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Jack, for calcium help? it's Elaine

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Rain, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Rain

    Rain New Member

    I apologize in advance for what will surely be a hard to read long email, but believe me it's the condensed version.

    I was born by cesarean, to a stressed out mother because she was insane and my father was having an affair.

    I nearly died after being born, they didn't know what was wrong with me, i was left to cry in my crib instead of bond with my insanely evil mother

    I was sick and abused my whole life, sexually, emotionally, and physically abused at home, and as you may know you carry this 'energy' with you everywhere and the pattern continues forever.

    I lost my health utterly by the time I was in my early 20's... I was seeing a doctor who later got kicked out of the medical profession for ruining so many peoples' lives, including mine.

    She refused to treat HORRIBLE candida, my hmmhmmm was cut and bleeding and she still wouldn't treat it, she would just say things like 'do you have asthma yet?' and i would have it a few weeks later... the day she said 'ok it's time to test you for MS' i left her office and never went back

    I live in canada, and monistat was not available otc at the time, but my brother started going over to border once a week to get me a box, the first box i got i had such a herx reaction i thought i was going to die.

    I was so fat and sick by then that i found the 'yeast connection' diet and followed it with weekly monistat until my body gave out, the yeast became monistat resistent, my kidneys gave out, soon i had the worst case of what they called 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome'... i had lost physics to mini strokes when i was younger and had become a computer programmer by the skin of my teeth on the yeast diet and monistat.

    i lost my career, moved out to the coast so the cold didn't hurt so much, and the heat too.... and thought a juice fast would cure me, but no food regime has ever done a thing for my health ever since.

    I have no gallbladder, I got most of my stomach cut out, i have IBS, i have horrible PTSD... i was bed ridden for years, diagnosed with CFS, Fibromyalgia, possible MS, Chronic Pain Syndrome that left me screaming in the emergency room every week, now i have either Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus, but refused to get tested as i don't want the drugs, oh and i also broke my back when i was 15 years old, a compression fracture of the 3rd and 4th lumbar vertebrae, if you can avoid such a thing i recommend you do.

    I don't sleep at night for over 25 yrs, i went on a ketogenic diet 7 - 8 weeks ago and the diet, which by conventional thought should have killed the yeast beast dead, made it RAGE and was so bad i really feel as tho i may die if i don't do something fast.

    i found ray peat 3 days ago, and added some sugar slowly, the yeast calmed down some, but the sugar is making me feverish and sick... i'm so sick right now, i'm going back to keto and asking Jack for help...

    i am 52 years old now, have been fighting for my health for 30 years, to no avail. you are my last hope, i've tried water fasting because everything i ate, including a raw vegan diet of mostly fruit and carrot juice made me sicker, in fact it's why I ended up with RA or lupus.

    on the keto diet i started having weird hypoglycemic comas, and i often feel dizzy and feverish now, and maybe the keto diet made me diabetic, because i didn't crave sugar once and the candida went off the charts, so i can only assume that i had a super high blood glucose level.

    i'm fat from psych meds years ago, when i went without sleep for too long and had a nervous breakdown, i was terrified, and got PTSD...

    my highest weight was 276 lbs and i'm only 5'5'' i weigh about 200 now, and i'm sick as a dog

    i'm terrified because candida stole my life, and now it's back with a vengence.

    i need your help, i'm mostly drinking my food, because eating and i don't really get along

    being canadian, doctors only prescribe things that will hurt, not things that will help... plus they always say there's nothing wrong with me, of course, just all the mysterious illness catch all phrases.

    my mother before me was fat and sick and tried her whole life to get well, but never did and died of pancreatic cancer in the end.

    can you tell me what to do? help me, please, for the love of all that's good and holy

    i'm sure i've forgotten a lot but i'm in so much pain from typing this that i'll stop here.

