need to do from my phone. I watched the latest pow wow and inquired about Sarah’s help for getting dialed in.

    - no electronics in the kids rooms but they do play with their Samsung Galaxy tablets probably more than they should. They don’t watch TV that much. Most of the “screen time” is on the tablets.

    -We have a TV in our room and the living room. I don’t know what you mean about the 5G meters/antennas. I did try the antenna search online and it said I had 11 towers with 30 antennas I think? What can I do for that?

    -Lastly I was always told my Vit D level was low. I think the last time it was checked before I started taking supplements was 8. Should I still be taking it and what about Vitamin K2 that Jack mentions in his book?
    Thank you!! =]

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