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Kathy's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by kvond, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. kvond

    kvond Gold

    Hi All

    I'm glad to find this option to journal my efforts!

    First a big thanks to Dr. Kruse for his kindness and brilliance. I've become fascinated with quantum biology and hope to dive into some reading this year. My main question to you is, what is a good way to tell if you have stopped being leptin resistant?

    This is my 6th day on the Leptin Reset, but my 5th week on LCHF with cards usually below 30 g but I stopped tracking it as I have a sense of what 5-10g looks like per meal now.

    I seem to be crashing much more at this point! The first few days on the Leptin Rx were fine, but now my energy is dropping and I'm having insomnia where I wasn't before. It seems to be having a reverse affect. Also, I has beed waking up with a morning headache, but 5htp at night and lots of water before bed seems to be taking care of that.

    I woke up and ate about 50 g of protein (I'm eating salmon every morning) with Kale plus lots of fat in tea, and about 5 g of carbs. I grounded outside while I ate breakfast within 30 min of rising. Lunch was a salad with a whole avocado, coconut oil and grass fed sausage. Right now I'm eating coconut fat - that's all I wanted for dinner. Short cold shower after breakfast to begin to cold adapt very slowly, as I read you shouldn't push this while on the Leptin Rx. I started taking bitter melon and drinking it as a tea as I read this can help with a leptin reset, and I just started on high conc. of DHA. Going to bed early, wearing the funky yellow glasses, toning down the stress - I'm doing the work!

    I did work in my yard for a few hours but the pain in my back and inflammation from such work is probably what most tired me out.

    I've got heavy work facing me for the rest of this summer - I'm not sure I'm going to make it well with so much fatigue!

    Stats on me at this point:
    age: 56
    weight: about 165, 5'7"
    body fat % 33
    Gave birth to 12 children: yes I did
    Lots of years of stress: divorced, Phd, teaching inner city HS biology teacher
    Omega 6/3 out of balance apparently (brain freezes, uticaria in cold weather)
    Leptin resistant
    FBG 93-97
    Arthritis especially in left knee, hips and probably lower back, also disc bulging in lower back
    History of really severe migraines (much better since homeopathy over years, and recently LCHF diet), prone to depression at times (less so now).

    My goals are to obviously overcome leptin resistance, then keto adapt and lose weight and use CT to help with this process, and then be able to lift weights and HIIT train.
  2. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Welcome kvond!

    12 children?! I thought three was tough o_O. You have my respect. We're close in age...you have one year on me.

    Hang in there. It will be worth it.
  3. kvond

    kvond Gold

    Thanks for the encouragement Silver!
    People are telling me it looks like I'm losing weight. I hope all the tiredness is just because my body is trying to process all these changes :)
  4. kvond

    kvond Gold

    Woke up with a terrible headache - I find it difficult to make a high protein meal and eat it within 30 min - especially when groggy from pain.

    8oz salmon and collards and fat tea for breakfast
    I started eating 25 min after waking - so not sure if that is close enough to the target.

    I wonder how eating such high protein affects your ability to keto-adapt? Or should most of the protein be in the morning?
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    12 kids means you likely are depleted........of DHA and Vitamin D. That is the key to the mammalian battery. Read Ubi 8.
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  6. kvond

    kvond Gold

    Wow thanks Dr. Kruse! Will do :)
  7. kvond

    kvond Gold

    I ordered a magnetico sleep pad - I made the mistake of looking up magnetico when I woke in the middle of the night. Couldn't get back to sleep thinking about it. Thanks for the discount Dr. Kruse Kruse15 paid for shipping and then some!

    I noticed some small positive changes - I seem to be yawning and stretching a lot - the good kind - full stretches and yawns like I haven't had since I was much younger. I take this as a small positive step forward!
  8. kvond

    kvond Gold

    Woke up with another awful headache this morning. The medithera provides 2.3 gauss so I'm worried that when the magnetico comes in I'm going to get migraines. I wonder if I should take DMSA? Do I have circulating mercury? Made the mistake of getting about 12 mercury fillings removed about three years ago.

    New understandings from today's reading - I should very low carb it to leptin reset and CT at the same time not after. I'll know my leptin has reset when FBG is less than 87.
  9. kvond

    kvond Gold

    Small victory!
    Today I didn't wake up with a headache, as sometimes happens, but what was different is I did CT yesterday and I took 4g chlorella. I read on the magnetico site that circulating metals can cause morning headaches, and toxins can create the conditions for hypoxia. So tomorrow will be a test to see if I can repeat a clear wake up. I will CT again this evening - since I get "high" on it due to what Dr. Kruse says is my low vascular tone - its my evening drink - ha!

    Meanwhile - sticking tight to the Leptin RX food patterns, extra extra DHA and D3.

  10. kvond

    kvond Gold

    Woke up again with a headache. Not as bad as other days. I only took 2g of the chlorella. I'll try for 4 or 6 again tonight. Unfortunately, excedrin again to make it through my day. Did my CT yesterday with less dizziness - sure is refreshing after a really hot exhausting day at work - I had enough energy after my bath to meet the needs of my family.
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  11. kvond

    kvond Gold

    I found that taking 4g of Chlorella does seem to do the trick on the morning headache.
    I've been maintaining under 20g carbs most days and high fish. I've been dead tired though.
    One thing I'm really frustrated about is CT. With the summer, my "cold" water is not so cold. I bought a huge bag of ice and a bunch of blue cooler bags - and I was able to get the bath down to 55 and it slowly crept up to 65. The bath water doesn't get very high on me so I ordered and overflow blocker. I'm hoping this action will all be enough for now. Wishing there was a cold lake next to me.

