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Journey away from night time destruction

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Deverie_Night Owl, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. Deverie_Night Owl

    Deverie_Night Owl New Member

    Hi, everyone, I am Deverie. I am 38, married, mother of 2, and a chiropractor. I'm currently 252 lbs with suspected bad redox. My hormones are whacked. Despite knowing how to be “healthy” and helping other people change their lives, I have been unable to do that for myself. I’m here for the hard truth and ready for a paradigm shift.

    Here's my story...

    I've been a night owl since I was 11. It started as a form of rebellion. I would stuff towels under my door or hide under the covers with a flashlight, hiding the light from my parents while writing poetry or reading. By high school, I was rarely in bed before midnight.

    In college, my major was chemical engineering. It was stressful and I was a huge procrastinator and would often stay up late to get homework and projects completed. It was common to pull all-nighters. And I had a terrible diet – SAD and I rarely ate any fresh food.

    At 19 I saw an endocrinologist due to acne, facial hair, and irregular menstruation. I was diagnosed with PCOS, started on the pill, and told I would be on it for life and would never have kids. This launched me into a depression.

    After college, I worked as a chemical engineer in the computer disk drive manufacturing industry. My health declined even further. I gained 65 lbs by binge drinking, binge eating, and staying up until 3 or 4 am. I had a dysfunctional, co-dependent, relationship with a co-worker. I was on call with a beeper and would get beeped at all hours. My job was largely unrewarding. I was a mess.

    Eventually I decided I needed to make some changes or I would die. I saw no future for myself in that life. I wasn’t able to help others or myself. After much soul-searching, I decided to go back to school to be a chiropractor. I went to a naturopath, who told me that I was pre-cancerous. I was floored and he lit a fire under me. Thus began my healing journey. I stopped all my meds. I started doing cleanses and detoxing, parasite zapping and gallbladder flushes. I discarded all of my cleaning and personal products and replaced with organic versions. I ate vegetables and coconut oil. I went gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, alcohol-free, fruit-free – I was pretty hard-core for 8 months. I went all-in. I was very determined to not be a fat doctor!

    I lost 73 lbs in a year by changing diet only and I never felt better. I went to chiropractic school and started learning so much about the human body and how amazing it is. I found ways to help people improve their lives through chiropractic, diet, and lifestyle. I made huge leaps on my spiritual path. Of course, this was college, so I studied and partied, studied and partied. Lots of late nights and stress, but overall was able to maintain my major changes.

    I met my husband near the end of chiro school. Pretty soon, we had a little baby surprise us with his existence. I was deeply grateful and I knew the changes I had made in my life had regulated my hormones enough to allow my pregnancy. I graduated, got married, and had a baby all within 6 months. The following year, my husband graduated, we moved, opened a practice together, and had a second baby. I was stressed out to the max. I started stress-eating and I didn’t really lose any weight after baby #2. My adrenals burned out.

    This past March, I topped out at 268 lbs. I am always gluten-free and soy-free, often dairy-free, sometimes grain-free, but totally addicted to sugar (they make a lot of gluten-free, organic CRAP food!). I am sad that I am a fat doctor, but I’m stuck on the cycle of losing a few pounds and gaining it all back plus some more. My bedtime is usually 2:00 am after spending hours on the computer! I have lots of work to get done and it often happens at night. But I have been a cranky mama and bitchy wife. I am sick of myself and my negative attitude. I set a goal to lose 93 lbs but deep down I wondered if I really had the tools I needed. Every once in awhile, I thought, “I bet it would help me if I got more sleep.” But never did I think my night time habits were the major cause of my problems. My friend introduced me to jackkruse.com and I finally feel I have some answers! Now I know I probably caused PCOS by screwing up my body clocks!

