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Just wanted to say hi from Holland

Discussion in 'Meet and Greet' started by Peertje80, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    If been lurking for quit sometime here. Just wanted to say hi! Searching for better (optimal always seemed so far away) for a long time.

    I suffer from hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) since puberty. Lucky for me I'm a mild case. But I always figured this couldn't be right.

    When I entered my twenties I began to suffer from muscle cramps... sometimes during the day, but usually at night. Especially at that moment when you fall a sleep. I had cramps in my calf's, hands, respiratory muscles and jaw. But mostly calf's and hands.

    Later on they figured out I even had spasm during my deep sleep cycles... but the doctors didn't know what it was. I was exhausted, so they tried something. I was on an anti epileptic drug for one week and I was done trying. It totally drove me insane. This was not what I wanted for my future. So my journey started in 2006. Though I didn't have any direction to go.

    The best thing I accidental did for my health was moving out of the city to a coastal village (I lived some 100 metres from the sea). Being at the beach, walking barefoot in sand and water and learn how to kite surf. Because when I did, my muscle cramps disappeared (like snow for the sun as we say in Dutch). I never had it since and that puzzles me a bit. Wondering when hell will return.

    When I hit my thirties I began to suffer from some kind of itchy eczema on my hands. Saw my MP about it, but all he got to show for was steroid cream. And an answer to my 'stupid' question what in the hell could cause this, he replied annoyed: "We don't really know what causes this". This answer stroke me with fear. How could doctors not know what causes something so common and simple like eczema? What if I have a real serious medical issue? Are they just going to try something again? This was an issue for me since ever since I was a kid I feared to die before the age of forty.

    I started an elimination protocol for food and environment by myself. First night shades (yes I quieted smoking over night after 15 years, no sweat). Nope wasn't that. Then grains, yes I got something there. I even had a very strong reaction to my hair conditioner, which had wheat glutamine in it. I tested positive for anti-iga. So I went paleo with a good amount of fermented vegetables and some dairy. I'm Dutch, so I eat dutch cheese. There is no way I'm not. After 4 years of scratching my skin to death my eczema disappeared in about 1 year. My skin is still recovering however.

    Really funny thing is (well actually scary), when I convinced my mother to get tested, she got diagnosed with Coeliac disease. Finally after 57 years getting in and out of hospitals and doctors blaming her to make up her symptoms, she's got her diagnoses. And just in time. 1 month after her coeliac diagnose, her specialist diagnosed her with hepatocellulair carcinoom due to non alcoholic fatty liver. He finds 2 stage 1 tumors. They have been removed, my mother is now 6 months cancer free. I'm hoping she sticks to her DHA loaded gluten free diet and tumeric supplements, so she might heal her liver some more.

    Well I didn't intend to write such a long story. Sorry. I will just stick around to optimize my life further and who knows, maybe one day, I will even be HS free :)

    Thank you all. I really like reading here.
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  2. Jeanne

    Jeanne New Member

    Welcome from a fellow newbie!! Aren't the people on here just so amazing??
  3. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Welcome and glad you are out of lurking!
  4. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    Hi Jeanne, yes they are amazing. I bet they won't look disturbed at me when I'm walking barefoot outside while on break before noon ;)

    Thnx fitness@home me too. Lurking about is fine but lonely sometimes.
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Welcome........that disease is absolutely a mismatch between nitrogen and oxygen levels in you........tied to alter light.
  6. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Welcome! That is one amazing healing story of yours and your mom :) :) :)
    I have been once in Holland last fall and I loved it :) loved the fish market and the cheese market..wow! not too far from me... you are lucky to be mostly under sea level I think ;)
  7. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I gorged on fresh young matjes (raw, kinda fermented herring) as I was there... man was they good.. the best I ever tested!
  8. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    Maatjes haring! Fermented? I guess it is. I love herring too. I'm lucky to live near the sea. Fish mongers everywhere :) Where did you stay in Holland?
  9. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    Thank you. The HS you mean? I always thought it to be something hormonal. But that actually makes sense. The only time I was symptom free was when living in the country side near Nagasaki on Kyushu, Japan for a year.
  10. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Welcome Peertje! Sounds like you have a good attitude about health. Nice that you have found some of your own answers already. The coastal village environment sounds ideal. Your muscle cramps probably won't return, if you keep visiting the ocean.

