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Jennifer's moving from Leptin Reset, CT, Adrenal RX, Leaky Gut RX AI to Optimal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by nosnhojjennifer@yahoo.com, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Gonna start using this journal to keep me honest and to help me figure out what optimal eating is for me.

    First Day of Spring =

    Leptin Reset Day 18 (counting from the day after my indiscretion).

    CT Day 14

    SW 127.5

    CW 130

    GW 125 (or flat stomach)

    40 years old, 5’6 ½

    Hashimoto’s, Raynaud’s, Adrenal Fatigue, No TOM in 8 months +, Leaky Gut (I am sure)

    Morning temp 97.2

    Breakfast at 5:30 am – 4 oz pork loin, some tuna fish w MCT, kale and spinach pan fried in CO, decaf tea with CO, and frozen CO mixed with cinnamon and stevia, Oh, and a hunk of coconut manna and the mineral water (mineral water was a mistake).

    Result = hungry but full, super cranky and irritable and difficulty focusing.

    CT this morning with ice packs on belly and back about 35 – 40 minutes. I noticed my neck is “out.” I wonder if it is from the yard work I did over the weekend. Because I also have Scoliosis, the amount of yardwork I did over the weekend would usually have me in a fair amount of pain. I figured the CT was helping. But, since I do spot CT on stomach and back and tub CT with my head and neck out of the water, I am wondering if that is why my back feels good but my neck is a mess. Gonna ice it when I get home. (Last night I did CT in tub for about 40 min at 55 degree water. The water was a little low and some of my belly was not submerged. I had the heater on in the bathroom and my arms and legs – which are not in the water – started to feel hot. Even though it is still very hard to get in, it wasn’t too bad once I did it. I wear a hat and gloves and cover my feet and arms. Since I had just purchased a thermometer, I took my temp afterward just for fun and was surprised to see it at 95! Seems really low. But I am warming up a lot faster.)

    For my background, I started to work on my health about two years ago when I wanted to lose weight for my brother's wedding. A friend gave me P90X and I started doing that and watching what I ate. I successfully lost about 20 pounds but not from the places I really wanted to lose the most (as in my belly versus my chest-I went from a "D" to a "B"). No matter what I did, I still had belly fat and love handles.

    At the end of 2010, after deciding to end a very stressful relationship, my health started to tank. I ended up in the gastro's office and was diagnosed with erosive gastritis and a gallstone, which bought me a double dose of Prilosec (and the advice to have my gallbladder out which I declined). I started gaining weight immediately at the rate of about a pound a week. And nothing I did would stop it. I worked out for an hour everyday. I had no social life. I started running and still gained. I got really strict with the diet and still gained. I was at my wits end. Then I heard about Hcg through my cousin and I found a homeopathic spray version. I started that in July 2011 and lost 17 pounds in 23 days and finally saw a difference in the love handles and belly flab, but I still had about 7 pounds to lose. Once in maintenance, I started to notice that my hair was falling out and I felt dizzy and hot. I started to think that my thyroid was overactive. I was on 112 mcg of levothyroxine for my Hashimoto's. So, I asked my doctor to check my TSH and sure enough, it was way low making me hyperthyroid. My doctor overreacted and took me off all meds, and then I was back to hypothyroid. God only knows the damage happening to my thyroid during this time. Now I am on 50 mcg. Just had bloodwork yesterday to check the level.

