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Just moved, slow adaptation to new light cycles

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Imogen Skye, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. Imogen Skye

    Imogen Skye New Member

    We were living in Yukon at 60*N for ~9 yrs, and we moved to 48*N 3 months ago. In doing so, we gained hours of twilight that do not exist in Yukon, and of course sunlight during winter that we didn't have (right now the sun time is approx equal to there, although it is getting to the 24 hr sun in Yukon, so it changes quickly). My 5 children and I have spent nearly a decade in a very extreme light cycle that messed up our circadian rhythms very obviously. Since relocating, we only need to eat about half of what we did before, have dropped nearly all of the supplements we needed there just to remain stable health-wise, and my children have been in a growth spurt since about two weeks after arriving here, all outgrowing their sizes within two months and now about to go up another size. They are already tall (and slender), but this rate of growth is unprecedented since they were infants. My eldest is 14, so they have all been at 60*N for most/all of their childhood. I have a traumatic brain injury from a collision 3 yrs ago and still have symptoms of this that are complex, so I may include these in responses if it seems relevant.

    My question is about sleep times, given whatever clues you can glean from what I shared above. We are 3 hrs ahead of Yukon now. It has been 3 months. My 12-14yo children are having a very hard time getting to sleep before 11pm, which has come down from our arrival of 2am sleeptimes But, 3 hr time difference to consider)! We still observe all the nighttime protocol for no screens and low-no light after sunset. My 7 and 10yo and I can all fall asleep easily between 9:30 and 10:00pm. But NONE of us can wake up before 9am- at all. Some days we even sleep right through the morning alarm until 10am! If we happen to get up, we're sleepy and sleep-drunk for an hour or two before we're really alert. I don't know if this is an adjustment period, if this is actually a normal developmental sleep time, or what to think about it. I get concerned because I would like us to be up at sunrise, but this is so impossible for me or them. I noticed that if I am woken at 6am, I feel fine to be up for the day, but if I do this, I need a 2-3hr nap in the afternoon. I don't know if this is healthy and just inconvenient, or a problem.

    Some more info is that we have no other symptoms of unwellness that are obvious. The circulation problems we had in Yukon are resolved or in the case of my 14 yo, nearly- looks like he is about to done with toe infections for the first time in years in the next few days. I have been sunbathing daily for the past few days down to -3C. My children are outside everyday for at least an hour but usually several hours, and our windows are mostly very old single pane- atrocious for insulation and great for sunlight, or old double-pane also letting in lots of light and heat. There are streetlamps here, the closest is about 100 metres and it is a low-lumen LED. There are two lamps visible from my house. I live in a remote town, north of Lake Superior, cell service is spotty because the towers are far, and there is no industry here. I do not have wifi- only ethernet wired in (no gaming systems, just one computer and one cell phone in the home), but we do have a smartmeter outside our kitchen, and the mast for our electricity comes in the second floor in a bedroom, opposite the beds. I am suspicious of these and hope to figure out a way to deal with these asap.

    Any insights very welcome and I appreciate them very much!
  2. Im new here, but smart meter is terrible.....

    Right now my kids are out everyday in just a swimming suit - but Im trying to figure out what to do when winter comes. How are you doing the sunlight in winter with the kids?
  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    We were living in Yukon at 60*N for ~9 yrs, and we moved to 48*N 3 months ago.

  4. Imogen Skye

    Imogen Skye New Member

    Erin, we just made sure we were outside every day that it was possible, and wore as little clothing as possible. Then once it was tolerable, we started going out with our skin exposed. I started sunbathing at -3, by carving a "chair" out of the snow on my deck. I sunbathed everyday until it was warm, and now I do several times each week, but I am outside nearly everyday for many hours. Exceptions are rainy days that are also cold. If it is warm and rainy, I'm out still.

    Of note: My children are home-educated, and I am not employed outside the home, so we have a flexible schedule.
  5. Imogen Skye

    Imogen Skye New Member

    JanSz, it has now been 8 months and we're still adapting, haha. But much better than we were before. I realised that I expect adaptation to new things to happen much faster than is likely or even possible at times. Thanks for the reminder/confirmation! I was talking with a friend about my unrealistic expectations being fixed by this experience just before I saw your reply! :) Takin' it easy now....
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