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Journal of a man with a brain on fire

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Remo, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. Remo

    Remo New Member

    I try to earth as much possible when out in the sun. Springwater should be covered as well. EMF is a problem here though... can not deny that. Just today there was a news article showing how effective and fast the Dutch network is compared worldwide. There is seriously no escaping EMF here unless you build a faraday cage.

    Im flirting with the idea of immigrating to either Germany/France/Spain or Canada/USA (USA will be nigh impossible atm though).
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  2. Remo

    Remo New Member

    interesting! I found somebody who could relate with my "stinging/burning sweating pain stings" and he told me it was common for Lyme patients because neurotoxins get stored in fat tissues if your liver cannot control the toxic load. The skin gets the same treatment in which toxins/heavy metals etc. get dumped in there causing a variety of skin issues: exzemia, acne, itch etc.

    Using this explenation it makes perfect sense why my skin has cleared up so much the last months: it got detoxed from all the toxin buildup from the sulfur + DHA/Iodine in fish/seafood. After the detoxing agents in the skin the stored fat is next to be detoxed. When I started going keto these attacks became much worse.... which could be because the extreme fat burn that happens in deep ketosis causing a rapid release of build up toxins! Apparentely there has been some serious toxin buildup in my belly fat (im athletically slim build but I learned this doesn't mean anything) but im positive I can get rid of it.

    Doing sports outdoors this summer will help greatly becoming leptin resistance again.

    - Interestingely: small amounts of weed really does help improve chronic pain and mood.
    The only downside is the extreme food cravings you get as a result. Last night I had a fantastic evening with friends where I smoked some weed and ate a ton of (bad) food... yet I woke up wonderfully and happy for the first time in weeks! Friends, laughter, relaxation, weed.. they seem to even counter a ton of bad food.
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  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    As I am figuring out what B5 deficiency does, I found this list:
    Deficiency Symptoms:
    Pantothenate deficiency symptoms are thought to be uncommon because of widespread
    distribution in all foodstuffs. However, human deficiency symptoms may include:
    burning feet,
    burning or pain of arms and legs,
    mental depression,
    hair loss,
    increased heart rate, and
    susceptibility to infection
    Note large variety of names:
    pantothenic acid
    Panthenol (also called pantothenol)
    vitamin B5


    If your problems are skin deep you may easily attempt to hack it using some of the creams containing



    Last edited: Apr 22, 2017
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  4. Mito1

    Mito1 New Member

    sweating pain stings - iodine deficiency. Three to four weeks of iodine supplementation will typically reverse this symptom, allowing your body to sweat normally again


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  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  6. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Well I am doing the Iodine protocol now.. and I can say it is awesome.... Now I know better than last time I tried a few years ago, and it is also different.... maybe I have gotten healthier ;) :) No heart palps at all.. and I am up to 200 mg / day. Once in a while I get a whole body euphoria... like all my cells are laughing :) :)
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  7. Remo

    Remo New Member

    interesting thoughts guys! I actually thought of B vitamine/ Iodine dificiency myself but the problems developed during the time my skin actually improved and I was taking Iodine (lugols + nascent ) at the time. I have switched to eating raw herring which is supposed to contain allot of iodine naturally so i dont think this is the "main" issue. Unless my body cannot process B5/Iodine properly ?

    @ Inger, thats a great feeling ! I have that when I take a cold shower (or take a bit of CBD/weed ^^).. this feeling of being high... like your cells are active and properly oxygenated.
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  8. Mito1

    Mito1 New Member

    unless you can eat 5 lbs of herring then you might look into supplement. Cofactors are a must when taking any iodine. There's a long list of cofactors to consider. selenium from organic mustard seeds is best. vitamin c and more.........

    also paint your testicles with lugols iodine daily. you'll feel like a beast in no time at all.

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  9. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Iodine is a great parasite killer too, and it also detoxes metals.... I thought I did not needed Iodine extra as I eat so much seafood but as a small biohack I wanted to try it again and in way higher doses and the right cofactors.. of course continuing eating seafood and seaweeds as before :) and I am really stunned :)

    I also think Iodine needs enough vit D to work properly...
    I also have days when I do not feels so good but that is ok :) and I do salt flushes etc and pulse dose Iodine and then the great feeling comes back :)

    Remo, how many milligrams was you taking as you supplemented with the Iodine?
    Did you do the salt protocol and the Niacin flush etc. too?
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  10. Remo

    Remo New Member

    haha that would indeed be "allot" of herring Mito xD @Mito1. However, Jack seems to be against Iodine supplements since it can cause problems (I had problems with it in the past). How much would you consider daily requirement ? also, do you have a list of the co-factors to consider ? @ skinpainting are you sure that you do not mean Nascent ? afaik lugols can cause severe skin irritation/burn directly applied.

    Wouldn't it be best to get iodine from Wakame/Kombu instead ?

    @Inger the vit-d requirement that makes perfect sense ! I am not familiar with the salt protocol/Niacin flush sadly.

    Time to order me some lightbulbs though :p
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2017
  11. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Well, it is true Iodine supplementation can make problems! You need to know what you are doing.... otherwise it can cause bad issues....

    I see it as a fast way to detox the body and fill up Iodine in a deficient body. But sure if you do not know how to do it the right way, it might be better to not do it at all...

