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Jaime's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Josh (Paleo Osteo), Feb 24, 2015.

  1. following @sebbie 's lead i am startinag journal for jaime, my wife as she has been up and down with a number of issues for quite some time.

    around 8 or 9 years ago after we had been doing a long distance (160km...not that long) Jaime was on her way to work on her bike, when a man aggressively bumped her in a crowd. being the staunch no-fucks-given woman that she is she gave him a mouthful for the incident, and when the traffic lights changed to allow pedestrians to cross, he turned back and pushed her off her bike onto the road, and she was almost run over by a truck. the truck driver leaped out of the truck and chased the man, but no other pedestrians stopped to see if she was ok, rather they were whispering to each other "did you see what just happened?"

    that morning jaime called me in tears and told me she was moving to Bendigo and was done with Melbourne, and in two weeks she was up here where i was working

    Bendigo has had unemployment issues for some time as a lot of industry shut down, and even though jaime was etxremely talented in hospitatility managemnt, having managed some of melborunes most prestigious venues, it was hard to get a job here....the scene was different...

    Jaime hit a depressive stage where she wouldnt leave the house, put on some weight, and started to get intense dermatitis on her feet

    soon after she made some freiends although nobody was anything liek our friends in melbourne
    i continued just doing my job feeling awful for her

    cutting the story a bit short she ended up managing a very busy cafe but benig the kind of worker she is she was doing too much for everyone else and getting sick in the meantime iwth stress and exhaustion...she also hated the town as it seems very backwards and isolated

    after a number of job changes and increasing disdain for living this way we decided to move to the coast (jaime grew up on the beach in NZ, and central vic is the furthest thing one could imagine from coastal living)

    late last year i did some intolerance testing for jaime as bloating was s till a major issue, and candida was detected alongside many strange intolerances (rosemary etc) suggesting a poor redox
    always great when on holidays or not at work, always bloated after work

    recently after a stressful week lookking after a sister cafe to the one she manages now there was an outbreak of rash on her L hand ring finger, looked quite blistery and raw, as if a topical yeast infection (onset after helping wash dishes)
    candida is still up and down
    tested the coffee machine she works in front of - 7mG field
    we are now assuming t hat her work in nthis field is the major factor in her health as the candida and bloating is worse at the end of a day, and appears fine when not at work. she is extremely lethargic at the end of the day and waking up tired. She has been Epi-Paleo for 3-4 years with occasioanl lapses into indulgences (bread - very bad, chocolate addiction tho i assume this is a brain gut issue with regard to the candida - poor redox = poor decisions)

    ASI and 24hr hormone test to come, as well as all the usual labs...

    thx for reading :)

    2014-05-18 15.10.56.jpg
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  2. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Great picture Josh!

    What a wonderful thing to do for your wife :)
  3. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    Wow...she is beautiful....you are lucky bearded Josh. I hope the labs give you what you need....what is driving her inflammation....

    I took a sort of leave no stone unturned approach with labs and have been whittling away at all the shitty shit in my bod for 6 years now. I can't say it is the right path but it has served me. She sounds so inflamed that all kinds of random crap is popping in response to any perceived negative stimuli. Ive been there. It sucks.

    Any books by Natalia Rose...Especially Detox for Women and Raw Food Detox Diet were incredibly helpful to me. Dont be too offput by the sound of them. She basically recommends clean veggies, low sugar fruit, seafood, occasional raw cheese....all good ideas. She also hits gentle IF type eating. She is gentle and 100% geared toward women and helped me when I was an auto-immune nightmare. My moods changed rapidly for the better, and slowly it felt like fires were being put out in my body.

    I had insane candida, it was a bitch to get rid of and it was the last thing that went. I think food has so little to do with it right now its not even funny. There is not a candida starvation diet I didnt try....they didnt work.

    Do we ever talk about lymphatic crap and sweating on this forum? They were both a huge help to me and I have left them by wayside....bringing them back, along with the damn juicing that always seems to get chuckle from folks....this shit makes me feel good.

    Does Jamie have any interest in CT? Even just spot or face dunks?

    This shit was like turning a screw for me....little by little, when I pushed too hard it backfired. Reading good books like a New Earth....finding some peace and happiness in my world was always directly impacting how I felt. Simplifying every single thing I could....cutting the lifestyle fat that didnt serve me.

