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Jody's Journal

Discussion in 'Optimal Reset 2013' started by JodyT2, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. JMO

    JMO Gold

    Is the soil grounding rod thing for the body voltage meter? I have a rod attachment outside also so I could test it compared to plugging it into my home wiring. For me the reading were the same. Or are you talking abt a grounding mat?
  2. JodyT2

    JodyT2 Silver

    Judie- it's the Body Voltage meter w/Ground Stake. It's the same link you sent me, but you just scroll down the page from the body meter, its the very next option below it. http://www.lessemf.com/unique.html
  3. JMO

    JMO Gold

    Yes... I have that and used it to confirm that my inside wiring was grounded properly...my readings were the same using the indoor plugs or the ground stake.
  4. JMO

    JMO Gold

    But if you are measuring inside you will need a bunch of wiring if it's a long ways to where you want to measure ie sleeping area.
  5. JodyT2

    JodyT2 Silver

    Jack, thanks to your wife for getting me reorganized with the Silver access again and a link to the EMF Bootcamp. Thank you.

    Updates: Took forever, but I finally got back the results from my food allergy testing (Alletess) and found out my highest IgG sensitivity was EGGS, both yolks & whites, just over 0.5 . I had kinda relied on eggs as a go-to food for breakfast fairly often. Also in the sensitivity mix were almonds (a chosen snack item at times when I need something quick), asparagus which I thought was so good for me, expected things like gluten and cows milk, yeasts, mushrooms, then I saw crab... arrrrgh. Thank god shrimp did not make the list and I guess oysters and other shell fish weren't in the test. I feel good after eating them so I think its ok.

    FYI - I finally got my body volt meter. I realize this doesn't tell me anything about wifi or EMFs but I ran around my house getting some measurements. I think I ended up saving my roommate. We discovered that the wall where his head is when he's sleeping reaches about 7.5 volts all the time. WHILE HE's SLEEPING. He immediately moved his bed across the room where I think it was more like 1.5 volts. He is only 28 yrs old, came over from Denmark, and has been confused by his struggle all year having trouble waking up in the AM, feeling unwell, different things. He kept trying to blame our house saying it was maybe mold or poor air quality. The house has practically zero insulation so IMO it 'breathes' well on its own and we have windows open all the time (we rarely run A/C or heating because it would be like literally throwing money out the window). Since learning about electricity and wifi, I've been wondering if those may be the culprits for him. On the backside of that wall where he lays his head is the living room.. behind an armoire is a nest of wires that are plugged in and 'on' full time for the cordless phone, wifi, stereo and an electric guitar. Since I bought an outlet ground tester also, I checked all outlets before plugging in my voltage meter. That particular outlet must have a ground issue because the LED correlated to the ground wire was very dim.

    I haven't gotten to the EMF bootcamp yet, but my room seems to be a little sanctuary, at least from electricity. It's actually an add-on, not of the original foundation. The wall I was concerned about which backs up to the fridge in the kitchen DID prove to be the wall with the highest measurement, and I had already moved my bed to a different location before I got the meter. If I unplug everything in my room, most of the room measures 0.1 - 0.3 on the millivolt setting (lowest setting). The head end of my bed actually gets down to 0.07. I did find an outlet in my room that is sketchy: the LED display indicates a problem with the ground. I have since unplugged everything from that outlet and never use it except in rare, brief circumstances.

    Next up will be the EMF Bootcamp which I'm going to try to accomplish before the cruise.
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Jody as your redox goes up you will have zero issues with eggs........
  7. JodyT2

    JodyT2 Silver

    Jack, I'm digging around in your post on The Redox Rx. I see a number of my test results that match your cues about low redox.

    LDL was at 159... you list below 200 means poor redox. Confusingly, the lab results list 159 as being too high?

    My cholesterol is too high (252) but I'm understanding this is more about getting other numbers in to line so the cholesterol will be used for what it's intended for, correct? My fat intake is not junk. Seafood, red meat only on occasion because I focus on seafood, coconut oil, some nuts, little olive oil, grassfed butter (but I don't even use that much). I was drinking whole goat milk in my lattes (made at home, 1x/day, one of my few treats). If I bought something while out-and-about, then I ended up with cows milk. But my food sensitivity test showed a problem with cows milk so that's been scrapped. I've just been slowly trying to give up the rest of it. I think the coffee and/or milk habit contributed to my eyes turning red as the day wears on. I have still been trying to figure it out, but I know it correlates with reduced internal energy.

    I've been getting iron IV's because my iron was so low. I have had 6 of them now over the course of about 7 weeks and anticipate 4 more after I return from the cruise (Dr. recommended 10). I do feel better, but not like I have super powers. I know this is a temporary solution.

    In the beginning of the Redox Rx post you put a short video where you were talking about transition metals that are lost during oxidation. Am I burning through iron at a high rate because of low redox? And NOT because of the traditional beliefs that I have had heavy periods, or because I'm not eating enough red meat, oysters, getting enough of the RDA of iron? I did start taking some betain HCl and pepsin hoping that would help digestion and maybe improve my iron. Doing a poop test right now (to be sent in Monday). I have a super hard time taking iron because it constipates me. What is the secret to overcome there???? It's a freaking catch-22. Take iron and have massive constipation, or don't take iron. With the IV's I am just happier at the moment that the volume of hair that was falling out has been reduced a lot. I have read your post on iron but I can't say I have adequately assimilated it.

    I'm trying to figure out how to comfortably work with the UVEX glasses... they actually make it harder for me to read the computer screen (which makes me default to NOT using them). To function, I need to stack reading glasses below the UVEX and that's kind of a project. Besides readability, the UVEX alone don't sit well on my face and I'm trying nose padding, sunglass straps and tightening them up... nothing really works. I think I need more 'nose' to hold them up? Anyway, I normally don't need reading glasses for the computer so this UVEX with reading glasses is something I have not figured out how to do comfortably.

    I will be redoing my blood tests in July. I'm employing some things you'd mentioned (since I had that body volt meter I know my sleeping area is very low voltage) but I still don't have access to the EMF Bootcamp.
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  8. Bill1

    Bill1 New Member

    Good question on LDL - I read something from @JanSz about high LDL means low pregnenolone. Not sure.
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  9. JodyT2

    JodyT2 Silver

    Thanks Bill. This is going to take some work to figure out. I had already been going down the road of bioidentical hormones thinking that was going to be the key to many issues... but nope!

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