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Janno Curing his Multiple Sclerosis

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by janno joona, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Janno, great update! I've never used LDN but know a couple of people that have benefitted from it. All a matter of personal context, I guess.

    I love infrared saunas and am currently watching on craigslist to score one. We have a huge masterbedroom and there is a perfect place for it there.
  2. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Great stuff indeed! Sounds amazing... rent a small house in the countryside :) Maybe you can pick wild herbs there too :) :)
    You are gonna be so healthy :) :)
  3. janno joona

    janno joona New Member

    Yeah I wish there was somebody who could explain why LDN works for so many people and why it sometimes doesn't. It being used by many functional medicine practitioners, but no one can tell why it works. It is supposed to raise endorphin levels by blocking opioid receptors for a short period of time. But how are endorphin level and immune system connected remains a mystery.

    http://www.ldnresearchtrust.org/ldn-conference there is a conference starting tomorrow in Vegas. Can't attend, but I have watched the videos from the last events and it seems quite promising.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2014
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    It depends upon the charge in your CM. That is what determines it.
  5. janno joona

    janno joona New Member

    OK, another fun fact (that is not funny tho)

    Here is a text from Nokias patent Jul. 28, 1998 http://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/pdfs/US5787340.pdf

    The popularity of radiophones has been rapidly increas
    ing during the last ten years. At the same time a belief of
    potential heal?r hazards related to non-ionizing radiation has
    been increasing. The power radiated by a radiophone is
    relatively low. typically few hundred milli-watts. On the
    other hand the antenna means of radiophones are few
    centimeters from the brain. the hearing organs and the organ
    of equilibrium. Although a direct heating e?ect could be left
    without further consideration it has been suggested that
    modulated radio frequency radiation induces changes in the
    electrical status i.e. in the ion balance of nerve cells. A
    continuous localized exposure to radio frequency irradiation
    has been suggested to weaken myelin sheets of cells and to
    eventually lead to an impairment of hearing capability.
    vertigo etc.. It has been suggested that radio frequency
    irradiation may stimulate extra growth among supportive
    cells in the nerve system. which in the worst case it has been
    suggested could to a development of malignant tumor e.g.
    glioma from supportive cells. Although the consequences
    described above have not been scienti?cally veri?ed. the
    uncertainty has some effects e.g. by reducing the speed of
    growth of the market of radiophones.

    So it seems that the former biggest cell phone company in the world has known about (or at least suspected) the problems of EMF for quite a while now.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2015
  6. kovita

    kovita Silver

    of course! i think all the goverments and companies in the business know! But who would say no to that money! ;-)
  7. janno joona

    janno joona New Member

    Sorry for the poor contribution recently. As it turns out I am quite sensitive to all the electric gadgets at the moment. That is why I have been trying to stay away from them as much as possible.

    It took me about a year to get myself convinced that my MS is not so much about diet and exercise. I really need to make a change. There is no other way. I have been a technology addict since 7th grade, I think. So more than 15 years. Anyways, today I am doing something extraordinary. I am moving to a countryside house for one month. I have no electricity there, just candles. Also, I am not inviting anybody over. Just me, my guitar, lots of books, pens and paper.

    It wouldn't be possible to ask any of my friends or family to stay away from their phones, iPads etc. Estonia continues to be one of the most wired countries in the world, with increasing internet access and online participation among citizens, the latest report “Freedom on the Net 2014” declared. There is a cell-phone tower about 1 km (less than a mile) from that house. So probably I'm going to move on from there in the future as well. But my goal is to control light for 30 days and see if I am on the right track. And from there on I can get more serious with that. My 2nd goal is to get myself really educated about what dr Kruse is saying. It can't hurt to get smart :). The 3rd goal is to put some of my thoughts on paper. Maybe I can write a whole book some day.

    It's a fun challenge for me for sure. Hopefully I won't go crazy there with all that silence :). Stay well guys, I will be back!

    This is, by the way, how dr Kruse's blog looks like in real life so far :) In a very small double-sided printing
    photo 2 (1).JPG
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  8. kyrakitty

    kyrakitty New Member

    Wow! Congratulations! We are in process of doing something similar right now too. .... We are a few weeks from closing on a house in the redwoods specifically picked to clean up our environment of EMF and air and light pollution. Our neighbors houses are far enough so their smartmeeters aren't radiating us. We are waiting for the ERMI mold report to come back. Cell reception does not work for most providers (and that is awesome) but verizon is a network that works ok.

