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James' Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by JamesC, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. JamesC

    JamesC New Member

    Hi everyone! I have been reading Jack Kruse's work for a long time now and have not been following his recommendations as much as I would have liked too. Part of it was the fact that I was at school, but really I don't have any legitimate excuses. Im starting this journal in hopes that I can use it as a way to reflect on my day and keep on track, and hopefully get some support along the way. I am really just interested in the extent of human potential and ready to take the deep dive!

    I little about myself before I get start. I am 6 foot 3 and about 180 lbs, with a good amount of muscle and very low body fat. Weight loss is not the reason I am doing this, and I would rather pack on the muscle with minimal time commitment. I just graduated from university and will finally be starting a career in my field on October 14th! :). I have been stressing almost the entire 6 months looking for work and it now feels like I am starting to get my life together and organized. This is the other reason I would like to follow the principals laid out on this site, I would like to be successful in my career and not have any brain fog, which has been an issue of mine for a long time. I also used to be an elite cyclist, giving it up this year because a big hip misalignment issue that is still a problem. I hope to maybe try racing again next year but don't want to train for it the way I used to. Training took up way to much of my life and made me miss out on too many life experiences. I did try deep keto and CT a while back because of Jack and Ben Greenfield but didn't take the time to adapt or wouldn't reduce my training and cause my self some really bad adrenal fatigue for the second time in my life.

    The things I am going to focus on for now are light, CT, and food. I know EMF is a huge problem and I will work that into my life gradually, especially because I will be working near the airport and there are about 9 cell towers within a 500m radius and air plains flying over my building all day... I also still live at home and have a hard time convincing my parents to hardwire the house and get rid of wifi. I currently have a wifi antenna outside my room but turn it off when ever I can and at night when I sleep.

    Light exposure in minimal during the summer but harder during the winter because my parents tend to keep the lights on longer than I would like and the upstairs where my room is is open to downstairs. I also don't use my computer much at night But I will be getting blue blocker glasses soon to help when I do.

    I am going to exercise based on jack Kruse's prescription. I have tested my VO2 max multiple times for cycling and the highest Ive recorded is 76.4 ml/kg/min so I am excited to see if I can improve this with minimal training and lots of CT. I started my exercise protocol yesterday which is will HIIT 3 times per week. Initially I am starting with 6 intervals up a steep narrow trail in a provincial park near my house, with 30 seconds of rest in between. I will increase the duration when I feel I can handle it. The other part of my training will be weights 2-3 times per week. It will be a mix of power lifting and some general weight lifting but focused on explosive movements.

    For CT I am going to be rather aggressive. I have been taking cold showers for over a year now and can handle them no problem, even now that its getting colder. I was working landscaping this summer and recently on some colder days (5 degrees) I wore nothing but a t-shirt all day. I will try to do CT 3-5 times a week. Every time I do the sprints in the park I will also go the the river and swim around a bit. I did this yesterday and lasted 5 minutes before my skin started to burn, I never went white though. On top of using the river I will sit in ice in my tub 1-2 times per week for as long as I can. Today will be the first time and Im exited to see how long I can last!

    As for my diet, I am getting closer to Keto every week. The days keep getting shorter and shorter and ive been adding in a lot more fish in the way of Sardines. I will share my favorite sardine recipe a bit later. I still eat a few apples and some potatoes every once and a while because they are in season. Almost all my produce comes from a local farmer right beside my house or has a small organic operation. Im very lucky to have worked with him and created a good relationship. He is even going to teach me how to slaughter chickens some time in the upcoming weeks to prepare me for when I start bow hunting this winter.

    But enough background, here is my first official post and hopefully the start of something great.

