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Kate's hiding in THIS cave for a while...

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by MrPinkies, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver

    I've been incredibly successful here... and I still feel the love... but... I am in a place of hiding..

    I regret my skin removal surgery.. I remember how BAD I wanted that to happen.. and granted.. everything, overall, went well... and I got what I wanted out of it- back and knee pain gone and hey.. a flat stomach! Nerve damage has been resolved.. but... I regret it for an entirely different reason than most people think... Before surgery.. I knew exactly where I was at... and where I wanted to go and how to get there... and for once.. my body was freakin' working RIGHT for once... I thought my redox potential was bangin', or, at least well on it's way there... and yes.. Jack warned me that my redox was going to tank during surgery.. but.. I don't think I really REALLY REALLY understood what that meant.. Yep... Clear understanding now... I wish I would have realized the position I was in.. yeah.. back pain and knee pain sucked from 5-6 lbs of skin pulling on me to the point where I couldn't run, dance, or jump.. but fuck me.. I fucking want my body to run properly again like it was before surgery....

    After surgery.. that drive was gone.. Not that I ever had the attitude of "I'm done" but.. I think I wanted to enjoy my sexiness that I have never felt about myself before... I felt like I was missing something and something within my body had changed.. I wasn't vocal about it.. and I think it was because I didn't want people to know that I was struggling or that I was giving hope and advice and my story was going out.. it has been eating myself inside out... Well now.. it's out... and I'm already feeling a million times better about it...

    For the first time, things are going from good to bad in my journey.. and I want to scream and yell and stop it from going any further... but.. my brain is working differently... and I can't fucking figure it out.. my weight is creeping back on.. I lost NOTHING over this past winter... and I knew that summer was a lost cause as far as weight loss goes and I had four times where I ate things I wasn't suppose to (bridal showers/weddings/bullshit excuses)... but I have very high hopes for this fall/winter coming up.... and yes... 25 pounds IS A BIG FUCKING DEAL... I do not want to be THAT girl that loses a shit load of weight and then gains it all back and then some... NOT FUCKING HAPPENING.. but it is.. and I am completely terrified.

    I moved into a house a few months ago... 2 million trillion percent lower nnEMF than any other place I have ever lived in my life.. my hair has grown almost 2 inches in three months, I've become this nail clipping notzi, my SLEEP has been AWESOME!! My dreams and nightmares are memorable and very vivid and realistic... I'm drinking between 2-3 gals per day of spring water.. I'm grounding and getting the morning sun every single day- rain or shine... I love my garden... I have been eating shrimp and tuna fish in my journey.. and I have added salmon and walleye fish to the menu... My gut has not been feeling great for the last month, but, I'm pulling through since I've restarted the strict beginnings of the leptin rx... I probably should add CT back into my routine..

    I'm to a point where... I realized that surgery has really knocked me down.. I need to forgive myself to where I am at... and start from scratch... I am on a mission... I am ON FIRE.... I've had GREAT success before surgery... and now.. this is part 2... success and life after surgery....

    Promises to myself:
    ~ I will be 110 percent back on track.
    ~ I will be 160 lbs or less by Christmas and under 145 lbs by the end of Feb
    ~ my give a shit meter needs to be permanently broken with humans
    ~ have my blood drawn... suggestions... I printed out Jack's blog post and Gretchen's blog post with codes.. :)
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Stress of moving is no joke..............
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    and I told ya I don't likey surgery for weight loss things........no bueno. Surgery is a big redox killer.
  4. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver

    Fixable though... right? I'm trying to figure out how.. It's just weird that I feel huge differences in various areas, especially when it comes to nnEMF thing and the new house... Holy crap.. I wish I had the words to describe it... and maybe this just will all work out in it's own time and pace.. but I am an inpatient mother fucker.. lol I want it to all work now.. in perfect order, no less... ugh.. black and white thinking.. it's a killer sometimes... ok.. most of the damn time..
  5. nicld

    nicld Gold

    Thanks Kate for your brutal and raw honesty.....we are with ya hon. The weight thing is a bitch and a mother effer and I struggle with it every day too.
  6. remember with any surgery you are essentially putting massive holes in your collagen matrix ie your semiconductor "wafer"
    jack and i talked about this re: another member when on the cruise.
    it can be like smashing a pinata with a baseball bat and expecting it to still hold candy as well as before.

    i would imagine you will need to run an even tighter redox ship now.

