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Janno Curing his Multiple Sclerosis

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by janno joona, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. janno joona

    janno joona New Member

    I am pretty sure that the last worsening of the symptoms was because of the carbs /inflammatory foods I tried to re-introduce. Chocolate/white rice/even brown rice/juice/too much fruits. I am more focused on healing the leaky gut and calming the immune system than fueling the brain maybe. It seems to be more of a down-to-earth kind of approach.

    Im very convinced though about the harmful effects of EMF. Next week Im gonna be moving from Oahu to Maui into a house with AC and pool (chlorine, damn). But close to the ocean as well. So the heat problem shall be solved. And there I can switch off the Wifi router for the night as well. I believe introducing carbs was too early. Im avoiding all grans, nuts, seeds, eggs, dairy, soy, etc. But since it has been mentioned that some carbs might be beneficial for the gut, help with sleep (which it did) and I initially felt a huge improvement in my energy, vision, sleep etc - that was my justification for that. Once you start seeing some short cut - your brain gets amazingly wise thinking about all the reasons why you should cheat. Quite often you end up cheating yourself.

    Im following Sarah Ballantynes Autoimmune Protocol and Terry Wahls' approaches and it seemed to do good. I believe that because of the huge amounts of corticosteroids, kind of a crazy (but still awesome) lifestyle and my constantly worrying nature - the stress has done some huge damage to my gut wall. Im thinking that the connection between the leaky gut and chronic diseases is pretty well proven by now. The only thing I can say with absolute certainty is that in my case MS relapse has been accompanied by some sort of stress. So focusing only on fat and protein without focusing on gut bacteria might not be the right thing to do. In my opinion. But achieving ketosis and still consuming leafy greens and other fibrous low inflammatory veggies should be doable.
  2. janno joona

    janno joona New Member

    But yeah, Inger! This is a great community. Thanks a lot for the help! Who knows - some day I might accept the invitation and come to enjoy the EMFlessness :). Right now Im still sure that HI is the place to be for me. The seafood, sunlight, vit D, ocean, etc. This is what I had for dinner the other day https://www.dropbox.com/s/fdou84css0oxfnn/2014-07-30 22.26.54.jpg. I hope grilling the oysters is an acceptable way of prepping them :).
  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I loved grilled oysters!
  4. janno joona

    janno joona New Member

    Wow Im really getting smarter by the minute! Worked my way through the posts about DHA, STRESS, AND SCALE. I need to go over those things many more times of course. Because this stuff is mind-blowing.

    Also listened to Dave Asprey's podcasts on light. http://www.bulletproofexec.com/98-transforming-lives-with-light-and-helen-irlen-podcast/

    So this is what happened today. I finished my corticosteroid treatment yesterday and my sleep has been bad because of that. Need to pee a lot at night and probably all kinds of other stuff going on with the adrenal hormones. But in the morning I woke up, felt quite good. Started to read the awesome blog posts on my mcbook air and quite soon felt sleepy and dizzy. So I put on my night vision blue blocking glasses just to check it out. And I might be wrong, but I started to feel way better quite quickly. I have been doing some work stuff now for hours and I don't feel so sluggish as usually.

    Lots of learning to do for me sill. But Im definitely getting very excited about all that!
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2014
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  5. kyrakitty

    kyrakitty New Member


    EDIT...I forgot to add, due to being in a rush earlier, You are very welcome....glad the info was helpful or that you found it interesting.

    My client with MS and his wife both have the ApoE Gene 3/4. Dr. Pearlmutter and a few others have addressed this and they all say just because you have the ApoE gene do not do a low fat diet but instead titrate up your fats to comfort get them as high as you can to get into at least a mild ketosis. Basically he says it will all work itself out but lowering the fats is a bad idea because everything in your body needs the fats. He says it way better than I just did. I will find the podcast and post the exact place to listen to him address the ApoE issue and keto diet.