    One of the first places that circadian rhythm problems show is in the skin (and gut lining). So altered light (wrong color, wrong time of day, wrong intensity) often manifests in skin issues of some sort. We have been recently learning that nitrogen cycles depend on sunlight -- I think that is what Dr. Kruse was referring to.

    I used to sail -- kite surfing sounds awesome!
  11. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    Thank you nonchalant. Being on the water sailing is awesome too. Didn't know that about skin problems. Yeah I think I get the light thing. I'm a natural red head. So I was raised to avoid sun for ever and always. My mother was always running after me with sun screen. Swimming during summer was done fully clothed. I spend most of my time indoors with books or behind the tv, pc/console. I'm a child of the nintendo blister generation. I lived most of my live like a vampire avoiding sun as if my live depended up on it. Wearing sunglasses everywhere. So I know I have to work on the light. On work days I sometimes get as much as 12 hours of screen time a day too. I don't get the nitrogen cycle yet. English is a second language for me so I have re read a lot.

    The sea is always calling. This winter I couldn't surf because of personal circumstances. But it left me cranky and sick. Its call is too strong to ignore.
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  12. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Welcome Peertje,
    I just posted an article in the news thread that the incidence of rickets is going up in England. Reason: kids don't go outside anymore.(rickets-Rachitis or engelse siekte)
  13. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    Thank you Lahelada. I read the article you mentioned. That is actually quite disturbing. I don't see that happen here soon though, it is called Engelse ziekte for a reason of course ;) Thank you though, it was very an informative article.
  14. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Lol, I was surprised about the name too. I would not be surprised though if kids internationally became honorary English. The suggestion to go outside now seems ludicrous to a lot of kids.
  15. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Welcome Peert .......It is wonderful that you have taken so much on board here and discovering your own personal n=1.

    Please start a journal in the journal section so we can follow your journey. It helps to keep track of all the ups and downs....and it is fun to read back thru and see how far you have come! It also is a huge help to other lurkers!

    Are you able to listen to JK's podcasts? they are a great way to get quick and easier information.

    It sounds like you are living in such a great spot ....amazing isn't it? - how your were drawn there.

    Quantum entanglement and all that jazz!!! :D
  16. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    Hi caroline. Thanks, I might start a journal. Maybe helps me to get more structure for the road a head. No I haven't looked at podcasts yet. I find it really hard to focus on listening only. My mind goes about doing its own thing and before you know it podcast ended. Nothing stuck :( Maybe I'll give them a try when I'm more clear headed.

    Yes I'm very much blessed. Today a quick surf after work. First time bare feet this year. Gosh... the water is still so cold Just saw the sun go down. And so ...:zzz:zz
    caroline likes this.
  17. Hoi Peertje! Wordt vandaag een mooie dag - beetje wind, zwak zonnetje. Wie weet zie ik je op het strand vandaag!
  18. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    Hi lbtr, welkom op het forum, eindelijk nog een kaaskop :D Kon me al niet voorstellen dat ik de enige was. Het was heerlijk weer vandaag:)
  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  20. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    Yes I'm sorry this is rude. Translation from Dutch. Lbtr said "Hi Peertje it is going to be a great day today, light breeze, some sun. Perhaps I'll see you on the beach.". I said "Hi welcome to the forum. Finally an other cheese head. I couldn't image I was the only one here. The weather was lovely today."

    Cheese head is a reference to Dutch person. I didn't see him on the beach though. I have no idea who he is. So must have been figure of speech.

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