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Jacks Optimal Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Jacks, Apr 11, 2021.

  1. Jacks

    Jacks Gold

    Well – I’ve been interested in Dr. Kruse’s approach and teachings for almost 2 years now. I was waylaid on my health journey by many distractions and interesting diversions, and wasted much time and energy where I should not have. But that is how one learns, by making mistakes, and I have made plenty of them! Overall, I am an optimist and have become an avid learner and more flexible thinker in my later years. I’ve always been interested in science and nature and now how amazing the human body is.

    So, in the past 2 years since my first exposure to Dr. Kruse, I have been rising early to watch sunrise almost every morning, eating more seafood, trying to build up my Vitamin D level and learning as much as I can. I read many posts on Dr. Jack Kruse’s website (printed them out and read outside during breaks), some of the forum posts, and Dr. Kruse’s book - Epi-paleo RX (though feel like I should go back and read it again!). I subscribed to Dr. Kruse’s Patreon blog about a year ago and I have listened to as many podcasts as I have been able to find, some multiple times to try to understand certain concepts. I have been reading Dr. Kruse’s Twitter feed on and off now for the last 5-6 months, though I am not a subscriber – I just lurk in a web browser! The thing about Dr. Kruse’s teaching is that it is so intuitive and it is what truly makes the most sense in the world to me regarding health. I have been keeping a running list of questions for Dr. Kruse – which keeps on growing as I explore and read more. So, I hope to find some answers on this forum, but I would also like to ask Dr. Kruse some questions myself.

    My background: I grew up in NE England (Durham). I spent most of my spare time out of doors as a child playing with the other kids in my neighborhood. I absolutely love being outdoors and luckily my career ended up having an outdoor aspect, though now it seems to be mostly computed-based and indoors, unfortunately. After going to college in the UK for undergrad I came to the USA to do a Master’s degree at the U of U. After completing that and enjoying all the wonderful outdoors Utah had to offer, I moved to the Bay Area in CA for a consulting job and this was where I met my husband. We lived in Berkeley, then Edinburgh (for 3 years), then back to Berkeley, which is where we still live now. My husband’s 3 siblings all live nearby, which is the one of the reasons we stay here (for the moment), plus we thought this was a fairly progressive place to live (until recently!).

    My heritage – British, mitochondrial DNA is H1 haplotype. The good news is my Mum is still alive and fairly healthy (not on any drugs) at 93 and my Dad passed away about 2 years ago at the age of 92 from bowel cancer. My skin is not overly fair, though I do burn some in areas not previously exposed to the sun if out for too long, but in other areas already exposed I turn red, but then the next day I turn a nice brown color and can build a nice tan.

    I just turned 55, and hit menopause about 6-8 months ago. I am married with two children, 12 and 17. First child was born in my late 30’s almost a month early and with jaundice (now I know – blue light toxicity issues!), the second born after 1 round of successful IVF treatment, which we undertook due to secondary infertility.

    I was pretty healthy most of my life, being active, athletic, and full of energy, spending a lot of time outside, though
    · I did have prolonged acne in my 20’s for which I took antibiotics for 6 months
    · Some bowel issues in my 30’s (overactive) which may or may not be related to above.
    · I had an appendectomy when I was 17, which I’ve thought may be another reason for gut issues.
    · I had an ACL reconstruction in my 20’s due to a ski accident and still have 2 metal screws in my left knee which attach a piece of my patella tendon to the leg bones in place of the torn ligament. The knee has functioned well though in the past 5-10 years I have had some clicking and discomfort sometimes but overall the reconstruction has held up really well.
    · I have also had what I call “vertiginous migraines” when I get vertigo for a period of up to a day, known triggers being eating MSG, being under fluorescent lights, and stress. I get a shushing in my ears, my eyes have nystagmus, and I have to lie still till the vertigo wears off and tires me out. This happens infrequently (2-3 times a year at the very most) but began in my late teens. My mother tells me she has the same thing occasionally.
    · When I underwent IVF 13 years ago I had a chocolate cyst on one ovary that was aspirated at that time so had endometriosis. Did not have any other treatment for this.