    After this I started researching Hashimoto's and found out about the connection between gluten and Hashimoto's. Of course, my doctor told me that there was no connection, but I had all the proof in my own experience I needed. So, I continued to be "gluten-free" as in I wasn't eating wheat or drinking beer. I continued to have on and off problems with dizziness, muscle fatigue so bad that all I could do is lie down, and very bad moods which I would attribute to low blood sugar. I regained weight around Christmas with eating sweets and the added stress of buying a house (as a single woman) right after Christmas. Again, the weight just would not come off and I just could not get my eating under control. Every day I said I'd "behave" and everyday I would be bingeing on Greek Yogurt, Peanut Butter and Almonds. I ended up going a second round of HCG and relost the weight plus 2 more pounds. That landed me at 129. My goal weight is 125, mostly because at 129 I still have a pouchy belly. :mad:

    While doing Hcg I started reading a lot of Paleo blogs and educating myself on what gluten-free really is and learning about the science behind "eating like a caveman." Then I found Jack Kruse and after reading up on Leptin Reset, I was "in." My weight at that time was staying around 127.5. I started the Leptin Reset on Sunday Feb 26th. I read about leaky gut and AI and adrenal fatigue. I then knew that my low blood sugar bouts were a symptom of adrenal fatigue not a lack of protein in my diet (I was low carb, how could I have not enough protein?!). I knew I would have to cut out the dairy, nuts and eggs but I had a hard time letting go. I basically kept eating what I had in the cupboard/fridge until it was gone and just didn't buy any more. I was keeping my weight the same BUT I had a housewarming party that Friday and had some vodka and grazed all night on foods. I, of course, immediately gained and was at 130. I got right back on the reset and have followed it since. The weight continues to go up and down, which does stress me out because I live in the +/- 2 pound HCG window. It's been an ongoing experiment to figure out what to eat for breakfast (without eating eggs) that makes me feel full and not super cranky. Someday, I feel physically full but my blood sugar/hormones feel hungry. Like today. For some reason, I poured myself a glass of sparkling mineral water for breakfast. I think that triggered a sugar response in me because I am super irritable and hungry but my stomach is full. I miss the Greek Yogurt and Cottage Cheese and my Olivio Coconut Butter (made with soy lecithin) and Marie's Blue Cheese Dressing (made with canola oil) and my peanut butter, almond butter, almonds, and the like. But I need to stop this snowball before it's a full blown avalanche. My mom's mother had Alzheimer’s and Osteoporosis. My mom has Osteoporosis and migraines. My dad's father has Parkinson’s Disease and his mom has Diabetes and is overweight. My dad has lymphocystic colitis, HTN, and high cholesterol. I already have Hashimoto’s and my adrenals are in the toilet along with my sex hormones (obviously). Need to stop the destruction now. And I am sick of feeling like crap and living my life with the constant worry of not having food when I have a low blood sugar attack. Plus, people get on my nerves and I am way snappish when my blood sugar is low. It negatively impacts my ability to work (I work with Mentally Ill Adults and it’s my job to help people, hard to do when everyone is on your last nerve). I hate feeling like a raw nerve that just wants everyone to go away.

    So, up until the mis-step I had this morning, my blood sugar has been much more stable. My mood is still on the irritable side. My weight – I feel like my mid-section is inflated like a balloon. Constipation is ongoing problem. Super thirsty. All my food tastes bland. Waking up is getting easier. Staying up is getting harder. I was at a friend’s house last night and didn’t get home until 9pm. Still had to throw the pork loin in the slow cooker and do CT. So I wasn’t in bed until 10:30 pm. I am so tired today which isn’t helping my mood. I seem to have a good day followed by a bad day. Today, I am going to have to eat a lunch because my blood sugar feels off. I will be going to bed early tonight (after CT) and start again tomorrow!

    Lunch at noon was ahi tuna steak, some tuna with MCT oil, celery, sauerkraut, and CO/cinnamon.

    Dinner at 4:30 I was STARVING mini burger, more pork loin, spinach and seaweed cooked with CO. More pork loin. Coconut manna. My stomach is just gnawing at me. Not sure what is up but I had to stop eating. I also have a serious headache now and un-quenchable thirst. Drinking some salt water now. I took the estradiol 0.5mg. We'll see if it helps. CT next and then bed. EARLY
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  2. Leptin Reset Day 19

    CT Day 15

    SW 127.5

    CW 129.5

    GW 125 (or flat stomach)

    40 years old, 5’6 &1/2;

    Hashimoto’s, Raynaud’s, Adrenal Fatigue, No TOM in 8 months +, Leaky Gut (I am sure)

    Morning temp 97.2

    So super tired that I could not get up. Which is really weird because I went to bed so early (9pm) and I was a lot more strict with myself on the technology after sunset yesterday.