    And finally assuming the home is mold free we are on Michael Neuerts schedule (he ran Jack's EMF bootcamp) for him to come to the house and do his magic to bring down EMF levels below 1 milligause preferably as low as .5 milligause if possible. If not the whole house at least in our bedroom. We will do whatever Michael thinks needs to happen to make the EMF situation safe in our home. We are in good hands. He has closed his schedule to new clients due to being booked with existing clients. Funny, we just made it on his schedule 1 day before he did that.

    The EMF bootcamp is very good and worth the price....http://jackkruse.com/emfbootcamp/. It goes into detail on things one can do to eliminate the EMF as much as possible in your home. Maybe might be worth checking it out for pointers, if you haven't already done that, to help deal with EMF if in the future you have to live in a home with electricity.

    Looking forward to hearing what happens!!! It will be good I just know it.
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  9. janno joona

    janno joona New Member

    OK the project Into the Wild was interrupted by another MS worsening.

    I've been trying to figure out the mistakes that I made... I stayed outside as much as possible. Grounded. The weather was quite cold. There was even some snow outside. Every morning I went outside, stared at the sun. I had a well on that property and I think the quality of water is awesome. Haven't had anybody testing it tho. So I threw a bucket or 2 of ice cold water on me every morning. That was kind of fun to do :)

    Drank a lot of it. But I had hard time warming up. I felt weaker every the day. I was eating ketotic epipaleo diet. But I was craving carbs like crazy. So I snapped and had a lot of honey. I just couldn't move without it. I also tried sauna. And before the relapse I lost my sleep for 3 nights. Oh yeah, I had some eggs as well. I just didn't feel getting any worse so I thought I might not have an issue. Well I did and it was bad.

    I couldn't turn off the smart meter inside the house. But the electricity was turned off most of the time. But yeah, one of those attacks again.

    So I got the steroid IV and now I'm on interferon. My redox potential seems to be trashed. As I compare my symptoms and the RedoxRX blog post. Got some labs:


    So yeah according to the labs it seems that I'm getting worse.
    The good thing is that I got a lot of reading and some of my writing done.
  10. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator


    See a problem here Janno?
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  11. janno joona

    janno joona New Member

    I do. In fact, just yesterday I did an interview with one of the former executives of Nokia. It was the toughest interview I have ever done in my life.

    Not because he had MS + EHS. The hard thing to hear was how he explained the society and his family reacting after he tried to tell them how he feels around EMF emitting devices. They left him. I have been thinking about it a lot.

    It seems that all life is business. And people who take things personally are just not good for business... And it's OK. It's always been like that. They say that I should learn to accept life the way it is. I guess I agree. Just some things are damn hard to accept.

    Time for me to get outside jump into my cold pond and do some meditation. That will lighten me up. Vielight up the nose (hopefully in April I will have a better device for that) and I'll be good again.
  12. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Janno...... sending you a gentle hug..... :love:
    I know what you feel. Makes ones heart bleed for sure. Somehow a lion have awakened in me.. because of all the suffering I see. and nowadays.. I just run forward.. I do not have time to look back or to the left/right.... people who do not want to change... who are not willing to see the truth.. they cause suffering.. for themselves and others.. every little choice they make makes for the good or for the bad. They just cant perceive it because they have gone numb. I cut them off. I do not care one bit. Because I have seen enough of suffering. There are always people who will listen.. who are longing for change.. to something better..... into the light. They are out there!

    Yesterday at work.. there were two gentleman who I served at their table.. I felt they were special. After other guest left in the room I served in, I went into a talk with them.. I guess for an hour o_O
    maybe I will get fired because of this....lol but I could not care less. One was the copy of Paleo Josh!!!!! So crazy. And I told them about Jack and how I live.. and they were so honestly interested.... not because they would like to flirt with me as a women.. no. It was different. This talk.... filled me with hope.. and joy..... some people realize.. what is the truth.......

    The ex husband is into contact with some prominent movie/documentary producers.. they are making a documentary where he plays a big role. I am thinking about how could I use these contacts to reach the world..... our world is in desperate need of light............. how do we spread it most efficiently to reach the most? My head is hurting..... I have this huge drive now...... I need to make a change for this world. Every little thing counts.