    I first started having some health issues after my second child, when in my 40’s. When she was around 3 or 4 I had a bit of a health breakdown with very low energy levels, gut issues, sleep issues, hormone issues (heavy periods), fuzzy brain, low libido, and some weight gain that would not go away whatever I tried. I asked my doctor why I was so tired and he had no answer. For the weight gain he just told me to eat less and exercise more to lose weight. I personally felt my body was worn out from pregnancy and breast feeding. My OBGYN put me on the pill to solve the heavy periods, which actually added more to the weight gain, so I stopped taking them after about 4-5 months.

    Then I turned to the alternative health field feeling let down by regular doctors, and had some initial success with a functional medicine practitioner – had the usual gut tests, hormone tests, thyroid tests, adrenal function tests, tests for mercury etc. I did find out my Vit D level was very low at just under 20, I was anemic, and had low thyroid, but not hypothyroid, and my blood sugar levels were elevated but not quite pre-diabetic yet. I did get some good advice such as walk outside in the morning when the sun is coming up, reduce carbs, cut out wheat and dairy, filter my water, remove mercury amalgam fillings etc. But, the emphasis was always on the supplements and diet. The supplements and diet recommendations appeared to help a bit, but I only lost about 5-10 lbs on a low carb diet and there I stayed, despite all the treatments/supplements that followed for various identified gut or other issues. Must have spent quite a bit on all that.

    But I did spend a lot of time reading and researching and learning during this time so not all was lost. I even took a basic cell biology class online where I learnt about mitochondria and the electron transport chain and I also took some neuroscience classes where I learned that neurons pass information using electrical potentials – fascinating stuff. I was completely amazed by all these things as I had not done biology at school past the age of 14. In the UK you specialize early.

    I did feel better for a while and I felt like I was managing my health reasonably well, especially since living in a nnEMF-toxic soup that just keeps getting worse – seems like 5G is being held off at the moment, but Berkeley may still succumb to the pressure. I was finally sleeping well and my brain was functioning well. I was mostly at home with the children and only worked part time for many years while they were young, but in 2017, a great opportunity came up and I went back to full time work. I was homeschooling my daughter at the time and working 10 hours a week in consulting, but my husband got laid off shortly after I started and so we switched roles.

    My new job involved driving to San Mateo from Berkeley – a total of 1 hour 40 mins on average per day total, which was ugly, but I did it, listening to podcasts on my way. The worst part was that I had to get up really early to beat traffic, and so arrived to work in the dark during the winter time thus totally messing up my circadian rhythm. The office building is full of high-tech companies, right next to an electrical substation, and multiple mobile antenna towers. It felt like a pretty toxic environment, but I liked my job and thought I could cope for a while. Some of my colleagues and I pushed for telework but the State of CA denied it at that time. Little did they know what was coming!

    Since Covid-19 lockdown started a year ago, I feel like my health has gone downhill again though I am having a hard time figuring out exactly why. I had not really noticed until recently that I had put on about 20 lbs. I found out when I got weighed at a doctor’s office while visiting for a tendinitis problem in my middle toes (left foot). I had noticed that I was a bit heavier. Unfortunately, my toe tendinitis was and is really bothering me and I can no longer go for longer walks, which has been the only thing keeping me sane during Covid – other than meditation. I became obsessed with learning everything I could about Covid-19 and what was happening to our world. I became extremely disturbed by what I saw going on and by the complete lack of interest or questioning of other people around me. I could not understand why everyone was just going along with the mainstream narrative, when the actual data told another story. I have felt somewhat alone (except for my husband and one other friend) as no-one wanted to talk about it all – most others (colleagues at work, my husband’s family members, and some friends whom I no longer feel are good friends anymore) just parrot what they hear on TV and won’t listen to anything else. How could people believe masks worked for viruses that are 100-200 nm in size! How could people accept that a vaccine is the only way out! Why the hell was the lockdown not lifted in the summer when the virus went away. What happened to natural health and immunity – seems like it means nothing these days! I felt very frightened by all this.