    6 am breakfast - pork tenderloin, 2 bacon, canned salmon, broccoli, coconut oil, tea with MCT oil, salt water. Taste buds seem a little more alert today.

    Since I got up late, I could only fit 15 min of CT in.

    Feeling really light headed today and can’t figure why. Maybe pork is not good for breakfast. Might need to go back to steak. Also the thirst continues. So, my tummy feels full but my head is hungry (because it feels dizzy like low blood sugar). UGH I hate that.

    lunch at 1pm - salmon, spinach with MCT oil and ACV, CO w cinnoman

    Dinner at 5pm - felt dizzy so I figured I'd better eat - more pork, canned salmon and some green beans. Coconut manna

    SO TIRED today

    my muscles were feeling so fatigued earlier

    a little better now

    gonna cut out the roobios tea tomorrow and the astragalus and see if the low blood sugar is better

    although, what I have been reading about the liver and how it works to feed the muscles, starting to make sense that I am LR at muscles and liver (and brain)

    But I am also trying to take a more positive outlook. Stop focusing on how broken things are and focus on them being fixed.

    I read CT 7 and now know I have to give up the electric blanket. I'm so cold after CT that I put it on to warm up. No more.
  3. Leptin Reset Day 20

    CT Day 16

    SW 127.5

    CW 129.5

    GW 125 (or flat stomach)

    40 years old, 5’6 &1/2;

    Hashimoto’s, Raynaud’s, Adrenal Fatigue, No TOM in 8 months +, Leaky Gut (I am sure)

    Morning temp 96.7

    Went to bed at 9pm last night without my electric blanket and after a 40 min CT session. Really limiting my nighttime tech using. Woke up at 2am sweating and needing to pee bad.

    6am last of the pork loin, canned salmon, 4 slices of bacon and some spinach with CO, CO with cinnoman and NO stevia (not that good). NO tea this morning. And no astragalus. I feel better with the blood sugar today but definetly am missing something in my diet. I feel a lack - seems like I want yogurt or butter. Something thick and creamy. So, cravings are def still there!

    Wasn't starving at lunchtime but as feeling the low blood sugar iritation. So I atelier ahi tuna sauerkraut and salad at 1Pm.

    Really feeling good tOday. Not as tired and muscles feel good

    Ate 1/2 haddock filet and some salmon and the last of my coconutmanna at 6pm. Coconut manna is a total trigger food fOr me and makes me bloat.

    CT at 9pm (right now- going for 40)
  4. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    I love your journal!!! Just a thought, but when I stopped everything cold turkey (all of my bad foods), I first started doing a slow-carb diet and I was MISERABLE. I kept reading about Paleo those first couple of days, but I kept thinking, "If I am miserable now with some carbs, I can't imagine reducing them more!" But then with the Leptin Reset, I was STUFFING myself for breakfast everyday. To the point where I was miserable. And I had ZERO carb cravings! I still have ZERO carb cravings. It makes me wonder if you are not eating enough for breakfast?? What if, just as an experiment, you tried to eat even MORE for breakfast?
  5. Thanks for reading and sharing. I am still fighting my brain on eating a BAB w/o overeating! Head games I think. But worth a shot! I just feel so physically full but brain says hungry. Glad to hear you are doing well - gives me hope! I just read some more of Dr K's responses on the blog and am getting clues as to what is going on with me. He told one person that if they have hypoglycemia issues it has to do with circadian rhythms. Which totally makes sense because this week I have been so tired I regularly go to bed at 9 pm and feel so tired all day. He also said that if you cut calories to lose weight, you'll gain during leptin reset at first. So, I think it's all sypmtOns of rewiring!