    Hopefully this doesn't sound silly. Its just all the smaller gentler things are what made the biggest differences over the years.
  4. she CTs in the ocean with me most days, it is now at 17C which isnt really cold at all...in winter she was quite good when it was 10-12C
    simplifying is definitely a good thing
    there are also childhood problems that affect her deepy (her mother was 16 when she had her, and we both think her mother resents her for "taking away her teens and 20s" - although we all know that is hardly the fault of an unborn child, it reflects a lot in interactions with her (often negative) mother.

    example, when telling her mother we are going on the cruise:
    "so do you go extended times without seeing land? ohh i couldnt do that"

    rather than


    is one example of her mothers negative approach to every conversation
  5. i might add here that i currently have her taking

    dr ohiras probotics
    zinc piccolinate
    magnesium glycinate
    lugols 5%
    D-Ribose to adjust wnergy whilst ketotis for candida

    dr best brain support

    she is compound hetrozygous MTHFR also has COMT and CYP1B1 so i suspect from her poor gut health previously that she is hanging onto estrogens heavily

    i have some calcium d glucarate to aid in binding and excreting estrogens, but will use it after seeing hormone labs and ASI

    it is a bit of a no brainer to us at the moment that the fields at work are so bad...
  6. were you just juicing greens? i think jaime did feel good when doing that but i was concerned for her gut biome and discouraged it...perhaps i should let her do her n=1
  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi bearded Josh and Jaime ...sending you both big bear hugs xo

    Stress in a Cafe/restaurant is way over the top ....I did that for 35 years ...and then add in the nnEMF.....
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  8. cantweight

    cantweight Gold

    Definitely get the book A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle in her hands....this book in its beautifully complex simplicity let me put down childhood baggage I had carried for far too long. I too have a very negative mother...its a tough one.

    Dr Ohiras Professional Strength in the blue box was far superior to the regular in my opinion....I took 4-5 daily while healing

    Have you mixed up mags? Malate is a household fave and we have lots of similar snp's around here

    https://www.xymogen.com/products/product-detail.aspx?pid=25 We used this, not sure if it is similar to yours....

    The field is important but she can get well there....I got well in a nasty place with no access to sand and sea.

    We did juice greens....I always cut it with lemons and apple to make it taste yummy for the kids. My go to was kale, romaine, lemon, apple. But we changed it up all the time....cucumber, fennel, celery, dandelion greens....what ever was on sale or in season or came in CSA. It was energizing and mind clearing....I regret giving it up and labeling it a poor choice. It was not a poor choice for me or my family....my kids have begged for the stuff. As we move into spring I'm bringing it back. Going to try briefly blending in vitamix (after juicing) with mct and aloe.

    My kids were very young when they were dealing with nasty gut issues. We had to use smoothies as medicinal tools. We did green smoothies with fruit. I added this... https://www.xymogen.com/products/product-detail.aspx?pid=155
    and aloe, swedish bitters, L-glutamine....all kinds of random crap. No more belly aches!

    It really is a N=1 thing. Perhaps these things are only successful in sick bodies....optimal bodies may run optimally but so many of us need these "baby steps" to get us to the place where our engines run on fat and seafood...even if they are supposed to already. The science is there, it should work....but when it doesnt we have to try these back door methods and some have found great success in doing so.
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  9. ^^^ totally agree on the n=1. i am changing my ways even with juicing!

    i think she will benefit from the sulphates and nitrogen so might get her back on i t even once every two days
    havent mixed up magnesiums yet, will do once there has been a decent time on the glycinate
  10. she is coming on the cruise too @cantweight it will be great for you guys to meet
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  11. kovita

    kovita Gold

    Well, Josh, I know something about being a child to teen parents. Sounds all very familiar. I can relate to COMT Snps and anxiety and unhappiness and many other shit feelings as long as i can remember. I may be a good match for your lovely wife. I bet her secretory IgA would be low. Does she ever get really sick lately? I mean fever and being down in bed and all this. This has been as well part of my story, no acute diseases, just accumulating more rubbish.

    I would do everything possible to bring to under control her emotions, selfesteem etc. I am convinced this is a gate to hell and she sounds like more than a probable candidate. Men can never really catch a women's feelings and this layer of their personalities. My husband has been trying to help and "fix my head" ever since we are together. He really did a way too much, but to no relief at all. Whatever worked to help to get slowly out of the hell of my previous emotional life had to come from myself. Pretty sad and frustarting for him I must say. Maybe it is supposed to be this way, than no pther person can do this job for you...because it includes to regain control over yourselfs. COMT met/met "mutants" are lifelong worriers. We tend to take the weight of the world over our shoulders. I found some initial relieve in matcha tea, which seems to speed up my slow COMT and slowly work my way through mental exercises, visualisation etc. Just taking a break to concentrate slowly on each centimeter of my body worked magics, because at that moment i did nothing more than taking a pleasure in energy originated in my own body. Sounds freak. I still struggle to share myself and relax for the others, my next step I guess. And I lost interest in wine, my favourite method to relax. i do not know whether you make anything from this mental vomit coming from keypad right now. basically i just wanted to say that the head of a woman could be as healing as hands of a saint and as poisonous as a black mamba ;-)
  12. really amazing response, and absolutely echoes my feelings on what is happening
    jaime had some problems where she gave every person she met 120% of her, and did everything in her power to lift them up and give them everything, and continually was shit on by their horrible behaviour towards her. it is the kind of stuff that makes somebody question whether they themselves might be the problem, which she asks me all the time. i have to continually reassure her how amazing she is, and how much she lights my world on fire, and sometimes she does not believe it :( i agree it must be fixed within at the root cause of childhood, she agrees too but does not know how to go about it or confront her mother