    So I’m gearing up to do the Leptin Reset. I will have initial labs drawn next week. My current symptoms are obesity, sugar cravings, acne/rosacea, and joint pain (leg pain really flares with grains!). I made the following changes to my environment: got a tri-field meter and blue-blocker glasses, installed Stetzer dirty electricity filters at work and home, fabricated and installed smart meter guard, turning off wi-fi at night, switching cordless to corded. I am doing CT a little, eating seafood 1-2 times per day + seaweed several times per week, getting a little more sun and barefoot time in grass, and bedtime is getting earlier. I’m excited to make more changes!
  2. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Hi Deverie, welcome! Sounds like you are making some great changes to your life.
    I'm guessing that you probably already drink non-fluoridated water, right?
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  3. Peertje80

    Peertje80 New Member

    Try to squeeze in more sleep in small steps. Till you hit 7/8 hours. I was at 6 hours, but this was not enough, 7 was better, 8 is the best for me (but I'm not there yet). When rested, you work more efficient. So need for night time stuff then. Go get them!
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  4. Deverie_Night Owl

    Deverie_Night Owl New Member

    Hi nonchalant, I do drink non-fluoridated water. I do RO and added trace minerals; sometimes I structure it and need to get back into that regularly.

    Thanks, Peertje80. I get 5-6 hours per night now. The nights I get more sleep I definitely feel energetic the next day!
  5. WereBear

    WereBear New Member

    As a former night owl, I totally understand. But incredible sleep is soooooo worth it. I get 8-9 hours a night now, and it makes a HUGE difference to everything.
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    your night owlishness must end and you must stop the blue light past sunset..........that is step one. I would not get any labs done until your do this........then I would get labs.
  7. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Welcome Deverie!

    You are in the right place! Keep posting andcwe are here for support. You've made some very good changes. Good luck on your journey...it is worth it.
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  8. Welcome, Deverie. You're on the right track. Dr. K is right; off the blue light after sunset. That got my sleep back in order in a short time after years of being out of whack (2 small kids, single parent, work from home, on devices and working late into the evening). There is hope!

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  9. Deverie_Night Owl

    Deverie_Night Owl New Member

    Really? I'm surprised. I thought I should get labs now to see where I'm at and how far I need to go! What difference will it make to wait? Thanks for the input.
  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Deverie ...and welcome! Labs are only a snapshot of a moment in time.

    everyday pay strict attention to how you are eating, drinking, sleeping, nnEMF, grounding, fake lite etc. etc. - keep track here in your journal. I guarantee one year from now you will be very surprised!
  11. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Many people cannot afford multiple labs. If it is not a problem for you, go ahead.
    Jack uses labs to check reactions to various changes he makes. If you are able to sleep well again during darkness, your body will actually start deep repairs. (See the CT7 blog.) That is absolutely the most important thing anyone can do for health, sleep well in darkness when melatonin, progesterone, leptin, prolactin, and growth hormone can all work together to fix things like damaged cells. And they absolutely cannot during the day, or when there is light at night. Cortisol and light won't allow it.
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  12. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  13. Deverie_Night Owl

