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Joseph's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Joseph Thia, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. Joseph Thia

    Joseph Thia Aspiring Mitochondriac


    I am 36 years old, Male, living in Singapore. My height is 1.73m and I weigh about 81kg at around 20% body fat (I weighed over 90kg a year ago).

    The following are the blood tests results that I received yesterday:
    High sensitive CRP: 0.3 mg/L
    25-Hydroxy Vitamin D: 31.8 ug/L
    DHEA-S: 5.52 umol/L (equivalent to 203.39 μg/dL)
    Cortisol: 211 nmol/L (equivalent to 7.64 μg/dL) (blood sample taken at 9am)
    Progesterone: 0.9 nmol/L (equivalent to 28.30 ng/dL)
    Estradiol: <160 pmol/L (checking with the lab if they have the exact figures)

    Sunlight: I am indoors for at least 8 hours a day during the weekdays. The low Vitamin D result means that I need to get creative on fitting my schedule around getting morning sunlight. I am currently using Reptile UVB 150 and a 8W sankyo-denki blacklight tube (http://www.sankyo-denki.co.jp/e2_08.html) as a temporary fix.

    Bluelight: I use blue blockers in office as I face the monitor for prolonged hours. I am currently trying to reduce my usage of electronics e.g. iPhone, iPads during the night (tough but I know it is necessary).

    Sleep: I sleep at around 12 midnight after settling my kids and household chores (if I am not tired by then). This is a big No-No and I am definitely working on this.

    nnEMF exposure: The greatest source of nnEMF exposure for me (based on the trimeter) is at my home's kitchen sink (the high tension power cables are located behind the wall). The other major source of nnEMF is at my office desk where I have taken note of the "danger zone".

    CT: I use the Cool Fat Burner at the office about two to three times a week.

    Health history: I suffered from asthma from 5 years old to around 19 years old. I have weak bowels (seems to have improved since starting on the Epi-Paleo diet) and I sneeze a lot (especially if there are dust particles in the air). I feel tired easily (seems to have improved recently). My dad suffers from high blood pressure, cataracts and recently had a pancreatic tumor removed while my sister suffers from hypothyroidism.

    That's all for now!
  2. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Welcome, Joseph! :)
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Singapore is a massive quantum yield issue. This months webinar explains this in detail.
    Smog = air pollution = lowered quantum yield = lowered solar power in all ranges = lowered UV exposure = Earth does not have its full spectrum of light = Tarp over a tree = trees dies no matter if it is watered and has access to CO2 and minerals = your modern world modeled in Singapore. It has both serious smog and terrible light stress........meaning life is always pseudohypoxic there and always has a low NAD+ level
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    The beliefs of modern man are the batteries that make them fuel for the matrix in which they live.
    Do you look "at science" or do you look thru science through a lens? I submit that that most of us are prisoners to modern science perspectives because we see it via "their lenses".

    The modern illusion is that we have “something” to lose by using UV light in our eye or skin when we exercise when the reality is that when we bury the purple spectrum of the sun we get sick and die early even when our bodies facade resembles something that looks amazingly well. LOOKS ARE DECEIVING in cities where people have brains and bodies built by singlet oxygen and not triplet oxygen.
    Tissues with high energy demands, like brain, heart, and muscles, that are chronically light stressed suffer from a lower quantum yield. This is akin to placing a tarp over a tree to lower photosynthetic yields. This occurs in tissues such as the brain and the heart, contain a large number of mitochondria. They all rely on UV light exposure to drive RPE function of the eye clock and central retinal pathways that control all circadian regulators.
    Light, specifically purple light, has a massive effect on blood flow within the eye. Flickering light tends to increase the metabolism of the inner central retina, while constant light reduces the metabolism in the outer retina.
    These very active mitochondria-dense organs are more susceptible to reduction of the aerobic metabolism. Internal and external stressors, including cytokine up-regulation, pose a higher metabolic demand on the mitochondria to produce the necessary energy to maintain homeostasis. When the allostatic load becomes extreme due to extreme light stress, the energy demands increase exponentially, taxing the mitochondria and resulting in mitochondrial dysfunction, which creates inefficient energy production and leads to energy deficit. This in turn creates a disparity between very high metabolic energy demands in inflammatory states and the actual energy deficit resulting from mitochondrial dysfunction.

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