    thanks for the great reply :D
  13. kovita

    kovita Gold

    I seem to be working it out by becoming a real egoist at first. This helped me to understand what is it like to do the thongs I really want and to stop caring about the thoughts and opinions of the others. I helped to many but stayed lifelong loner. I reached now the point when I finally confronted my mother, rather unexpectedly and with cruelty. i really became a cruel selfish egoist. Rather happy one, I must say. No accusasions at all and I think she understood. I am pretty sure Jaime's mother knows the truth pretty well, but it takes guts as well for her to embrace it and all this...it is comfortable to ignore it.

    Sadly, it did not cure me ;-( so far. I am however starting to experience a true peace of mind every now and than. I sense anytime soon I may be able to leave my egoistic phase behind and become who I was meant to be ;-)
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  14. SeaHorse

    SeaHorse Gold

    Such great insights Kovita…..and I don't think taking care of your self, or standing up for yourself is egoism….we are taught as women to take care of others first, but the nurturing that is part of our biology should be yoked with being incredibly strong and sure within ourselves ….humans seem to have corrupted that in various cultures (not only ours) so that women's health being sacrificed for others is the norm…not good. When we permit ourselves to do what it takes to become healthy in all ways…well then watch out!…you are a great example.

    Josh, I hope Jaime finds this "inside out" path….it is there for everyone and is different for everyone. In the work with horses that I do, we talk about becoming familiar and at ease with the periods of time that seem like big chasms or voids, because out of that place, where everything you know and believe is tossed away…out of that place comes the chance to meet your self…the one that's been there all along patiently waiting. What feeds that self? What gives it energy and passion? That's the ultimate n=1. Sounds like she has a wonderful journey ahead of her
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  15. kovita

    kovita Gold

    Seahorse, your words abput horses are so interersting. I always madly feared horses and the horses were very unquiet while i was around them. Last early summer I brought my girl to the farm because she loves horses and the horses love her so I take here sometimes for a pony rides. It came to my mind that time, that I desire to sit on one of them and do it. Well, everyone (and me) was shocked since i was able to go galloping on the first lesson, it felt like the horse was part of my body and i was proclaimed supernatural horse riding talent ;-) now, when you wrote the things about horses, maybe it is why my relation with them changed so much out of nothing. it was just about the time when I for the first time manipulated provenly something inside my body using my own mind. they say the animals still can smell your soul.
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  16. Inger

    Inger Silver

    What a beautiful wife you have Josh......... and what a beautiful heart you have to care for her so much......

    Josh.... is there any way she can work part time or be a stay home wife? At least until she heal?

    I personally really love to work part time.. (I can do this still, because of an amazing ex husband who supports me with money..)
    I know so many women who suffer because their work load is just too big.

    We are women.. after all... I think the stress load on the work places in this modern world really hurt us women.. at least most of us
    I do not really think we are meant to carry such a load. I know my opinion does not fit at all into this world we live in.... I do not care.
  17. Hope

    Hope Gold

    Oh SeaHorse that is great re your work with horses. How did you start? Not trying to distract the thread. I have always dreamed about being AROUND horses. Not on them so much since a friend in 6th grade had a bad fall with bad broken bones. I do think they're amazing.

    Is that part of your chosen screen name?
  18. Shijin13

    Shijin13 Guest

    @Josh (Paleo Osteo)

    my thoughts echo Christi's. sometimes we're each different. I've done juicing before and felt great doing it. Recently I've been craving veggies in epic proportions - enough that I can't eat what I want across the day. So Every couple of days I toss some steamed kale, cucumber, carrots, apples, lemons (maybe even a pineapple - gasp!) and ginger into my vitamix with water or coconut milk and blend away. Also suddenly after almost 2yrs of not being able to stomach eggs - I want them again. Sunday I just had my "juice" and then sunny side up eggs fried in kerry gold on a Big Ass Salad.

    I've also backed off the high fat - and just going for moderate fat, moderate protein, and low carb - all from veggies and fruit. I haven't been able to do the BAB for almost 2 yrs - but I know I still have leptin issues. I'm following my season cravings.

    the interesting thing is since engaging this - over the past week and 1/2 I haven't wanted Chocolate. Yesterday was the first day I had chocolate in almost 2 months (But I also spent two consecutive days in EMF WiFi hell atwork)

    I really thing that some of us are so mitochondrially messed up that sometimes you've got to do what you can to support SuperOxide generation....
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  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=FUdfaVDckkw
  20. she has just gone down to 4 days which will help :)
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