    I'm really sorry to bother you with this impossible case.... ps, the doctor says there's nothing wrong with my thyroid, but my thyroid actually HURTS, is that normal? i doubt it is

    also, all my fat is in my belly from a life of horrible stress from the moment i was conceived.

    ok i'll stop now

    thank you... help me?
  2. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I'll jump start you.
    1. No gallbladder = high estrogen levels= altered gut flora because of something called FIAF
    2. No gallbladder = low progesterone levels = poor intracellular water = high BUN/creatine ratio
    3. You said your were always fat = makes sense=
    Obesity is an inflammatory brain condition that one can get trans-epigenetically from your maternal cell line. Where does the infection come from? The gut flora actually is what causes humans to become fat. It has to due with shear numbers and the species of bacteria in our gut becoming simplified. When this happens to the microbiome, and Vitamin D levels drop. When they drop the gut flora simplifies more and it also decreases the resistance to other infections like candida. When Vitamin D levels lower this causes you to up-regulate carbohydrate metabolism and you begin to crave carbs. This is normal and i mentioned to you on FB why this happens in detail. It is called the Crabtree effect. More on that below. The more carbs you eat the more you deplete iodine and you slow electron chain transport and this diminished your ability to drop of DHA and O2 to your tissues. This makes the brain work not so good. You mentioned on FB you were not particular good and I want you to know why. Iodine works to deliver energy in your CSF around your brain because of the interaction of iodine ions in H+ from water. It is something called the Grotthuss mechanism. Realize that supplemental DHA does NOT FIX this because you need the other parts like iodine and selenium at the same time. You need RAW seafood in a big way ELAINE to feel better.
    4. You may also be one of the people I think supplemental Vitamin D with a light bulb might be a huge great move. You could use oral D3 but with a bad candida issue I would use the skin bulbs or a tanning booth.
    5. I think your need to use the Founier effect. This is when you use Cold Thermogenesis on one part of your body while simultaneously using warm Infrared heat on another. Since you live in Canada this will be easy to do. Get naked in a warm spring or hot tub and at 100-104 degrees and then leave your top half out to the environmental cold while drinking cold water. This will improve the mitochondrial function in your brain and heart and help you feel better.
    6. The stressors in your life constantly destroy the amount of DHA in your mitochondria and tissues naturally, so the more stress the more seafood you will need. You said you were quite stressed so one meal a day needs to be seafood. Excessive blue light will also destroy it so on FB you said you felt great with a fire. Use the campfire a lot at night. Great way to get IR heat.
    7. There is a particular flora that produces adiposity and obesity in humans. These bacteria make something called FIAF (Fasting induced adipose factor) that control this process. This factor blocks lipoprotein lipase (LPL) in fat cells. LPL allows us to convert dietary Free Fatty Acids carried in lipoproteins into neutral fats that are stored in adipocytes. This is why you have always been heavy. The Fournier effect will help you mobilize that fat.
    8. Your mitochondria wont be ready for these fats right away but if you keep up the Fournier effect they will rather quickly.
    9. Crabtree effect explanation:
    Chronic elevated blood sugars induces something called the Crabtree effect. This mechanism down regulates mitochondrial biogenesis chronically leading to a state of low sex steroid hormones and infertility. When your hormones drop the candida has a field day in your microbiome. This is happening in you. The results will be seen in poor sleep. This is a sign of mitochondria that cannot make any superoxide and have to rely only on ketone derived acetyl-CoA. This is a really bad place to be and is a big sign you are not healthy because your environment is TOXIC with non native EMF. You already admitted to me on FB this was the case. Other people here will help you bio hacking your environment. It also ends in a dead end street littered with no ability for mitochondrial repair or for proper electron transport chain function. The end result on a macroscopic biochemical level is phosphorylation of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex in mitochondria. This shutters ALL input to the Kreb cycle from glucose no matter what you eat. It leaves you with the sense you cannot eat carbs at all, otherwise your health goes to shit further. Mind you, this is actually a false