    Deverie_Night Owl New Member

    Thanks, Dr. Kruse! I'm ready for the naked truth! I know I've made myself sick through my habits, and I'm ready to change! It's easy for me to change my diet but not the rest. I'll start with less nnEMF and early bedtimes. I can do it.
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  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Why is this cortisol light issues she brings up to you critical? When pseudohypoxia is present at the mitochondrial level diet cant do shit to fix anything. Why?
    What does pseudohypoxia mean to our hormone panel? The cost of a high aerobic capacity is low fertility. This is why the pregnenolone steal syndrome exists. Cortisol over sex steroids is due to the use of oxygen as the terminal electron acceptor in human mitochondria. This is why the Hormone 101 and 102 blog posts confused many........they tried to apply it without fixing the lighted environment they allowed.
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  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    It will take you months to understand this Rx...........but your answer is in this post. Your special PSA from meditation session after 4 dozen oysters in NOLA: Lady evolution has no way to protect the water surrounding cytochrome 1’s local environment when extra electromagnetic energy is around………does she? = pseudohypoxia = increase distance between the respiratory proteins in the mitochondria = 1 Angstrom increase = ten fold drop quantum tunneling speed of electrons = massive drops in ATP production = altered TAN ratio's = reduced cytochromes= cytochrome c liberation pseudohypoxia = apoptosis= decrease magnetic field strength at a nanoscopic level due to ATPase dysfunction= higher temp = Curie point = ratio of protons = as time elapses ratio of protons can slowly rise while electrons also drop = chronic not acute inflammation = metabolic rate is a function of level of inflammation = each degree temp is raised in humans = 13% increase in metabolic rate = higher ubiquitin rates = NAD+/NADH ratio = NAD+/SIRT 1 ratio is altered = Archimedes principle changes and mito are further from nucleus = further negative coadaptation of mitonuclear coupling = higher free radical leak = swelling = chaos = LR = loss of membrane charge due to loss of proton gradients = loss of DHA in cell membranes = lowered magnetic field strength = SCN LOSES CONTROL OF EYE CLOCK GEARS = loss of control of cell cycle = electrons form food cannot be used properly in mito = distance between mitochondria and nucleus increases = loss of magnetic field strength is also a lot more significant at close distances than gravitational fields, but magnetic flux always forms closed loops in space. This means that it effectively does not follow the inverse square law, but, instead, an inverse cube law. BIG FREAKING DEAL MATH WISE FOR THERMODYNAMICS. This makes magnetic field strength drop off much, much more quickly with distance. Hence why Archimedes principle or the distance between nuclear DNA and mitochondrial DNA are critical. Consider if I have two large (baseball sized) neodymium magnets that would utterly crush all the bones in your hand if you were to place them on either side of it, but at a distance of a couple of feet from each other there is no perceptible interaction. In a cell all things are measured in Angstroms because the atomic lattice arrangement matters huge.
    This is why gravity dominates at cosmological distances but magnetic and electric effects are most powerful at the smallest Angstrom levels. It follows the inverse square law and is unrestrained by any form of "antigravity" that would cancel it out. = when energy drops = disease = with more charge loss = cadaver = death.
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  16. Deverie_Night Owl

    Deverie_Night Owl New Member

    Wow...I understand about 30% of that. I'll keep reading.
  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    DHA and water can fix that.
  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    and some reading...........
  19. Deverie_Night Owl

    Deverie_Night Owl New Member

    Sun is setting here about 8:30. Is it true that my bedtime should be by 9:30? Within an hour of sunset? That seems really impossible for me. Does anyone have any tips for transitioning from night owl to morning person? I've done it before when I got up for 5:30 am boot camp last year (which wrecked my knee after 6 weeks) and I really loved the atmosphere of the morning. But I was never able to get as much done in the morning as in the quiet of night.

    I keep thinking "what is wrong with me!?" But I know I'm not alone. My sister is a night owl, too. She's been struggling with her weight for as long as I have. Last year, she started a workout routine and built tons of muscle and strength and spent a year with a trainer. She didn't lose any weight (I know, muscle heavier than fat, but she didn't lose any fat, either!) I think I see now that maybe it was her environment that stunted her success in that area. I'm really hoping that what I learn here and eventually am able to put into practice, I can share with her. My Dad also is often up in the middle of the night - his problem, though, is that he can't stay asleep, and gets up at 3 am to work on the computer. "It's in the family" - but I feel confident that I can overcome my genes!

    My husband and I have our own chiropractic office. I see patients three days a week, then other times blocked off to take care of employee issues and various business things, and then I have my kids all the rest of the time. I have more I need to do, usually, so I work from home some. I don't want to be with the kids less in order to get my other stuff done. I'm trying to not let them just sit in front of screens all the time, but it happens when I need to be productive. Some days I feel like I need a schedule "makeover." And I might, if I am going to be done with dinner as early as recommended!

    For now, I have set a bedtime for myself of 11:00; I know it's maybe not as early as it should be, but it's a helluva lot earlier than 2 am. I'm having a difficult time being successful, though. I find I'm trying to finish one more thing, read one more post, check out one more Kruse blog. *sigh*

    Any tips will be helpful!! Thank you!!
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  20. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Night owls repair themselves when they add more DHA to all their tissues and not just their brain.
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