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Kate's Journal (from Blue Mountains)

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Katejc, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. Katejc

    Katejc Silver

    Hello. I became a member a month ago and this is my first post. I live in the Blue Mountains at the western edge of Sydney. I’ve been following Jack’s work for some time after meeting one of the Founders of EMF Warriors about 18 months ago. Reading some of Jack's blogs has helped me get a better sense of what he is doing and where he is coming from. Great to be here.

    I was jaundiced at birth and was not breast fed at all and I have had life-long gut issues (not dreadful as a child but something I have always had to manage with a tendency to constipation which has worsened as I’ve got older; I managed this issue previously by having a high fibre diet and regular exercise.


    Miotchondrial haplotype – H39

    Methylation genes – homozygous for a1298c and clear for the other variant

    VDR – homozygous for the BSM variant but clear on the other main variant

    CBS – I’m having difficulty working this detail out but found I have CBS rs5742905 (AA) variant.

    I am 47 years of age and became rapidly sick when I was 33 in 2005 – with CFS which after 7 years became CFS with EHS (as neurological symptoms developed at that time). The EHS symptoms were tingling hands, feet and head and increasingly regular migraines, which I had experienced only twice before when my periods started, overall muscle weakness (but worse on one side), and balance disturbance. When I first got sick I probably would have said that I was very tired – as my sleep became very disturbed – and that I woke up every morning nauseas, and that the nausea became severe around my periods. Prior to this I had barely any pre-menstrual symptoms at all.

    Later when networks got stronger I experienced dizziness at times – a burst when I went onto public transport or into my workplace (after being at home with low RF EMR levels) – which settled down quickly. But other symptoms ramped up – nausea, upset stomach/ gut, headaches, light (man-made) sensitivity, general malaise.

    I had a couple of vaccines before flying to Argentina from Sydney (over the south pole) in 2005 – one for yellow fever and one for rabies – and that is when I noticed fatigue initially, so I just took things easily but the fatigue didn’t lift. After I returned from South America I moved into an apartment in the city of Sydney with very high ambient levels of radio frequency EMR (which I didn’t know until years later). I started getting respiratory infections very regularly – say every 6 weeks when I had got a cold once a year perhaps previously – and my sleep deteriorated. Over a period of 6 months I started waking once a night, then twice a night and so on until I woke up 5 times every night and got up in the morning feeling exhausted – and nauseas. The nausea was just awful. I had never had sleep problems before.

    Prior to the vaccines I had noticed my gut which had always been sensitive was getting worse ie constipation was getting harder to manage – and my periods changed (from a 4-day cycle to a 2-day cycle).

    Fast forward to 2012 – a good friend from university was researching biological effects of RF EMR and came to measure levels in my apartment. I bought a meter, tried to shield (but didn’t own the apartment), so in the end moved. My sleep normalised straight away and the migraines stopped, and the fatigue and muscle weakness also improved over the 1 month I had off work at that time. When I returned to work and the most of the symptoms returned (but not the migraines).

    I currently work from home 100% of the time as I am unable to access the workplace without become unwell very quickly – but this workplace is 10m from a large mobile phone base station and his very strong wi-fi.

    Key lifestyle changes I have made – all over the last 18 months aside from the move from the city which happened in late 2013:

    1. Moving from an apartment in the city to a house in a low density area with significantly reduced RF EMR levels; no Smart meter on my home at this point in time.
    2. I work primarily from home (wired internet)

    3. I control blue light exposures during the day and night – blue light blocking glasses, IRIS on my computer, and minimise man-made light at night (eg: reading by candle-light).

    4. I don’t wear sunglasses anymore.

    5. I get up and greet the sunrise every morning and ground and get sunlight during the day (as I work from home).

    6. I have Fitzpatrick Type 1 skin-type but have worked on my solar callus and now tolerate sun much better without burning

    7. I follow a seasonal diet – more carbs in late Spring, Summer and early Autumn – but am cutting back carbs now to focus on ketosis over winter. Ketogenic (or almost) really seems to work for me.

    8. I follow the Epi-Paleo diet – ½ dozen oysters twice a week with some prawns and/ or fish, and regular sardines – sometimes cooked; sometimes marinated (so partially raw). I eat arame seaweed on a regular basis now. I make my own organic chicken liver pate so I get some organ meats.

    9. I have had cold baths for the last 4 months or even more but can’t really get the temperature to 10-12 degrees C (50-55% F) – summers are very hot in Western Sydney/ lower Blue Mountains.

    10. I used filtered water – the filter removes 97% of fluoride from tap-water.

    11. DDW when I can afford it ie: 2-months’ worth in Winter last year and 6-weeks’ worth this Summer (from MitoHQ) – a 1:1 dilution with filtered water.

    12. I make regular fish bone broths (using snapper – a wild fish) with a little kelp added when I’m cooking it aside from the usual vegetables, and use Celtic sea-salt or a regular salt high in potassium as my usual salts.