    I tanned nude yesterday for 3 hours on my terrace earthing before leaving for work.. it was 10 degree Celcius and a gentle wind... it was so beautiful.. I got filled with light and joy. Winter sun is my favorite sun.. it is so full of warmth and red........ close to the horizon... I feel like it has special healing powers.So sensual... sexy
  13. Inger

    Inger Silver

    If accepting the things how they are means resignation.. I disagree...... strongly. I will never ever stop running.... forward.. it is a thirst for life... for light.. for truth. Does not matter if I am the only one.
    Because without this life has no purpose to me and I could lie down and die as well. It is just not an option.
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  14. janno joona

    janno joona New Member

    Dear Diary,

    Time to put something down again. From October to January I was working hard on a new TV series filmed in India. I am producing and editing it. I could not come to Mexico because of that project. The series is going to be awesome and it is a great learning experience for me, but it took a huge toll on my health. So we decided to take a break from sitting in an office on a computer for a very long and intense period and I took off to South East Asia with my girlfriend and her 6-year old daughter. Altogether it was 2 months.

    So thanks to Jack and his teachings I knew we had to choose accommodation either close to the Ocean or at least with a pool. Air conditioner was also a must. I did pretty well. Just the final couple of days were hard, because the pool was just super hot and I could not use it for CT. Wifi and 4G is unfortunately always a problem when in Asia. Depends on the location of course.

    I biohacked 2 things while I was there

    First we went a Gili Trawangan Island close to Bali. And I did my freediving certificate over there. I have been freediving for couple of years on my own, but I was now finally getting some high quality advice on how to equalize pressure and how to be safe. My goal is not to become a freediver, but I just wanted to learn a new skill and get rid of some bad habits. I had a slight mucus in my nose, probably from the air conditioner, and it was very difficult to get the equalization right. And I must say I did not feel very well after those sessions in the pool and water. Maybe I pushed too hard, because I feel great when I do it back in Estonia in a lake. I do not go very deep and I take it easy and it feels great!

    I learned quite a bit about breath control, being present and some more stuff about mammalian dive reflex. One thing that I learned from the instructor Johan, was that underwater pressure constricts the spleen, squeezing out extra haemoglobin, the protein that carries oxygen around the body. I don't know if Jack mentioned that particular effect during the webinar and maybe I missed it. People who do a lot of freediving have blood that is like of people living at high altitude. In high altitudes, there is less oxygen and so the amount of haemoglobin in blood increases. Interesting, huh?
    10 days of Vipassana meditation with Thai monks
    The second biohack I did was at the International Dharma Hermitage of Wat Suan Mokkh: http://www.suanmokkh-idh.org/
    So 10 days of silence, meditation, being connected pretty much 24/7.

    Some cons
    Vegetarian food, no seafood
    Wifi at one building where the meals were served. I think they would agree to switch it off if asked. I didn't do it. Because I was not supposed to be talking during the time there :).
    Some light problems, which can be overcome with the help of eyewear and clothing. I am sure they would change the bulbs there if somebody talked to them about it.
    Heat. The only water body they have is a hot spring, which I did not really want to use, because it was super hot. But the water that they use for washing is cold. So that is good and can be used successfully.

    Lots and lots of pros
    I think this is the place where you can get a really good meditation coaching. And you learn a lot about Buddhism as well. Straight from the monks of Thailand.
    Being grounded. I was walking barefoot all the time.
    Controlling your mind, improving the vagal connection
    Water was OK, filtered
    No nnEMF if you stay away from the hall where they eat. It was kind of fun to have 100 people around you without a single cell phone. Too bad we could not talk to each other.
    Mentally quite challenging. It is hard to let go of some of the things you do not agree with when the monks are telling you about Buddhism. But this is also a great skill to master. Accept somebodys beliefs and not to throw out the baby with the bath water.
    2 meals a day. That has huge benefits for autophagy. Nobel Prize in Medicine was given out to a Japanese scientist for his work on authopagy: https://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/medicine/laureates/2016/press.html
    Yoga. I was very happy to learn from a serious master. This is something I have been postponing for way too long. Great health benefits from bending, breathing and being present.
    Tai Chi was new for me. Pranayama was interesting for sure. But I have to say I felt better after yoga sessions.
    Some of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen. Lot of people were doing sun gazing in the morning. I wonder if they knew why they were doing that :). It seems that they did.

