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Kathy's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by kvond, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Sue is right, even one degree cold has a small benefit.........please focus on what you can do and not what you cant........if its too hot to do CT use the AM sunlight, get naked and repair this way.........your body is a quantum computer capable of many roads to rebuild your "Rome".........use them
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  2. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    You PM'd me about my avatar CT bath tub.I live in So. Fl. =Major league heat...... A new or second hand chest freezer (sseveen cu. ft is betterr)+ 70 gal. animal feeding trough+ RV water hose+eight to twelve gallon jugs of frozen water+10 cans of form insulation+styrofoam slab top. Work up to seven hours a week minimum.Don't rush, but don't talk yourself out of it either. Good luck. Where do you live?
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  3. kvond

    kvond Gold

    Thanks a lot Shah78! I thought you had a unique system going. I like your $ conscious approach. So do you empty the water each time or can you leave it in the tub for awhile?

    I live in Delaware - so winter is coming, but summers are really hot.
  4. kvond

    kvond Gold

    Thanks Linz!
    The ringing has stopped - I think it was a combination of things. I think one of the hardest things about following Jack is I've really gotten a sense of how far gone I am, and yet, I have no debilitating condition so I'm happy to be making different choices at this point!
  5. kvond

    kvond Gold

    I'm starting to feel a lot better - I had an awful migraine for 3 days after 1 glass of wine - yea I know, not on the plan anyway, and certainly a fixable problem. But I'm noticing that my shoulder aches less, maybe the magnetico is starting to make a difference. My energy and especially my disposition is improving. The pad and I started to really up my vitamin D, after considering what Jack had said, and I added pregnenalone, DHEA, and progesterone. After listening to Jack's webinar on women and weight loss I also added much more magnesium and CoQ10 - that might be one of the more significant changes recently. Also, I'm eating a lot more seafood.

    I decided to only tub CT on weekends, and take cold showers in the morning - I'm up to 30 sec LOL, but it's a start. I'm thinking about the cold hat that some have talked about and use it for a night CT since the vessels in my head are so problematic.
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  6. kvond

    kvond Gold

    I'm pretty excited about something I tried last night...

    I put my earthing sheet on top of my double layer of magnetico pads in the middle of the night. I have been afraid to do this because I didn't know what the result might be. At first I felt pain and tingling in many arthritic places, and it seemed like tingling and electrical impulses were hitting me, but I managed to fall asleep. I slept maybe 3-4 hours like this. I woke up so full of t was unbelievable.

    My desperate move resulted from me pulling my knee yesterday, my back aching, and a level of exhaustion and stress that I can't begin to describe. I work in an urban school in the murder capital of the East Coast in a start up charter moving kids from authoritarian models to a progressive model. You can't imagine the insane behavior and stress. The DOE has threatened to close us. Meanwhile I've had no paycheck all summer, and my ex dropped all child and spousal support 8 weeks ago because his life is crashing around his ears. Not expecting that, and because he is usually irregular, I had run up my cards trusting that the funds will come in. I also have to take a night course, and I teach a college course online. One child announced that he no longer will talk to me for some reason, and this breaks my heart as a mom. Right? We all have our longs lists. Let's just say I was really really broken last night. I've been taking xanax nightly just to get to sleep - and I'm not a drug taker, and I don't do well with them - but I was getting chest pains from all the stress.

    This morning I woke up full of energy and I swear I look younger. I don't crave caffeine at all. That's crazy, right? My normal arising would have been in a stupor, depressed, and with dark circles under my eyes.

    CT update: Because my life is so stressful I gave up trying to do CT as recommended. I now sit with a frozen jug of water on my belly at night and read for a half hour. I also take a cold shower with every shower. That's it, it's all I can manage.

    DIET: I'm back to BAB's and my high fat low carb diet because I finally got a paycheck. The last two weeks I've eaten whatever I could find. I did my best. I'm trying to make this as systematic as possible.

    VITAMINS: I continue to have vitamins I ordered so I'm keeping up with the hormones for now and D3 and Fish oil. Mostly I remember to take them at breakfast. Again I do what I do. One happy find I have now is Green Superfood which doesn't taste disgusting with MCT oil in it. This is a good pick me up during my short lunch and school day and maybe an avocado.

    I look forward to what might happen over the next few days with my earthing sheet and magnetico pad.

