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Jamie S optimal journal - immediate cervical nerve pain issue

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Jamie S, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. Jamie S

    Jamie S New Member turned GOLD :)

    Age: 55

    Sex: F

    Weight: 130 (dont have trouble gaining or losing weight)

    Height 5’9.5”

    Marital Status: Divorced, not currently in relationship

    Work: self-employed MFT psychotherapist for last 6 years, For prior 30 years, was a tennis teaching pro…. so worked outside but wore long sleeves/pants, gloves, hat, sunscreen and under an umbrella. Sometimes would bare my skin.

    Joined JackKruse.com: Dec 2019 :)

    General lifelong health: healthy yet prone to prolonged colds/flus, muscular/skeletal from sport (knee, back and neck, shoulder (only after 2009 neck issue)) (significantly improved with NUCCA chiro 2014). in menopause

    Exercise: prior to neck issue, 4-5 times a week. Beach tennis out in the sun/sand but generally was fully clothed or in a bikini slathered in sunscreen but definitely sometimes got too much sun (burned then Tanner). This changed in the last week before my nerve issue flared. Also twice a week gym class (some interval and a bit of HIIT). Hike, walk, snow ski, skate, pickle ball. Lifelong natural athlete

    Addiction: trying to fit too much in/survival mode mentality

    Note: Went from teaching tennis all day, moving, outdoors (however covered from sun) to sitting all day indoors doing therapy.

    Fitzpatrick skin: III

    Location: Hermosa Beach CA USA since 1987

    Born (’64) and raised til ‘83: rural orange county, Brea, CA with lots of animals outside in the sun and dirt and sports

    Recent changes: started eating animal protein, specifically red meat in the last month coinciding with a trip to Aruba to play in the beach tennis championships in mid-November. Plane ride home felt like it tweaked my neck and has been irreparable with previously proven normal chiropractic visits. Ate organic whole food plant based from Oct 2018-Nov 2019, lots of intermittent fasting

    Current Dx: self diagnosed Cervical Stenosis/severe nerve pain in left rhomboid, shoulder, arm and hand (based upon 2009 MRI reported mild to moderate stenosis at C5-6, and moderate to severe at C6-7 in addition to Extruded C5-6 and herniated C6-7). Current symptomology is almost identical to 2009 issues. Symptoms are getting worse each day.

    Current strategy:
    get to Jack and get his advice ;),

    took a CBD tablet last night for the first time after excruciating pain kept me awake for 3.5 hours. Allowed me to sleep and not make the pain so obvious in my awareness.
    Neck hammock and traditional traction (over the door) aggravate symptoms.
    Cold/ice feels good but don't use that often.
    Heat when going to bed.
    Using my new red light therapy 660 and 810 nm daily or 4-5 times/week.
    Trying to assess if diet is triggering additional symptoms. Just ate oysters 2 days ago and had a turmeric tea - symptoms appeared lessened that afternoon/evening.
    Have seen my 3 great chiropractors (NUCCA, and deep tissue massage with manipulation).
    Trying Dry needling - first visit reduced symptoms.
    Oysters and numeric tea (3 day trying it seems to reduce symptoms)

    Apply CBD cream (no effect).

    Initial Health-hacking Goals: Immune system, mental/spiritual clarity, hot flashes (menopause), bladder control strengthen during day and sleep through the night.
    Boost immune system to feel good, not get sick (colds/flus/bronchial lingering) (and miss work), clear mind and greater spiritual access/connection.
    Then progressed to trying to hack sleep (sleep straight through the night). I fall asleep immediately within 1-2 minutes generally.
    Bladder control strengthen - I drink a lot of water so go to the bathroom too frequently.
    Menopause hot flashes - peri-menopause began at age 50, off and on for 4 yrs. They disappeared coinciding with trip to Aruba (so weather/climate or eating red meat affected them. They seem like they want to come back however someone in your forum said raising the head of their bed 6 in helped … so in process of that (currently at 4”).

    Surgeries: C-section July 1997 (identical twins), turbinectomy 1989?

