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J's Optimal Journey

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by _J_, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. _J_

    _J_ New Member

    My grandmother was born at the beginning of the 20th century, and spent her life in a South Wales mining village. My mother was born in the same village, is still alive and fairly sprightly for her 80 years. Although we came from a working class background, she was always bright and sharp, and despite spending her life as a housewife, I recall her at age 40, training and passing the Mensa tests just to see if she could do it.

    For what its worth, and to anyone interested, I'd like to share my story.

    Life for me was growing up in a farming village in South Wales. I seem to remember spending most of my young years roaming around the fields, and playing endless games in the summer.

    I found within myself a passion for technology, and with the 90's boom, joined the ranks of industry as a software programmer. My life moved on through its usual twists and turns, and 2 decades later, a wife and 2 children in Sydney Australia.

    Of late, I started feeling stretched, tired, and performing more like a Nissan Sentra. Coming home from work usually saw me sitting down, letting the young kids play and then just wanting to mentally switch off until sleep.

    By chance, I saw a film called 'The Magic Pill'. It quite shook up my picture of everything, and so I embarked on a journey with the Keto diet, while spending copious hours frying myself with the other obedient idiots on the bus to, and fro, work.

    Youtube was my biggest consumption, and I ranged from Asprey, Volek, Phinney, Teicholz, D'Agostino, Boros and others. I literally couldnt consume material fast enough, and every corner turned was a new revelation. I'm sure I became the most annoying person in the room to talk to.

    I first came across Jack Kruse in an extreme health radio podcast. It's difficult to pinpoint exactly the reason, but I felt that the underlying message made sense on about every level I could understand. I began to search for his videos and watched as much as I could.

    I instinctly felt that his message was real, even if I did not understand the depths that he was trying to explain. It took about 6 months, of actively listening reading his blogs and trying to absorb the material as best I could, to overcome all of the cognitive dissonance I had, and accept the new reality that I had better pay attention to my environment much closer than I had.

    During this time, I have been putting in as many of the practices as I am aware of, and I'm happy to say that energy levels are pretty good, and life has a much richer weave than it had previously.

    I recently joined Patreon & the Optimal Klub, because I believe this is a bigger story yet to unfold, and that information is something that I need to navigate what could be a difficult few years ahead, with 5g.

    I still continue to read, watch and learn. Things are still changing, and I try and adapt constantly as I learn.

    One of my goals is to attend a Playa Del Carmen member's event, in about 2 years time. I think that would be pretty amazing. If so, I might see you there and share a bottle of Preventa with you. OK, just so you know, I might have to swap that with a nice bottle of wine when you aren't looking.

    I wish you all the best and good luck for the future.
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  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Welcome and I enjoyed this read......
  3. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Welcome, J! :)
  4. drezy

    drezy Gold

    Hey out there. No need to hide it. Wine on the beach sounds like a perfect plan. I think you'll fit right in around here.
  5. _J_

    _J_ New Member

    Jack - thanks, I appreciate it, and for everything you have done for us all..

    Inger & drezy, thanks for the welcome. I have read so many of your comments in the forum threads, and it's great to say hi
  6. _J_

    _J_ New Member

    Yesterday, I learned about the Schumann Resonance from the EMF series on JackKruse.com. What an incredible and beautiful revelation. I am at a loss to explain how I did not know about this before, given that the information dates from the 1950s onwards.

    I awoke last night from a deep sleep and a second later, I felt a course of tingling through my body. Moments later, a heavy rain bathed the house with a steady rhythm. If you remain skeptical, then I do not blame you, and I cannot explain the coincidence other than to say it was an uplifting experience.

    I read the "A starfish goes abroad to sculpt the message" blog and video. What struck me from this message was how important it is to re-evaluate your priorities, push through the boundaries we impose on ourselves, and take a step towards a future you believe in.

    I thought back to my father, who died from throat cancer 2 years ago. He had been a smoker who spent his life ignoring the uncomfortable impacts that cigarettes were doing to his body. He also spent his last years living an indoor life. I recall what my mum told me when he found out that he had throat cancer for the first time, and how he threw the packet of cigarettes in the bin with disgust when he realised, all too late, that the damage had been done.

    This morning, we took the children to the beach, to seek the early morning sunshine and feel the sand beneath our toes. As I swam in the beautiful Pacific waters, I looked up at the sun in gratitude and thought of my father. I realised that I cannot ignore, and must accept one of the last lessons he could offer me; that I cannot continue to blind myself with a comfortable ignorance, and I need to find a new path in this life.
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  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    You write beautifully and with such soul .....I am looking forward to reading more of your thoughts and desires and wants and needs on your quantum journey here with us.

    There are lots of Aussies here .......follow Brent Patrick - he is in the Sydney area as well. Brent has a great grasp of all of this.
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  8. _J_

    _J_ New Member

    Thanks Caroline. I can see why the journals are helpful for people, to capture thoughts and share. Will do, I have seen quite a few of Brent#s comments, and will be sure to keep an eye out for him
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  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi J. It is great to read back in our journals and see all the progress we have made ........
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019 at 11:34 PM
  10. _J_

    _J_ New Member

    I wanted to give something back today, and share some photos I took about 10 years ago in a place called Tulum (Mexico, just south of Playa del Carmen). I woke early, and camped out on the beach until the sunrise. I thought that the clouds were going to obscure the sunrise that day, but eventually the sun managed to break through the rain.

    If you are reading, I hope it gives some inspiration to you. Please feel free to enjoy, print or use as you wish.

    DSC_1563_2.jpg DSC_1564_2.jpg DSC_1573_2.jpg
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  11. Sergio Valadez

    Sergio Valadez New Member

    @_J_ I second what Caroline said about your writing having so much soul. Fun and interesting read. And thanks for the (beautiful) pix of Tulum. Do you have any plans on heading back to the Yucatan peninsula eventually?
  12. _J_

    _J_ New Member

    Thanks Sergio! Welcome on the pix of Tulum. Yes, I would like to go back. Two years ago, I promised the kids an adventure in Disneyland. I am trying to be a little devious, and coinciding it with a short hop down to Playa Del Carmen, hopefully with the member's event probably in another 2 years. Sshh, don't tell anyone ;)
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  13. _J_

    _J_ New Member

    I found out recently that the folks-in-law’s house is within 80m of a cell tower. I had bought a Trifield EMF reader, and hadn’t thought they might be so affected. What began as an exercise in looking for rogue wifi routers and DECT phones, ended with a walk through the surrounding streets to find a cell tower obscured by several trees.

    While they were prepared to accept simple precautionary measures, they were unprepared for anything as disruptive as the EMF they are being subjected to. I recorded 10-20+ mW/m2 through the entire house. The home where their children grew up, and where they had lived for over 40 years, became an EMF hell-hole in a single moment. I fear they will not embrace any change that would be meaningful, and that they will simply accept as-is the situation, and ignore any consequences.

    The greatest difficulty, in having a perspective that is not universally realised, is when you are unable to help those that you care about.
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  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    You can only help yourself ......... others have to do the work themselves ......

    Jack has been telling us this since day #1 ........hard pill to swallow but it is so true.
  15. drezy

    drezy Gold


    Also maybe you can just arrange for a Mexican party service to have some guy in a Mickey suit show up on the beach.

    "See kids, Mickey is here!"
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  16. _J_

    _J_ New Member


    Perhaps I could get a BOGOF (buy-one-get-one-free) and have a Santa Claus too! ;)
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