    Aside from what anyone else says my little brain instinctively thinks that even with the ApoE gene lower fat diets will not allow all the things to work that Jack teaches us. Everything I read outside this forum I mostly filter it through what I learn here so that I can apply the principals from here to things I learn elsewhere.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2014
  6. kyrakitty

    kyrakitty New Member

  7. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    With the EMF haze we are all living in, to one degree or another, I'm not sure any low-fat diet, like the Rice Diet, would work without mental consequences. Even if performed during the summer only. We need fat because we are disconnected from Earth's magnetism, and EMF makes it worse. If we could go back to the 1940's, or heck, the 1900's, a carb-rich diet would probably be fine, if it were summertime, or if we lived near the equator.
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  8. janno joona

    janno joona New Member

    Awesome news!

    Been upping my fat intake, lowering the protein and here are the changes of the last 3 days:
    Brain fog almost gone! I can remember where I left my phone and keys etc. This was a huge problem for me before.
    Fatigue way better. Don't get sleepy randomly
    Thoughts are clearer, focus better
    No twitching of legs anymore
    Stomach cramping feeling a bit less, but not gone yet
    Mood way happier. World seems like a beautiful place again.
    Less weakness

    What's left
    Small problems with balance. After waking especially
    Need to pee a lot
    Haven't slept much. A lot of thoughts running in my head. (mainly exciting and positive tho)
    Feet still a bit numb or cramping
    Vision blurry, but today less blurry than before.

    Two more interesting things I want to mention.

    August 25 2014 marks the day where all the pieces of the puzzle finally came together for me. I am still very sick, but all the doubts are gone. I just know that I am on the path of recovery. Finally Funny how you listen and learn and you're still missing some stuff. And you have your doubts and you make mistakes. But at some point there is like a *click* and you feel that you GOT it! Everything makes sense suddenly. This is how I feel.

    Another thing... I think it was exactly 7 years ago when I first started to feel the symptoms. I didn't know what it was, but I had double vision, heavy legs, dizzyness and I just felt terrible. I read about the symptoms online and I was already suspecting MS. So we were in Maui and in the following video I am joking in Estonian that "The ancient Hawaiian king Kamehameha used to say that if you pick a piece of volcanic rock, kiss it and throw it into the ocean then the ocean makes one of your wishes come true". So guess what was the one thing I wished for.

    It seems that the king Kamehameha was a wise man. Because this is exactly what is happening now - the Ocean is curing me.

    Can't thank you enough guys. Exciting times ahead!
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2014
  9. janno joona

    janno joona New Member

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  10. kyrakitty

    kyrakitty New Member

    Wow!!!! So cool. I love the video. You deserve to reverse your MS because you are hungry to do it and aren't just sitting back saying why me! You're out there making it happen.

    It can take 2-6 weeks to Keto adapt. I've heard if you suddenly get shakes/dizzy to take a bit of sea salt because your kidneys are dumping a lot of electrolytes so if you get a dizzy or shaky take 1/4 tsp sea salt 3-5 times a day in your mouth and wash down with water in an xxx. The kidneys dumping out this way can also make you pee a lot. Better even is to salt your food more to prevent dizziness etc. Cook all meat slow at low temps and eat raw meats that you like...like sushi for example.

    I've heard in the beginning to whittle your vegetables down to only eat the most nutrient dense ones till your fully Keto adapted by selecting dark colored leafy lowest glycemic vegetables to get as much electrons from them, lots of oysters, seafood and organ meats. All those types of food are extremely electron (nutrient) and DHA dense.

    With less carbs and less protein it is vital to focus on foods that have the highest amounts of nutrients/electrons or we run into trouble during the adapting phase.

    I accidentally cut my protein too much last week and it set me back. I learned I need at least 90 gr of protein per day and because I am still fragile it impacted me pretty severely but now I know.

    Hopefully you can check your keytones and keep them consistently Ketogenic along with blood glucose between 80-90.