    Other health related issues:
    Herniated belly button onset during twin pregnancy.
    Miscarriage Sept 1995. Difficulty getting pregnant (hypothesized endometriosis (histroy of heavy menstrual cycles). Ended up getting pregnant 4 months after doing a hysteriosalpingogram.
    High risk pregnancy… saw evidence of twin twin transfusion syndrome which resolved after quitting teaching and playing competitive (and all) tennis.
    Muscular skeletal sport/age related issues (low back, shoulder, knee)

    Low adrenals but was addressed and resolved with adding red meat and increased fat. (Was a single mom, going back to school and working and trying to be a stay at home mom… = stressed out.)

    Vision: near-sighted since age 20, contact lens wearer (however wearing glasses more ofter so I can go without correction. -2.50 in both eyes.

    Low back, hip flexor, psoas: very tight, switches sides. On and off sciatic. Beach tennis (ready position I think) aggravates low back stiffness. Having someone pull on my legs, relieves hip/low back tightness some.

    Bladder: very weak, some incontinence if I don’t pay attention soon enough.

    Other Health Info:
    Tendency is to drink a ton of water but finding it challenging due to my work (extended psychotherapy sessions with clients (1.5-3 hour sessions) and needing to urinate every 30 min if I drink a lot. Adding electrolytes

    Sleep: Not enough/not in bed early enough… Currently average time going to sleep 11:30p (goal 9:30), wake with the sun generally but then trying to sleep longer which is almost impossible (before I knew about sunrise importance). Wake 1-2 times per night for bladder. Just in the last few weeks, I started to get VERY sleepy (nodding off) in mid afternoon/evening. This is horrible due to the nature of my work (therapy, deep work). Considering drinking green tea to stay awake at a minimum but need to be alert, but this messes with my sleep (will wake up in the middle of night for 1-1.5 hrs).

    Diet: currently - red meat (grass fed/finished, pasture (farmfresh.com), veggies, continue to increase oysters and salmon. Trying to eat whats in season. Intermittent fasting and generally only 2 meals a day. Nothing regimented, every day is different. Water (1 gal/day? maybe) is main hydration (berkey & fluoride water filters). No caffeine, very little alcohol (ranges from 0-4 glasses/week (wine/beer), avg .5/week. Fan of whole foods… what God gave us to eat, grown/raised in the manner it was intended.

    Nutrition and supplements: Restore/IonBiome (gut health), TRS (toxin removal system for heavy metals), emergenC, electrolyte powders lions mane extract, spirulina/chlorella, grass fed beef collagen, (resveratrol, calcium magnesium butyrate, jerusalem artichoke fiber powder. probiotic with specific bacteria (did Viome gut test for specific food/supplements)). Have eaten mostly paleo (but not organic) for 2014-2018. Have done Daniel fasts, and a couple 30 day juice cleanse (Dr. Schulze’s protocols) in those 5 years.

    Meds: none currently . Maybe 10-15 antibiotic treatments in lifetime, last time was 9/2018 and before that was 2015?. 1 year of birth control at age 19. 2009 Medrol pack (5 days I think) for herniated cervical discs (c5-6, C6-7). Sometimes advil or aleve for muscular skeletal sport-related mild injuries and soreness.

    Vitals: generally low blood pressure, low pulse, low HRV

    Current Lifestyle / Therapies / Protocols:
    Wear blue blockers some of the time, trying to get in the habit (have phone on reverse/dark mode)
    Trying to get out at sunrise in shorts and tank top for 20, sometimes a hike (with shoes)
    Hot/cold showers almost every day, dip in ocean when out there playing beach tennis but not playing with neck issue therefore no dipping.
    I have done 3 day water fast to get over a bronchial lingering issue Sep 2018 after a failed course of antibiotics.

    Mother’s history - Died age 85, lung cancer reoccurrence (in hip, brain), original onset age 70ish (life long smoker until age 65); heart attack Aug 1996. Pneumonia as a 5 yo child. No other significant health issues.

    Mat Grandmother’s Hx - Died age 92, cataracts, dementia (not sure there were other health issues. Almost died in childbirth (giving birth to my mom).

