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Jamie S optimal journal - immediate cervical nerve pain issue

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Jamie S, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    C/T is fantastic at any time - do it when ever you can. Yes, the ideal, after C/T is to warm up naturally. If you can stay naked and move around that is ideal.

    The reason for the extra fat and ice water is to be able to handle the cold water.

    Try to relax a bit and trust your instincts.

    Baby steps!
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  2. Jamie S

    Jamie S New Member turned GOLD :)

    Great thank you Caroline!
  3. Jamie S

    Jamie S New Member turned GOLD :)

    I agree!!
  4. Jamie S

    Jamie S New Member turned GOLD :)

    Caroline do you know what @Jack Kruse meant when he said "OTC" with regard to his suggesting CT and PBM??
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  5. Jamie S

    Jamie S New Member turned GOLD :)

    Update: Monday I had a treatment of acupuncture. The last 2 nights I have been able to sleep without too much pain... Hallelujah. The Dr comes with some credibility, did some sort of research at UCLA and will be published next month in the acupuncture medical journal. He believes with 13 weeks of treatment I will be/could be healed but will know in 6 weeks if it's working.

    With the sunrise, ocean CT and pbm routine (and meditating on a few healing scriptures:
    "your word is health to all my flesh",
    “Then shall your light break forth like the dawn and my healing shall spring up speedily”, and
    “Behold, I will bring to you health and healing, and I will heal you and reveal to you abundance of prosperity and security.”

    With all this, I'm extremely hopeful. I feel good, more grounded, and sensing things in my body I never had before, coming in tune with my nervous system and it's relationship to my breath and bringing calm to my nerve roots hopefully. Trying to really sense what state my thought life/nervous system is in when I get that surge of electricity blasting through my fingers and cramping of my lat and then manage it. Now just shivering/waiting for the adaptation to cold to kick in.
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  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    I am assuming he means your condition? Maybe ask him in "ask Jack"
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  7. Novah

    Novah New Member

    No, I don’t work for the company.

    It might be worth giving the clinics that have it a call and seeing what their rates are.

    And give NovoThor a call directly and ask about your condition.

    The closest bed to me is a day’s travel away and they charge $60 for a 20 minute session. Cheaper than acupuncture. If a bed was an hour from me, I’d be making use of that opportunity as much as I could.

    I was talking to one of the clinic owners and they had a concussion case where the man wanted to leave his family as he was dealing with such high rates of irritability that he was afraid of harming his family. Well they got him into the NovoThor red light helmet and it helped him heal to the point his symptoms went away and he was able to stay with his family. Not only is that heartwarming, but also life changing for that family.

    I don’t know if people on here are seeing life changing results with their red lights? I’ve got friends with the Joov and they’re not seeing fantastic results with it. Some results yes, but not major. I guess I’m just saying, use a red light that’s going to give life changing results, not mediocre results - I don’t give 2 hoots what brand you use, as long as it’s effective :)


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