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John Schott Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Symbiohead, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. Symbiohead

    Symbiohead New Member

    hi tribe,
    I'm really excited to be here and finally taking the membership plunge:) I've listened to pretty much every podcast that Doctor Kruse has been on, read his book, sent tons of blog posts to my kindle to study more in depth about this incredible work.

    I've been in the holistic wellness field for over 11 years and yes, spent too much time in the food/ nutrition area . When I found the doc's info not only did it blow my mind but got me excited and (re) fired up about my passion of knowledge, growth, and above all helping others:)

    I'm working on a big project to bring a rewilding minded type of wellness center/ community in Costa Rica. This work is a key component for what I want to share there and hopefully globally. In the ideal world I want to invite Doctor Kruse for our first immersion late February beginning of march. But ultimately I'm hoping to humbly learn so much from everyone here and hopefully contribute as much as well:)

    Excited to be here and eager to move deeper.

    Thanks so much

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  2. Jason Siegel

    Jason Siegel New Member

    Hey John, welcome to the frontier of Quantum Biology! I just recently joined the forum also and started a journal here, and as someone who has been investigating and questioning any issues that pose a challenge to individual freedom and health for awhile, I have also been feeling really excited to be here learning and experimenting now at the most fundamental level of our health and potential- physics.

    Getting started with your journal, it would be very helpful to share some more information about yourself starting describing with your environment(s) that have been around you, and a little about what things have been like for you and your health- physically, psychologically, and otherwise. You can also share basic health and environmental information about your mother and her mother, as all of the mitochondrial genome of a new person is received from their mother.

    I lived in the Diamante Valley in Costa Rica last year for three months and began immersing into some important training and volunteering, and building some special connections with new friends both Costa Rican and international. I wrote about it in my first journal post here on the forum. I am plotting to go back to Costa Rica around January 28. I would like talk to you about your rewilding project and help in any way I can.

    I recommend that you strongly consider the pacific Southern Zone region of Costa Rica for your project (everything beyond San Isidro de el General going south and east towards Panama). In this region we have some of the lowest population densities, lowest levels of tourism and development, and amazing beaches, beautiful mountains, primary forests, the greatest waterfalls and cool water rivers to explore and do cold thermogenesis. More specifically there are two very important areas I would like to talk to you about- The Diamante Valley, which I will tell you more about here, and the Osa Peninsula.

    The Diamante Valley- Turning onto an unmarked dirt road, you begin to descend gradually downward as what appears to be a wall of steep old-growth rainforest begins to rise above you. There are 3 villages- Las Tumbas, La Florida, and San Salvador, with friendly local people and some special communities and organizations that have formed to work on things such as permaculture/organic farming self-sufficiency, natural/holistic health, alternative education styles encouraging critical thinking, creativity, and connection to each other and to the Earth, and regenerative/sustainable community/economic development. There is an organic farmers' market every Tuesday morning near the entrance to the valley, where we come together to catch up with everyone, meet new allies, play with the little kids, play with animals, and to have access to all the foods we need grown or gathered by people we know, crafts, and services such as chiropractic and energy medicine. My friend Eric created an organization called Upward Spirals which is "building tools, templates, guides, business plans, and social benefit programs for leaders of regenerative projects, to help them accelerate the co-creation of a sustainable culture, in balance with nature"- on their website there is some good information including a calendar of events such as training, meetings, courses, and retreats in the area.

    With the sanctuary-like topography and physical properties of the valley, strong 9°N sunshine, abundant deep cold springs for water sources, relatively low nnEMF and population density, primary and redeveloping forest all around, cool water mountain rivers for cold thermogenesis, nearby Pacific ocean and awesome waves and seafood, and very low risk of crime or government issues, the Diamante Valley is a pretty good place to heal and experiment with quantum biology principles. I would like to make a laboratory soon too. The temperatures are typically in the 80s during the day and the 60s at night. From the valley entrance, it is about a 20 minute drive southwest to the pacific coast with beautiful beaches and excellent surfing and 30 minute drive northeast to the small friendly city San Isidro de el General, where many of my new friends live including students in the Diplomacy/English program at the Universidad Nacional where I was going every week to help and participate in Culture Class. There are two amazing waterfalls- the Diamante Waterfall with a cave under that we can sleep in, and the Nauyaca waterfall with multiple cascades and many good pools to swim and play in. They are part of the two main rivers which provide many places to swim and a way to travel in the valley- through the water or on the big rocks.