    If you could figure out and do what it will take to get 7-8 hrs of sleep per day (could even break it up polyphasic sleep) that would prob be a game changer synergetic with going keto for your brain to rewire itself and body to heal....and of course drink water free of halides etc, limit blue light and EMF... everything should correct itself but that of course easier said than done. I am working on all those exact same things to recover from lyme. It works for everything. Forgive me if I've rambled on tooo much it's exciting to hear your good news!
  11. kyrakitty

    kyrakitty New Member

    Yes my client sent me similar info 3 months ago. Not this article so we will read this one too, it will be a good reminder as they want to do dairy and chocolate in their Keto diet I don't think it is a good idea as part of the adaption phase. Getting Keto adapted sometimes reverses all issues with chocolate, dairy and eggs for those who react to them. I have my fingers crossed what I wouldn't give to eat cream cheese, sour cream and Bree
  12. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Great stuff Janno - great stuff :) :) :)

    Nice video...
    Was fun to hear some Estonian! My ex husband is an Estonian Jew and I even lived in Estonia a few months year 1999 ;)
  13. janno joona

    janno joona New Member

    Feeling better than yesterday! I slept deeply for 7 hours tonight and some more during the day. Yesterday evening we had a BBQ and I ate quite a lot of steak. I guess I overdid the protein. Couldn't really resist the good grass-fed steak. But despite that my sleep was good and deep. Only thing that is kind of bothering is the need to go to the toilet. And I could improve the EMF thing. But soon I will change my Island and the house. So, life is awesome!
  14. janno joona

    janno joona New Member

    Hey Guys!

    Give me some advice. So I've been upping the fat intake and it seems to work good. MS symptoms are disappearing and I also noticed that the skin on my feet is better so are nails. So everything goes according to the plan. But I have very very hard time to get some sleep. Yesterday I spent my whole day at the beach pretty much. Most of the time in the ocean. It does miracales - had good vision and so on.

    So I came home, relaxed, didn't open the laptop wore my blue blocking glasses. I slept about 2-3 hours deeply. But then needed to go to the bathroom and couldn't get any sleep anymore. After an hour I suppose I took 2 pills of melatonin. Got a bit sleepy, but still lots of thoughts running. Tried meditation and also no help.The room is dark and quite cold. Two days ago when I overdid the protein (grass fed steak) I slept very deeply. I would do it again, but it seems that it worsened the MS symptoms (heavy legs and L'hermitte's reaciton of getting kind of an electric shock in my back when bendind the head down). Also took a cold shower before bed.

    In the morning I got like 1 hour more of sleep. And it's been like that for 2 nights straight.
  15. kyrakitty

    kyrakitty New Member

    This has happened to me too.... It is horrific. I don't know what it is. It could be part of the Keto flu as your body freaks out from a lifetime of relying on carbs for fuel and it could take as long as six weeks of consistent ketosis, without cycling out of ketosis with a carb reefed that kicks you out of ketosis, for your body to acclimate. I am sure someone knows but not sure if they will elaborate.
    • I don't use MCT oils after 2pm they can be too stimulating. Instead I use other fats (ghee, avocado oil, red palm oil)
    • Cutting back on fats a bit helped me too but I made sure it was still enough to keep me in ketosis. What I mean by that is I have found eating fatty foods like ground lamb (which is usually 20% fat content) with a ton of vegetables works better vs adding liquid fats to make a meal more fatty.
    • I make a point to eat a lot of dark and colorful vegetables with every meal these are carbs but these are the good carbs and they don't kick me out of ketosis, it's the rice and too many sweet potatoes that kicks me out of ketosis so I don't eat it. Seriously don't skimp on eating vegetables this is a big mistake I made and it messed me up.
    In addition to the above I think this is what helped me to be able to stop the horrific insomnia. I put 1/2 tsp each of Himalayan sea salt and ascorbic acid into a glass and filled it with 3/4 cup of water and I drink this 3 times per day. Specifically I....
    1. Put the dry ingredients next to 3/4 glass of water with a spoon by my bedside before bed and in the morning before I stand up I mix it fresh and drink it. This is supposed to really help the adrenals and also helps with cortisol. Then I get up go to kitchen and I drink another 2 glasses of water wait 20-40 min and eat.
    2. Again a 1/2 tsp of each into 3/4 cup of water 30 min before lunch
    3. Again a 1/2 tsp of each into 3/4 cup of water 30 min before dinner
    I take 4-5 beatine HCL with 1 pepsin with my meals too, to make sure my food is doing it's job to nourish my body so it can heal and sleep, that has seemed to help too.
  16. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Janno needs to read OSF 10
  17. janno joona