    13. As I got better I also did a little intermittent fasting this Summer – when I could get a good dose of sunlight and ground at the same time.

    I have chronic constipation despite what I do. I usually serve my fish bone broth with ginger juice (made using a Japanese grater) and miso – this helps a bit.

    When I had the first batch of DDW in July last year this made the constipation worse – but I slept like a complete log and dreamt a lot – and would wake up completely parched (like I’d walked through a desert). The second batch of DDW did not affect me as much – slightly exacerbated constipation, I didn’t dream as much or feel parched when I woke up, I was slowly getting more energy.

    My BUN/CREATININE ratio is not good despite having left city the at the end of 2013 and having worked primarily from home for the last 18 months – and doing all of the above. My last blood test showed a BUN/Creatinine = 18.15 (January 2019).

    Vit D levels – in April last year (mid-Autumn) I had a Vit D test = 90ng/ml. A month later at the end of Autumn my EHS symptoms increased dramatically (despite working from home etc) so I went to my doctor and she gave me a slow release Vit D3 shot (to last about 1 year). This immediately reduced my EHS symptoms but I won’t do it again as I’ve read more of Jack’s work. I am considering taking Vit D3 + K2 tablets over winter here (due to the VDR variant).

    Vitamin K2 – I read some of Jack’s work on osteopenia/ osteoporosis (as my Dad has that) and had thought perhaps I was deficient in K2 due to long-term gut dysbiosis. I started eating quite a bit of Japanese natto a few weeks ago – as I Iove it – and this caused a skin rash last time I spent quite a bit of time in the sun (with some suncream on) – it looks like polymorphic light eruptions. This has never happened before – and I have been in the sun a lot this summer - and wondered if it was something to the Vit K2??? It has been excruciatingly itchy and appears to be settling down now (very slowly) 2 weeks since it first appeared, but my skin is is still very itchy (and a bit sore) and my muscles are quite sore too. And while the rash started in the most sun exposed areas, other areas have flared up too. Yikes!

    My Vitamin D levels were 120ng/ml in January – lots of sun since October last year and through our Summer – but also the Vit D injection.
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  2. MITpowered26

    MITpowered26 New Member

    Thankyou for posting.
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator


    To Change a life what is the Black Swan basic recipe?
    1. Start immediately
    2. Do it flamboyantly
    3. No exceptions

    I think everyone deserves it all........the key is do they believe it and demand it?

    When you are ill you don't even have to improve. You just need to change your choices and environment and improvement begin.


    Perception of truth varies with the biases that you inherit as a survivor. Survivors are masters in the art of mixing truth and deceit and serving the deadly cocktail to themselves in a mirror as a panacea to their problems.

    I want you to feel me now, my tribe. Never reinforce poor thinking in a student of living. Instead, challenge them with a phenomenal question and they'll look for their own answers instead of societies boilerplate horseshit.
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  4. MITpowered26

    MITpowered26 New Member

    Rita Mae Brown - Wow.
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  5. Katejc

    Katejc Silver

    Thanks Jack - great to be here :)
  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    It is the springtime of my loving on my tribe.
    The second season I am to know in my life
    My tribe are the sunlight in my current growing
    So little warmth I've felt before as "old Uncle Jack"
    It isn't hard to feel me glowing when you read the passion dripping in my words these days.
    I watched my fire that grew so low.........I decided to reject living to survive for the ability to thrive.
    Technology is killing us. I could care less if you believe it. I know it and so does my tribe. What are the implications of this new idea?
    I've been deeply inspired by my desires to change this March. This was reflected in my March 2019 webinar. Here is a new blog to further those thoughts. I want to show you it is possible to dance above the surface of the world. I want to show you it is OK to let your thoughts lift you into creativity that is not hampered by anyone's opinion of you or your life. Divergent thinking is almost always seen as a gift rather than an acquired and developed skill. But this is far from the truth: divergent thinking is a distinct form of higher-order thinking that can be taught to all ages of the students of life I call Black Swans. Great 'divergents' have wild and untamed reality. This is how they choose to live.
    I've found as a mitochondriac being daring never goes out of style.
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  7. Katejc

    Katejc Silver

    I wanted to write about some of my successes and things that have struck me as I've learnt more from reading Jack's blogs and publically available posts. While I've only been a member for a short time, I've been utilising Jack's knowledge and suggestions since the end of 2017 after meeting one of Jack's members who suggested I jump onto EMF Warriors website and checked out the interview they did with Jack.

    My first step was to get morning sunlight around sunrise and more sunlight during the day. We were going into Summer in Australia and the sun was already quite strong (in terms of UV levels) and as we were in drought at the time we had a lot of sunny days. And at this time, I had negotiated to work primarily from home due to my sensitivity to digital radiation and therefore was not so knocked out by exposures on public transport and in offices that I had previously been unable to control.