    The Osa Peninsula is "the most biologically intense place on Earth" due to its biodiversity density. the southernmost region of the Pacific coast. It is mostly undisturbed/undeveloped forest, with a few small communities in the forest there, and the majority of the territory being part of the Corcovado National Park, and there are many miles of peaceful beaches with no people.

    Let me know in a message and/or let us know what's going on with your rewilding project and some of your ideas when you get a chance. I would love to share some of my passion, skills, and resources so that we could work together. I am also really into survivalism/self-sufficiency, developmental/regenerative biology, and exploring ways to illuminate and overcome fear and conditioning, including worrying about what somebody else thinks of us, that get in the way of curiosity, creativity, and the ability to connect with our bodies, our feelings, with each other, and with the Earth. As for getting started with the journal here, I look forward to learning more about your experiences and what's been going on with you.
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Welcome............build the change you seek. When you do, people who resonate in kind will find you. Those who don't will stay away, criticize you, and alienate you. They do you a favor. Help those who swim toward you.
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  4. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    welcome John.....

    I am very excited to hear more of what you are doing!
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  5. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Bye, bye;

    relatively low nnEMF and population density

  6. Symbiohead

    Symbiohead New Member

    Thanks Doc and 100% agreed:)
  7. Symbiohead

    Symbiohead New Member

    Thanks Caroline:)
    I'm collaborating with the founders of
    The project is based on permaculture in the property close to SanIsidro del General. My job is to initiate the food and beverage from the land and (to me) most important is the development of the wellness program. Light, water (3pristine natural springs are connected through the 800acre property:)) and magnetism- circadian biology, and many more holistic elements involving natural movement, bodywork and near infrared therapy are pillars for the project. I'm looking to introduce these concepts, spearhead the education & application in this, and offer a new nature based paradigm for those who wish to participate.
  8. Symbiohead

    Symbiohead New Member

    Wow Jason!! Thanks so much for sharing all that you have. I read your journal entry as well and it would be great to see you in Costa Rica. I'll be relocating on tues with my partner and 3 kids and very excited for the new adventure & opportunity. We will be in a nice remote area very close to San Isidro del General- so based on what you wrote, I'm even more excited now. I have very limited knowledge on Costa Rica so far- it's very new for me. Reading your comments has been helpful and is getting me excited for the limitless explorations- especially with CT, grounding, etc.

    I'm a big fan of Daniel Vitali's wok. A big part of my intention is to make the www.risecostarica.com
    Project one based on a rewilding, ecosystem driven principles. And of course what Dr. Kruse teaches is paramount- I'm extremely passionate & resonates with what he teaches. Can't wait to learn more and master the concepts- and more importantly share them with those who will apply & benefit.

    I'm initially setting up the food & beverage portion of the project in an incredible mandala permaculture garden & food forest. I helped designed a bad ass kitchen for the main clubhouse and we will begin retreats & inmersions while the development of eco community based homes and wellness resort gets built. During and at that stage I will be creating the movement & wellness programming and more of a nature based medical outlet based on proper labs, hair tissue analysis. I'm an iridologist so I'll be applying that with clients as well. I'll be integrating near infrared therapy and bodywork right away as well. When we meet I'm happy to hook you up with a few sessions of my combination of trigger point therapy, fascia release & decalcification bodywork. I think this can help tremendously with your recovery goals;)

    I empathize with what you've shared concerning circumcision and the emotional components. I too believe that we need honest, clear, and heart based communication around those very sensitive subjects. I'm here for support and to help as much as I can.

