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Jennifer (JanSz)

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by JanSz, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    jennifer wrote: hi jansz, i have seen you're other posts and understand that even though you are not a doctor, you hack labs pretty good.

    I was wondering if you would be willing to take a look at my labs. Any suggestions would be appreciated. If not, i totally understand. Thanks for you time and consideration.

    A little background.40 year old female with hashimotos and history of adrenal fatigue. Last year in july i did a round of hhcg. I haven’t had tom since. I lost weight, struggled to maintain and had bad low blood sugar issues. Did a second round hhcg in january. Started leptin reset in march but have had some setbacks (ie cheating). I have regained 15 pounds. I am kind of desperate to get tom back (i have no kids). Working on leaky gut and adrenal rx. I feel better now (mood wise) but still no tom and the belly flab is unwelcome. I’m working with a func med doc and she has me on an elimination diet for leaky gut. I’m on estradiol for gyn and supplementing otc progesterone. Recently (after bloodwork) switched from 50 mcg synthroid to 90 mg armour.

    Vit d is 44 (range 30 - 100)

    dhea is 141 (range 102-1185).

    Estradiol is < 15 (as in way low).

    Fsh 9.8 (follicular phase 2.5-10.2; postmenopausal 23-116)

    tsh 2.82 (.4-4.5)

    free t4 1.0 (.8-1.8)

    prolactin 7.3 (non-pregnant range 3-30; postmenopausal 2-10),

    progesterone 10 mg (follicular phase < or = 185; luteal phase < or = 285; postmenopausal < or = 45);

    testosterone 11 (2-45);

    testosterone free 1.2 (0.1-6.4).

    My glucose was 85.

    My tsh is up to 4.3 (.4-4.5) from 2.8 in feb

    free t4 1 (.8-1.8)

    my rbc is a little low at 3.71 (3.8-5.1).

    Mch a tad high at 33.3 (27-33)

    rdw high at 16 (11-15)

    rest of cbc is normal

    wbc 4.1 (3.8-10.8)

    hemoglobin 12.4 (11.7-15.5)

    hematocrit 36.5 (35-45)

    platelet 207 (140-400)

    t4, free 1.1 (.8-1.8)

    t3, free 1.8 l (2.3-4.2)

    tsh 4.45 (.4-4.5)

    rt3 29 (11-32)

    thyroglobulin antibodies 52h (
  2. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    If you need response or input, pls PM

    I am not monitoring this board.


    JanSz attempt to replicate BodyBio™ Nutrient Report


    You are missing lots of required input, but based on input you have provided, thise is the advice,

    left side=reason, following by what to do about:

    WBC -27 Vitamin A

    WBC -27 Vitamin C

    WBC -27 Zinc

    WBC -27 EFA 4.1 Oil

    WBC -27 Fish Oil HIGH EPA

    WBC -27 L Carnitine

    Cl 23 Vitamin C

    Cl 23 EFA 4.1 Oil

    Cl 23 Sodium Bicarbonate

    RDW +65 Gluten Free Diet

    Follow advice in post #1 here:



    That post advises to not use Krill Oil (or most of the fish oils)

    That advice contradicts advice that dr Kruse usually gives.

    There is explanation provided by Ed Kane which details on reasons why.

    For some other info, you may have to read some other parts of that thread.

    The way I see it, dr Kruse's advice (on Krill oil) is generally good advice, good for general population,

    but Ed/Patricia Kane advice is specific, and should be guided by (highly detailed) Fatty Acids Analysis.

    While I am at it, with above mind set,

    Fatty Acid analysis, such as all kind indexes and similar estimating O6/O3 are useless or worst, actually misleading.

    (I am using words that hopefully will inspire others to get close look at this issue (on other dedicated thread)


    BodyBio™ Nutrient Report

    is valuable analysis,

    Information on how to order it is in above Dr.-Patricia-Kane thread, post #7


    It requires input, all from blood test at LabCorp.
  3. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Blood test shows that you are not taking enough of any of the three.

    I suggest that you:

    stop progesterone supplementation.

    Get all theree E1, E2, E3 tested and get some kind of triest cream or vaginal, titrate dose using blood testing (not saliva).

    Think of thyroid as in intermediate phase of care, use enough Armour Thyroid or (bought from internet, Amazon, Thyroid-S), enough to keep TSH(0.5-2.5)


    At LabCorp do this tests,

    1 ------- Pregnenolone, Mass Spectrometry Test Number: 140707

    2 ------- Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) − Comprehensive Screen, Test Nr: 500175

    3 ------- Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) Sulfate

    4 ------- SHBG

    5 ------- Dihydrotestosterone

    6 ------- Androstanediol Glucuronide Test Number: 500881

    7 ------- Estrogens, Total; Test Number: 004549

    8 ------- Estradiol, Sensitive 140244

    9 ------- Estrone, Serum

    You want to do 3-6 cycles of above tests.

    When you get results, adjust dose, up or down, depending on results.

    Right now you do not menstruate, so you want to be on new protocol for a month,

    have script waiting, when month passes, do blood testing.

    Will take sometime 2 weeks before you get results.

    I will always help you in analyzing results and figuring new protocol.

    On new protocol you want to be at least a month,


    if you start menstruating, other than waiting one whole month you will have another condition to satisfy.

    Blood draw have to be 3-5 day of cycle.

    Practically, you will be doing those blood tests every 2+ months.

    Eventually you will stabilize.

    You need to make a spreadsheet that will track your



    resulting blood testds

    similar to this one:


    Highly likely your very low progesterone is result of your low pregnenolone.

    Assume that it is true.

