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Jody's Journal

Discussion in 'Optimal Reset 2013' started by JodyT2, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. JodyT2

    JodyT2 Silver

    Just starting! I have not looked at anyone else's journal to base mine on. I just started CT so I figured I'd log the info.

    Jan 26, 2015: Ate 4 eggs scrambled with a bit of creme fraiche mixed in. Drank 16 oz cold water.
    6 min CT, face only. Did not count number of dunks since this was a trial attempt (holding breath):
    Dunk times ranged from 11 sec to 32 sec. Many were around 13 sec.

    Jan 29, 2015: Ate 2 eggs scrambled with 10 shrimp and 2 slices bacon. Drank 16 oz cold water.
    20 min CT, face only, included 16 oz 3% hydrogen peroxide. Managed 14 separate dunks with the following times (holding breath):
    32 sec; 22 sec; 40 sec; 49 sec; 30 sec; 44 sec; 50 sec; 39 sec; 43 sec; 40 sec; 39 sec; 45 sec; 40 sec; 33 sec
    Drinking cold water following CT was much easier than before.

    Everything seemed to go fine. My main concern is how red/bloodshot my eyes became maybe 2 hrs after the CT session. This is not the whole eyeball, only the part that normally shows when eyes are open. If I opened them wide, the other areas weren't nearly as red. I would not attribute this to the Hydrogen peroxide, I don't think. I tend to get red eyes regularly anyway - nothing to do with drinking, smoking, lack of sleep... just normal, every day experience and my eyes often get red. I have wanted to know what this is all about and today was particularly noticeable. It isn't even a new thing... I remember trying Visine for a while in college (going on 30 years ago) because I wondered why the whites of my eyes were already more red than other people. I was trying to drink sufficient water. Did feel the center of my head was noticeably warm (like inside my head, not on my face).

    I did NOT notice excess redness of the eyes on the first day I did CT. In fact, I thought my eyes were clearer for a while.

    Any help, greatly appreciated. I will also now look at other journals to see what people are doing.
  2. Kristi Lambert

    Kristi Lambert New Member

    Welcome, Jody :) I wonder if that was maybe a bit too much hydrogen peroxide. I am thinking that when Dr Majid Ali mentioned H2O2 foot soaks he said start with a 50:1 ratio of water to H2O2 and work ones way up to 30:1 if not irritating to the skin...so I am guessing it's irritation...
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    welcome..........if your eyes were red means something was in the water that was not so good........cause cold water on the eye rids you of red eye.
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  4. JodyT2

    JodyT2 Silver

    Thank you Kristy & Jack. Well, I guess then it could be the Hydrogen Peroxide. It's true my eyes seemed better the 1st CT, and I was looking forward to that today. Seemed like a backfire. I know I got some H2O2 in my eyes because I was always trying to see my iPhone to stop the timer when I pulled my head out of the bucket! I forgot to post the amount of water... I measured and it was about 1.5 gal, so there was 16 oz. 3% Hyd. Peroxide in that. I assume my eyes will recover from that?
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    thy should but I would not add H2O2 to water for CT on face. Tub is OK
  6. JodyT2

    JodyT2 Silver

    Thanks Jack. I guess I must have misunderstood something being stated on FB yesterday. Thought it was ok to put it in. I will keep it out!
  7. JodyT2

    JodyT2 Silver

    Jack, if you see this, please read through because I ask you a question in the last 2 paragraphs.

    Have been doing face dunks about 2x a week. Really enjoy them. My skin overall has been really good now in terms of breaking out so its a super nice improvement. I just got my UBiome tests back. I did these immediately after being sick for several weeks in February. I discovered I have an overload of Firmicutes which are described as the ones that suck up the fats/oils. Could this be why my #2's were often horribly dry? I've had chronic constipation since I was probably 3 years old. I have tried all the other 'solutions' without really seeing results. I just came to rely on Cascara Sagrada to keep things moving, or now I occasionally clean out for a week with OxyPowder from Global Healing Center (great stuff). However, I've seen a change being on the DHA foods... more slickness present - sometimes too much like mucus-y - but I don't really know what is influencing what.

    I finally found myself a practitioner - - it is Dr. Noel from Shine Natural Medicine (they're on Facebook). She was exhibiting at the Bulletproof Conference so I figured she was up to speed on Bulletproof and was probably oriented around more cutting edge info than most. I had tried out an 'injectible' Vit. B happy something-or-other at the conference so I had been able to talk to them about bioidentical hormones and found out she does support that.

    I LOVED their little clinic and the people there. I have to drive 2 1/2 hours to see her (Solana Beach, south of Carlsbad, CA), but I thought she was a better bet for overseeing my results than starting over with anyone else I picked out of a hat. Anyway, I will share my hormone/blood readings once I get them.