    What things do you eat for breakfast? I'm not doing eggs but perhaps pork loin isn't a dense enough protein. Going back to steak!
  6. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    LOL! I know what you mean. But I do find that when I eat so much that I will often skip lunch (or just eat a light lunch) so my guess is that if I was counting calories (and I purposely have been), it's the same amount no matter when you eat them.

    I have been eating 6 large eggs for breakfast. I was having trouble getting them down, so I started scrambling them and adding butter and that made a world of difference. I was also drinking coffee with cream while eating them, but just read that I should probably not do cream. That's fine with me because 1 cup of coffee with 2 T. cream and the six eggs was killing me! And that was only 36g of protein. Then I moved to XL eggs and those are 7g each, so after getting rid of the coffee, I found it so much easier to do the 6 XL eggs (up to 42g of protein). Now if I can just add another egg I will be good!! Then I would be at 49g of protein which is fine with me. On any given day, I will enjoy the first 25% of the plate, think "This ain't so bad" when eating 50% of the plate, and think "Hm. . .starting to get very full after 75% of the plate. It's that last 25% that I have no desire to eat. It's tough! But I just go slow and take a bit every 2-3 minutes and I'm good.

    Then for the next 6-7 hours if anyone even mentions food, I am like Y-U-C-K!!! Using this approach, I find the eating to be fullproof. There is just no way I am even tempted to cheat this way.

    Yesterday was the first time I've had something besides eggs. Instead, I had pork belly. That probably sounds gross, but really it is just bacon without all of the strong flavor. I CANNOT eat bacon or sausage when doing this. It is just too over-powering for me. I want just bland.

    I know what you mean about needing the re-wiring though. I *feel* like I could have lost more if I would have just eaten less. But I keep reminding myself that it was that mindset that got me to 203.8 in the first place. :)
  7. Leptin Reset Day 21

    CT Day 16

    SW 127.5

    CW 130.

    GW 125 (or flat stomach)

    40 years old, 5’6 &1/2;

    Hashimoto’s, Raynaud’s, Adrenal Fatigue, No TOM in 8 months +, Leaky Gut (I am sure)

    Morning temp 96.8

    Went to bed around 10 pm last night...TIRED today

    5:30 breakfast - stew meat I cooked in crock pot over night with a few baby carrots and a have a turnip fried in CO. NO Tea. Salt water.

    CT 30 min with ice directly on skin. Tried icing my shoulders too and it was painful at first. Think I overdid - big red mark on my belly. No more direct skin with the ice packs.

    I went back to the acupuncture guy to follow up on some allergy elimination I am working on. My primary goal is to be able to eat eggs again, but he did eggs, mold, tomatoes, gluten and dairy. I will not eat gluten again but the eggs, dairy and tomatoes would be nice. Well, the only thing that I seem closer to clear is mold. HA So, no eggs at farmer's market tomorrow :( Since I was there, I had him test me on a few other things - curry powder, cinnamon, CO, butter (regular kind), green tea, red tea, coffee, cocoa powder, stevia and astralagus. Well, surprisingly I was weak with cinnamon and red tea. I was also weak with green tea and astralagus but I suspected those. Green tea makes me feel so bad - low blood sugar really bad. I was surprised about the cinnamon and red tea, which is a bummer because I love both. And I was pleasantly surprised that coffee and chocolate were ok. Although I can't have coffee until I get my adrenals back in working order! Oh well. I'll go back in a week and see if I cleared any of these allergies.

    After that it was after noon and I was hungry. I had a small piece of haddock and some canned salmon with a salad and some sauerkraut and a little bit of KeVita. I was purposely going light on the CO today to see what would happened and I found out that I was HUNGRY. I had a bit of CO that I brought with me to the accu guy, so I ate that with cocoa powder and stevia.

