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Jackie Jolie Journal

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by Jackie Jolie, Oct 22, 2020.

  1. Hello!

    Newbie here! I want to start out by thanking Jack Kruse for giving us this space to take the opportunity to come together to meet, help, and support each other. I have read through a few journal posts just to get an idea of where to start, as I have to admit....journaling has never come easy for me. I also write like I talk so as much as I will try to be cohesive and organized with my thoughts, I can't guarantee to not hop off onto rabbit trails from time to time. Hang with me. :)

    I recently found Jack Kruse last fall as a good friend of mine (one of my angels in life) suggested I look into his stuff...I was in the middle of healing Lyme disease at the time. So I initially just followed him on Facebook and really liked everything he was posting and it all makes sense on the basic level...alot of the science still flies over, but the simple application of getting back to the sun and everything nature has to offer resonates easily for me.

    I was able to attend one of his members event this past July as a guest and was able to meet a lot of members and feel so welcomed. I can't even describe into words how wonderful it was to be around tons of people (from all different backgrounds, ages, and walks of life) that were so like minded, accepting, and giving. Along with the information that I was able to learn that day, I knew "this is legit." I also was so grateful and relieved to have this surpassing feeling of "this is the right path, no more guessing and blindfully searching."

    I then joined the patron site and started listening to old podcasts in the car during the day to start catching up on Kruse data. I officially become a gold member about 1 month ago to get access to the webinars, blogposts, this beautiful forum, and members events. I joined the recent members event a couple of weekends ago in Destin and just fell in love with all of the beautiful souls in this tribe that are on the same mission and again, being so welcoming.

    Anyways, I wanted to give a little history of how I came to find Jack Kruse first before I start on myself just to give you all notice that I am at the very beginning baby steps ;)

    I have a lot of data in regards to lab work, 23andme, and personal and family history. I will start my next few posts in some type of organized manner that I hope is easy to read and digest.

    Thank you for your time in advance and any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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  2. Jackie Jolie, 35

    Health History

    - as a kid, relatively healthy. Vaginal birth, and I believe my mom was able to breastfeed for a couple of weeks but then switched to formula when she went back to work. From what she tells me, I never had any consistent health issues or got sick very often (all in relativity with what she knew at that time I guess).

    -teenage life was rough in regards to a lot of stress after going through my parents nasty divorce, but again never recognized a ton of health issues.

    -Im part of the last generation that didn't grow up with cellphones, so I didn't have one until around 17 years of age. But once I started college, I have definitely been around phones, laptops since then. I went to college twice so was around lots of flourescent lighting along with having the tech and wifi at home and not knowing any better. (now I realize why I always got headaches and grumpy after long days in the classroom).

    -My last degree which I finished up around the age of 27 was to become an equine bodyworker. So that is what I do now, I work with modalities like deep tissue, myofscial release, acupressure, ROM, cranial-sacral, etc for horses. (and dogs too, but my main clients are horses) ;) I absolutely love what I do and know that it was what I was put on this planet to be doing. Horses are amazing creatures that can teach and heal you so much. Animals in general can be so healing, we certainly don't deserve them but im glad they continue to love us and live with us.

    I think with working outside and in barns and not sitting all day has certainly helped my health without me really being so observant of it. I have always been one to stay active whether riding horses, yoga, lifting weights, etc...and have been on a pretty good 80/20 Paleo diet for around 10 years or so. Definitely have a gluten and dairy intolerance.

    ok so here is the break down of where im really thinking things started to change now that I've been looking back (with already taking in the account of not being really aware of the dangers of the nnEMF and such.