belief, when reality is, it is your TOXIC environment driving the action on ECT! Oh the irony. If you keep missing the boat (most do), on the scale of actions occurring on your neurons, eventually you become unable to even use lactate as a back up system, and you will still get ill eating a high fat low carb diet. That is not good news for many. You become left with the belief you must sustain yourself with nutritional ketosis because you can only access ECT via ketone derived acetyl-CoA inputs to the mitochondria. Why is this a bad place to be? Because although the ketones help in the short term with some things…….the electrons are entering an electron chain transporter that is DESTROYED. When you have bad mitochondria mother nature won't let you procreate by design. You said you had no kids. It is kind of a fundamental thing tied to evolution.
    10. ^^^^when this happens you lose control of of gut enterocytes to signal Calcium............properly and it results in a destroyed Vitamin D.........which is what allows your microbiome and enterocytes to handle the candida. That is why it happens. This calcium thing is a big deal with non native EMF. It links to most diseases at a very small scale called the quantum level of electrons and protons.
    11. Everything comes back to calcium efflux when your environment is the real problem.......it rarely is food. Hard for most to fathom but it is true. I spoke about this in Energy and epigenetics blog 3 and 4 which are free and you can google them.
    12. The FIAF is made by our liver, muscles, and our small bowel wall when food sources are in short supply. This is the signal to stop storing fat in our fat cells when food is scarce. What is not well appreciated by many is that the FIAF in our intestinal wall is controlled 100% by our gut flora. When we have a simplified gut flora it favors fat cell creation. When our gut flora is complex and healthy, it has 100 trillion cells with 250 species. We tend not to make fat in this instance either! Moreover, when the bacteria are active metabolically due to the presence of simple sugars, production of FIAF ceases, and fat creation is signaled. This implies that our gut flora is directly tied to fat creation in humans. The gut flora’s action is directly signaled to the brain via the afferent nerve fibers in the vagus nerve. This nerve links your gut to your brain. This is why your brain is not working so well. It is not your fault. It is tied to the entire unwinding of this process.
    13. In those newly created fat cells, a protein called leptin is also produced, and acts as a score keeper for the brain of how much fat is stored in the body. This messenger is sent to the brain around midnight when we are sleeping allowing the brain to assess total energy balance in the body. When leptin is not working our brains have no way to tell how much energy is present. think of it like a car without a gas gauge. When you cant tell how much fuel you have you feel the need to eat a lot more often then you should. Eating many meals a day also blocks your mitochondria from recycling to get better.
    14. Your brain, heart and immune system have the most mitochondria. This is why most people with candida have problems with these 3 systems most.
    15. When the candida alters the FIAF signal and it gets into the vagus nerve it can get into the CSF around your brain. This alters the water chemistry because candida limits how much iodine you can absorb and concentrate your CSF with. This makes the brain feel bad. It also causes the proteins in your brain to mis fold. When the proteins mis fold you can signal things properly in your brain and this makes you feel like you are mentally slow and mentally ill and depressed.
    16. These signals from the gut flora eventually get hard wired into the brain over time by Hebbian learning. This is a very dynamic process, and nothing in the gut or the brain is fixed in this process. This is why it is so hard to get a handle on clinically. Don't lose hope. Realize why it is happening and you may be able to tolerate it better.
    17. The key factor for humans maybe that the human gut flora seems to be very susceptible to the environment it finds itself in before puberty and before total brain maturation occurs at 25 years old. This is why your past has hurt you. The results are hard wired into your brain but you are learning how to rewire this process in this complex answer.
  3. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    18. It appears that the local environment we live in in our early life is quite critical to this dynamic duo. This implies that where we live, the sources of food we eat, and the light conditions required to grow the food are provided under are all encoded in our food and this is directly transmitted to our brain via our vagus nerve by these neurotransmitters in the gut.

