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Jack, for calcium help? it's Elaine

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Rain, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Rain

    Rain New Member

    Jack! thank you, my body is craving oysters like maaaaaaad, so hopefully will heal the restless leg syndrome soon, coz that makes it SUPER hard to get to sleep, like EVER.... are there any supplements that you do suggest? and and what's your take on the nicotine? my body is craving it now even tho i quit smoking 6 yrs ago....

    here's the thread where i discovered the thought it might be helping more than dopamine http://forum.jackkruse.com/index.ph...sort-of-protection-from-non-native-emf.11650/
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    And Rain I told you people come to your aid...........did I not?
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  3. Rain

    Rain New Member

    yes you did Jack, this is a wonderful space you have created here, i normally don't last a day in a group... not sure why, usually thinking is not allowed .... le sigh, the problem with crowds.... i like it here Jack, and i really dig YOU
  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

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  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  6. Rain

    Rain New Member

    very very fitting for me today, you have no idea
  7. Rain

    Rain New Member

    Jack, you're the first person EVER to show up for my troubles with something that will work, and something that i didn't already know/have tried
  8. very good summary jack
  9. Rain

    Rain New Member

    my brain is hurting, i have to stop reading this forum for a bit haha, info overload, my frontal lobe is throbbing
    i'm going to relax and listen to one of Jack's podcasts

    ok maybe it's still info overloading me, but i have reader's block, an offshoot of my writer's block, so reading is a lot harder for me than chillin' on the couch listening to Jack talk about cool shit
  10. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Welcome, Elaine, glad to have you here with us.
    I think I'm going to have to print out this thread to reread again. Awesome. Thanks so much for prompting this response from Dr. K. I think a lot of us can relate to various parts of your history.

    His podcasts are an easier way to access the information. Please ask if you have more questions. My husband was also skeptical of many of Dr. K's protocols, but he has been amazed at how CT baths help my hormones. And recently he has used early morning sunshine to cure an illness he was experiencing. I think once you begin to see some benefits, your husband might be more receptive.

    Just be aware, the benefits you first see might not be with what you see as your worst problem. Your body will work on its own priorities first. It is working hard to keep you alive, so give it some slack. Remember that everyone is in the absolute best health, given their situations.
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  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Did we tell you about MHS????? a mackerel head smoothy

    I buy small frozen fish from a chinese grocery store. I let one thaw slightly and then blitz it with some cold water, fresh lemon juice and some coriander [or any fresh herb] .... great liquid meal!
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  12. Da-mo

    Da-mo Gold

    Short of moving house. . . . I wonder if a Schuman resonator/EMF blocker device might help . . . even if its just one of the personal ones. Others here know more about them so hopefully will chime in if appropriate.
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  13. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Hi Elaine:)

    I have a few ideas on your digestion... what a surprise... you can't get energy from food you can't break down... so, in the beginning, you should take digestive enzymes plus ox bile plus betaine HCL to help you absorb the food so it turns into electron. The product is called Now Foods digestive enzymes and it's $13.00...


    The next issue is the gut lining - you need zinc, iodine, d and B1 - zinc is a biggie but in order to break down zinc you need stomach acid - in order to have stomach acid, you need zinc - thus the issue is solved if you just take zinc with some betaine HCL - betaine HCL is supplemental stomach acid -

    You can also take zinc bound to carnosine to heal the gut:

    Ox bile is also critical in your case as you have no gall bladder to store bile - which is used to digest fat...

    Just curious, how is threelac working out for you?

    I'm a huge fan of Saccharomyces boulardii probiotic for candida and Thorne research has a great product calle Sf 722:

    "This protocol is from Stephen Harrod Buhner's book "Healing Lyme: Natural Healing and Prevention of Lyme Borreliosis and It's Coinfections". Has anyone tried it?

    To Kill Candida (both acids are stongly inhibitive):
    Capryl (SolarRay Brand) 2163 mg. Caprylic acid 2 caps 3X
    Undecenioc acid (Thorne Research Formula SF722) 50 mg
    2 caps 3X

    To Enhance Bowel/System Normalization:
    Thymic Formula (Preventative Theraputics) 2 tabs 3X
    Molybdenum picolinate 1,000 mg. 1X

    To Restore Bowel Flora:
    PB8 (probiotic acidophilius caps) 2 capsules per day
    Saccharomyces boulardii 1 capsule 3X per day"

    I've been having some success with the Garden of Life probiotics "Primal Defense Ultra" - what I like about it is it contains one non-spore forming soil based organism bacillus subtillus - spore forming probiotics freak me out - it also contains s. Boulardi and l. Plantarum - if you take this probiotic and toss down an l. reuteri, you pretty much have it all covered...

    For the free and easy candida kill, make a tea with spices - fresh is best but even the dry stuff works great: oregano, rosemary, bay leaf, garlic, thyme (great for h. pylori), turmeric (great inflammatory modulator - use it with black pepper and ginger), ginger, cinnamon, cloves (great for parasites too) -

    You might also want to throw some baking soda (1/4 tsp) in your drinking water to alkalize yourself - we just buy alkaline water - I personally know someone who cured his eczema by drinking alkaline water... I would really recommend green smoothies for that effect not to mention all the electrons you get from raw food... plus the micronutrients - make them organic - try the farmers market - becaue you don't want a pesticide factory in your gut along with the rest of your ills...