    -kept my cell phone in back right pocket for probably 8 years, do not have it on my body now for two years.
    -broke arm 8 years ago playing polo. When my cast came off, I had an area on one of the suture lines that wouldn't heal. Would only have clear fluid come out of small hole. Lasted 6 weeks before I could get a surgeon to look at it and test it. Infection. Antibiotics. Healed. Had issues with bones growing back together on one of the breaks so had to use a bone growth stimulator. Fixed. Never had symptoms of the infection like most would, was just not healing until I took the antibiotics for the specific bacteria strain.
    -one year after the break I came down with Shingles. Very small rash behind left breast that itched like crazy and just wouldn't go away after 2 weeks. Never got any of the pain or spreading of rash that most complain about with shingles. took meds, went away.
    -about another year after that I started breaking out on my face like crazy, I had never had acne before in my life and couldn't figure out what was wrong. I was having no other symptoms. Had a regular dental checkup with X-rays and found I had an infected tooth that was going to have to be pulled. Well there was the reason for the outbreak, but I had no other painful symptoms. about 6 months later, I got the tooth pulled and an implant put in $$$. :(
    -Health stayed okay for a bit after that, so continued on living as I was...there was always lots of wine every weekend, as well as pot is pretty regular in my life...not an every day thing, but did and do enjoy it.

    -three years ago, I did start to notice fluctuations in energy and mood sometimes but really just thought it was the busyness of life and "normalized" stress.
    the only symptom that I can remember that started back then was in the morning when I would have coffee or mate tea (lots of caffeine) I would get really warm/hot in my body and sometimes sweat and when I would sweat it would really stink...like ammonia, which I think smells like a cat litter box. not cute. but at that time it was very intermittent and I figured I just needed to "detox" from the wine and caffeines in the morning some. I would, and it would clear up, and then id resume normal intake again and it would come back.... definitely my fault for ignoring for so long. But there wasn't anyone giving me answers as to why and anything I read online would point to "too much protein" or "dehydration" at that time, I really didn't think either was an issue...now I know better.

    -two years ago we had major shifts and changes in life. I say WE, because I have been in a relationship for 9 years. two years ago we had probably the most stressful times in our lives due to him losing his job to a boss who was an alcoholic and it was just chaotic and stressful. At the same time my mother was having major physical issues from a bad hit and run car accident. So I was traveling to Florida once a month for a week to ten days to take care of her (im an only child and she never remarried and she doesnt have relationships with her family except my grandmother who is 85 so she can't help a lot physically) for the whole year. So that was already straining on me having my own business and taking time off to go help her with her multiple surgeries and finding a place for us to live back home. This all lasted well over year before things kind of calmed down. My partner was gone for almost a year in 2019 to sell horses (he is in the horse industry as well) so I was left with a lot.

    Last January (2019) I had a tick bite from a hiking trip. Never got a rash or anything and never really thought anything of it. within about 2 months I was having tons of symptoms, but major fatigue and irritability were the major ones. I still never even thought about the tick, but started working with a functional medicine practitioner to get some labs done (I know, I know, lol) and also went to my main doctor for testing. She is a client with horses so she immediately thought about lyme and when she mentioned it I told her I had a tick in January. Lo and behold, Lyme comes back positive. She did a small blood panel at that time too that showed me low in B vitamins, folic acid, and vitamin D (39) (Vitamin D was always tested for me every year and although in 3 years I had gotten it to the 39, it never moved up.) She recommended multi-vitamin for the deficiencies and of course antibiotic Doxycycline for 90 freaking days for the Lyme! But she did tell me to go read up on it as she isn't a lyme literate doctor....and that's what I did. Learned alot through Dr Buhner and his book on treating Lyme. The bacteria is actually really fascinating in how smart it is, but scar when you read how it is affecting people and their health. I still feel very lucky that I believe I caught mine in such an acute stage and was "relatively" healthy to not have a ton of the bad side effects most encounter.
    Functional practitioner did a GI MAP and an Organized acid test and recommended supplements to help immune system and mitochondri to get my system stronger to even fight the lyme.
    Doctor ONLY recommended 90 days of doxycycline and if its isn't healed by then then we do another 90 days :O I was like, uh no. that doesnt work and will destroy my gut.

    I also had my doctor test me for all Lyme co-infections and all came back negative. However, in December I was tested at the Gyno for my regular checkup and had mycoplasma genetalia. Again, never felt any symptoms, but it was there. I didn’t want to take anymore antibiotics so I followed Dr Buhners herbal protocol for treatment and it was negative on my next test a month later.