    janno joona New Member

    Yeap! Did that. Mind blowing as always :). Thanks Kirakitty for the advice as well. I will try the trick with salt. Beatine HCL is smth that I also use, because I suspect that I have a very low stomach acid. Tried the baking soda test for that.

    So I changed the house. But it seems that might have been a Pyrrhic victory. Because the house has sun panels and lots of electric appliances. So I was reading about the dirty electricity (lots of learning to do in that field for me) and in that house NOBODY can sleep really. So I don't feel like a freak anymore :). Got to keep moving. Switching off the wifi when not using it and pulled out most of the appliances from the wall.

    I also tried phospadityl serine some nights and it kind of helped me to relax. But still getting up at night and so on. Wearing my blue blocking glasses.

    I have been playing around with the glucometer and also measuring my ketones. It seems that I am producing ketones quite well.

    These are the results on different days so far (mmol/l)

    But another thing is with my blood sugar. For example today my breakfast was a can of sardines, spinach, lettuce, cucumber salad with lots of coconut oil. So the fasting blood sugar in the morning 8.15 am was 92 mg/dl, after eating 134 and 3 hours after eating 114. During the meal my vision got blurry and some MS symptoms got worse. I needed to pee in every 15 minutes. It seems that I can change what is almost a sixpack into a huge beer belly in about 10 minutes :). So mental note for myself - even leafy greens might be problematic. I suspect spinach for some reason.

    I feel very sharp and positive when my fasting blood glucose is under 90.

    But the last post by Dr was awesome. I could really relate to everything that has been mentioned there. I don't feel very well under bright sunlight, or when looking at my laptop screen without the glasses. I am so out of energy that it takes a lot of willpower just to get up. Vit D has been somewhat helping me with cheating with carbs the past summers that I have spent in Hawaii. And I have always been craving for carbs here. But it hasn't worked well for me in long term. And in the winter when I was doing a lot of CT and eating Epipaleo RX diet I was spending long hours in my office with bright fluorescent lights and behind my laptop. My diet wasn't too perfect either. I remember eating some stuff that might have irritated the immune system (nuts, seeds, coffee, rice). And then I tried the 80/10/10 or the Fruitarian diet (which really was not a smart idea).

    So the 2 questions that came up regarding the last blog post were

    1. if calcium AEP would be something that would help people with MS. (http://warddeanmd.com/articles/calc...f-multiple-sclerosis-asthma-and-osteoporosis/)
    2. if people with MS should prefer supplementing with Vit D and eating seafood to sunlight because of the bad heat/light tolerance
  18. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    1. nope.
    2. nope. MS folks vitamin D level needs to be raised by being connected to earth and disconnected from blue light and nn EMF. This is one of the MAIN reasons their Vitamin D is trashed. Disconnection leads to low D levels.
  19. janno joona

    janno joona New Member

    Hey guys!

