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John's Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by John Plansoen, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. John Plansoen

    John Plansoen New Member

    I just wanna share a little bit about my health history.

    Born in Holland in 1969, also called the Netherlands where we speak Dutch ;-) Figure that one out. Grandpa died of a heart attack, grandma had five bypasses while my father had a heart attack in his fourtees and a small stroke from which he recovered. I myself had a tiny heart attack on my 43rd birthday after a very stressful day at work the day before, as I had lost a sales contract.

    Health history
    I was nine month old when my parents had my tonsils removed as I was very long sick from tonsillitis as a baby and the massive amounts of penicillin didn't work but turned one tooth into a rotten. Then I got raised on a steady diet of sugar. My mum added sugar to almost all types of vegetables so we would eat. I have been a sugar addict for decades. It also took me decades to find out what that the taking away of my tonsils has done to my health long term. By the time of ten I remember sitting in the dentist chair and thinking:" This is my tenth filling" now knowing how bad amalgam fillings were. I had them removed about 10 years ago but I realize that most of the mercury already most likely has been released into my tissues and brains. From when I was twelve I remember always being tired going to school on the push bike and never having any stamina at sporting events. Where I could do a 50km tour on the push bike I needed two days to recover where my friend wanted to go for another 50km the same day on which I had to recline.

    Stress chicken
    Always been a hypo copper head based I believe on the fear of failure trying to stay in control of my environment (and too much copper I believe) being busy with five things at the same time like women are able to but....it wore me out in the years as I got older. I got married at 27 and am married for 22 years now. Wed have six home schooled kids ranging from 2 to 19.

    In Holland we were microwaved by our local government with microwave weapons and because my father in law who, before he became a pastor had served with the special forces, recognized the symptoms in his body he knew how to measure. Dutch Secret Service came in on his request as well and confirmed this after they measured but never intervened. I still remember the black van and they going:" Wow, these levels are sky rocketing high" and then suddenly they were zero as they probably heard that they were being found out. (One can tap audio on a microwave) My wife and I, because she was the pastors daughter, have been targeted for a year in our new flat apartment for the first year after getting married because they wanted to obtain more information they could use in the court case. Every time we came together as man and wife the phone rang and we were so naive to pick it up and it was always silence. Then after eight months we suddenly realized that on the same floor at the other flat apartment about 200 meters away there was a man sitting behind a desk looking our way with no curtains up. My wife looked at him and said" Hey, you asshole, we know what you are doing and you need to stop". He walked away as if hit by a bullet and two days later the curtains were up. We believe that that year of being microwaved has damaged our DNA as we have several kids that are also Electro Hyper Sensitive. We often had friend coming that could not stay because of the burning eyes and sensation from the waves and of course we ourselves had to escape our home many times.

    In 2000 we emigrated to Oz where we got another five kids. Five years ago my wife burned herself severely in the sun here in Tasmania (no zone layer from what I heard) and what we thought would take a week or two with black salve to get rid of the cancer in her back lasted 14 months. Finally we saw the wounds close up but they kept weeping and after being trained at Geovital and how to mitigate nnEMF she healed up in 2.5 weeks. I decided to become a consultant with them but don;t many home assessments here in Tasmania as it's a backwards Island with conservative ideas. The time will come that there will be more work for me. I had a CT scan three months later (silly me) and had burning brains instantly and since then I suffer from EHS. On bad days I get pain from a simple tv remote in my hands or my old fashion corded ball mouse even can cause pain. Had to sell my little Toyota Echo which has over 100 milligaus EMR. I have been because of it on governments handouts as most jobs are in microwaved work areas. Only very recently I found out that my testosterone levels are 50% what I should have at 49, my cortisol levels are virtually non existent and my iron levels are very low as well due to a damaged bowel and things like coffee and chocolates or alcohol triggering bleeding which last sometimes two months at a time. Been going on for ten year but I refuse to get operated on it. It takes months every time to get the levels back up and chest pains and exhaustion are the results.

    Only two months ago I learned about dr. Kruse after listening to the EMF Summit and started to dig. Been eating eggs in the mring, doing the sun rise when it's there and feel a little bit more strength. Can't do exercise much maybe five minutes or so but use the rebounder to jump. Tried 2.5 kg weights carefully and doing 20 reps at a time which is crazy for many but I feel like an old man sometimes. It's been my own fault mostly due to ignorance lol. I need to rebuild this body from the ground up I believe. The 15 years behind pc screens hasn't done we well obviously and I now learned how destructive it has been, despite me having tried raw veganism, Paleo, GAPS and Nutritional Balancing. I am thankful for what I am learning here.

    Well, that's about it. I tried CT but got chest pains from it and it was scary. Also learned that intermittent fasting could worsen my condition as it puts stress on the body right? I am 94kg and only 1.76 tall so overweight by about 18kg as well but now know why that is. I use UVEX glasses as much as I can and upped my good fats intake. Thanks for reading :) Cheers.

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  2. Cheryl.

    Cheryl. Grasshopper

    What a background! Glad you are going in the direction of Health

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