    So I came up with my own plan for treatment:
    I did a total of 6 months of the supplements from the functional practitioner (2 months before actual lyme treatment so I could get stronger)
    I did 1 month of doxycycline and definitely had some herxing days and not feeling well while treating.
    I did 6 months of the Buhner protocol for lyme with is a ton of herbs that break down the lyme bacteria and their bio films (antibiotics don't touch the biofilm)

    I had a lyme retest in January and May of this year (2020) and both came back NEGATIVE! :D

    However, I still have stuff....lol So I made the obvious and consistent human error of as I started to feel better and I got a negative test, I started to slack on my diet and protocols and start indulging in life again a little bit (lockdown didn't help either!) and that was a bad choice.

    Current symptoms:
    -fatigue (it is improved from the fatigue I had with lyme), but still have a general lethargy and heaviness.
    -lack of motivation: plays in with the fatigue, but just don't want to work out, or do anything extra
    -ammonia sweat : this was REALLY bad when treating the lyme, so its improved but dammit, its still here.
    -brain fog, forgetfulness, busy (like my brain is constantly swirling)
    -libido is waaayy down
    -easily frustrated and irritated (SO NOT ME.) :(
    -anxiety (this is a hard one to swallow bc I've never had it before and when it occurs I make it worse bc then all im thinking is about the anxiety)
    - constantly thirsty, rarely squelched.
    -dry skin (it’s not horrible, but I notice that as a symptom)

    Since I learned about the Maternal line for mitochondria, here is my family history as much as I know on my female line:

    Great Grandmother - seemed to always have something wrong with her and as long as she was on a certain medicine protocol from her doctor she could function in life. (I don't know any of the ailments or meds) she passed at like 65.

    Grandmother - she has vitality, walks every day, never sick, loves everyone. she just had a hip replacement this year from a fall, but that would be her first surgery ever in life. Has survived two not so great husbands ;) Her dad lived until he was 101. Im hoping some longevity came in here for her and us.

    Mom - whew...she was a 3 month premi who needed a blood transfusion in the hospital and stayed in hospital for month before my grandma demanded she come home so she could take care of her. Seemed to always have depression and sickness, immune system not very strong. She has chronic lyme, RSD, and has been in too many car accidents I can't even tell you! (there is some karmic energy here that unfortunately plays a role I think in what happened to her and her life) She now has had a full neck and lumber fusion from that accident I mentioned earlier. She is 55 :(
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  3. Current Mitigations:

    Walk one mile with my dog to see sunrise (January 2020)
    See sunset most days as well as that’s when I’m finishing up work usually.
    Do not have cell phone near body any more during work (2 years)
    Work outside and in barns every day (8 years)
    Wearing blue blockers every night (since December 19)
    Changed all bulbs in house to incandescent (January 2020)
    Using red Light therapy (Jeremys light - since August 2020)
    Phone is on airplane mode and out of bedroom (since August 2020)
    Wifi unplugged every night (august 2020)
    Only use speaker or plugged in earphones when using the phone (1 year)
    Only drinking bottled spring water or our well water at house. (Well was tested by city last year when we bought house, but what are their standards? ) should I retest? Have a phone call in to mountain valley spring water delivery...it’s spendy though
    We live in the country on 3 acres, but I need to test the house for RF.

    -got a CT tub yesterday to start at my house : its farm girl style, ill have to post a picture!
    -buying a RF meter and ethernet cable to hard wire laptop today
    -Got Kruse book in last week
    -Need to start reading Leptin and begin that reset protocol

    -Also working on things in personal life...im the type that goes and goes and goes until I break, I know this and I will not continue. I have done well creating those boundaries, but not enough. Making major changes this week in regards to all of that as well. Its a bit scary, but im ready.

    Next up, LAB WORK!
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  4. Full panel bloodwork from Doctor.

    hormones are f*cked. They actually tanked from their numbers from last year.

    doctor recommend bioidentical hormones from the soy plant for the rest of my life....uh no.

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  5. These are recent labs done from the same functional medicine practitioner I was working with last year.