    How might the brain account for these things? Well, the brain looks at micronutrients coming in through the gut and translates these chemical signals into neurotransmitters (NT) that the brain circuits can understand and decipher. When you have candida your mitochondria cant allow proper release of NT. guess what elese controls NT release? Calcium. This we covered. We know its bad in you. When calcium is alter it is like pulling the plug on the electric plug for your brain. This is why you feel bad.
    19. You must avoid sugars. Peat's diet is toxic for you. You mentioned you were going to try it. Don't. For example, when we eat a diet high in glucose or fructose
    the gut and body respond in kind by causing an increase in absorption of iron, while causing a relative copper deficiency in cells.
    20. A copper deficiency is handled differently in both sexes. Women need more copper than men do. The reason is simple. Copper is required for the production of the enzymes which convert progesterone into estrogen. If you look back in the beginning of this answer I told you what high estrogen and low progesterone are linked too. You have lots of things causing this all and that is why you feel like crap.
    21. When we eat a diet high in glucose or fructose, this will also lower zinc levels in cells. This lowers testosterone in men and women. This lowers your vitamin D levels lower!!! Higher glucose/fructose levels also cause a transient magnesium deficiency in all cells in both sexes when this occurs chronically. This is tied to the Crabtree effect I mentioned above. When this happens in your gut lining you almost feel like your a diabetic. Some will actually become diabetic. Acutely, it changes it at the intestinal brush border. I mentioned in a blog called the Gnoll's blog, that is precisely how diabetes actually begins in many people. This should explain to you why you said what you did to me on FB now.
    22. The higher sugar consumption in this diet, the lower Vitamin D levels will be. This is why you need to use the UVB light box to get it up via your skin. Canada at this time of the year wont give you this. When Vitamin D drops this will drive up LDL levels and lower the free T3 levels in the thyroid. This blocks the conversion of LDL cholesterol to your hormones: pregnenolone, DHEA, and the sex steroids. This will make you feel bad. It is called pregnenolone steal syndrome.
    23. When we live in a mismatched environment with blue light, non native EMF, or carbs, we can not compensate well, so what happens? Melatonin drops in the brain and you feel even worse. We begin to lose estrogen and progesterone in our brain and it begins to collect in our gut, our fat cells and in testes and breasts. Fat grows in places it should not. The excessive estrogens can’t be cleared by the liver and the excesses lead to neolithic diseases when this occurs chronically.
    24. Our brain has more neurons in our gut than any other place in the body. We often call it our second brain. Moreover, the brain does not have a hard wired circuit to every single cell in the gut, or every bacteria in the gut, so it transduces the signal of these 100 trillion cells using a hormone response to modulate this signal. This is how the environmental signal of food is transmitted to the neural signal of the brain’s alphabet. This is broken in you. Realize it and you can fix it.
    25. Ok.........The most common way the gut flora is altered in our modern world is via indiscriminate blue light use, non native EMF use, carbohydrate abuse out of season and antibiotic use. These create opportunities for candida grab some real estate on the gut flora’s monopoly board. Avoid antibiotics. This is a major player in candida that is resistant.
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  4. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    26.Candida is known to flourish in high leptin level states (inflammed). These people also tend to be leptin resistant. When leptin levels are high it activates the inflammatory cascade via cytokines. This is why the Fournier effect and the light box and raw seafood will help a lot. They all reduce these effects.