    A cheap way to kill h. pylori - you might have that too - is black cumin seed oil - 2 pills twice a day - it's as effective as the triple therapy - you want to cover all bases - and all bugs that might be killing you as fast and cheap as possible:

    Getting rid of the alchohol (acetyl aldehyde) the candida is producing is critical to feeling better - this is where molybdenum and B5 come into play:


    Dr. Atkins actually was a huge fan of molybdenum and b5 for kids with ADHD - it's water soluble so maybe start with 100 mg a few times a day up to 1000 mg on the molybdenum per day - and some pantothenic acid and pantathine (in case you have conversion issues) -

    You also might try a product called Fibro Response - it gets rid of metals, modulates your immune system and is a great synergistic product that gives you energy - it's for fibromyalgia - but if you're in pain, it might help - it has malic acid which gets rid of aluminum and helps with the krebs cycle - which is huge in ill people IMHO... :)

    For hypoxia, we have had good luck with rhodiola, astragulus and maca -

    Here is an acid/alkaline food chart:

    There is an Italian oncologist Tullio Simoncini injecting cancerous tumors with baking soda and killing them - when voltage goes low, oxygen drops, acidity rises and bugs think "roadkill" - so maybe if you alkalize you can improve your electron flow... and change the form your pathogens take...

    The redox RX is fabulous :


    Maybe read by a red incandescant lamp (red bulbs are $3.00) and put ice packs on your body when you go to bed? It helps me sleep - an eye mask is also good -

    Soaking in Epsom Salts is a fabulous/cheap way to detoxify and get magnesium - candida generates a lot of toxins...

    I really feel for you - I can't even begin to comprehend what pain you have endured - your husband probably cares about you but is overwhelmed by the scope of your issues - pick the biggest issue that you can do something about and fix that first - having a plan also helps - hope I helped a little... take care and welcome:)

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  14. Da-mo

    Da-mo Gold

  15. Rain

    Rain New Member

    Hi nonchalant! thank you for the kind welcome, yes i know, this thread has already started changing my life, i'm mad for oysters and have taken TWO hot and cold shower sessions today... i'm even going to try to sleep earlier maybe, with my princess black out mask on

    yes i'm sure my body has it's priorities, as i'm still in pain, but i think i will start keeping a journal as someone suggested :)

    maybe starting tomorrow lol :zzz::zzz::zzz:z
  16. Rain

    Rain New Member

    Hi Penny i'm soooooooooooooo past exhausted and in pain to even come close to responding to the fantastic post!!!

    i do take hcl or i just puke up my food, the zinc i didn't know about thank you

    the three lac is working very very well and it's only been two day

    the rest i will talk to you about tomorrow!!! thank you so much for all the ideas!!!!

    and also to the last poster, i have fluxx on my computer and blue blocker glasses :)
  17. Inger

    Inger Silver

    Elaine, you are doing so well :) I know you will heal :)
    So much great advice here
    Maybe yo could get a faraday cage baldachin over your bed? They even look pretty! If you sleep on ground floor it might help. They do cost about 500 euro or so...
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  18. Rain

    Rain New Member

    Penny i will ge the zinc and oxbile at the end of the month, in about 9 days i will get my cheque :) thanks so much, i didn't know i what i had to add to the hcl, but i knew it was something!

    i just got in from my cold barefoot session in the grass, it was easier today, man 3 days on ray peat's diet and i felt like dying, 3 days with Jack and i honestly feel almost manic from the energy coursing thru my body!!!

    thanks for the free and easy candida kill tea, i will try it, but tumeric and curcumin and such causes me a lot of body pain, not sure if it's herx, but i dunna like it haha

    what is molybdenum? i would like to kill that alcohol stuff, i sooo want to get rid of whatever liquid is gathering in the joints of my hands and twisting them, it hurts!!!

    also i'm already drinking baking soda :)

    i really really can't afford a lot of supplements right now, i have to get some things jack suggested like the vitamin D light and such at the end of the month, and thyroid and progesterone

    so a lot of what you are suggesting will have to wait another month

    i love threelac, but also need acacia fibre and sauerkraut, i find the sauerkraut is very important

    i'm planning on how i can read by an amber bulb at night, i have reader's block tho, weird i know

    going to look at jack's redux rx now

    i just want to thank you for going to all the trouble of typing out all that help!!! Jack has sure made a great think tank here, i looooove thinkers, don't you?

    my energy is thru the roof today, Jack was right, not so much about the food at this point :)

  19. Rain

    Rain New Member

    hi Inger!!!! i knoooooow, i AM doing well, as far as I'm concerned Jack is a gift from God and i don't care what anybody says about his 'controversy' it's called being brilliant, not being 'controversial'

    i'm almost manic today, and getting ready to go take my hot and cold morning shower, i've already done my cold barefeet out in the grass, it wasn't so hard today... my body pain was quite high yesterday and i took two sets of hot/cold showers to wash it away and i'm better today... i'm also HAPPY, go figure lol

    i would love to sleep in a faraday cage, but no i cannot afford that lol

    thanks hon!!
  20. Da-mo

    Da-mo Gold

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