    I have always enjoyed living in Berkeley until the last year or so. I now feel like I don’t fit in anymore and feel stifled here. It is ironic that Berkeley – hot-bed of so much social change in the 60’s – is now the home to the most compliant, mask-wearing, vaccine-pushing Nazi’s you can imagine. It shocks me that no-one here questions anything and they all walk around outside (even in the middle of nowhere) with 2 masks on feeling very smug with their social/political signalling. You get yelled at on the street if you are not wearing a mask outdoors even though you >15 feet away! And if you say anything against the narrative you are labelled a Trump lover or question the vaccines and you are an anti-vaxxer. Not a pleasant place to live anymore.

    My current hypotheses for my health decline are:

    1) Spending too much time in front of screens for work and after work. My work screens have a built in low blue light setting (which I use) but they won’t let me install IRIS to counteract the flicker.
    2) Stress over the whole Covid situation, especially living in CA and the Bay Area – where the public health officials have gone nuts and me feeling unable to discuss this.
    3) Unable to get away for a good summer break or camping last year due to Covid restrictions and also the smoke/fire issues in summer and fall were very constricting.
    4) Lack of exercise and sitting at a desk for long periods of time. We have 2-hour long zoom calls sometimes and several calls per day.
    5) I started eating more wheat and dairy since Covid-19 – for comfort!
    6) Constant nn-EMF environment as living in a city and inability to get away from it.
    7) Post-menopausal drop in hormone levels?

    This is my current plan of action:

    1) Wear blue blocking glasses during the day when in front of screens and darker ones at night. Reduce amount of screen time in evenings and morning before and after work.
    2) Continue to watch sunrise and get out in the sun at lunchtime to improve Vit. D status (measured 34 in October, and just measured again at the end of March and it was at 34 again). Want to raise Vit D as much as I can so plan to test once a month to see if I can improve it in this environment.
    3) Started cold showers 2-3 x a week. Also plan to swim in the Bay. I tried a month ago but got a rash (chilblains?) on my toes after 30 mins!
    4) Eat more seafood. Currently we eat salmon and/or white fish once or twice a week and I eat sardines and tuna for lunch a couple of days. Not sure if this is enough DHA. I eat a lot of eggs and pate, with a pinch of seaweed.
    5) Low carb diet so cut out wheat and dairy again.
    6) Fast once a month for 2 days and mid-month for 1 day. Not sure if this is enough.
    7) Get outside more, walk early and later in the day to avoid mask-Nazi’s.
    8) Meditate
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2021
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  2. Jacks

    Jacks Gold

    Well - something seems to be working as I have lost about ~3 lbs since starting my changes a few weeks ago. I have to admit that I am mostly focusing on items 1,2 and 5 at the moment with some of the other items included in the mix. I am only cutting out the milk portion of dairy at the moment but do eat butter, cream and a little cheese occasionally. I am going to go back and review Epi-Paleo RX - I had bought the kindle version a year or so ago but I am getting a hard copy as I find it easier to make notes and keep track of things on paper.

    Starting to seriously think about moving out of CA. Starting to think of where we might go.... Any suggestions in the mountain west? So far considering Utah, New Mexico, possibly Wyoming. I have lived in SLC for 2-3 years and visited Los Alamos, New Mexico for a summer in the 90's. I've only visited Wyoming for recreation purposes. Thinking we might go on a road trip and/or do Air BnB's this summer in several places to check out options after school is done.
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  3. Jacks

    Jacks Gold

    The thought of changing my environment/location has given me a new lease of positive energy.
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  4. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    Does not sound a nice place to be in
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Jacks. It definitely sounds like you are on the right track.

    Have you thought of the Florida panhandle? Mexico?

    Can you and your husband work remotely?

    Do you still have kids at home>

    What about buying an RV and hitting the road?

    Are you following Jack's bitcoin stuff? wealth = health

    Jack is going to be in Miami at the bitcoin conference - in June. Last I heard he had one opening left.......