    I got home around 5pm and cooked a 1 pound steak. I didn't plan to eat it all, but I was so hungry that I did. And I ate more CO and some zucchini and some coconut milk. OMG I still feel hungry later. I pray this isn't from the estradiol pills. SO, I really ate a BAD-big ass dinner.

    I have zero energy and after this note, hitting CT bath and bed. I hope my belly doesn't mind the cold with the pink mark. I guess I will find out.

    Learning to obey the Leptin Reset - eat CO, BAB, 9pm bed time.
  8. Can you get duck eggs? They have more protein per egg. I plan to hit the farmer's market Saturday! :)
  9. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    Hmmmmm. . .interesting idea! I will have to try it. Also, today I ate 42g and I never got to the sickening feeling. Happy about that!
  10. donkjellberg

    donkjellberg Silver

    I have tried duck eggs. Both times they gave me a stomach ache, funny. I eat organic eggs every day with no problem. I may try them again but regular eggs are fine.

  11. interesting...wonder what set your stomach off...I am not eating eggs because of the autoimmune protocol, but I love breakfast food more than any other meal...sigh
  12. Leptin Reset Day 22

    CT Day 17

    SW 127.5

    CW 130.5 - UGH

    GW 125 (or flat stomach)

    40 years old, 5’6 &1/2;

    Hashimoto’s, Raynaud’s, Adrenal Fatigue, No TOM in 8 months +, Leaky Gut (I am sure)

    Morning temp 97.6 7 am

    UGH, another half pound :mad:

    Well, after yesterday's feeding frenzy and CT over doing, I guess I should be glad it's only a half pound. I was asleep by 10 pm and woke up at 1:30 hot and having to pee (again). I did do a 30 min shallow cold tub last night since my belly has a big red mark on it. The belly is almost healed this morning. I was sort of awake at 5 am but since it is Saturday, I went back to sleep until 7am.

    BAB - really thought I would up the protein after yesterday being so hungry. SO I had the other half pound of stew meat and a chicken sausage along with at least 2 tablespoons of CO (on pan fried turnips, in my tea and some mixed with cocoa powder). I forgot to take my estradiol last night so I took it morning. I pray this pill isn't what is totally messing with my appetite. Even after all that food, I felt I could eat more if I let myself. But now, over an hour later, I feel OK hungry wise. Mood wise, I feel miserable and want to go back to bed. Seriously cranky. hormones I am sure

    I also got my TSH back and it's not as low as I'd like - only 2.82 (range .40-4.50). Probably why my temp is so low. Hoping CT will get my hormones in order so I only need the estradiol for a month. Just praying I can make it through three more weeks of Leptin Reset and estradiol without totally blowing up.
  13. HI August!

    The Leaky Gut Rx and Adrenal Rx are on the blog:



    CW - is current weight and SW is starting weight

    AI is for autoimmune....if you have any autoimmune issues, then there are some more foods that you should avoid. It's explained on Robb Wolf's blog


    Emerging research has made clear the link between Neolithic foods (grains, legumes and dairy) and autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis and a host of other less well know conditions. Many people have found significant improvements in autoimmune disease by eliminating the Neolithic foods and building a diet around nutritious Paleo options. If you suffer from an autoimmune disease we highly recommend you start a Paleo diet and let us know what your results are. To give your body its best chance to heal we recommend that you initially limit the following foods:


    Tomatoes & eggplants

    Peppers including bell peppers and hot peppers

    Spices such as curries, paprika, and chili powder.