    -GI map : pretty normal, a lot of the fungal and bacteria stuff I had last year has cleared up

    -organic acids test : everything on this test has gotten worse since my last ones last year. Lots of signs of mitochondria distress. Not making energy, not digesting carb right, low on all vitamin bs except 12. Oxidative stress causing brain inflammation. Liver phase 2 not performing. And finally the marker showing ammonia production high.

    -Dutch hormone panel : this is a new one as we didn’t do it last year, but he wanted it since I said my hormones came out bad on the blood panel.

    he wants to make a protocol of supplements to help all of these pathways.

    oh, and my 23andme me haplotype is: H16

    Okay, I know that was a TON of info. Like I said, I have a lot of data now...I don’t understand all of it yet, but I plan to schedule a consult with Kruse as well to get a kickstart on what I should be doing more of. I want to already be doing things to help my body as I start to read everything and understand it, there is so much!

    okay, gotta run to work on some horses. Thanks again for reading, listening, and supporting. :)

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  6. Saichi

    Saichi New Member

    Which RF meter you buy?

    You'll remain very suboptimal to sick until you get rid of wifi 24/7 and know what your microwave exposures are. Your plugged in earphones only act as an antennae for your phone. Airplane mode does nothing to cut transmissions on most phones, if it's an old model and mobile data, bluetooth, and wifi are turned off is usually the only way. Most people can't fathom their phones are irradiating them 200+ times higher power density than the cell masts a block or two away.
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  7. thanks for the tips.
    I plan to buy the Cornet RF meter.
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  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Hi Jackie and welcome.......

    You have made a really great start!
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  9. thank you Caroline! It’s a lot, but I’m happy to know I’m on the right path this time even if it may take me some time to get through everything and get healed.
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  10. So I’ve forgotten another bad habit of my lifetime to post...

    for the last probably 15 years I have always eaten late and never eaten breakfast. I was always the person to never be very hungry in the morning (but I wasn’t seeing the sunrise either ) and when I’m college and working at bars at night I ate late.

    then when I moved to Louisiana and have been dating an Argentine. Their culture has them always eating very very late...that became my norm. Lots of red meat and wine and would usually pass out pretty quickly after eating late....all that food stuff just chilling in the intestines and not getting digested. Yuck

    it’s going to be one of my bigger challenges to correct, but I’m working on it. It’s going to be even bigger for the relationship which I know sounds silly but it’s already happening.

    Cool update though, as I’ve been waking in the morning and seeing the sunrise every morning since January I’m now getting hungry after my walk... ☀️ ✨ really cool to feel the change.

    After I got back from the Destin members event I’ve been trying to be super disciplined on eating a big protein rich breakfast, which leaves me pretty satisfied through the day. I may snack on some nuts or a piece of fruit in the afternoon while working on horses. Then trying very hard to have dinner before it’s dark...haven’t been perfect, but I also haven’t eaten later than 7:30. So it’s progress.

    still know I need to get through the Leptin info and get on that protocol.
  11. I’m going to share something that happened after I got back from the Destin member event.

    I was there for three days and the first day was pretty overcast, but in full sun for the last two days. Came home with some pretty chapped lips. But then they started to get worse, like blowing up and looked like I had been busted in the mouth by a horse (what my clients thought, lol I guess it’s better than them thinking I’m getting beat at home.) so it’s still healing now and I researched online that sun exposure can bring on a herpes outbreak...which when I looked at all the symptoms, I had it. (Canker sores, tingly, blisters, and lymph nodes being sore) plus I had one day last week where I just felt like crud. I’ve never had this happen before, like never get cold sores or anything.

    looking back at my health history and what my recent labs and organic acids test reveal...I have this inkling gut feeling that I have had a low lying infection in my body ever since I broke my arm. Bc every so often after a stressful event here comes shingles, tooth infection, Lyme, UTI, herpes on lip....

    hmm...if my secretory iGg isn’t strong right now then they aren’t able to be aware of the infection in my body so there isn’t an immune response so it doesn’t pop up on my tests...but if it’s there upsetting my gut bacteria and consuming all of my minerals, vitamins, nutrients? As well as I’ve had a crappy blue-lit and nnEMF environment to make all of my internal barriers be permeable?