    I just thought I would drop a line real quick. So I moved back to Estonia. Dark and Cold :). Still working on the boring part. I have now done some reading about light and nnEMFs. So after reading Steven Magee's book Curing Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity it seems that I'm finally getting it. He describes being sensitive to sunlight and this is actually what I felt in Hawaii as well. The sunlight there is strong and even if my diet was perfect according to all the Autoimmune Paleo books I still had MS relapses. Everybody thinks it's the heat. I did many small experiments there to convince myself (once you've been turned into a skeptic you are doubting about everything) and yeah I am pretty darn convinced that blue light is the toxin that keeps me sick. For example being in the sunlight during the day made me go to the toilet at night 4x more often. Same effect from using my laptop. Going on the balcony made me feel worse in about 10 seconds. Being on the beach, grounded, during the bright sunlight was pretty bad. but later in the evening it actually made me feel better. Being back home - when Im using a computer I feel getting irritated for no reason, also MS symptoms getting worse - balance, vision, skin sensitivity etc. I can't even be in one of the rooms in our building. Even if I turn off all the electric gadgets, I still feel shitty. After thinking about it - I looked outside and i saw that outside the wall is an electric wire that comes to the house. This is where the electricity spreads to the other apartments.

    By the way. couple of weeks ago Nokia's former executive publicly confessed that his MS was caused by nn EMFs.

    The article is in Finnish, but google translator can help. Inger should get it tho :).

    In Estonia there is a news that electric company has finally agreed to put a high voltage power line under the ground, because on one street there was 16 people who died of cancer and no pets lived until their usual age. There is a lot of bullshit about that from the power company.

    So now Im trying to put together a good plan for my recovery. And my new life. Cause probably I need to pick a new profession. Being in business and producing movies/tvshows requires being around nnEMFs and technology. Or what do you guys think - is it possible to use some hacks to still keep using technology? I guess I still need to take some time off anyways. So I'm looking for some rural area house that I could rent. Hopefully I can find smth. It shouldn't be too overwhelming here in Estonia, but grounding with the snow and extreme cold might be a slight problem. I'll figure smth out.

    I'm still sick, but I've come a long way. The hardest part about all that is to learn that nature is bigger than you. Funny how when I first got sick I got all those things intuitively and later just learned to ignore everything.

    So this is my plan:
    1. No nn-emf and blue light
    2. lots of DHA (i feel like being injected with some kind of a drug when Im eating the fatty lower stomach cuts of salmon. I feel really happy and... I can't really describe the feeling). I don't know why but even the best cod liver oil liquids don't do that. They say that it's not oxidized, but it's not having the same effect.
    3. otherwise just low inflammatory diet with lots of veggies and more of a ketogenic type of that
    4. Im trying Maca powder as an adrenal adaptogen. It seems to have some pretty good effects on me. You can listen a doc talking about it with SCD lifestyle guys: http://scdlifestyle.com/2014/10/mighty-maca-with-dr-anna-cabeca/
    5. L theanine
    6. Some help with digestion (ox bile, digestive enzymes) hopefully i can leave those out quite soon.
    5. Walking and light exercise in the pine forest here in Estonia
    6. Milder version of CT (this another amazing thing that Im gonna do right after I have finished writing this post. But Im gonna be careful with that. I think I went too crazy with it last time. Cause my feet stayed cold for long periods of time. I did some testing with iodine and that actually gets the feet warm quite quickly. Just another experiment to convince myself that dr Kruse was correct).

    And I have some more questions...
    A. What do you guys think about LDN? I tried it but I was paying no attention to other factors and I upped the dose too quickly. So I gave it up. It seems to improve the immune system and maybe would speed up the healing process.
    B. How about infrared lamps like that http://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-Inf...d=1415188427&sr=8-4&keywords=infrared+philips
    C. What else could look into that could be helpful for people with MS? Hyperbaric oxygen? Magnetic sleep pads? (I would really like to get one, but it's 1000 USD to ship it here. Maybe I will find a way to figure it out).

    So as always thank you guys for your thoughts and help. This community is amazing!
  20. janno joona

    janno joona New Member

    Here is one video I watched about people with electricity sensitivity:

    The lady there is quite dramatic. For me it's actually a pretty cool new thing to do. Gives me motivation to move to some new place again. Im thinking about New Zealand.

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