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Jimmy interviewing physical therapist

Discussion in 'Optimal Fitness' started by Michael, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Michael

    Michael Super Moderator

    This is Jimmy Moore's latest download.

    This lady is called Ann Wendel. She's a highly qualified physical therapist who also has experience with a range of bodywork disciplines. She's on his show because she also eats paleo.

    The first part of the interview is mostly about diet and mostly familiar. How many times does one need to be told sugar can be addictive? However, about two-thirds of the way in Jimmy finally gets her talking about her own subject and the truth-bombs start going off.

    He asks her about the paleo obsession with "crossfit" and she politely says it's a good thing, gets people out, and can be helpful for then ... And then quietly and devastatingly proceeds to lay out how and why it can do harm.

    She's also interesting on lifting. I've often thought that when people blithely repeat soundbites like "lift heavy things" the person saying it is probably a well-built 6' 2" athletic person with no gross postural problems. They're just not aware that you can't just give that as blanket advice and assume it's appropriate for everyone. One of your readers or listeners may be a frail 5' 2" person with a touch of scoliosis.

    I remember the above example from MDA some time back. A lady who fit that description posted: "I want to 'lift heavy things' but I'm scared."

    Ann Wendel says here that if you lack core-stability and spinal-stabilization and start lifting heavier and heavier weights overhead "the weak link is going to be your back".

    She's not saying that people shouldn't do more demanding activities sometimes, but she's clearly looking towards something much smarter and much more sensitive to where the individual is.

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