    My out loud thoughts....
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  12. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

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  14. So I mentioned I would share my CT setup, it’s “farmgirl style” ;)

    I got a big horse water trough and am using my well water from outside to fill it. I’m still not brave enough yet to do ice...but the water feels at least as cold at the Morrison Springs did when at the Destin member event, which I think was around 64F. Getting a thermometer today to always test. We’ve had a cold front come through after this last hurricane so it helped kee the water pretty chilly.

    I’ve only done about 3 sessions in the week or so that I’ve had it set up. I have to admit, I still gaze at the tub some times and am like “nope.” Lol

    but the last few comments and suggestions from friends of “just keep going” help with the focus and determination. I already realized that I’m starting all of this really with going into winter which isn’t optimal, but I like a challenge and if I can’t suck it up and embrace the cold and difficult times then how can I really expect the needle to move....

    Also, even though I’m alone doing the CT; I’ve always got my best companion Valor he wants to be in the tub with me! Lol

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  15. Christmas came in October!!!

    Super excited to have a Cornet RF meter to play around with (will update what I find in the house)

    also got my 100’ Ethernet cable so I’ll be able to hard wire the laptop and not use WiFi. Got all of the attachments for the iPhone/iPod/MacBook to make it all work.

    Supplements to start with....a little British birdie in Mexico told me that the Resveratrol and Curcumin were super helpful and “Kruse approved”

    I was on a ton of stuff last year as I was trying to kill Lyme. Not sure if it would be important to put in the journal now what I took then and am no longer on. But at the moment what I have continued to stay on for over a full year has been:

    MSM (2,000IU/day) - chiro recommended
    Vitamin C (3,000IU/day) - absorbic acid
    -was up to 10,000IU/day when I was treating Lyme
    -dandelion root tincture
    -milk thistle tincture
    -collagen tablets (from grass fed beef organs)
    -digestive enzymes when needed after dinner, not constant

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  16. Going over the labs I posted last week with some help, it seems there is a cohesive understanding that:

    1. body is under a lot of oxidative and mitochondrial stress - I would blame emf and circadian dysfunction.
    2. Gut doesn’t have enough acid, leading to poor digestion, absorption, detox
    3. Cortisol has stayed high, which has now used up and zapped all of my hormones
    -progesterone is not able to send water to kidneys to help aid in making mitochondrial water for optimal energy (thanks for that explanation @Sean Waters ) ;)
    4. So now very dehydrated in cells, body as a whole
    5. High calcium and high ferritin- I don’t know the reasons yet for these. I know ferritin has to do with Iron. Silly question, but I started using a cast iron skillet last year a lot more than any other regular pans...coincidence or could have an effect? Could my well water be influencing these as well? I think there is a place to get my water tested here in town.
    6. all above dysfunction and bad emf environment allowed my barriers in body to be permeable and now showing signs and symptoms of brain inflammation.
    Ie: memory, brain fog, sluggish, and anxiety

    so far, my medical recommendations have been:

    general physician - take bio-identical hormones from the soy plant for progesterone and testosterone for the rest of your life
    (BIG N-O)

    functional medicine practitioner - wants to give me a protocol of supplements to help my mitochondria, gut, and immune pathways to function better while I mitigate EMFs and work on circadian rhythms...but then I know he would want another round of those tests to confirm any change on the needle. Those three tests ran be about $1,000.

    Kruse - I don’t know yet, I’m in the middle of scheduling a consult with him to get a jump start and some clarification.