    After my appointment, I stood at their front desk babbling at the receptionists about Jack Kruse for probably an hour - they were very open & interested in my experience with his concepts. I believe they said Dr. Noel does interviews and the receptionist wondered if Jack would be interested in interviewing with her? Jack, if you see this, how do people usually contact you for that stuff?

    Additionally, I started hypnotherapy school and the school also teaches nutrition and various energy healing modalities (it can get pretty weird - - my favorite topic is "the weirder, the better" :) If there is the possibility of getting Jack to talk there, I would like to work on that. The school is the Hypnotherapy Motivation Institute (HMI), the only accredited hypnotherapy school in the country. https://hypnosis.edu/
  8. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    There is a media page they can contact us on the site. Dr. Noel had the chance to meet me in Pasadena but it never happened. I just assumed she was not interested. I stood at her booth in the back round listening to her discuss things with several people.
  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    welcome Jody....
  10. JodyT2

    JodyT2 Silver

    Finally getting somewhere with labs. I admit I didn't review the labs section here on the forum before moving forward.

    I want to post my pdf of results here but it tells me the file is too big. What is the best way to post all the info, please?

    I went to Shine Natural Health and let them choose the testing (they are naturopathic/or functional). It's such a happy clinic - I actually enjoy going there. I think Dr. Noel is open to learning some stuff. She just knows what she knows for now which I still think is better than regular doctors.

    I have more info coming on food allergies & hormones (results will be in a few weeks) but for now I have my blood work.

    The short of it is I'm super anemic. This isn't news... I tested low 2 years ago and my bioidentical doc kept trying to get me to take his Activated Iron or whatever it was called (OrthoMolecular product). It was a catch 22 between taking the iron and majorly complicating an already bad constipation problem, or not take the iron. For some reason he gave me no other options. I opted to NOT take the iron and now I'm just super low. I know Jack isn't a big fan of supplements but given how low I was I have agreed to some IV treatments (first one yesterday was iron/vit. c/glutathione). I also got an injectible of B's (can get specifics if you want them). I am currently on board to do a series of weekly IV treatments to get the iron count back up.

    I was told I have indicators that suggest bacterial infection - which feed on iron. Not sure how you deal with that.

    I would greatly appreciate feedback. I've been given a 'health plan' that I'm not sure I agree with (can post that too). Am trying to dig through Jack's info on iron... I get the idea of conductance and I just watched the 'Grounding Your Computer' video; getting ideas. I have been doing LOTS of seafood now for about 6 months - - the doc asked why I wasn't doing red meat (for iron). I just looked up iron and it seemed oysters & sardines come up higher in iron content than red meat. Is this correct?? cuz I can inform her. I'm loving the seafood diet - - totally works for me. I do see improvements in some areas but I've gotten really sloppy about getting enough vegetables. Is there a blog post on appropriate incorporation of vegetables?

    Also - what is the opinion on coffee and iron? I know I've read that coffee can interfere with iron absorption but I love my morning ritual of bulletproof coffee (which I was doing with goat milk but I can quit that :-(

    I admit to have not really addressed EMF as I could (living in LA). I am working on circadian rhythm correction (getting up, getting to bed, getting daylight) and I turn off all wifi & electrical equipment at bedtime. Still need blublockers or something. Just using f.lux for now but that doesn't address iPhone or iPad. Bought a lamp to use with incandescent bulb & dimmer for my bedroom (improvement over the stupid ceiling light with no dimmer). Not sure how much of a solution that is but it's still better than it was. (please advise on how to post files that are too big)
  11. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Anemia is not always a bacteria.........in fact it is the last thing. The most common in your age group is your period (PG/E2 ratio) followed by GI losses. The third is a spleen issue with earlier replacement. You can tell by your MCV and MCHC on the labs. The next issue is nnEMF.......and I agree it is likely your big issue. The last would be a bad immune system and a bacteria........Low iron is always associated with poor thyroid too........so DHA is a key for you as would be oysters. Lots of them. Women who have low Fe issues also tend to chew lots of ice......because CT in the mouth cools the brain by way of the trigeminal nerve. It innervates the mouth and dura.
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  12. JodyT2