    Thanks again for writing here and I look forward to more interaction and hopefully exploring with you in Costa Rica soon:)

    Big hug
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  9. Hello John
    What an awesome project. Jason has truly a deep passion for Costa Rica too and shared so much information. Sending you light and love to accelerate the project into abundance and success for 2017 and beyond.
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  10. Symbiohead

    Symbiohead New Member

    Thank you so much!! It means a lot and the feeling is mutual:) I'm so impressed so far with this incredible community:)
  11. FNJORD

    FNJORD New Member

    I'M THERE!!!!
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  12. Mihaly Safran

    Mihaly Safran New Member

    Hi John, it sounds a very good project, good luck! Currently I am thinking about to move this area soon. I visited that nice home page and sent them my CV. Are you in the management of the company?
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  13. Symbiohead

    Symbiohead New Member

    Hi Mihaly,
    Thanks for reaching out and so happy to "meet" you:) I'm also glad to see that you may be interested in moving to the area. It's a brand new venture- roles & team building is definitely in development. I'm coordinating all food & beverge details and also wellness programming, structure, and education.

    I would definitely love to learn more about you and saw that you're into MovNat as wel on your site. This is a Big part of the project and something I'm developing initially with Stefano Tripney (check him out on Instagram as Captain Stefano). He is fantastic. Again, you're interest in moving there and perhaps wanting to join and collaborate is something that would be quite interesting:) By you being in this forum and a member here, it's definitely a huge positive;)

    I would love to learn more about you and where you would like participate, develop, etc.

    I look forward to hearing back and learning more. And feel free to also send me your CV at my email:


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  14. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Reach out to Barry Murray in his journal here too........you guys have a lot in common and I think Barry is wise.
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  15. Symbiohead

    Symbiohead New Member

    Thanks so much for the recommendation Doc:) i will check Barry's journal now!!
  16. Symbiohead

    Symbiohead New Member

    I can't seem to find Barry's journal. Is he using another handle? Thanks Doc
  17. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Fasted State Training adaptations is the name in the journal forum
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  18. Symbiohead

    Symbiohead New Member

    Update & Finally Posting N=1 details which is what i should have done in the first place:0

    first, as crazy as it sound, I find myself back in Miami. Unfortunately (for now) the move to Costa Rica didn't have the correct timing- especially for my wife and family. There were factors there that didn't make her feel safe and most important we were going to be the only family at the property which made it difficult for her to truly see herself supported, fulfilled, and socially engaged.

    so with that, I'm definitely back to mitohacking mode where i will do my best to offset the high amount of nnEMF, population density, and all the other unwanted factors of being here. Thankfully there is lots of sun year round and grounding opportunities abound- both which i will be taking advantage as always.

    more about me and my history...

    I was born in the coast of Colombia in Cartagena. My mom and grandma are both from there. My mom lives here in Miami and her mom passed away awhile back around age 67 i think. my grandma lost her husband who was a doctor and great man to stomach cancer. After that and many of the lifestyle elements that quickly did away with her mitochondrial health she passed on with diabetes, overweight, and with barely any mobility and losing her site.

    im 38, tan and in pretty good shape. I recently had some blood work from a holistic doctor and will post some results later when i grab the test. As far as wellness history, I've been in the health field (and recovering food "guru" LOL) for over 11 years. I began with alkaline diets and went through the ful spectrum of experiments. Unfortunately in the beginning I was very passionate about veganism and did raw, fruitarian, and all programs in between for a good 7 years :0 I have recovered a lot from that but definitely created some major imbalances- especially with low libido/ testosterone, knee joint challenges, extreme weight loss, slowed metabolism, and an exacerbation of a fungal condition. I introduced a weston A. price approach while recovering and when we learned that we were having our first child. There was no question that we were going to experiment with her health. So as i always do, i dove deep and took in all of the ancestral minded information about diet. I learned a lot from that and experimented with all those concepts as well.

    To not make this too long, my approach with myself and clients is one now focused on Light, water, magnestism, movement, and very close version of the Epi Paleo Rx eating style. I do bodywork on myself and clients to help dissolve calcium deposits, fibrotic tissue (stiffness), collagen cross linkage, and to regain pizoelectric function. I use near infrared sauna therapy and will start incoorporating some hair tissue analysis with Dr. Garret Smith. I'm always learning more and passionate about helping others.

    I'm a huge advocate of proper & living water for ultimate health. In the city going to hunt down pristine springs is quite challenging so I have been successfully drinking Pristine Hydro water for the last 8 years or so. Anyone interested in a hydrological cycle mimicked water solution a la Viktor Shauberger should definitely check out pristinehydro.com

    anyways, heres were i am right now and hungry for more;)

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