    So I decided - no matter how fatigued I was (due to CFS and EHS ... and sometimes poor sleep), the very least I could do was drag my sorry arse outside around sunrise and sit in the sun in my camping chair with my shoes off and have a cup of tea - and greet the day. If I felt better and stronger I'd go for a walk.

    I noticed straight away that my mood improved. And I have to say, in this extended period of sickness when I was really in survival mode and just putting one foot in front of the other I had concluded that one positive was that I was not prone to depression. So while I never got depression, just getting mornign sun in Summer in Australia really helped my mood (especially in the early days).

    Interestingly, as I did this more over that first Summer, my sleep really improved and I got sleepy and really just wanted to sleep. It was actually difficult to get up in the morning so early (with the sunrise around 6am ... and then earlier as we headed to the Summer equinox). I think my body just really needed sleep after so many years of really disturbed sleep when I lived in the city with high ambient levels of RF EMR.

    At the same time I started to eat more fish and started eating lots of sardines which we sometimes get fresh but generally they are caught off the coast of
    Western Australia and snap frozen on the boat at -22 degrees C (-8 degrees F). It was a little odd. Initially I really noticed that if I ate sardines for lunch - sitting in the sun a bit - the combination really enhanced my mood. I felt really happy. Odd but true. I have a deep and abiding affection for sardines that many don't share.

    Interestingly, some of my EHS sensitivites reduced quite a bit. I don't use Wi-Fi etc at home but I still really notice electrical fields etc from using the computer. The tingly I get really dropped this first Summer. I can't tell you what a relief that was - to finally have some nervous system quietness again.

    Anyhow, everything was going swimmingly until May the following year as we went into late Autumn in Australia. To be continued ...
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  8. Katejc

    Katejc Silver

    As I think over many things that Jack has written on 'light, water and magnetism' I realised that Jack has given us the keys to the kingdom. And that we're living in strange disconnected from nature times that necessitate us needing these keys. Thank you Jack

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  9. Katejc

    Katejc Silver

    Continuing on from what I wrote on March 27 - before I had learnt about Jack's work my integrative medicine doctor put me on a very low carb diet - no potatoes, no pumpkin, no bread/ rice/ pasta, no sugar, no honey etc. In terms of fruit, I was allowed only 3 low carb berries a day. I kid you not - I thought she was joking when she said this.

    When I started this I was super hungry for about 3 weeks - and for someone who is not really a hungry person - I mean eat your stomach starving. I would have a big dinner with meat and vegetables followed by my 3 berries and double cream for desert with some chopped nuts etc. I would be fine - not hungry - jump into bed and my stomach would start to grumble ... and then almost feel like it was eating itself.

    Anyhow, after 3 weeks I had a period and this completely stopped - like overnight.

    I did this for 4 months to early summer in Australia and then stopped. Primarily as I was completely over eating so much red meat but also as I kept losing weight.

    While I didn't know it - I was kind of doing a bit of a leptin reset.
  10. Katejc

    Katejc Silver

    Back to some successes (and surprises) I've had along the way operationalising some of Jack's suggestions.

    As I read more I decided to do some cold thermogenesis - just jumping in a cold bath and dropping the temperature over time from 20C/ 68F to 13C/ 55F (and occasionally lower). I've had a cold bath most nights for the past 6 months - generally in the 15 to 18 degree C range (59-68F) and now we're going into the cool season around 12-13 degrees C (54 - 55F) - and I'm in the bath for 10 - 15 minutes.

    I was a little uncertain about doing CT - not because it would be hard/ cold - rather than I don't have much fat to lose and I didn't need to lose weight.

    To be frank - it almost felt like the cold baths were more impactful for me than the sunlight strangely. I don't know if this is true or not, but perhaps boosting my mitochondrial magnetism is important in a place like Australia and this really made me feel good.

    I LOVE cold baths!!! Here is a photograph of me taken in one of the mountains streams in the upper Blue Mountains by a friend. The water temperature is 13C/ 55F and my feet/ legs don't ache at all. I have since jumped into this spot up to my neck at that temperature for 15 minutes.

    As I wander about the Blue Mountains a feel like there are Mountains Mermaids who have a siren song calling us to sunny spots at streams to soothe our heartaches and troubles and remind us of our natures.

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  11. Katejc

    Katejc Silver

    One question someone might be able to answer - regarding CT.

    I did CT in a mountain stream recently that was at 12C/ 54F and was in the stream for 15 minutes - the first 10 minutes fully immersed up to my next and the last 5 sitting in a small waterfall. I felt fine but could feel a bit of a shiver internally so got out, dried off and got dressed. This little internal shiver tells me that my body temperature is dropping and I need to get out.

    After getting dressing I got some serious shivers but not unmanagable - teeth chattering a bit and hands shaking a bit too. When I got into the car I noticed that I really needed to take some deep breaths for about 5 minutes - almost like I was hyperventilating (as I was very cold). Any thoughts?

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