    TENS and bodywork can be huge here, and acupuncture.
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  7. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver

    @Josh (Paleo Osteo) Can you elaborate TENS and bodywork? acupuncture, I know what that is and have a TON of resources around for that...

    Thanks Josh.. :) xoxo
  8. any kind of manual therapy. around the scars etc. same with a TENS machine...it can help power up the more "inert" collagen in the scar tissues by mobilising and re-orienting

    acupuncture would be balancing the disturbed meridians

    you can also look up neural therapy which uses injections into scar tissue for systemic results, have seen it do some great stuff
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  9. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Kate, I have no doubt that you will fulfill each and every promise you made to yourself.

    You have a lot of people here that love your honesty and gumption :thumbsup: and we will help support you.

    Thought you were a little quiet lately... now I know why. You were planning the next stage of your journey.
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  10. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest


    I'm so glad you put this out here. I know from our talks that this has weighed on you immensely. you've got this. And I'll stand right behind you as you account for yourself.

    My accountability has to be about me being in the moment... not elsewhere.
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  11. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    Because you are willing to do what ever it takes....you will. It might not be clear right now what that is, but you will find what you need....sounds like your system has gotten a little scrambled, but it's got a lot more working well than when you started....remember how sleep and sun can do so much repairing, restoring and reassembling ..... you'll get it all with time (and help from people who know more than me!)
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  12. cinnamon

    cinnamon Gold

    I hear you Kate about how tough it is to recover from surgery! What Josh (Paleo Osteo) is saying sure rings true to me. As you may remember, I had some surgery about a year ago (appendectomy) and it was a big setback. On top of the collagen disruption, my gut microbiome was completely destroyed.

    I'm actually not doing too badly now, but my energy levels are definitely still off. I am hopeful though, as I have progressed a lot since this past winter so I try not to worry over it too much. It is so counter-productive to stress out.

    Right now, I'm trying to add as much energy from AM sunlight as possible. And then I think next, I am going to get one of those red led UFO grow lights, so I can keep adding energy come fall.

    You will figure it out Kate. Your body is wise. It is reacting to the environment you put it in and it still has some healing to do. If the reaction doesn't seem like it's going in the direction you want, maybe change some things about the environment? Sounds like lots of what you are doing is positive!

    I'm sending hugs your way! :love::)
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  13. MrPinkies

    MrPinkies Silver

    This is why... each one of you are considered family to me.. thank you for your kind words, love, and support...

    @cinnamon - I'm well on my way in buying a red light on amazon... I'm very excited to get started with that.. especially with my son Ryan.. ;)
  14. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Kate, I think the red light will be a huge help for your collagen. It has done wonders for my belly. I try to go outside right afterwards, and charge all the newly-structured water. I've read that crystals can align (with energy, I imagine) here:

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  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Kate reach for the stars.........never settle. I ignore folks who tell me things like ‘you're taking too big a risk saying this or that.’ Michelangelo would have painted the Sistine floor, and not the ceiling and it would surely be rubbed out by today if I followed that shit advice. That ceiling and wall are astounding.

    My favorite pic of my son looking up for the first time:


    that wall behind him was painted 40 yrs later by Michelangelo...........unreal
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  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  18. Bill1

    Bill1 New Member

    actually the best is Neural Therapy - removes the energy blocks in & around scars. Plus alot more:

    • Scars
    • Nerves
    • Autonomic ganglia (clusters of autonomic nerves)
    • Site of nerve entrapments
    • Organs
    • Joint or muscle mechanical dysfunction
    • Puncture sites

    Interference fields can be caused by:
    • Infections
    • Illness
    • Emotional trauma
    • Physical trauma that may include:
      • Surgery
      • Accidents
      • Deep cuts
      • Biopsies
      • Childbirth
      • Dental procedures
      • Vaccinations
      • Burns
      • Tattoos
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  19. Bill1

    Bill1 New Member

    Everybody is aware of the red laser but few are aware of the benefits of a green laser.

    An Israeli study showed that if injured neurons are scanned with this exact frequency, the neurons started to react completely normally as if the nerve was healthy. Furthermore, the injury healed much faster and long-term damage and the negative long-range effects did not happen.