    So yesterday was the start of my adventure. I decided to start with an HIIT workout and CT session in the river. I choose to do this all in the park near my house because one section is in a valley with lots of trees and a river which 50% of gets no cell phone reception, while the rest gets 1 bar and no data. It's really my escape everything going on and I find it easy to reset my mind and focus. I chose a narrow trail going strait up one side of the valley that is extremely steep and narrow to do my sprints. I run in Vibrams and have worked hard on a proper bare foot strike, all though I think I am going to switch to complete barefoot a few weeks for more grounding. I was able to do 5 out of the 6 intervals today before I started to taste a little blood in my throat which is when I decided to stop. Over all it felt great and I'm looking forward to the next session. I then walked 20 minutes down the hill and got some sardines, butter and coconut oil in me before jumping in the river. I forgot my thermometer but the water must have been 55 deg f or lower but I had no problem jumping right in. It did sting and I decided to cut it at 5 minutes. I got changed and walked the 25 minutes back to my car in shorts and t-shirt and it felt great. It was about 15 deg c out and a lot of people I passed were in full rain gear because it just started to rain when I got in the river :). Below are some pictures I took while walking around the park, I love this time of the year :).

    PS. Ill keep the posts shorter form now on!

  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    welcome.......do not forget water! the key for your hip is adding energy back to your leg. CT grounding water and a magnetico. cycling disconnects your legs and hips from earth pulses........this causes a slow energy leak of black box radiation and the structure of you hip alters..........when energy changes in the biologic system the structure of matter changes. When it changes it change the ligaments, bones, tendons, and the tensgrity of the system and your gait changes back to your primordial genome. The memory is in the water around your DNA even if the tissues have forgotten because the environment you crafted changed the your body.
  3. JamesC

    JamesC New Member

    Thank you Jack, I did forget water. I drink filtered tap water atm. I know our water comes from the ground locally (The station is about 1km from my house) and it does not have fluoride. Thankfully. I will have to save up for a RO machine or convince my parents. They would not like the idea of getting rid of the minerals though so that may take a while. I know a lot of my hip issue has come from extremely tight muscles causing forward rotation and a mis alignment at the symphasis pubis. I have Kelley Starett's book and am doing yoga and mobility work to help. I also sleep with a grounding sheet placed around my lower back. It's really aggravated when I sit for long periods of time, especially when I was at school, so now I try and stand when working or at my computer. I am going to push for a standing desk at work because my primary position will be at a computer.

    But I will catch up on your last blog posts and really try and focus in on the water issue and let you know how it goes. Its such an important part of life, I really need to optimize it.
  4. Martin

    Martin Gold

    Whoa. Heavy fecal matter.

    This applies to all that we do to "elevate" ourselves from the earth on our machines living places. Great summation, Doc!
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    Martin........this is the info on EE 5 and 6.......how you apply the 3 basic laws in EE 4...........EE 6 tells you this answer.
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    It sounds to me like your summer job was perfect .............
  7. JamesC

    JamesC New Member

    Today I managed to make it to the gym. I did a max strength workout focusing on the squat. I also did Romanian dead lift, press, Weighted dip, and barbells rows. I ended up setting records for all exercises which could be due to my 2 week break from lifting anything. Afterwards I had a little bit of the shakes which is a sign of very fatigued muscles, I definitely pushed my limits on some of the reps.

    I also did my first Tub CT session in a long time. My tub is supper small so I could only get half of me submerged but got my upper shoulders, back hips and feet which are important parts. I will have to bag some crushed ice for my chest next time. The water started at 53 and ended at 49 degrees. I lasted 21 minutes total before I started to feel my core temperature getting cold and I was becoming uncomfortable. The shivering started 5 minutes after but was more manageable then it had been in the past.

    I probably only ate 50g of carbs the whole day and tried to eat a ton, although I was always kind of full and found it hard to eat more at some points. My problem is that I am all ready very low body fat and I do not want to loose any more weight so I'm trying to eat a ton of fat. I did make sure I got my Cod Liver oil and Sardines in though!

    Tomorrow I am going to attempt the sprints again in the park after work. It will be interesting to see how my legs hold up. I'm going to follow it up with a dip in the river and try to break 5 minutes!

    @Caroline it was nice to be outside but I was also under the airport traffic and downtown most of the time, and walking upwards of 15 km in steel toed boots takes it tole. It also doesn't pay the bills.

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