    Take a leap of faith .....jump without a parachute - and develop wings on the way down.

    Are you listening to Jack on clubhouse? you need an iPhone and the app and then someone here can invite you to join....
  6. Jacks

    Jacks Gold

    Thanks Caroline. I have been listening to some of the bitcoin stuff and I actually started investing in Bitcoin (on a low level) in 2017 before the run-up and in 2018 as I got interested in it, but I kind of dropped it for a while, but I have been getting back into it more heavily since Dec 2020 after listening to some of Jack's twitter feed, blogs, and clubhouse recordings, and realizing that this is an opportunity not to miss. I even just rolled my old 401k into an IRA and am investing it in GBTC & MSTR. So I am getting there slowly and working on my BTC stack with the help of the government stimuli checks. Of course my husbands family think I'm nuts so I don't talk about it anymore.

    I work from home currently and my husband is semi-retired/house husband and I have two kids - 12 and 17. The latter is about to go off to college so we will be more mobile after that. However, I work for the State of CA right now (at the geological survey), so I'm not sure how that will work if I move to a different State so we may have to find another income source for sure.

    I do have an iPhone and downloaded the clubhouse app but I need an invite to get on. He posted some clubhouse recordings a while ago and I downloaded them and have started listening to them. But they are from a month ago.
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  7. Jacks

    Jacks Gold

    Curious as to how you are reversing myopia? My eyesight went downhill seriously after I spent a lot of time reading on one of the old kindle fire's about 8 or 9 years ago that was backlit. I have some issues along with lots of floaters.

    Where in South Island are you? I have two friends who live on the South Island. One in Christchurch and one owns a winery near Wanaka.
  8. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    I bought a 670nm light after reading about this research, took about a year for me to get back to 20/20, all I have now is a few floaters which get in the way sometimes though, also it pays to active focus, for me its looking at the smallest objects as far away as I can see. A wonderful feeling to see well again after years of deteriorating eye sight https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/06/200629120241.htm

    We are an hours drive north of Christchurch
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2021
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  9. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    pm me and give me your phone number with relevant area codes etc.
  10. Jacks

    Jacks Gold

    Interesting. I've been reading Meir Schneider's work on improving eyesight recently. His personal story is amazing. He has lots of exercises which seem to help. I have presbyopia, but a lot of the exercises are similar to those for myopia.
  11. tenzing lama

    tenzing lama New Member

    Hi Jacks. I live in Vallejo. Let me know if you have time to sit down and chat around berekley. I visit berekley quite frequently.
  12. tenzing lama

    tenzing lama New Member

    Hi Richard, Where did you purchase this light from ?
  13. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

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  14. tenzing lama

    tenzing lama New Member

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  15. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    I use it with close eyes. Be patient, like I posted earlier it took a long time to really be noticeable, also Ive noticed my colour vision seems improved, colours seem more vivid.
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  16. Jacks

    Jacks Gold

    I made a mistake earlier. The exercises for presbyopia are not the same as for myopia (from Meir Schneider's work). I have problems seeing close now, but have good distance vision, but have the floaters. So I have been sun-bathing at lunchtimes and face the sun with my eyes closed for half of the time (25-30 mins). Do you think this would have a similar effect as the red light on the eyes?
  17. Jacks

    Jacks Gold

    Sure - weekends are easier for me.
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  18. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    I have no idea, but I see it like you have nothing to loose by trying
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  19. tenzing lama

    tenzing lama New Member

    What are other light bulb recommendations when we are indoors ?
  20. Shannon Eavenson

    Shannon Eavenson New Member

    Can you tell me about the H1n haplotype? I am having trouble finding out much. All I have gathered is H1 does better in famine and with sepsis but could die of sudden cardiac death. I am also just now trying to figure out how to work this forum. I have been a member for three years on Patreon and one year on the Platinum but still haven't done much with this forum. I have read his book and listened all the last years pow wows.

    Thank you in advance,

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