    This is where I bought my green laser. Helps if you speak German

  20. RobH

    RobH Gold


    I'm there with you. In 2012 I was on fire with only Jack's Leptin Reset / CT. Between Feb and August I lost nearly 80 pounds, felt great, had boundless energy, no barriers, was unstoppable.... except -- lost so much weight that some scar tissue from a long ago liposuction started becoming evident and I was pushed for a variety of reasons to figure out what it was. Had a needle biopsy done and... what turned about to be old partially organized hematoma. Unfortunately the biopsy sites got infected and it was a perfect culture medium and I ended up with walled off / encapsulated abscesses in my abdominal wall fat. Took nearly a month of Levaquin / Zyvox (argh!), still had nasty draining wound and spiking fevers. Had it operated on -- probably not much different than what you had -- nothing breached the abdominal wall musculature, all superficial... but -- took the wind out of my sails in a huge way.

    I "recovered well" from the surgery with the help of CT, and the Epi Paleo Rx had just been released so I had my first few oysters EVER at that time... however, whatever hit I took at that time (collagen disruption) has stayed with me and I backslid nearly to where I started, despite mostly trying to do everything that has been added since that time to Jack's Rx s (trying to tame EMF, better water, more Epi-Paleo than Paleo, Magnetico, etc. And honestly my motivation / focus / cognitive skills and decision making seemed to take a hit there. In the interim I have done (what I thought was) everything I can to improve my environment, except my toxic work environment and that change is happening just took time to lay the ground work) The cruise was really helpful to me in terms of learning more about light, motivation, and just getting "re-lit" etc, and I'm finally starting to have some success again (10# down) but it isn't coming nearly as easily as it did, and again that's despite EVERYTHING I've added since those first heady days on the Leptin Rx (I have learned a lot). I have a long way to go. I know I can get there and willing to work hard on it. But it's not coming nearly as easily as it did. I think it will but somehow have to get past a plateau in redox. Details will matter I know.

    So there, it's out there now for me too. Believe me I am with you in this cave. I know we'll get through it, but I do think the attention to detail is critical, more so than for most folks. I can't say I wish I never had my surgery because I was spiking 103F fevers and getting septic, and CRP prior to operation was 87 and that was a despite nearly a month of antibiotics (and by the way, I'm sure the quinolones were a disaster for me and I may be still feeling effects of those ). I had a Skype consult with Jack at the time (pre-op) and he pretty much told me I had to get it done -- I knew that but needed a clear and objective mind to tell me that (not that I didn't believe my wife... who said the same thing.) I have never felt so bad in my life as that inflammatory hell I was in during that infection, and frankly I'm sure it took a huge toll and I am still feeling it.

    I wish I'd never had that damned needle biopsy though, that is for sure. Surgery is in fact a huge redox killer (as was the infection) I have learned, and if surface chemistry is really what it is all bout... perhaps superficial surgery may be even worse if it destroys / rearranges / inactivates collagen in skin / subQ tissues which is critical.

    I also hang onto some of what I've learned about circadian biology has taught me -- mammals like us are designed to store up weight in the summer / fall, and hibernate / lose it, in the winter. So I think we need to be patient for the coming change of seasons and that is when our lit fires will roar to life again.

    And of course I have this amazing bracelet to remind me of what I know I need to focus on. Everytime I look at it I think of that magical trip and get re-inspired. Thank you.

    And newly energized / understanding family from what my kids all agree was the best trip in a busy summer of great activities. About to disappear into the woods (no cell service) again for a few days for the third week in a row and loving it. Natural CT -- not quite as cold but I've gotta believe that energized water is good for something!

    Thanks all (Josh / Bill1 / Jack) for everything you throw out there to help us get past this barrier. I hadn't thought about the accupuncture / TENS / Bodywork / or green laser but will look at it. About to add H2O2 and maybe even H2 to my regimens and ramp up the CT considerably (have been CTing in natural places lately) about to get stuck down here in the heat so I'll be back in the ice tub again soon.

    Kate, I know you can do it and I send my regards and a great big hug across the internet. We're in this together and I know we will succeed.


    and speaking of circadian biology .... sun is down, twiglith near, gotta get away from this f.lux'd computer. Good night!
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