    So in summary the benefits I got from the camp were huge! I highly recommend it! Especially for somebody with EHS. This is an experience you will remember your whole life! I am sure I will do it again, but next time I will go to Nepal for that. Mostly because of the heat.

    So while I was not meditating I experienced the most clear thinking of my entire life! I had 2 business-related ideas and I thought a lot about the altitude and hemoglobin connection. The cross country skiers in Estonia do high altitude training camps before the Olympics and they get a huge benefit from that. They also use hypoxic chambers for that. They can get their hemoglobin level so high that they won't be allowed to participate that particular competition. They won't be disqualified, but they need to skip it, until their hemoglobin is back within the limits. Funny how this is regulated.

    I remember when I was on Oahu, in Hawaii, I jotted down to my journal that every time I spent some time up in the mountains I felt better for a while right after, when coming back to the sea. So my next biohack would be going up to 5000 feet and see how I do there. Jack advised me to try that a long time ago. So soon I will be hacking that. Probably in France. I probably stay there for a week or two skiing downhill naked, haha :).

    I would love to hear your thoughts on the hemoglobin connection.
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  15. janno joona

    janno joona New Member

  16. janno joona

    janno joona New Member

    Oh yeah, one more thing. I did some wowoo stuff in Ubud on Bali as well, haha. If you happen to be there go and look up Pak Man. He did a very serious body work on me. Added a lot of magic into the mix. It hurt like hell, but it felt great couple of days later! If you can take some serious massage and Balinese wowoo - I would recommend that for sure. Even just for the experience! Great guy.
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  17. janno joona

    janno joona New Member

    So I took the Hair Mineral Analysis test just out of curiosity. I am not sure if that is a valid test, but lots of Anti Aging doctors use that.

    And it shows high Ca levels. My blood Ca seems to be normal and other serum biomarkers as well. But this test showed something different.
    Low potassium, low magnesium. Luckily no heavy metal toxicity. The advice that came with the test seems kind of controversial. I believe I am eating a pretty high protein diet already and I can not imagine eating any more eggs. So I don't really focus on the food intake. I will up my magnesium, epsom salt baths etc.

    But that test can actually reveal something totally different. Could it be that the nnEMF I allowed because of my work pushed the Ca levels that high? I guess so. People with EHS have hard times when trying to prove the sceptics and their doctors that the hypersensitivity is not psychosomatic. I have heard some scientist mention functional MRI as a means of testing people. But it would be great if that could be tested with smth as simple as hair analysis.
    JOONA, JANNO 02-08-2017_1.jpg JOONA, JANNO 02-08-2017_2.jpg
    Redox was pretty bad after the busy period with the project. I will try some things that the magnesium advocacy group https://www.facebook.com/groups/MagnesiumAdvocacy/ is talking about and retest. JOONA, JANNO 02-08-2017_1.jpg
  18. Sue-UK

    Sue-UK Gold

    I look at hair analysis differently ... :oops: I see the hair as an excretion route, so does "no heavy metal toxicity" mean that there is none to excrete, or that there is but my body can't excrete it ..... :confused:
  19. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    redox before detox...........just saying. For 12 years Ive been using light water and cold to reverse things in humans. Things built around proper light signaling in nature is capable of building your redox......you always should build that before you detox. Detox is a bad idea sold by functional medicine types who have no clue how light is used in cells. Detoxing works best when the redox potential of cells is restored first. This is why I get angry with functional docs who steal money from the ill for detox therapies when their redox potential sucks at the outset. You all now have something to help your own redox when you are indoors. Nothing replaces the sun but you now have a man made light that helps build redox and won't destroy it because it follows nature's principle because it works with hemoglobin and water.


    Light for the win:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/58d93c5ce4b06c3d3d3e701f
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  20. janno joona

    janno joona New Member

    I'm still waiting for my Quantlets to arrive. Hopefully it's gonna happen soon :).
    I am currently listening to some of the latest webinars and Q&As for members. I skipped them because of the traveling. January 2017 is now replaying for the 2nd time. And soon probably for the 3rd. WOW! I will probably go and take a trip to the Alps even sooner than I planned.

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