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Julia’s optimal journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Julia Bond, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Julia Bond

    Julia Bond New Member

    I was exposed to Dr. Jack Kruse’s work about 2 months ago and it just made sense, like missing threads I have been searching for. My curiousity has me listening to all the podcast I can find, blogs I can read, catch all the sunrises, and find light where ever I can. I’m unpacking and relearning. After two painful miscarriages within the past 4 months, I’m thankful to be diving deep into my health and healing.

    I’m a 33 year old female and overall feel healthy and experience a sense of vitality. I live in Colorado. My health is however becoming more perplexing to me as of recent.

    As a child my health history was pretty unremarkable. I’ve always been a lover of the outdoors, spending extensive periods outside at camp and expedition backpacking trips over the summers. Growing up in Georgia I did not experience any major sicknesses, did not have much screen time, but certainly was not raised in a conscious way to connect deeply with the rhythms of our earth. In high school I developed acne and went on birth control. My acne cleared, but from that point forward my skin and premenstrual symptoms would go nuts if I tried to get off BC. Being in college the last thing I wanted was cystic acne, so I stayed on the pill, despite knowing it was wrecking my hormones. In college I began to feel heavy and bloated all the time. Wanting to do the best I could to eat well and not knowing any better, I became a vegetarian. After college I traveled extensively around New Zealand, India, and Nepal. While I was pretty healthy traveling for about a year, I did get typical plagues of being in developing countries. While traveling I was not taking BC and experienced really long, painful classic PMS Sxs of estrogen dominance. I have been off any form of BC for seven years. I began having meat back in my diet 8 years ago.

    Having majored in Sustainable agriculture, I worked on different small farms when I got back from traveling. Overall, I had know major complaints except skin issues, bloating, and beginning leaky gut signs.

    Fast forward and 4 years ago I realized my thyroid was enlarged and suddenly my energy wasn’t what it use to be. I went to a functional medicine practitioner and it was confirmed that I had a multinodual goiter, slightly elevated TPO antibodies, “normal” thyroid labs. I changed my diet- no grains, soy, dairy, sugar, and supplemented. I did a parasite cleanse, tried to slash inflammation, get rid of infections/pathogens, rebuild my flora.... essentially I tried to cover all my bases. I did feel so much better and my energy was back. At this time I was finishing my masters and under ALOT of stress compounded with way more screen time than I’d probably had in my life.

    Then one fateful morning one year ago, I got up stressed, and made myself eggs. I’ve always tittered on the senestive spectrum with eggs. Sometimes I can have them, other times I haven’t felt well after having them. But all I had in my fridge was eggs and having a limited diet, I decided to have them. Approximately 3 hours after breakfast the right side of thyroid/neck began to noticeably swell. 5 hours later the whole right side of my face swelled. I was breathing fine, but incredibly puffy on one side and so tired. I had a manual lymphatic massage and did feel less puffy. I had acupuncture which always really helped with the swelling. Within 24 hours 80% of puffyness was gone, however to this day the right side of my thyroid is swollen. I’ve had ultrasounds and seen endocrinologist who all say a nodule burst on my right side and is now pushing up against my SCM.

    All thyroid panels are within normal range according to alternative number ranges and still test positive for TPO antibodies.

    In April my husband and I decided to grow our family. We conceived in a month and sadly I miscarried at 6 weeks. The next month I was pregnant again and sadly miscarried a few days after getting a positive test. I was scheduled to get my progesterone tested on the day I miscarried. We are taking a break from growing our family and I am yearning to heal. I’m using bio identical progesterone and vitex.

    I’ve been getting as much natural light as I can, limiting exposure to nonnative EMFs, earthing, using cold therapy, always covering my thyroid when on devices, eating local, drinking spring water, and using a red light laser on my thyroid. My diet is really clean and my lifestyle in general is very clean.
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  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    welcome Julia....

    Where in Colorado?

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