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Jack, for calcium help? it's Elaine

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Rain, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    To dig in to science the natural way is what i mean, not the books of modern schools, all they gave me was that ache, reminding of pulling teeth, one by one... Hmm, i like pain i must admit.

    For me physics must be explored in many ways, that means also to see aspects that others can not, why? We do not know you but you know a hell more about yourself than you think. Therefor, just focusing on one single thing, lets say diets will only make you drift far away. Physics is art for me, art is life for me because it is what describes what words can not...

    That means that smell is far more important than most think.

    That means hearing is vital to health.

    That means touch is how we connect.

    The list goes on and food, yes, way down... I said before that we perhaps are thinking and reading to much, yes i still do because these ways of describing things is to dumb, low bandwith. Another things is also, healing is for me stealing. When you start to add energy into a system that is based on small tiny semiconductors (living things) actions do start. A faint step into the right way cause tsunamis in our bodies, system drained is speeding up, filling the quota. I think we are based upon laws of LIFO (last in first out). This is why we feel like shit when bigger healing goes on, why? The most basic things is what shuts down last, sublime and brilliant things, like brain is what we built last and therefor goes first. When we loose our heads, we get panic and with low energy to brain, we go haywire. But is is only natural to do so.

    If we can not eat, can we create ways to survive? Yes i do really think that... If the theory is correct that we are quantum beings, food is electrons. Is there any other way to collect them? Can we change our brain to adapt to these harsh conditions, i think we done it tons of times. That is why i always say, find a way to get out. Modern world also known as cities are making us adapt to fucked up things. If you live in a box you get a box way of living, boxed up way of thinking and a soon connection to a box in the ground.
  2. prAna303

    prAna303 New Member

    Now, this is what a talked about with art.

    We must get things that is special to us humans, music for sure is one big one. Listen to music, eat music, breathe music because it has been with us from day one i think.
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  3. Rain

    Rain New Member

    Prana, i will get back to you later, i'm just going to go lie down and cry, i have no way out of this box
  4. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Rain, I was just trying to kickstart you. You can go the longer route and read alll the Tensegrity and Organisational structural failure blogs and the post entitled raw food. Diet is only 10% of this once you have bought into all the RXWhen you start it matters a little more as getting it right will make all the other things easier.
  5. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

  6. nicld

    nicld Gold

    I am with you about the MHS Rain, just not ready to go there plus not even sure where to get some.

    I think the reason why food is suggested first is that it is the easiest thing for people to change and to control. Changing what one is eating is way easier then someone giving up modern conveniences that make life more comfortable.

    I was like that and to some point still am dealing with food issues and figured food can fix anything, it's all about the food. It is what has been crammed down our throats for so long, eat this, not that, this will get you better, this is the next miracle food, this will kill you and for years I bought into that too.

    Food can hurt and it can help but it cannot totally fix.

    I am not about to quit my job and go live in a cave somewhere with only natural fire to heat and see by. What I am trying to figure it is the best way to reduce my exposures to stuff that is bad for my health and then figure out what I need to do to help the body deal with what I am exposed too. Right now, that is a Magnetico pad, grounding when I can, lots of cold CT, limiting my use of electronics, keeping the house cool, trying to keep the lights as low as possible and if they are on at night, covering up and wearing blueblockers, no wi-fi in the house, trying to get as much sunlight but when I can't using a sun box light. Plus I also live in the country with lots of pine trees around. I do have the luxury of having some funds to eat more seafood as it is not a staple in my area and some supplements that may help but not fix. Is it enough, probably not but I will keep trying to get it better and I do see that I am slowly getting better.

    As for you environment, not sure what to tell you. Are you able to get a new grounding wire and have yourself grounding all the time? I think prAna is on to something with the sun causing issues.

    Wishing you all the best as you definitely have some greater challenges that you are working with but you can do it.