    I’ve gotten through most of the Leptin material as I felt that’s where I needed to start. Haven’t finished it all yet, but got through the protocol steps for Leptin reset.

    so, my plan so far is to start tomorrow November 2 on the Leptin reset protocol. While doing that I plan to incorporate CT a couple of times a week all while still keeping my sunrise/sunset and eating early plan. I’m not working out at the moment, I think it’s too much for my already stressed body. I walk the dog every morning for a mile for the sunrise and do some hot yoga 1-2xs a week. The Leptin reset should take me to the end of the year, so I plan to get more blogs read by the to help me understand the hormone stuff and brain/gut as everyone is recommending those. plan to actually keep a journal of what I’m eating and doing to be able to really pay attention to changes. Will be mitigating EMFs and blue light as I’ve already started this year. I’ve cancelled Netflix and deleted Facebook off of my phone and couldn’t be happier! Lol

    my main question for jack will be if I do need to start on hormones for a little bit, apparently progesterone is hard to make and is very needed so that may be one I have to supplement for a bit. Do I need to take some supplements to help the mitochondria and gut get a kickstart or will doing the Leptin reset be a good start?

    anyways, that’s where I am so far. In regards to life stressors I have made some decisions and boundaries there as well to give myself more time for me to focus on my health and the path I need to be on.

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  17. *Update*

    Started Leptin Reset Monday 11/2

    first week was rough...but I also started period on the third day and there was a lot of energy transitions happening during that time coming off of our full moon and into Election Day.
    So first few days were very low energy, just didn’t feel quite right. But I knew I’d probably have some time transitioning into the protocol and having my period at the beginning didn’t help either.

    now that I’ve been on the protocol about 2.5 weeks, I’m seeing and feeling some changes.
    -I’m waking up before my alarm clock
    -I’m waking up hungry (first time in my whole life!)
    -clothes fit looser, stomach seems flatter
    -mood and anxiety seem to be calmer most days now

    -having issues not using restroom regularly. I’m usually a once a day girl and I figured that first week would throw things out of whack, but I’m still not getting back to a normal consistency of going every day. Not sure if I need to use more oil?
    -I have started to add in some greens with breakfast. Only things that would typically grow this time of year : herbs, dandelion root, arugula, etc. to try to get some fiber and I really do still crave something green from time to time. However my carb cravings have almost completely diminished! :)

    here is a run down of what my days have been with protein, carb, and fat intake:
    I have at least one meal a day of seafood if not more.
    11/2 75gF 80gP 47gC
    11/3 56gF 73gP 50gC
    11/4 110gF 100gP 40gC
    11/5 90gF 70gP 25gC
    11/6 50gF 90gP 35gC
    11/7 65gF 75gP 25gC
    11/8 53gF 80gP 40gC
    11/9 40gF 126gP 56gC (birthday) lol
    11/10 31gF 89gP 30gC
    11/11 38gF 95gP 24gC
    11/12 55gF 112gP 35gC
    11/13 86gF 102gP 16gC
    11/14 62gF 80gP 25gC
    11/15 80gF 108gP 30gC
    11/16 90gF 95gP 35gC
    11/17 44gF 92gP 28gC

    First week I was having energy drops between 2-4pm. That is now starting to improve. I’m still on three meals a day, but lunch is my smallest. I’m hoping to go another week or two and try to fast between breakfast and dinner.

    So I’m those 2.5 weeks I’ve probably used restroom about 4-5 times. Bristolstool#4-5.

    My CT is slacking, but getting about 2 times a week at 60-65 degrees for 20 minutes. Working on it.

    supplements since starting LR:
    Curcumin in 2250/day
    Ginger 2000/day
    Milk thistle
    Dandelion Root
  18. My functional medicine practitioner got back to me with his protocol he would like me
    To start. Going to upload here.

    some of his supplements he put me on before and during treating Lyme definitely helped but now with our info with Kruse, I’m hesitant to start a bunch of supplements at the same time and not knowing if I really need them.

    current plan:

    finish Leptin reset with just the basic supplements I’m on (may add reversatrol). That should take me until end of year or possibly end of January.

    Next reading on Jack’s hormone posts and also reading up on the supplements FM wants me on.

    will be taking comprehensive female hormone pane test Dec 21 (to compare (winter-lower redox) with my hormone panel i had done in July (redox higher in summer) ).

    have consult with Jack at first of the year to show all of my blood work and panels along with all questions I come up with after my reading and researching supplements.

    tinkering with a plan to go to Mexico early next year for a bit too for healing (both physically and emotionally). ☀️

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