    My skin do not burn from Iodine, I use the 5% and mix it with olive oil or coconut oil.

    I am in a German Iodine facebook group where are lots of members and people there have just amazing results..... But they are all crazy biohackers for sure ;)
    People have even reversed their grey hair.. gotten rid of brain fog, depression, anxiety, myomas are shrinking etc etc. If you like and you read German you could join the group and read testimonials there, and how they have done it.

    I absolutely believe you should eat lots of seafood with Iodine protocol. Seaweed too. And get sun! Loh here on the forum have gotten great results too...she lives in the Yucatan...

    Biohacking is never easy ;) Lots of different things to be aware of :)
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  12. Remo

    Remo New Member

    thanks Inger, I am now really keen on trying out a new iodine protocol soon!

    I am going to the gym/climbing again lately. Ironically I am still very strong physically... but I just burn out very quickly (keeping sessions +- 30 minutes for HiiT) .

    Having severe sugar cravings which I think is mainly due to low serotonin/lack of sunlight/ non ketosis
  13. Chaostheory

    Chaostheory New Member

    Assume this works for women too, right?

    I was going to order nascent iodine, possibly. Do you still think that's better, remo?

    Also, if you ever can immigrate here, you totally should! Lol. All of my friends think this stuff is crazy, it'd be nice to know a fellow biohacker. Well, @Mystic Rose60 lives by me.
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  14. Inger

    Inger Silver

    I paint my breasts and women parts with iodine mixed with olive oil.... ;) I love it :) My breasts have gotten fuller and firmer... funny if this will last :)
    I feel like it increases libido too :)

    I use Lugols only. Works for me. I would read carefully about Iodine protocol tho and others experiences and what detox and stuff can happen so you are prepared.. it sure is a biohack! You need to know your body doing it and listen to it too. Taking breaks once in a while etc if the detox get bad. I have had my share of it too... joint pain.. exhausted.. headache, tiny pimples on my back.. but it all went away pretty fast :)
    I think in the beginning it is also important to take the co factors and salt loading.. Also to eat lots of seafood and I also do seaweeds in my diet additionally, and sun! I think sun and Iodine should be a couple :) Just how I experience it :)
    Absolutely read Lynne Farrows book about Iodine before starting...
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  15. shah78

    shah78 Gold

    What co factors, Professor Inger?
  16. Remo

    Remo New Member

    Hey Chaos! , I decided to start using Nascent Iodine over Lugol's since I found that Nascent is much much more calmer on the thyroid/body. Lugols is allot stronger and can really cause havoc (hypo/hyper thyroidism) if you take too much. I am also implementing some super awesome tasting "Wakame" (japanese seaweed).. seaweed/seafood over supplements any day.

    @Inger wow nice, I need to experiment with this as well. My libido can be skyhigh for long periods but hit rock bottom some days after. It is definitely related with stress, Vit D, DHA and sunlight exposure. I have heard people say that ketosis increased libido due to IGF-1 and testosteron gain but I have not seen this myself. However... when you combine ketosis with weight training (atleast 2-3 times a week) then real magic happens. I need to get back to that regime to further work out a proper protocol.
  17. Remo

    Remo New Member

    this question is asked allot but.. I am looking for some advice on which IR/UV lightbulbs to get.. I understand that it depends on where you live etc. but a general suggestion would be super useful (for me and the other newcomers).
  18. WalterNL

    WalterNL New Member

    Well it's difficult to find out exactly what would be right for our location. We'd have to measure sunlight spectrum throughout the day for a few years and based on that design a bulb that delivers the right spectrum each day.

    But anyway there are full spectrum lamps like Exo Terra Solar Glo 160W or Osram Vitalux 300W. These will get you both IR and UV (and visible of course), irradiance depending on how close you are to it. I have not found other full spectrum lamps. There are many IR lamps out there, usually with detailed specs so you know the frequencies used. UV lamps are made by producers like Exo Terra, Komodo or Sperti, and there are also handheld UV-flashlights.

    For each lamp it's important to know the irradiance and spectrum, because we need the whole spectrum of light that passes through the atmosphere and we need enough power to have effect. It changes depending on location and season, but as I said it's difficult to find out exactly what that would be for us. On top of that you need to experiment for yourself where you are lacking in terms of light, so what you may need to supplement.
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  19. Inger

    Inger Silver


    I do all the original cofactors;

    2 x 500 mg Niacin (the flush-Niacin)
    2-3 x 100 mg B2
    200 mg Selenium
    vit C (as pure ascorbic acid powder) but I do it irregularly and between 1-3 mg, protocol says 3 grams but I often forget to take it as I have to split it up as it otherwise makes my belly uneasy...
    unrefined sea salt 1/2 teaspoon with 2-3 glasses of water (if I feel like I need a detox help I do this 2-3 times/day as it helps the bromide-detox)
    I also massage my feet with magnesium oil every morning and evening as protocol says to take magnesium too.
    That is :)

    .. and of course plenty of good water :) and sun, for vit D :)
    tanning on my terrace right now :)
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  20. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Lucky you Inger:) You can take niacin without dying.... :) I would definitely titrate niacin up from a pinch - and add a face dunk too:) Or there's always slow release niacin which most people don't react to...
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