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Jennifer's moving from Leptin Reset, CT, Adrenal RX, Leaky Gut RX AI to Optimal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by nosnhojjennifer@yahoo.com, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Dr k commented somewhere that vinegar and the acetaldehydes (sp) in ferments do not mix so well with hashi's.
  2. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Metamatrix GI effects I think.

  3. Rut roh. Damn and i'm stocked to the gills w sauerkraut and booch. :(

    I give up.

    Food is a real pia.

    Btw. I'm finding bacon quite had to quit. Made two pieces. Then a third. Feel like I could eat the whole bag. But it's prob because it's store bacon not straight pork side.

    Might need you on stand by later, S. gotta date tonight. Of course. I could just tell him the truth - i'm sorry I can't stay out too late I need to get home to make liver meatballs for tomorrows brekky.
  4. So how the h e double hockey sticks do u heal ur gut (which gave u Hashi) of u have Hashi?!
  5. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Will do. I can't quit the bacon either so I just plan on eating the whole package when I do....
  6. KiwiLauren

    KiwiLauren Gold

    He's commented several places about ferments being not-so-great for Hashi's and for gut issues, actually. Ferment less and you get more sugar. Ferment more and you get more acetaldehydes. There was a blog comment or two about this, too. I think the consensus was that a bit was OK, a lot not. And he was definitely asked on Ask Jack if he'd eat them with Hashi's and pretty sure he said no. I'm trying to make sense of it, too, as I'm operating as if I have Hashi's until I get 3 consecutive tests that prove otherwise. I think this is 'context' again. Context makes my head hurt.
  7. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Context keeps me from going insane ;)

  8. I saw that ask Jack and was thoroughly confused by it, now I know why....


    gonna sleep on it I guess

    maybe no booch tomorrow and we'll see how the belly does

  9. So, for those of you dating vicariously, had date with B tonight. He's a nice guy but after talking on the phone, I could sort of tell that we probably weren't gonna be a match. But as everyone says to date outside of your type, I met him. Very nice guy and we had a lovely chat but no bells or whistles.

    Here's the interesting thing as we women were talking on another thread about hormones and taking notice of the opposite sex and attraction. So, this guy obviously works out (he had guns) and says he is mostly Italian but blonde haired, blue eyed and he complained that he doesn't have a lot of hair, like on his face and chest (but full hair on head). He says he only needs to shave once a month and has three chest hairs. Now, of course, this immediately makes me starting thinking about his hormone panel and what he would have to tweak (or ice) to grow hair on his chin - formulating the Ask Jack in my mind "Dear Jack, men without facial/body hair, good swimmers or no?"

    But any way, although he def probably has a nice body, as much as I can tell as he was fully clothed, the ovary wasn't flipping. On the other hand, the younger gentleman who goes by T, shaves his head (pretty sure it because he has to) but has nice facial hair and nice body (fit but not the guns) makes the ovary flip pretty darn well, so....

    keep on keeping on, I guess.

    Oh almost forgot...so I did make the liver meatballs. I hope they are gonna taste good because they smelled really bad! I def dumped way too much turmeric and then too much cinnamon (I put it in everything, I weird like that) in them, so I'm praying that is what the smell was and it wasn't the liver. I didn't notice the smell until after I added the spices. Any way, I also threw in some zucchini and basil. IDK, could be a weird combo. And an egg. My liver meatballs are always so runny...any advice on that?

  10. Ovary flips are where it's at!

    For meatballs - I suggest abit o gelatin (msg free) and some coconut flakes or minced schrooms.

  11. Thanks for the meatball suggestions Cavemam

    And for Cavemadam, unfortunately T fits my unsuccessful dating mold - talks a good game but doesn't show up to play. So ovary flip or no ovary flip, it's a no go.

    So door number 3 (or is it 23)....

  12. He could be just a different delivery device for oxy ;). Just tell him you have only one use for him at this point.

  13. Believe me, this thought did cross my mind-for my hormone panel, mind you.

    I think that would (did) scare the shi* out of him.

    Reminds me of top gun

    "son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash"

    Sad but true
  14. From Dr K's Facebook:

    An intelligent man will open your mind. I handsome man will open your eyes. And a gentleman will open your heart. Sicken of the calm but know the storm.

    Yes. So true.

    But help me understand the last sentence. Idk what that means...sometimes I need things spelled out pretty clear for me.

    AlSo from his fb page:

    Give the gift of your absence to those who do not appreciate your presence.

    This basically is the dating advice I needed to hear/heed for the last 26 years or so I've been dating. I'm trying not to think "if only my dad had given me this advice EVER".

  15. Might want to compare all those dates to daddy and see if there are patterns. . .

    I thought facebook was done?

  16. Oh yes. The pattern is huge and glaring. Funny how noticing the pattern doesn't make it go away. I thought it was magic like that, you know? Oh I see I'm doing something that has never ever worked but lets give it one more go, 'cause I just know if I give more, try harder, be better THIS time it will work.

    What was that definition of insanity?

    Man once the program starts running its hard to stop it. Our brains really are computers.

    Any whoo...Dr k is still facebooking.

    As for me, another wtf morning. Woke up w bloating. And yesterday was a two meal day?? Last ate at like 4pm. I didn't even have any avocado. I did have some sauerkraut though. Or is it my cycle? I feel like I need a little P. On my date I had unsweetened ice tea.

    The liver meatballs were not disgusting but not sure I could put them in the good category. Mustard got me through.

    At work today. Laboring on labor day. It's gonna be a long one
  17. Look what was in my work inbox - is the universe trying to tell me something? [​IMG]
  18. Look what was in my work inbox - is the universe trying to tell me something? [​IMG]
  19. any consensus on those whole body vibrational plate things...I see an one line deal

    Pay $125 for a perfectly aligned package including a new patient exam, neurospinal surface EMG and thermography, 12 chiropractic adjustments, 12 whole body vibration sessions, four infrared heat therapy sessions, and one-on-one nutritional counseling (a $690 value).

    thinking about it...I could always use adjustments
  20. Souldanzer

    Souldanzer Banned

    Well, Dr K said for me those vibration plates are like pissing in the lake (for my bone density) and I kind of get his point. Obviously, I'm still thinking of doing it anyways... lol. It is really cheap where I go and I can get a monthly pass for unlimited - twice a day 6 days a week is their rx for osteoporosis patients - so it's actually quite a bit. They also say anything less than once a day 5 days a week won't give you results. I was doing this up until my skiing accident. After that I refrained from shaking my head up like that.

    I guess the warning I would give you is that I doubt 12min of shaking you up is like an hour in the gym...... but boy does it feel good when I have a back pain. Better than massage!!

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