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Jackie's Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Jackie Beatty, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. In May I had a Building Biologist come to my condo in Cocoa Beach, FL and take EMR readings. There was significant RF radiation coming from 3 smart meters on my bedroom wall and a lot of magnetic radiation coming off the power lines outside my bedroom that I did not expect. I knew I had to move. In June I attended NV 2018 and since have been reading all of Jack’s blogs and listening to the Q and A’s. I started following the Epi Paleo Rx immediately after NV and shifted my TPO from 32 to 16 in 3 months. I had been looking for land and in July I found the most beautiful and amazing 10 acres on a lake that I could have ever imagined. As soon as I stepped out of the car I knew my search was over. The sun shined down on me and a butterfly crossed my path. I sold my condo to pay for the land and am living with my mom until I get set up to live at the lake full time. I am still working as a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist 2-3 days a week where I used to live, about 1.5 hours away. This transition has been exciting, overwhelming, healing, and stressful. I’ve had to either ignore or eliminate my fears mostly. The Building Biologist came to the lake and took readings. She could find no measurable EMR so if there are some it is coming from above I suppose. I plan to get a metal roof. The well is pulling water from the aquifer and I want to get it tested and then figure out how to best care for it before drinking. I dream of having my own source of good water. I am planning on attending the Longevity Center’s open house and am excited to possibly see some ideas that will help me with the construction of my mini fortress. I would love to have a flat rock out in the middle of the yard where I can lay naked in the sun and drink my own water with the butterflies, flowers, bees, and turtles. So far I have seen raccoons, a hawk, a Sandhill Crane, tortoises, rabbit, ducks, and egrets. I know there are boar, deer, and bear and am looking forward to seeing them. In the surrounding area there are several state parks where I can go swim in springs.

    Health wise I don’t know what my labs would look like right now. I have been all over the place with this transition, but I know how to best care for myself. I will improve as I am able to get more AM sun. Prior to moving I was getting AM sun while grounding on the beach 5 out of 7 mornings. My biggest health question and worry is the titanium metal plate and 9 screws in my right foot. Ideally I would like for them to be removed and am hoping Jack will be able to look at my x-ray and tell me if it is possible. I have been told no by one doctor. I am only paying for my health insurance to cover the cost of the surgery. I would like to know if I can have the surgery and if so pay the deductible and if not cancel my insurance.

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  2. Stephen W

    Stephen W Silver

    Hi Jackie, I’m thinking the same about my heel too!

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  3. Oh wow! We are heel twins :) Let me know if you get an answer. It's nice to know I'm not the only one.
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  4. Stephen W

    Stephen W Silver

    I will do!
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Your new location sounds wonderful Jackie! What about building a teepee and living there full time until you construct something permanent? I have a neighbour who built at teepee for sleeping and then she built a lean to for cooking and storage etc.

    I am so excited for you!

    Fantastic that you are going to the farm......we will need lots of details!!!! and pics!!!! please......
  6. Thank you Caroline! I can't wait to be out there full time.

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  7. Stephen W

    Stephen W Silver

    Hi Jackie,
    Well I got my metal out of my heel! Got it done about 6 months ago. I was hoping more I’d have a lot less pain in my ankle but it’s not much different. The pain in my Achilles is gone, but not deep in the middle of my ankle.
    Doctor didn’t want to do it (like they’ve always said) but I was like if you don’t do it I’m going elsewhere. So they did it!
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  8. Hi Stephen! Wow I'm so happy for you! Congratulations on succeeding with getting the metal out, I think that's really amazing. I like how you didn't take no for an answer. I'm glad at least some of the pain is reduced and it must be such a relief to know the metal is gone. Thank you so much for letting me know how you did it. Eventhough it's been 6 months since your surgery I would still be optimistic about the remaining pain diminishing, after my initial surgery I was still healing after 1 year. How long was your recovery time until you could walk after the removal?
  9. Stephen W

    Stephen W Silver

    Thanks! Believe it or not the doc had me walk up the corridor of the hospital the next morning! It was quite painful though! (didn’t help that I pretended to take the pain meds haha I try to keep away from them).
    But when I got home I got tons of sun and heaps of vitamin c and was pretty mobile walking without much pain in a week! That was surprising since I thought it was going to take like 4-6weeks.
    The pain was mainly the incision and because the bone had completely grown all over the top of the plate, it had to be chiseled off! So there was quite some pain trying to walk because of the bone chiseling around the bottom of the foot.
    Doc did say it would take up to 1 year for the holes in the heel from the screws to fill in with new bone, and to not do anything too crazy. But hopefully there will be less pain later. It’s only when I do too much on it.

    And I got to keep my plate!
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2020
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  10. Stephen W

    Stephen W Silver

  11. WOW your story just keeps getting better! I can't believe you were walking so soon after the surgery. I have been putting this off for so long because I was thinking I would have to take a month off work. I love your picture with the plate on top. I am so happy for you! What a success story. Thank you so much for letting me know how you persuaded the doc to do it, I am going to try the same approach (was already told "no" once). So interesting that the bone grew over the plate, but I'm glad it was able to come out. Also awesome to know that the bone will grow back into the screw holes because I was wondering about that too. Thank you! :)
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  12. I think you are in Australia, but any chance you are going to Jack's on the 4th?
  13. Stephen W

    Stephen W Silver

    I am in Australia and won’t be going unfortunately. Would be great though!

    Yeah give it a go with your surgeon, maybe even use my story and say how great it’s been for me! :)

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  14. Stephen W

    Stephen W Silver

    Oh and I also bought one of these in preparation for my recovery, it was awesome!
    So much better than crutches. But I only really used it for 3 days when I really needed to stand.

    Here’s a video of the product iwalk 2.0 https://youtu.be/kgJJzSXHVDI 27B48333-635F-418F-A1CA-1EBACE1CF7E2.jpeg
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  15. Thanks for the idea! Crutches were such a drag. I ended up using an office chair to get around the house

    Oh I am totally going to use your story with the surgeon! Pics and all. I can't thank you enough for all the info and encouragement
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