    Some of these otherwise Paleo-friendly foods have been shown to be problematic in individuals with autoimmune issues. We recommend you fully remove not only these foods but also all Neolithic foods (grains, breads, potatoes, beans and dairy) for at least a month to see if they pose a problem for you."

    hope that helps!
  14. Leptin Reset Day 23

    CT Day 18

    SW 127.5

    CW 130.0

    GW 125 (or flat stomach)

    40 years old, 5’6 &1/2;

    Hashimoto’s, Raynaud’s, Adrenal Fatigue, No TOM in 8 months +, Leaky Gut (I am sure)

    Morning temp 96.8 7 am

    So, I did my cold tubby earlier last night because I had plans out. I did the "croak soak" method in the interest of time and actually it worked out better for getting in but it's hard to control temp of water. I have been doing 55 degrees and it was probably closer to 50 but not sure if it stayed there as I filled up or not. I did 35 minutes and it was HARD to do. I definitely wanted out.

    I got home after 10pm and went to bed. Noticed that I did NOT wake up in the middle of the night to pee and take off clothes, like I usually do after CT before bed. OF course, the temp is dropping around here as well. I am a little discouraged that I am so not cold adapted. Last night I saw a bunch of friends and each person I hugged felt warmed compared to me. OF course, I did CT right before I left, so... But I'm still pretty cold most of the time. Ever onward though.

    I finally got up at 7 am, wanted to sleep a little longer but not happening. For breakfast, I had a soup bone cooking in crock pot over night. I don't what the heck kind of bone it was other than it was from a grass fed angus cow but it had a lot of meat on it so I ate the meat for breakfast. It was really fatty. I had no idea how much protein I ate, so I had one and half chicken sausages too. Along with shredded zucchini fried in CO. I didn't feel full after eating but I stopped. I am so glad I did because about three hours later, I was stuffedd! So weird. But I am glad that the starving feeling has gone away. My appetite didn't come on until 4pm so I think the BAB was maybe a little to BA. I wanted to eat before 5pm because my bedtime is 9pm. SO, I glad it finally kicked in a little.

    I did spot CT after breakfast and was SO COLD. brrr

    then I went to a 10 am yoga class. I usually go to yoga at least once a week and usually Wed nights at 6pm but I've been too tired to go the last two weeks. I made it through yoga fine but kind of felt like crap afterward - dizzy and muscles feel like lead. I guess I am still LR at liver and muscles. I guess I can stop feeling guilty about skipping exercise. It's not working for me yet.

    I purchased a liver at the farmer's market and had it soaking and defrosting in milk kefir. I have NEVER eaten liver before, let alone cooked it but it wasn't hard to do. Someone said use lots of cumin, so I did and it wasn't bad. Weird consistency. Only problem is I have way too much liver for just me to eat. So I used one piece for dinner and one piece went in the ninja and I added it to ground turkey to make meat balls. I figure those will keep and I can freeze some too. I guess I will need to eat the other two pieces for breakfast tomorrow, so back into milk kefir and in the fridge they went. OMG I am so full again. I had the liver and some bacon. I also found 99% unsweetened chocolate - Scharffen Berger is the brand. It comes in a really thick bar, so it was a pain to break off a piece but I did. It wasn't bad, but I'm sure it would be better made into Optimal Bark. But eating it did not kick in that "omg, I need to eat more" response, so that is GOOD! I want to make the bark but again, since I have trouble stopping once I start, I am waiting. Spring is just only sprung.

    Well, I gotta hit my cold tubby...
  15. Leptin Reset Day 24

    CT Day 19

    SW 127.5

    CW 129!

    GW 125 (or flat stomach)

    40 years old, 5’6 &1/2;

    Hashimoto’s, Raynaud’s, Adrenal Fatigue, No TOM in 8 months +, Leaky Gut (I am sure)

    Morning temp 97.0 5am

    I was so full yesterday I was sure I would see a gain this morning and I was dreading it because of the whole +/- 2 pound hcg window that I live in. And to my surprise & delight, I was down a pound! Thank goodness.

    CT last night - croak soak, temp close to 50 and I did about 35 minutes. It was all I could take. It's gotten colder here in Buffalo and it was so hard to warm up. I was freezing my booty off in bed. I saw someone post a picture of their CT tub and they must be using a pool thermometer. That would be a good idea. I use a meat thermometer and it works but I have to hold it and it hard to do croak soak and hold a thermometer.

