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Jack's Blogs in Spanish......

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by caroline, Mar 8, 2023.

  1. caroline

    caroline New Member

    Does anyone have access to Jack's blogs in Spanish?

    We would love to get the leptin reset in Spanish to start with.

    We have new friends in El Salvador who are very interested in Jack's teachings.........
  2. El milagro metabólico (Spanish Edition) Paperback – Illustrated, October 8, 2019
    Spanish Edition by Dr. Carlos Jaramillo (Author)

    This is obviously not jack's book but is the one my wife uses to introduce alternative ideas to her spanish speaking friends and relatives. Creo que es importante a practicar hablando en las cosas que estan interestante y importante a nosotros. Practicing speaking and writing about these topics simply and clearly is a tall order, but doable and rewarding because you learn to converse about things you are passionate about.
    Here is a funny story about translation. A person told me this in spanish: Look out the window, 200 hundred years ago a group of llaneros (coyboys from the llana region) rode bareback across those mountains and out numbered and out gunned killed 600 armed spaniards with spears. He asked me did I understand? I said yes, the window. You were talking about the window. This is a two way street and even when both parties are trying to communicate clearly, misunderstanding is a real problem. This is a great impetus to simplify and use common easy words. It is hard to explain this stuff even to an intelligent, english speaker who is interested in the topic.
    Buena suerte. Espero que puedas disfrutar todas las cosas diferentes en su vida nueva.
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