    JodyT2 Silver

    Thanks Jack - I was working on the PG/E2 ratio with my bioidentical hormone doc but that's disrupted since I moved. I am anxious to see my new labs (all blood though, not saliva). I have been on progesterone for a number of years; testosterone implant last administered back in Aug. (never felt any improvements with that anyway, but I think my hormone ratios were better). Dr. Noel said she would put the PG back in place until I got new labs but I didn't have any supplementation this last month. I HAVE had heavy periods in recent years but those were dropping back more recently - definitely not so heavy in the last 6 months maybe? Just noticed less but since I am pre-menopausal age, don't know what to point to. As for GI losses, not sure I totally understand how much that can account for? I am being lined up for a stool test. Also not sure what you mean about spleen issue with earlier replacement. My MCV was 83 (functional range listed at 85-92) and MCHC is 33.0 (functional range 32.0-35.0). When someone says "lots of oysters", is there a frame of reference? Like a dozen daily? Or I could more easily do 2 doz. a week. My thyroid was in the functional range (on the lower end) but my T3's were a bit low, Vit. D 3 was low (got some of that in an injectible too).
  13. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Eating a dozen oysters daily, for weeks at a time, is awesome. After about 2 weeks you might notice some good changes, though not necessarily in the place you were concerned about.
  14. JodyT2

    JodyT2 Silver

    Jack: that was very interesting about the ice comment. I've heard about women chewing ice in various health studies and it was always attributed to mineral deficiencies (like horses eating on fences, etc). Your explanation makes more sense now!
    Nonchalant: Thanks for giving me a frame of reference. I was eating more oysters when I first started this but couldn't keep up with the costs. I did see improvement though. An age spot on my face is almost completely gone now (7 months), I've lost some weight, and my face barely ever breaks out anymore. That's a MIRACLE since I've been breaking out for 34 years. I had been wondering if it was somehow a fat issue... but I was thinking it was a fat enzyme issue. I haven't figured out how to get delivery of oysters... I mean, I could get delivery... but I have no place to store volumes of oysters for a week at a time. Not a temperature controlled house, have roommates to please, no extra room anywhere. I've scoped out the $1 oyster places though :) and try to go weekly. I mainly eat only fish (salmon, tuna steaks, shrimp, herring), and some eggs for other meals. I'm TRYING! Looking in to grounding plugs for my computer today.
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  15. JMO

    JMO Gold

    Hi Jody!
    I was just looking today for my work friends.....we all got new laptops and they don't have a ground plug. I measured and they are giving off high emf if you use them plugged in (just on battery power was not bad). Not only that but they are the brightest blue that Ive ever seen. They wont let us download f.lux so Im going to have to buy a cover for the screen. Also, here's a link for blue light blockers.

  16. JodyT2

    JodyT2 Silver

    Hi Judie! WOW - good to know about the plugged in aspect!! I only work on my computer plugged in because it sucks the battery too fast otherwise, so I'm probably a constant antennae (I'm usually messing around in Photoshop which uses a lot of power I guess). I had just reviewed the little video and had found lessemf but I was trying to decide if I should also buy the thing that let's me measure my own charge. What contraption is that you used to measure your co-workers? I think I'll get more people believing me if I can actually show them readouts :)
    I was just at Radioshack to pick up batteries for our other high-power output, our cordless phone for the house. I ALWAYS feel that on my ear when I'm done talking so I try to use it very minimally but if I can get readouts for that thing too, maybe I'll convince the roomies to get a corded phone? I have a friend here that refurbishes old phones. (like the really old ones, rotary dial, black from who-knows-what-era!) Thanks for the links! If you see this, will you let me know about the unit you use to measure the EMF? I guess I was assuming it might be on lessemf.com?
  17. JodyT2

    JodyT2 Silver

    Just realized I'm no longer listed as Silver. THAT must be why I can't get in to see anything on the site? I didn't see anything in email telling me that I've lost my membership. I had sent a request in for feedback. Now will have to check for last payment -
  18. JodyT2

    JodyT2 Silver

    Huh! Totally confusing. I can see that Optimized Life pulled a $48 charge just on April 15th so I should still have my Silver membership. No clue.
  19. JMO

    JMO Gold

    Yes, you will be amazed how much those grounding usb plugs work. I have a body voltage meter from less emf. Your cordless phone is probably not going to be pretty. I immediately unplugged mine after the readings and now just using the phone jacks with old fashioned phones. I use a wired conference phone for work since I'm on calls sometimes for long periods. If something is plugged in but turned off ...it still gives off emf. You have to unplug things. Its really eye opening to start turning off breakers and seeing the readings. Sometimes they get worse because of the ways things are wired. I turned off the breaker to our whirlpool tub in master cuz it was so high. I don't use it so fine with that. But you don't know til you measure. We also had some bad wiring in some plugs in the garage.

  20. JodyT2

    JodyT2 Silver

    Thanks for the link Judie. I just purchased the blublockers and added one of those salt crystal lights because I thought it could work as an evening light/ambiance in my room :) I'm wondering if I should get that body meter and include that soil grounding rod thing. Something I was just listening to, or reading of Dr. Kruse's stuff, it seems there are possibilities of being antennae when you are in a vortex of fields and since I'm in urban LA, maybe I should have the ability of checking things out-of-doors as well? Have you tried that?

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