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Just noticed I lost 5+lbs in 4wks of making these 3 changes, which one did it?

Discussion in 'Biohacking 101' started by Hope2Learn, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. Hope2Learn

    Hope2Learn We are all connected.

    I never weigh myself, I judge by how my clothes fit usually, but they weigh me at the doctor so that's why I know that I was just over 130 (don't remember if it was 132 or 135 or what, but it wasn't more) about 3 weeks ago, on January 16. At that time I was about one week in to changing a couple of things in my daily routine (will list them in a minute).

    Yesterday I weighed myself and was 127.8.

    This morning I weighed myself and was 124.8.

    The changes that I made about four weeks ago are:

    1. Stopped eating 2 slices of white bread with margarine spread plus one greek yogurt for breakfast daily. Replaced this with a steak each morning.

    2. Swapped out my sweet 'n' low for stevia.

    3. Swapped out 2-3 cans of Diet soda daily for 2-3 bottles of spring or R/O water, depending on the brand available.

    4. (Forgot about this one when I made the thread title, sorry!) - swapped out most of my pretzel snacking in the evening for raw, organic nuts and dried berries.

    ** (I will actually add in one more item, just in case: I normally take 2 ibuprofen every morning for arthritis in my big toe which always bothers me more in the winter, which it is here now. About 2 weeks ago I stopped doing this to see if it would make any difference. In under a week my digestive issues normalized completely! Last night I took 2 because my toe was really hurting a lot and this morning it's been all gorked up again. So, for YEARS now I've been messing up my gut with ibuprofen!

    That was because I didn't apply common sense to my situation, instead I went off asking doctors for advice.

    If I had used common sense, I would've asked myself, "What do I do about a swollen toe when I drop a can of soup on it? I put ice on it. Why? Because cold reduces inflammation." Then, had I been sensible, I would've realized to apply this to my whole body however possible to combat system-wide inflammation (which I have issues with apparently). So, CT is just common sense for people with inflammation issues, but I went off looking for high-tech, high-dollar answers by consulting physicians for something I should've known already. So silly of me. )

    Anyway, sorry to go so long, just wondering which of these things you all think is the main contributing factor to this unexpected weight loss?


    (oh.. I just realized.. could it be that I'm actually having less inflammation and that in and of itself accounts for much of it? Does inflammation result in actual weight gain, or just larger size?)
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2015
  2. kovita

    kovita Gold

    all of the changes you made were steps in the right direction. I would bet the biggest being the protein for breakfast and avoiding late afternoon/evening diabetes by giving up on many carbs you used to ingest during this time of the day regulary.
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  3. kovita

    kovita Gold

    and the water!!!!
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  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Joined: Dec 30, 2014
    today: 2/8/2015

    gone are:
    2 slices of white bread with margarine spread
    2-3 cans of Diet soda daily
    pretzel snacking

    arthritis in my big toe -----> gout??? try tart cherries

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  5. Hope2Learn

    Hope2Learn We are all connected.

    xrays do show changes consistent with osteoarthritis / bunion but tart cherries can't hurt!
  6. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Reducing inflammation should go long ways toward mitigating osteoarthritis.

    Keeping DHA above mid-range and EPA & DGLA & AA at mid-range, should help.
    I measure them at LabCorp using:

    Fatty Acid Profile, Comprehensive (C8-C26), Serum

    In the mean time Zyflamend, tart cherry.

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  7. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Wow :)
    Look how much a few changes in the right direction can change stuff for the better :)

    Cold is amazing stuff. If you feels stressed, inflamed etc. just off... and you take a ice cold shower or a dip in a river etc. just a minute or two... and you will feel amazing after! It works immediately, it is like magic, really :) Like a super strong medicine, but it is just cold.. and for free. How cool is that :) :) :)
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