    27.Candida can also contribute to brain fog, mood swings, memory loss, itching, multiple region joint pain with normal X-rays, chronic indigestion, ulcers, many sinus conditions and cancer generation as well. When the situation becomes entrenched by a western diet, modern antibiotics or any chronic stressor (you have lots) , we might see the development of many diseases. Chronic candida can also contribute to irritable bowel syndrome, mental illness, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, multiple food intolerances, chronic heartburn and gastric acid reflux disease (GERD). This can get so bad that a form of candida can become invasive and burrow into organs and become hard to get rid of.

    28. Candida infections often are linked to insulin resistance and epithelial cancers with massive depletion in fat soluble vitamins (A,D. K, E) and micronutrients in foods. So eating these foods with this is good. All are fat soluble.

    29. Curcumin, the compound that gives turmeric its yellow color, is interesting because it inhibits phase I while stimulating phase II. Resveratrol is also good.

    30. Spring water is a must. 8-12 large glasses a day.

    31. Another byproduct of candida in your gut is acetaldehyde and it is related to formaldehyde this disrupts collagen production, fatty acid oxidation and blocks normal nerve functions. AVOID ALL ALCOHOL. I see this problem as a spine surgeon because of the acceleration of disc degeneration in the spine. Orthopedic surgeons see it in the major joints. We are taught to replace those joints instead of fixing the real problem: the altered gut. I got this message about 7 years ago and began to change the way I managed the diseases of the spine and brain in people with candida. The ethanol and acetaldehyde will also help hasten the brain by allowing more inflammation into through the blood brain barrier and into the brain. When this occurs we see depression, the loss of DHA (fish oil fat), phospholipids, ceremides and sphingolipids in the brain and function slowly diminishes overtime. Protein folding becomes abnormal and things like depression, anxiety, mental illness, suicide, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s, and cerebral strokes become more common.
    When we lose DHA we tend to replace it with other PUFA’s that don’t have the “magic built” into its chemistry that DHA does. We outlined that briefly in Brain Gut 5. That was a pretty important blog post in retrospect. We also lose total body and brain iodine that protects our DHA from any oxidative attack. This diminishes the production of pro-resolution chemicals in the brain. They are called resolvins, lipoxins, and protectins. I mentioned these briefly in Brain Gut 5. They were discovered by an opthalmic researcher at LSU (Dr. Bazan) and this is where I first heard about them. Their job is to protect the most sensitive part of DHA’s PUFA structure from the oxidation of inflammation. They work in concert with iodine to protect the integrity in the areas of the synapse where nerve connections are made. This is where neural connections occur to control all the processes in our body. This allows us to control proper signaling. All signaling comes back to altered calcium levels in the blood that is sensed by the CSF around the para ventricular nucleus that controls our stress response.

    OK...........That is all I have off the top of my head. It is a start.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2014
  5. Rain

    Rain New Member

    Jack, oh my dog, that was amazing, and you actually gave me why this is happening to me, when nobody else ever has, and a plan of action.... i'm sending my husband out for oysters, i'm buying some potassium/iodine thyroid support pills, and i will buy the light at the end of the month for Vit D.... unless they are hundreds of dollars then i don't know what i will do

    i am going to read this over and over, i was in an energy medicine session on skype to try and get rid of some of the body pain and hopelessness i was feeling about it all...

    did i mention in my OP that i DID have a TON of mini strokes? you mentioned strokes.... when i was young, i told my parents i was in 'pre-med' to make them happy, but my passion was physics, and ... well i ended up having mini strokes that wiped out my education, it was years before i could go back to school, i did computer science that time, which is infinitely easier than physics, but yeah, my IQ and brain power is NOTHING compared to what it used to be... and i kinda miss being smart, coz the spirit of it is still there.

    one thing i wanted to ask, about your cold therapy, i don't have a bathtub, and there is NO WAY my body would let me sit in cold water, i would be screaming in pain, but if i had a hot tub i would sit in it on a cold day, so i want to ask you, is it ok if i do hot and cold showers instead? please say that will work, coz it's all i got... i can do only half of my body or do the hokey pokey while doing hot and cold showers, but ... yeah

    ok, i'm going back to reread what you wrote many many times.

    thank you so much Dr. you know i just 'met' you on your interview with Tristan, and i got SOOOOOO excited inside, now i know why :)
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  6. primaledge

    primaledge New Member

    I'm amazed at the amount of energy some people are outputting to help others. I am learning so much from this forum, I greatly appreciate this and am on a mission to understand this all at a level where I am able to efficiently transfer it to others. Thanks.
  7. Rain

    Rain New Member

    so true, primaledge.... i have never had ANYBODY help me before.... i feel so blessed
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  8. Josh

    Josh Gold

    We are all here helping ourselves by learning together....
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  9. endless

    endless New Member

    Elaine, buy some minutes in a tanning salon for vitamin D if the light is too expensive. Just make sure the salon has electronic instead of magnetic ballasts in their beds to lessen EMF exposure.
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  10. Rain

    Rain New Member

    ok, endless, i think i will look into that :) thank you for the tip on the EMF.... i don't know if i'm going to have to move to alaska or what?
  11. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Welcome from Oz ..... Jack has given you a huge amount of help .... you are one lucky girl! dig in and keep reading and asking questions .... we are all here for you ... sending you a hug xo
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  12. Rain

    Rain New Member

    caroline! i feel sooooo blessed that Jack was so kind to me and went to so much work to help me.... i have never had help before... i mean ever.... now i need to try and figure out how to deal with my sensitivity to EMF....