    Oh and I fully get the whole blog thing. 10 years ago I would have understood everything better and it is hard to realize that but it is slowly coming back and it may for you too.
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  7. Rain

    Rain New Member

    Penny darling, was it you who gave me a link to a doctor/diet to heal the leaky gut prob? i'm looking everywhere for that post!!!!! i've been awake for a while in an argument of a weird sort on facebook, so i won't be awake for much longer, so was it you who gave that info? if you did... RE-give? :)
  8. Rain

    Rain New Member

    yes well my HUSBAND won't move ANYWHERE else... i literally dragged him kicking and screaming to get that RV lot and spent my inheritance on it, just to get away from the EMF, now it's all ruined as they put a HUGE cell tower right beside the RV resort and smart meters by each RV so i'm about 5 feet away from 4 of them....

    i think i'm going off keto and back to a whole foods vegan diet WITH Jack's fish and cold showers and EMF stuff

    the keto is what made the candida go crazy, don't ask me why coz i don't know

    thank you for your sweet post, darlin'
  9. Da-mo

    Da-mo Gold

    Maybe because it was hungry and you stopped feeding it?
    Rain likes this.
  10. Rain

    Rain New Member

    weeeeeelllllllllll Damo i have killed candida before and stopping feeding it doesn't make it worse, you just get flu like die off
  11. Justfourme

    Justfourme New Member

    Rain...wish I had a magic potion for you, but I don't. Is the rash any better at all?
    That sounds scary. Maybe it's time to take a step back. I know you want to get the candida under control, and just plain feel better. The hot/cold showers, and standing in the grass in the sun don't cost $ and are helping, even if it doesn't seem like it right now. Please don't stop them.
    If the rash isn't any better, it's time to see a doc.
    So you can't move, can't spend time at the RV - remember when we talked about thinking outside the box? So - what can you do to get away from the EMF, wi-fi, etc? Is there a park or someplace you can get to during the day so you aren't exposed to that junk 24x7?
    Baby steps...one cold shower at a time.
  12. Rain

    Rain New Member

    yeah, i'm taking a step back, headed to doctor soon.... it's ok, no need for anymore advice, nothing i ever do helps me, i have 30 years of experience with nothing ever helping me....
  13. Da-mo

    Da-mo Gold

    10 days ago Jack gave you 31 things to work on . . . 10 days to fix 30 years? . . . . these are not quick fixes . . . . just sayn':cool:
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  14. Rain

    Rain New Member

    no no i'm not giving up on Jack's stuff, but even Jack himself admitted that vegans would be on the right track if they ate fish, just going to keep doing what jack told me, and do it with a ton of veggies instead of a ton of fat... i don't think i have the digestive system for fat
  15. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    You dont have mitochondria for fat because of the antenna next to your RV and the blue light you allow. Time for you to realize who drives the bus in health. It is what your mitochondria senses from the environment.
  16. Rain

    Rain New Member

    thanks Jack, that was what i felt might be a problem, it wasn't YOU that started my candida downfall, it was just starting on Jimmy Moore's diet, the candida almost instantly went crazy, and it's only gotten worse, so i think i will just keep up with your suggestions and vitamix the shit out of veggies and stuff, i know i can digest THAT.... but i heard you say in your interview with Tristan that vegans are doing well, just need fish, so i think i will go that route, and do all the rest of the stuff you say.... i turn out all the lights at night, light a fire in the fireplace, have flux on the darkest setting, and my blueblocking glasses on... i'm going to get some orange lightbulbs and my vit D light tomorrow.... thanks Jack..... PS sorry for losing my temper today, i was crying a lot
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  17. Rain

    Rain New Member

    i feel bad about it, i was in such a bad state of mind today... i'm sorry if i hurt anybody's feelings, which i probably did

    here's a nice website where i buy healing binaural beat tracks, just got the immune system one

  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Elaine - we have all been there ..... don't give it another thought ...xo

    Dr. K. always tells us - the best Doctor is the one in our head!
  19. Rain

    Rain New Member

    thank you caroline, darling, you're so sweet to me.... but i'm glad you weren't here in person today telling me to eat smooshed mackerel heads lol

    i lost my bloody temper about 72 times today, crying, yelling, sleeping, repeat

    i told a moderator of a board today that i would shove coffee up his ass if he told me to see a doctor again, i was not nice today, tho honestly i was still trying to be

    hubby is cooking me my fish dinner and will start planning how to make yummy veggie smoothies with tabascco sauce

    in the end i took a shit load of ativan to calm down, a bunch of tylenol to stop scratching and i'm sitting here ashamed of myself... but we all know super sick peeps aren't right in the head... not that that's an excuse... wait, yes it is lol
  20. Rain

    Rain New Member

    anybody know where to get some natural progesterone? you know me well enuff by now to know i can't get shit from my doctor, not that helps anyway

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