    You want to supplement pregnenolone to

    achieve good pregnenolone level


    you may even go somewhat higher if need be,


    you missing on progesterone

    you want at the minimum

    progesterone=1.5 ng/mL

    You will also be monitoring

    Cortisol AM/PM(7:20AM & 11:59AM)

    aiming at Cortisol AM~20

    if need be, you will attempt manipulating progesterone level (via pregnenolone pills) aiming at good Cortisol.

    when you get back your menses, you want progesterone=1.5 ng/mL in first few days, then much much more.

    Your hope is, that your body will take over and will produce more progesterone latter on in cycle.

    At first, you will maintain your pregnenolone dose constant throughout the cycle.

    Depending on blood tests results in day 19-21, yo may need to do additional tweaking.

    lets set ranges on desirable goals:

    on day 3-4 your E2=~(20-60)pg/mL

    on day 19-21 your E2=~(100-160)pg/mL

    on day 3-4 your progesterone=~(1.4-1.5)ng/mL

    on day 19-21 your progesterone=~(15-20)ng/mL


    Your testosterone is low, but we have not touched p/e and DHEAs, hold on testosterone



    you have not tested

    DHEA is 141 (range 102-1185) low

    I suggest that you buy dozen bottles of pregnenolone and 3 bottles of 7-ketoDHEA 100mg pills from lef.org

    Pregnenolone Micronized Lipid Matrix MLM 150mg tabs, scored, from Nutricology.

    Start with

    Estradiol + Estrone/wakeup (figure something, increase current dose 3x)

    pregnenolone 300mg/wakeup

    7ketoDHEA 100mg/wakeup

    Armour Thyroid (1/2 dose)/wakeup

    pregnenolone 150mg/noon

    7ketoDHEA 100mg/noon

    Armour Thyroid (1/2 dose)/noon


    leaky gut----->Dr Jack Kruse protocols and diet

    but say good bye to ALL grains and maybe nightshades (forget about incremental eliminating)

    adrenal RX-----> I am leery about, whatever you do, consider saving $$$ & time

    also thyroid care


    instead do this tests and follow them up with corrections

    repeat those tests 2x/year

    Spectracell Comprehensive Nutritional Panel


    Elemental Hair Analysis by Genova Diagnostics


    Maintain spreadsheet to see your progress.


    1 dropperfull/day

    Lugol's Iodine Family Pack -- 6 (2 fl. oz.) bottles


    You have thyroid antibodies.

    There are schools of thought that say to not use iodine in presence of antibodies.

    The other school says that antibodies are the result of low iodine.

    Additionally excess of iodine displaces undesirable hallides.

    Use of iodine requires plenty of selenium, you seem to have plenty.

    I see no reason why you should not make a good try of iodine.

    If you react negatively, just stop.

    Highly unlikely (statistically speaking).



    LDN may help fighting thyroid antibodies (but also may not).

    Buy it, try it, it is cheap.

    All described in that link. Read only post #1.



  4. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  5. Thank you JanSz...this is rather amazing stuff. You are blowing my mind. I'm very grateful for your time and advice!
  6. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  7. Update: TOM has arrived! I am happy but hesitant. Afraid to scare it away..lol. I was not able to tolerate the Pregnenolone (heart rate went up to 90) but I've followed the other recommendations and added red clover. I have no idea what has produced this happy report, my guess it is everything - the Armour, Leptin Reset, leaky gut Rx, and adrenal rehab including dropping stressing out as an option. I pray that LS is next and I can transform this belly bulb to better body comp without losing TOM!
  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    TOM has arrived!


    It would help to have good labs.

    But pregnenolone not only increased progesterone but must have increased cortisol.

    With better cortisol, you have suddenly found your self with too much thyroid hormone activity.

    You need pregnenolone

    you have to reduce or eliminate thyroid hormone supplementation.


    t4, free 1.1 (.8-1.8)

    t3, free 1.8 l (2.3-4.2)

    tsh 4.45 (.4-4.5)

    rt3 29 (11-32)

    thyroglobulin antibodies 52h (

  9. I see. Thank you. This is most helpful. I have a lot w new BHRT gyn next week. Should be able to get new labs to see what is going on. The Pregnenolone also made me angry and nasty. Is that from cortisol? It felt like how I get when I trip my adrenals and get a blood sugar crash??
  10. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    You have responded quickly.

    I added in previous post:

    Depending on amount of Armour thyroid that you started taking,

    your higher heart beat (90) might have been rather temporary situation.

  11. Hi Jennifer! I had the same problems with pregnenolone. I cut my dose down to 1/2 of the 100 mg pill and take that in the morning. I still had a couple of days where it was high but finally went away and now I feel nothing. I've done that for a couple of weeks and may try to add the other half in, next week in the afternoon. You have some great info from JanSz. Good luck!
  12. Any clue on this crazy bloodwork for omega 3/6?? I am not currently supplementing fish oil of any kind:

    Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, plasma

    Omega 3 (EPA + DHA) index 7.3 H (0.5-6.4%)

    Risk -low

    Omega-6/omega 3 ratio 2 (1.3-12)

    Arachidonic acid/EPA ratio 0.2 (1.3-12)

    Arachidonic acid 0.4 (.3-2.3%)

    EPA 2.4 H (
  13. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Jennifer;61534 wrote: Any clue on this crazy bloodwork for omega 3/6?? I am not currently supplementing fish oil of any kind:

    Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, plasma

    Omega 3 (EPA + DHA) index 7.3 H (0.5-6.4%)

    Risk -low

    Omega-6/omega 3 ratio 2 (1.3-12)

    Arachidonic acid/EPA ratio 0.2 (1.3-12)

    Arachidonic acid 0.4 (.3-2.3%)

    EPA 2.4 H (
  14. Hope u can read this [​IMG]

    This is actually page 2
  15. More labs if ur interested. My VAP [​IMG]

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