    5:30 am breakfast – I cooked up the liver but skipped bacon. Big mistake. I didn’t like it as much without bacon and had a hard time getting it down. In the end, I ate about 2/3 of it. I had some sauerkraut with it as well and cooked up half a chicken sausage to boost up the protein. I was so full yesterday, I didn’t know what to think.

    Well, that must not have been a big enough BAB because although I was NOT starving, I was feeling low blood sugar effects – cranky and light headed, so hard to focus on anything. My stomach was also killing me and I can tell that I am dehydrated too because my head hurts and my contacts are dry. Too much Mag yesterday? It’s a hard balancing act that I have been living with since completing my first round of Hcg. I hate the low blood sugar feeling and have been struggling with it off and on since August. Every time I think I know what is causing my low blood sugar, something else comes up – I thought it was electrolyte imbalance, then high TSH, then adrenal fatigue and now even low estrogen.

    12:30 pm – needed my lunch so that I could function at work without killing any one. I had some left over cabbage and spinach with the turkey/liver meatballs and some mustard. They were actually pretty good. I made them with cumin, curry and chili powder. The chili powder was a good call. I also had some CO and a small amount of bone broth that I had left over. I definitely need to pound the protein as I still feel like crap. I can’t wait to go home and get my contacts out of my eyes and pound some protein!
  16. Leptin Reset Day 25

    CT Day 20

    SW 127.5

    CW 130.5!- UGH (it’s back plus a half pound)

    GW 125 (or flat stomach)

    40 years old, 5’6 &1/2;

    Hashimoto’s, Raynaud’s, Adrenal Fatigue, No TOM in 8 months +, Leaky Gut (I am sure)

    Morning temp 97.3 5am

    Kind of a rough night. My own “fault” really. I forgot about on online project and got sucked into it until 9pm. (My glasses finally came-good thing) I didn’t get upstairs until after 9 and my fingers and toes were already white from the cold in the house because the heat is set at 55 degrees. I tried to warm up so I could get in the tub. Finally got in for about 35 minutes and it was tough! At 10pm when I went in my room, it was frigid! I got the space heater out and the room temp was only 52. I left it one for a while and then turned it off and fell asleep. I woke up about 1:30 am (like clockwork after late CT) to pee and I was freezing. Turned the heater back on and fell asleep. I woke up and turned it off and it said 66 degrees. About two minutes later my alarm went off. Interestingly enough, my body temp read the highest ever at 97.3.

    6am BAB was a grass fed angus burger, chicken sausage and some zucchini fried in CO and ghee. Along with Tulsi tea with MCT oil and ghee. Fatsecret said I was under my protein, so I pan fried some canned salmon with curry powder and a splash of coconut milk. I also had some frozen CO. Thought that would be enough but by the time I got to work, I was feeling really irritable. Everyone is riding my nerves. So, not good. Also I am so bloated! (Coconut milk?) UGH Oh and yesterday I was down 1 pound, today I’m up 1 pound and a HALF! UGH so Frustrating! I hate being so close to +2. I just don’t know what I’ll do – steak day? Or stick with leptin reset? I do not want to be set back in this leptin reset. Please God, I do not want to do this forever. I did spot CT for 30 minutes before work.

    Since I was a cranky mess, I decided to eat my lunch. I had that I’m starving/I feel full oxymoron going on. I thought I’d eat half of it but I ate the whole thing – salmon, asparagus and avocado puree (avocado, basil, MCT oil, spices, mustard). It tasted bland which made me pause because yesterday it tasted great to me. Maybe my zinc is out of whack again?

