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Jennifer's moving from Leptin Reset, CT, Adrenal RX, Leaky Gut RX AI to Optimal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by nosnhojjennifer@yahoo.com, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. amen. they have three boys
  2. Destiny

    Destiny New Member

    I pray for a miracle.
  3. Thanks Destiny, a miracle is what they need xoxo
  4. note taking (like soul)

  5. and


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    Mar 2012



    Hormone 101 blog post key point:

    Dr. Mitch Moore asks:mad:Jack so I re=read the H101 post. I read it to say high stress causes HIGH CORTISOL which, due to pregnenolone steal, causes decreased T3, sex hormones, sarcopenia and osteopenia.

    But you said my cortisol was LOW..and you wanted it higher

    So low cortisol could be a symptom also of pregnenelone steal – right? And increasing T3 and vit D is the key to making more pregnenelone and other hormones as well – right?

    09-09-2012, 05:54 PM #2

    Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse is online now


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    Mar 2012



    Answer: @Mitch when the effect is CHRONIC the decision in the cell is always on…..meaning all the pregnenolone shunts to cortisol to hep you survive. When we measure it in the plasma it is low…..that is a sign the PVN nucelus is working over time and this is sign your oxidizing your cells. The result is all the hormones going the other way in the hormone synthesis chain are very low……..that is the reduction path. Re Read BG 11. Low cortisol= low melatonin = epithelial cancers= LR. Oxidation =LR. Low cortisol is not a good thing. When the process first begins……ACUTELY you will have hyper cortisolism for a time until you fatigue your PVN nucleus output chemicals in the hypothalamus. Do it long enough and you oxidizes (age) your body, your sleep declines and your body fails with your body composition.

    The critical equation of life = LDL + T3 = pregnenolone. If free T3 is low you cant make pregnenolone. If you live a life in the modern world you are in survival mode (living in the cortisol pathway of oxidation) shunting the already low amount of pregnenolone your cells can make to cortisol at the sake of making progesterone. Progesterone is the base hormone for the testosterone, estrogen, DHEA, etc (the hormones of fertility)……..The more we shunt to survival mode hormones the less fertility ones we make. More survival path activation of cortisol makes the cell more oxidized the faster the cell ages…….Moreover, the more oxidized the cell becomes the more Vitamin D has to be used to offset this increased oxidation by the immune system so Vitamin D levels also falls with oxidation. I hope this clarifies it. This is why modern humans are infertile (1 in 7 couples) because to have a child you must be more reduced than oxidized because it favors a higher level of the pro- GESTATION hormone called progesterone. Most modern humans are starved for progesterone because modern life keeps them in the survival pathway of cortisol. The cell always has to chose between survival or reproduction and inflammation is the traffic cop for the decision. Hence why we see upside down PG/E2 ratios in all modern neolithic diseases. when this happens the lab panel show increased HS CRP, increased E2, and LR, with LOW free T3 levels
  6. bloating and acne :(

    will it ever end???
  7. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Sorry Jen :( Not much to offer. Wait for BG 12?
  8. Thanks Soul ...

    Also on my mind, guys with shaved heads. Why r they so sexy? What in their hormone panel gives them muscles of a Greek god but no hair on their head? Dr k, u out there?

    (ovary still flips like dam Pavlov's dog every time I see one, stupid T)

  9. The link between youthful testosterone and male pattern baldness?
  10. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Lol.... You think that's true for girls, too?? Shave head, be sexy? :cool:

  11. Maybe but you might not hit your target audience.

    I think men like a slightly different hormone panel ;)

  12. Inquiring minds want to know. Have you seen some of those crossfitters? Oh my. Almost makes me want to join a "box" ...Teenie?
  13. vkiernan

    vkiernan Silver

    Jen, Did you say recently that you were not going to drink Kombucha anymore? If so, how is your bloat? Are you seeing results?

  14. wellllll, there is a box in Rochester that I'd vouch for, I don't know anything about the Buffalo area. I can look into it if you are serious. I know the questions to ask (as well as the answers I want to hear.) At my place, we have a Strength & Power class 2 x week, those classes are only olympic weightlifting and powerlifting, that is what you want. (That is basically all I do) Sometimes it is called a barbell club or oly club. Separate $ from the CF membership. You will not be doing crazy conditioning that JK is always referring to as CF madness. CF can be a worthwhil endeavor, but one has to do their research first with the owners.
  15. and thanks so much for helping me out with 9-11. I think I cleared a major hurdle there. (((hugs)))

  16. Rochester is coming up a lot lately. What are you tying to tell me Universe. What part of Roch?

    I saw a Groupon for crossfitting in tonawanda. But yes I don't want to do anything cardio. But damn my body is crazy weird and needs some help. My clothes are tight and in places I'm not used to like my thighs. And I cannot keep myself in bras! Busting out of my new ones :(

    Help Teenie.

  17. I love u!!

  18. Very interesting. Thanks that is super helpful. Chin. So gyno and fat. I'm not eating that much sugar although I do eat the occasional sweet potato (not a whole one). I'm thinking I need to consider bile salts. I have some upstairs jut need to break them out. Need that GI test. Waiting for kit.

    Thanks Katy!

  19. Hi V. Yes. I stopped drinking it until I get ph strips And test. But the bloat is so bad it's hard to say. I did have a little w olive oil on a sAlad and was bloating but what doesn't make me bloat.

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