    Father - diverticulitis most of his life, heavy smoker, vodka, rural life style for the most part (equine vet), lung cancer age 57, contracted ALS/lou gehrigs disease at 68, died from complications of ALS, pneumonia, emphysema and COPD at 70 yo.

    I think that’s about it for now. Checking on grandmother maternal health history
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  2. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Have you read Jack's C/T protocol?
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  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    CT and PBM therapy for this is an easy win for OTC. If not better in a week see a local doc.
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  4. Jamie S

    Jamie S New Member turned GOLD :)

    I have read and now need to get organized and implement. I have only done hot/cold showers. Thank you so much.
  5. Jamie S

    Jamie S New Member turned GOLD :)

    Thank you so much Dr. Kruse. I'm getting on it. I will search the forum for some specifics on the PBM for time/distance. I have a red alternativ 660/850nm light that indicates
    LED Count 200
    Power 1000 W
    Spectrum 660:850 nm
    Irradiance 180 mW/cm²
    EMF 0.0 µt
    Size 8 x 35"
    Beam Angle 60°

    I'm assuming OTC means over the counter... new to all the acronyms

    The pain has greatly reduced with the dry needling, oysters, turmeric, sunlight... but the numbness and tingling in the thumb and index finger haven't changed at all.

    May God continue to bless your work Dr. Kruse... I think it is profound. Thank you for making so much available to us.
  6. Jamie S

    Jamie S New Member turned GOLD :)

    Jack Kruse What's your opinion on prolozone therapy?
  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    start with face dunks as per protocol....
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  8. Jamie S

    Jamie S New Member turned GOLD :)

    Thank you Caroline... appreciate all the tips!
  9. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    CT-->Cold Thermogenesis (cold therapy)
    PBM-->Photo Bio Modulation (light therapy)
    OTC--->is the diagnosis of your problems by @Jack Kruse , I do not know what that may be. Possibly others will chime in.

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  10. Jamie S

    Jamie S New Member turned GOLD :)

    Thank you JanSz. I did figure out the CT and PBM...doing as much homework as I can and trying to not ask too many "stupid" or obvious questions since I have so many. I really appreciate the help. So I wonder what OTC means
    Also, How does swimming in the cold pacific ocean or at least sitting up to my neck in it count towards CT? Its easier than getting ice and a ice bath etc ready.
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  11. drezy

    drezy New Member

  12. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Funny you think Hermosa Beach is cold, but those tepid ocean temps are probably better for your condition anyways. Should probably measure the RF at the beach first too.

    Personally I've been craving to go swimming in the Arctic, maybe one day.
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  13. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    the ocean works fantastically well Jamie. Bathtubs are pretty boring unless they are built for two!

    You are getting grounding and sunshine and the surf.

    There is a huge C/T thread here BTW.

    AND .....there is no stupid questions!
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  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    another BTW ....did you say that you have an ice vest? or was that someone else?

    being in the ocean and then an ice vest at home would be fantastic.

    And .....stop reading and start doing! for now anyway.......
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  15. Jamie S

    Jamie S New Member turned GOLD :)

    Drezy... thanks for your sleuthing work... however I hope you are wrong ;) as I do not have nor want any of these symptoms...
    "These patients will often present with headaches, nausea, vomiting, delirium, erratic behavior, or seizures.[2] A detailed dietary history of an affected individual with undiagnosed OTC deficiency will often reveal a history of protein avoidance.[4]"
  16. Jamie S

    Jamie S New Member turned GOLD :)

    Thank you Caroline! I am not the one with an ice vest... should I invest in one? I do need to maximize time/efficiency so I appreciate any and all suggestions.

    I guess I'm not the only one stuck on here reading/listening/gobbling up info :glasses:. I will hit the ocean and check into the CT thread. Regarding the PBM... is there someplace/someone to help with the time and duration?

    Thank you and have a blessed day!
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  17. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    We are still on the hunt for what @Jack Kruse meant when he used OTC in the way that sounded as his Dx of your problems.
  18. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  19. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

  20. Jamie S

    Jamie S New Member turned GOLD :)

    Yes we are @Jack Kruse because this icd-10 is freaking me out. I couldn't imagine that is what Jack meant as I have none of those symptoms. Thank you for your efforts JanSz :)

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