    After lunch my mood is much improved. Having the same starving/full dilemma for dinner. But I will need to eat something before CT. Planning on doing that right after dinner and having the whole night to warm up. But ugh, I feel so fat today…

    Dinner...down a pouch of tuna in olive oil with some bone broth and 5 slices of bacon. I didn't feel that hungry but once I started eating, it was like I was starving. Still wouldn't say I am full but I'm calling it quits. Gotta get in the tub...dragging my butt. Something inside me wills me to do it and that part of me has no reservations. CT will be done. But this other part of me is such a baby! LOL
  17. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    I love this line!!! I was trying to tell DH about how I was feeling the other night and I couldn't explain it. Next time I'm going to use your words. :)

    Sorry you are having a tough day. :( I was having a whole week of those last week. This week I am SOOO much better. I think it's because of 3 things: I started taking Vitamin D (only taking 2,000ui right now even though I know others are taking 5000-10000). I started taking Iodine this weekend and it has really helped my thyroid so much (already!!!). I can't believe it. Have you read the iodine thread on MDA? It's a lot to take in, but I'm glad I did. My skin is softer, my hair is not falling out nearly as much (I comb my hair over the sink after I get out of the shower and it was only 1/3 as much as usual), and my temp is back to normal!!! (It was anywhere from 97.0-98.1 each day). Also, I was having a hard time getting the scale to move. It was totally stuck. So then two days ago, after a ton of reading, I started adding A LOT of fat to my diet. Last night for dinner I had a whole package of bacon (is that a half pound?? pound??). I was actually craving it. And I started doing bulletproof coffee. Sure enough, the past two days (the only two days I did the higher amounts of fat), I am down 1.7 pounds. Just thought I would throw that out there too since it worked for me.

    Hang in there. Tomorrow is a new day!
  18. Thanks for the tips and encouragement - I need both! And as I was reading this, I was cooking BACON! LOL I wish I could have bulletproof coffee but I'm off the coffee for the sake of my adrenal glands. If I make it two months of no coffee, I am rewarding myself with a bag of that stuff - is it as good as everyone says?

    OK, gotta CT
  19. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    Maybe you could try tea? But I guess that has caffeine too? Have you done the saliva tests?

    I was just researching them. :)

    I actually didn't order the bulletproof coffee from the link. I just went to wholefoods and bought two different coffees there. I read that people said you could find good coffee in lots of places and so I googled "wholefoods coffee" and picked two that were recommended (allegro and metropolis). Both are insanely good and I don't notice the jitters at all. I haven't noticed the increased energy, but this is all VERY early for me, so I'm sure my body is going through a crazy ride right now.

    The reason I started the coffee though was so that I could get the CO and butter down (my throat). I HATE CO! I cannot stand the smell of it cooked - it is too pungent. And I have an equally hard time eating it plain. In the coffee, though, it is MUCH easier - it's actually pretty good! So I have been driinking two cups in the morning - each with 1 T. of CO and 1 T. of Kerry Gold. I was using Ghee for all cooking, but the KG is waaaaaaaaaaaaayyy better in the coffee. I know I shouldn't probably be doing the KG, but I'm just going to see how it goes with the scale. Today was the first day with the KG.

    I also find that I am ridiculously full with 2 BP coffees. Between that and my BAB, I can't eat for 7-8 hours at least. I am completely full up until that point. Love it too because I honestly hate thinking about food. It is such an ordeal. :)
  20. I do but CO and ghee in my caffiene free tea each morning and whip it up in the blender. Its ok but not as good as coffee! You know there are a lot of different coconut oils and some have much less smell and taste. I enjoy mine though, which is a good and bad thing. I was mixing some CO with unsweetened cocoa powder, stevia and some mix-ins (like cacao nibs or chia seeds) and then I stick it in the freezer and eat it like candy. I liked it. But I had to give up the chocolate too for adrenal Rx :( My poor adrenals....hope they get better ASAP so I can have coffee and chocolate again!

    Glad to hear you can do two meals a day. I usually can do it on the weekend but find it hard to do at work. I feel much better today, so we'll see...

    Have a great day!

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