    As always, any advice is a appreciated!
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2015
  7. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    AM sunlight on your face with no glasses is mandatory
  8. kvond

    kvond Gold

    Oops! Yes Papa Jack, I forgot that category!

    UBIQUINATION: getting up at sunrise and going outside without contacts on and sitting on the front step awhile, also find it nice to go out at twilight and spend time in the setting sun before putting on my blue blockers.
  9. kvond

    kvond Gold

    Collapsed at work yesterday, that was no fun. Heart palpitations, dizzy, nausea -

    I had pretty well keto adapted this summer, but fell off the wagon recently when my salary from my job hadn't begun and child and spousal support suddenly fell out - we we had about 2 weeks with no grocery money - 3 hungry kids- and just pasta, rice and beans to draw on. I was going to try to keto adapt more slowly, but in the stress of work, forgot to eat, didn't get enough carbs, heat, kids fighting, multiple flights of stairs back and forth to deal with that, and then I feel like I need to get on the floor. The EMT's were called because I was all sweaty and gray - I thought I was having a panic attack and tried to send them away - but they wouldn't go until I could stand, which I couldn't. So in the ER I went. I mentioned to the EMT on the way in I might need electrolytes because of going keto - but he didn't give me any. Then in the ER they gave me an EKG and put me out in the waiting room. While there I wheeled over to the snack machine and bought gatorade and salty chips and after 20 minutes, I signed my self out. My health is actually good except for migraines hence the special need to be on keto. This was confirmed when I started eating carbs again, got cravings, awful migraines, and brain fog again. Its awful to think that all of my life, I only needed to be on this diet - even that my doctor knew about it for 7 years but didn't offer it to me!

    The good thing about all this is it turns out my regular MD has a son with epilepsy who is on a ketogenic diet, so she got what I'm going through and wrote a lab script for my blood ketones to get checked once I get myself back "in". She also mentioned that I should take 20? 30? micro somethings of potassium a day, but didn't write it down, and I was still foggy. She also mentioned I should get a medical bracelet that says I am ketogenic? Any idea how to get one?

    So now I'm home trying to get back into keto over the next 4 days. Monday I have to go back to work, or they will probably fire me. Charter teachers have no voice at all. While I'm laying low I'm putting out resumes, I have a PhD in education. The school I am in is so badly managed it is criminal and I need to get out.

    I'll take any advice from Papa Jack and anyone else how to manage this transition period successfully as I don't have much time. Over the summer it took me about 10 days.

  10. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Oh.. that sounds horribly stressful :( :(
    Can you get raw lambs heart for cheap? And lambs liver? It is dirt cheap here.. I eat that a lot! And it really gives me strength when I have stress! Lambs balls is another.. dirt cheap and FULL of zink, and other minerals.... lamb or beef fat is dirt cheap too.... and maybe fish heads, whole cheap fish.. can you get that? Maybe you can pick your oysters yourself if you live close to the shore? Wild berries and herbs, mushrooms? Those are a treasure when you are short of money.. and so good for you!
    You really need to change your job it seems... uh. Maybe start looking for something better?
    Just do anything you can.. and be outside as much as you can and it will get better... never watch TV or other crap like that just use every moment of the day for great stuff :)
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  11. kvond

    kvond Gold

    Hadn't thought of lamb, thanks! The good news is I can fnally buy the food I need again.
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  12. kvond

    kvond Gold

    I've been keto adapting seriously now for about 6 weeks. FG has gone from 100 to 87. Today I took two naproxen as I have a pretty inflamed right shoulder/neck from arthritis or something. Anyway, I noticed I had difficulty walking into work, and then heart palpitations and fainting feeling afterwards. Is it possible this OTC is taxing my system too much? Doesn't seem worth taking it. Otherwise, I feel calmer, more stable. Still need lots of sleep. I'm not succeeding with CT very well with my current schedule. Hope to hit it on weekends at least once and - I'm just struggling to fit something in.
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  13. kvond

    kvond Gold

    Hair lost and thirst!
    Update on the journey: I must be pretty metabolically deranged because after 7 months my FG is still hovering at 85 and blood ketones aren't above .5 - I'm also losing a LOT of hair. This has been going on for months. Any thoughts on this? I wake up in the middle of the night incredibly thirsty and if I don't drink I wake up with a headache. My CT is not going well either. I was excited for winter because the tub water is so cold, but after a full immersion I went into a two day crying jag - I think it over stressed my body. Finally, I'm not losing weight, if anything I'm gaining a little.
  14. kvond