    I read through the 2011 study guide - thanks to those who put that out! It was like recapping my health history - and very sobering! One day at a time - I see I have far to go and only hope that at 56 I'm pulling myself back from the brink. I have a 12 year old - I have to stay alive.

    Looking forward to learning more...
  12. kvond

    kvond Gold

    I'm getting tintinitus - ringing in left ear all of a sudden - since yesterday. I thought it was my environment but it's me - any thoughts on this?
  13. kvond

    kvond Gold

    My FBG this morning was 99mg/dl this is the highest measure yet - I wonder why it is so high after several weeks on the Leptin RX? I thought I would be better by now. I did take excedrin yesterday - would that explain it? Ear ringing? (Though I took way more before this change and never got ringing).

    Otherwise I'm on point - due for a CT bath today. I can cool my tub to around 55 for at least a while.

    On a good note, I'm calmer, cravings are almost gone, I sweat after eating the morning high fat meal which is new.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2015
  14. kvond

    kvond Gold

    Please get more Kruse practitioners! I need one in my area :)
  15. kvond

    kvond Gold

    I think excedrin/caffeine may be responsible for high FBG? I also feel frustrated that after several weeks I'm not sure that I have changed Leptin resistance at all. Jack mentions in his book about his (horrific!) self experiment:
    "I took 25,000 IU of vitamin D3, 200 mg of pregenelone, 200 mg of Prometrium (progesterone), and 500 mg of DHEA". Kruse, Dr. Jack (2013-02-20). Epi-paleo Rx: The Prescription for Disease Reversal and Optimal Health (p. 204). Optimized Life PLC. Kindle Edition.

    I wonder if I copy this formula it will help me reach LS?

    Today I am quite bloated - fingers like sausages - No idea why - pushing water.

    Also, got the idea on the CT forum to use milk jugs in the bath - will try that today.
  16. kvond

    kvond Gold

    I'm feeling very frustrated today, I tried the milk jugs in the bath - can't get the water temperature past 65. It is hot here and the cold water comes in warm. I just can't seem to CT without having to run out for ice. Also, feeling frustrated in general. Not seeing the needle move yet much from my efforts and expense. I was painting a child's bedroom yesterday and feeling frustrated that the VOC's I was inhaling could only be harming my already chemically sensitive system, but after buying a magnetico pad, I certainly can't afford a painter. My body is inflammed and aching this morning, and I can't get the damn CT going.
  17. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    Hi Kathy, I cant get the water temp down enough either but there are still anti inflammatory benefits at 65 .... I have to drink lots of ice cold water while i am in the bath for a bit of internal CT, (something I can't manage in the winter). In the past I've made small blocks of ice and used them like soap, just skimming over the skin surface fast enough to not cause a burn, flipping from hand to hand (or you could use a glove). Or you could have an extra small bowl of iced water, and use a piece of cloth wrung out in the icy water, put round the carotids. Or get your hands in it, then warm your hands on the carotids.... I've stood in a bowl of cold water whilst doing the washing up ..... If you can build up mini CT sessions into your day, it all adds up ....:)
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  18. kvond

    kvond Gold

    Thanks a lot Sue-UK! I really appreciate your reaching out to me. I will try some of your helpful ideas - I also realize I might just have to buy the ice for while until it cools outside. Have you noticed anything from your efforts? I'm noticing that my back flap is more flabby - meaning hopefully there is some change. The process seems to be much slower for women - any thoughts on this?
  19. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    I think it is slower for women, and being post menopausal I find it even harder .... I haven't lost any weight yet, but I have changed shape, I was thinking the other day that although I still have excess weight, I have recently lost the post menopausal belly shape. My skin tags under my arms are either gone or significantly shrunk, showing better autophagy (and hopefully indicate reducing my risk of breast cancer). My skin condition generally is much better, I am much less glycated than I was a year ago, and I had realised that I would need to clear that before I could get my solar panels working properly. (Ubi 8). My energy levels are much better as is physical strength ... and more ........

    I decided on a 2 year experiment, 18 months in and a min of 10 portions a week seafood and I'm still not ready to shed all the excess weight, but I also think that just shows me my rock bottom DHA starting point, dehydration, and my body has been doing more important things first when it gets the chance. Its also a sign I can do more to improve the environment my mitochondria are sensing ..... although it is sometimes frustrating not to be the optimal body shape, had doing the leptin reset and a bit of CT done that in a few weeks I would have missed the potential of avoiding dementia (mother and maternal grandmother), missed being able to reduce my risk of developing breast or other cancers, missed delving into the mysteries and potential of the 3 legged stool, all sorts of interesting things :).
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  20. Linz

    Linz Gold

    Hi Kathy,

    CT made my ear ring and it lasted for weeks but swimming in cold sea was much better. Keep working on storing and collecting natural energy and get rid of everything that drains it or reduces coherence. The changes take time. I don't know how long you have been working on diet etc but it can take up to 2 years to change membrane fats and become an efficient fat burner. I also had a variety of swellings at different times but these also reduced with time. Both are still a warning signal if they resurface.
    Chucking the DECT phones in the dustbin helped my tinnitus but I don't expect many here use them any more.
    I've seen the same changes Sue talks about and maintain a good weight but I'm hoping some recent gain is just seasonal
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2015
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