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Jack, for calcium help? it's Elaine

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Rain, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Rain

    Rain New Member

    Jack i understand what you explained about how mitochondria works, but how does that help me now?
  2. nicld

    nicld Gold

    We have all been up against the wall, that's why we are here. Hang in there it sounds like you are going through hell right now. Your strength will get you through. I have no advice on how to get though the pain. Jack has said women take alot longer to heal then men (great!!!!).

    Sending healing thoughts.
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  3. Rain

    Rain New Member

    thank you sweet heart, i caught your healing thoughts, it's good to have power when it comes to sending healing thoughts :)

    i only have strength when i can find my humour, right now i wouldn't be able to find my ass if it wasnt' on FIRE

    i'm sipping a small glass of orange juice to stop the candida die off for a bit, and broke down and took some tylenol, yuck on both counts, but WTF
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  4. Rain

    Rain New Member

    plus i think i just insulted somebody regarding organic chemistry.... or quantum mechanics or whatever the heck i was joking about.... i never know what day it is.... but he seemed to be insulting Jack, so all's fair in love and war
  5. Justfourme

    Justfourme New Member

    Rain -sorry if I upset you, certainly understand the lack of healthcare there. Was just trying to offer suggestions and ideas on what could be causing this and some things to try.
    If you stop the threelac and the rash gets better, you will know that is part of the cause.
    We were all a noob here at one time and we all continue to learn from each other. And no, you won't ever see this girl eat a fish head smoothie -ever! I can't even handle oysters.
    You didn't get this way overnight so healing will take time. And no where else will you find the support you have here, and the ideas that we are all hungry for to improve our n=1.

    Hang in there
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  6. Rain

    Rain New Member

    ooooooh no hon, YOU didn't upset me, the amount of pain the rash was causing upset me, i stopped the candida die off for the moment and took something for the pain, so i'm tired now and headed for bed, don't worry, i'm ok

    what does Jack think of probiotics? sometime i wonder about them :zzz::zzz::zzz:
  7. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Elaine, just want to say that I love your hair too! Caroline/Audrey did a good job breaking down the Leptin reset for you.

    Martin's suggestion for the MHS is something to keep in the back of your mind so you can get used to the idea;) If I can do it, you can too.

    Now, that being said, I have only had one 3-4 times. I use small whole fish from the Oriental market. Freeze them in packages of 2-3. Then just pop them in the the blender with the juice of half a lemon. Chug it quickly and keep a glass of something else nearby to chase it with (tequila?) ;)

    You are like a breath of fresh air on this forum - unique and open to new ideas.
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  8. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Good morning Elaine .... how are you now? You are at least getting heaps of love from a lot of amazing people here.

    is the rash better? did you stop that threelac stuf???
    Rain likes this.
  9. Rain

    Rain New Member

    Hi Dawn, well you too can have the hair, mostly my hair is in a pixie like yours and bleached blonde but i'm growing it out coz i can't afford to do my hair anymore

    and i don't even want MHS in the back of my mind, i never heard such a disgusting sounding thing haha

    i'm no a breath of fresh air, well at least i hope my new found case of some sort of plague doesn't smell :p

    sweetie, did you get the book? i told you it was a bit of fun lol
  10. Rain

    Rain New Member

    well i haven't taken any threelac today, but no, the rash is no better and i'm wondering if a double mastectomy would help... i think that's in the Bible idn't it? 'if thy tits offend thee, cut them off'? *giggle*

    and yes the loving vibe in this forum is a balm to my soul if not my screaming skin :)
  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    talk later ..... going to the beach for some topless sunbathing ....hopefully!!! :p:p:p

    I will try to think of your itchy breasts while there ..... no promises tho! I may have other things on my mind! :p:p:p
    Rain likes this.
  12. Rain

    Rain New Member

    it rains almost all year round here, no sunbathing for me, have fun my dear :)

    it's not just ma tits ye see, it's everywhere, started out as an itch, but then burning! then PAIN, now it's a combo of all three and i'm thinking 'fukushima' radiation poisoning must feel something like this?
  13. Rain

    Rain New Member

    anybody watch/read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon? i was joking with Tristan that we are all a bunch of JACKobites waiting to start a cold uprising in the highlands :) Jackobites haha see what i did there?
    fitness@home likes this.
  14. Rain

    Rain New Member

    and i am NOT cold adapted, in the immortal words of Dr. Evil in Austin Powers International Man of Mystery.... IT'S FRIKKEN FREEZING IN HERE MR BIGGLESWORTH!"
  15. louise

    louise New Member

    haha you have amazing sense of humour Elaine....especially when in pain like you are
    the rash sound bad tho and im sorry but I don't have any solutions for you but I will send you lots of positive healing thoughts
    how are the showers going????.....I had a cold one and was gutted to read about the chlorine.....I was only fixating on the fluoride ....doh!!!!!
    and yes I waaaaaant your hair!!!!!!! it is waaaay cool
  16. Rain

    Rain New Member

    they sell wee shower head filters at home depot, don't be gutted just yet, not until we can get there and make a smoothie out of ye :)

    thank you for the healing thoughts, the showers are actually a little easier when the cold water feels good on a flaming rash all over me body

    ok, i'm getting you all a link to the girl who makes my hair, you can do a custom order of what you want https://www.etsy.com/people/HannahBelleDreads

    here's a red fall she made me a few months ago, it's a tad heavy tho, she was being generous :)

    sorry for the duck face, i was making a selfie :) the dreads are a tad expensive, i had a bit of a windfall when my dad died... i wish i had saved a bit of it so i could get Jack's magnetic pad
    caroline likes this.
  17. Rain

    Rain New Member

    ooooooh my husband just put fresh aloe all over me, THAT was nice... he says nothing has 'spread' to my tailbone area, he says i have bed sores there, i guess it was the 3 or 4 days i spent in bed.... i have not had enough experience with sleeping to have ever gotten bed sores before... they hurt... but they don't itch, the REST of my body does... my husband says 'ooooh THOSE are not bed sores' and commenced feeling sorry for me... i went out and stood barefoot in the grass for my daily eblutions and he brought me out an umbrella coz of COURSE it's raining, and said 'you don't want fukushima rain on you do you?' where as before he saw my rash he was scoffing at me mentioning fukushima coz we live right on the coast

    here's what i'm watching, it's about iodine, which i'm now taking and green tea extract to try and beat back the estrogen http://youtu.be/H_I9PLUg0lM
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2014
  18. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    No, I haven't read the book yet. Will order from Amazon.

    Spent too much on clothing for work today...pity I can't spend more on "play" clothes o_O. My budget just doesn't stretch that far and I have a dress code to consider for the job. Can't get away with too casual there.
    Rain likes this.
  19. Rain

    Rain New Member

    go to work naked and tell them THEY have to pay YOU to wear clothes

    i know i know, you're forever in debt to my priceless advice... no need to thank me either :)
    fitness@home likes this.
  20. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Look how things are changing already...your husband administering aloe vera... Be careful with iodine on its own. It can do a number on you . The doc does not advocate it unless you live in ana absolutely fishless place.

    I completely understand that you want to be well right now but shoot for being better. I see you trying to take shortcuts like the candida meds and the iodine. Do read here,it is cheaper too as the doc does not advocate noni juice harvested at thenbew moon by inebriated Viking Vestal virgins who only speak Sanskrit and watch Fox News......;) ;)

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