    also, thank you for the welcome :) i think i'm going to like it here A LOT

    i have already had my fish dinner and am drinking tons of water and took my first hot and cold shower set :)

    it even took away the body pain for a bit
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  13. kovita

    kovita Gold

    Welcome on the most positive webpage in the www world! This forum is not a bunch of cries and lamments, it is a place where apart of scientifical truth a big amount of hope and simple "recipes" is given for free to anyone with opened mind! Our lifes and world may be constantly destroyed by the civilization "progress", but the cure is amost for free and available to anyone who is ready to go against the mainstream truths. This is how I feel it here and that is why this is a wonderfull place. I wish you aLl the best on your journey back to your lost health. It is a rough trip but anything I have personally encountered on my very own waw is worth it! Jack has provided you with great precsription already. Do not waste more time and if you cannot camou out with practicL points i.e. for fournier effect, just start CT asap! Look up ice vest on amazon, this may help you to organize fournier effect.
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  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Have a read of the leptin reset on the home page ..... and getting starting with C/T ....that is a real game changer!

    are you outside and grounding first thing in the morning when you rise?

    The leptin reset is all about resetting the Rolex in your brain!

    Do you have Dr. K's book? the Epi-Paleo Rx it is an easy way to get the first two years of the blog.

    Have you listened to Jack's podcasts? they are an easy and fast way to get information. Dr.K. has a very earthy speaking style and the podcasts are easier than getting thru a blog at the beginning!
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  15. Rain

    Rain New Member

    hi there kovita! i'm sitting here in pain, but i'm happy, Jack has given me hope and direction and you're durned tootin' i've got an open mind and am ready for the free cure you speak of, mainstream truth has only hurt me, and i want no part of it.... i have not wasted a moment haha, i immediately at my fish meal and Dr. Jack said that hot and cold showers would work for me, took me about 2 hours to work up the courage to do it, but it is done for the evening and i actually think i will do it twice a day, not that it was fun, but it made me feel better.... can anybody direct me to a thread on how to protect yourself from EMFs?
    thank you so much for the welcome kovita :)
  16. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Dr. K. is all about the three legged stool ....... water, the photoelectric effect and magnetism.

    As Kovita said ..... these are almost free..... go for it girl ....don't look back!

    This is a remarkable journey to getting your life back .... I am living, breathing proof that it is very, very possible - as are so many others here :)

    Have you started a journal in the journal section? it is great for motivation and to keep track of stuff. it is fun to look back later and see your progress.
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  17. Rain

    Rain New Member

    Caroline! thank you for all the pointers! i looked up the leptin reset and the epipaleo, but these things involve exercise if i'm not mistaken, i'm lucky if i can hold myself upright to type on my computer.... i'm lucky if i don't feel like crying on a walk to the bathroom, waaaaaaay too much wrong with my body to exercise!!! i'm glad i'm not bed ridden anymore, tho food usually conks me out for a while....

    i have an earthing sheet that i sleep on, and go outside a bit in the morning as i'm trying to anchor my clock with some sun

    i didn't know Jack had podcasts, i'm going to look for them on itunes now lol

    oh a journal? hmmmm, just telling my story here today was quite terrifying, but i knew that Jack was my hope... and that i had to....

    so can you direct me to TWO threads? lol one on the three legged stool, and one on how to protect myself from EMFs?

    thank you!
  18. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    You need to become cold dark and boring!

    this is what your day should look like .....
    when you rise - go outside barefoot and look at the sun - with as little clothes as possible

    eat a BAB - using an epi paleo template

    drink bottled water

    no fake lite after sunset .... use candles etc.

    get your computer wired in .... do away with wifi. No ipad, iphone, flat screen TV etc ...or very limited

    get everything out of your bedroom ....alarm clock, TV, iphone, ipad ...no wifi!!!

    make your bedroom as dark as possible

    so ....when the sun sets - so should you!

    what else do you want to know?????
  19. kovita

    kovita Gold

    try to get as discomnected and as far away from modern world as you can. it is very difficult to escape emg unless you live in the wild countryside. you should limit use of any electronical devices, change wifi for a cable, shut-up the whole electricity circuit for the night and so on, these ar the easy ones. Spend as much timein the nature as possible, go barefoot and minimumclothing and take a bath in the streams and lakesa s you go around (my small kids do it with me even in the winter as wella nd they love it). When I felt very sick and depressed of the poor progress iw as making despite af a huge effort, I went camping to my parents house in the countryside. If I had no family, I just go a will sleep in the nature regulary. that helped me a big time!
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  20. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    earthing sheets can be a problem ..... is it plugged in to an outlet? there could be dirty electricity....
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