    kvond Gold

    I'm working on the redox aspect of my heath now. I've been ketogenic this time for over 3 months and no hair loss or fatigue issues this time. I took a break and worked on my candida issue and that seems to have cleared enough to let me go forward. Now it's time to concentrate on CT. My vagal tone is so pathetically low, I get dizzy laying my head on an ice pack. I was thinking of starting there.
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  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Sounds like your environment has to change.............
  16. kvond

    kvond Gold

    Visiting adult children in Los Angeles - that will give me that chance to experiment with a different environment. Cutting the wifi to my bedroom... but migraines are on the increase. Recently tried ASEA and RESTORE trying to increase redox and heal gut - can these cause an increase?

    I have about 12 migraine days a month - makes humidity or getting out in sun painful. I get super dizzy and faint from CT - right now washing my face with cold water is all I can take.

    From Tuliv ebsite: "we have learned that during a migraine there is a high level of a chemical known as calcitonin gen-related peptide (CGRP). CGRP is produced in the body by the synthesis (mixing) of nitric oxide and tyramine. When the level of CGRP rises in a person who has the propensity (inherited the migraine gene) for migraines, it causes the migraine syndrome (rapid expansion of the blood vessels intertwined with the fibers of the trigeminal nerve in the head) to occur which results in extreme pain."

    So wouldn't the sun create more NO and increase migraines?

    Last edited: Apr 14, 2017
  17. WalterNL

    WalterNL New Member

    Face dunking is fine to start CT, don't push it if you don't feel well, but you might be dehydrated which is cause for concern. How much and what type of water do you drink? If you can find a high-magnesium mineral water that would be worth to try a few months. I've had several migraines with aura before doing the protocols, in my experience they were linked to being dehydrated (combined with bad circadian rhythm, poor environment, low redox, etc.).

    Start everything slow, it will all add up in the next years. Your body needs time to adapt. Get outside every day, doesn't matter how long, get some grounding, some cold, some good water, some epi-Paleo food. Likewise get some time away from technology, away from 'civilization' and back into nature.
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  18. kvond

    kvond Gold

    Thanks WalterNL!
    Very helpful to hear from another migrainer - I ordered a case of the high-mag water to try. I do get up at sunrise each day and ground and face the sun without contacts in. Recently, I'm trying to get to the beach weekly as it is quite cold and of course has all the benefits above. I've been keto since december - mostly I have mct oil, butter, greens and organic meats. Also, started shutting down all computers at night. I've been wearing yellow glasses for some time now.

    Recently had a 3 day bender migraine - it was different in that it started in the middle of the back of my head - like when you get the flu. Ended up on the right occipetal nerve. I ended up in the ER for pain meds, and my blood pressure, normally low, had shot up to 166/100. I'm not sure what that was - high due to pain Or high due to my body flushing stuff out of my brain?

    Was it the ASEA and or the RESTORE I was taking? I think so, not sure if one or the other, because I had developed loose bowels a few days in, didn't drink water to compensate and then got slammered. So something about one of these products or both sent me through a detox. I know ASEA is a redox supplement - supposedly it's also this Mormon MLM making me suspect it as a scam. On the other hand, homeopathy is supposed to be a scam, and it has saved me from problems many times over. All that said, I'm sure making one's own redox molecules is the goal. But given that I can't move, as Jack suggests, or let's say I'm not willing to kill all my relationships and job, and my environment is what it is, I wonder if this can help.
  19. kvond

    kvond Gold

    I keep forgetting how cryptic and guru you are - not moving, right (I think)? Changing my micro-environment. On that, BTW you had a good podcast #103 on cognitive rampage that held another nugget - go ground right after work before making the commute home - will start that up this week!
  20. kvond

    kvond Gold

    Jack Kruse,
    Thanks for Energy and Epigenetics #5 The quantum brain. I almost cried - just because someone finally put together why things such as dehydration and barometric pressure are triggers, and why cold can be a comfort.

    So drink cold water (like Gerolesteiner) and CT when pressure changes? Eat raw oysters? Basically the Kruse protocol in general but any specifics on aborting a migraine
    Jack can you translate https://www.jackkruse.com/energy-and-epigenetics-5-the-quantum-brain/ into steps of action that people with disabling migraines can take not only as everyday preventative but as an abortive?

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