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Jenn Delaney Podcast

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by 5G Canary, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    You made me smile today!

    I listened to your podcast today all 1:11 minutes of it before I looked down and saw there was 20 minutes missing from it. Coincidence? I don’t think so! I especially liked your reference to Genesis 1:1 but find Genesis 11:1 a little more accurate “and the whole earth was of one language and of one speech” meaning to me that we are all energy and all vibrationally connected. Which means we are ALL being affected.

    I used to love when they would give statistics- i.e. “1-8” for every 8 women in the U.S., 1 will get breast cancer. I could then do what I believed I needed to do to make sure I would not be a statistic. But with 5g what are the statistics if it is going to affect 100% of ANYTHING that is energy. This should be a huge wakeup call. Now when I think about what I can do to not be a statistic I don’t believe there is any real answer- only to become educated, follow intuition and become more observant. So I am becoming educated through Jack, following my intuition, and being extremely observant.

    I recently read the post you did about Terry Wahls and smiled again when @JanSz posted the link to her Ted talk. Clicking the link I immediately saw it was recorded on 11/11/11- if that’s not validation from the universe I don’t know what is. Caring for a mother who suffered from MS I am also very aware that it is NOT and was NEVER about the food. Unfortunately, I thought it was about exercise and followed that route until becoming ill and awakened by the universe.

    Thank you for continuing to do the podcast- they are so important. Not only are they easier for someone like me to download and to listen in a safe environment but some have to hear while others need to read or touch. I know it’s wrong but I like to time how long it will take you to go from not wanting to do an interview until you get fired up and passionate about the topic. It’s that fire that burns bright for people to hear and see- we need that energy to feed from. I appreciate the fact that you do them outside and live by example. The birds in the background usually decide to chime in at an important part. They are in-tune to your energy- fun to hear for the focused listener! The importance of your knowledge and the message you are getting out is imperative for us to evolve. We need to be in harmony with the earth as much as she needs us to be in harmony with her. I would say she is smiling down on you!

    FYI - still doing better since I was able to ground in Mexico. Whooooohoooo! Not as conductive. I do extremely well in the cold weather with the sun. I keep the house with no heat at 50 degrees to have a good couple months break of electricity and stay comfortable. We had one day of heat and humidity last week- the house got to 65 and I fell apart. I am going to need to figure something out before it becomes hot and humid here. Better start sewing my full body ice suit- maybe I could fill one of those inflatable human hamster balls with freezing water and if I’m really lucky it could double as a faraday cage.

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