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JACK!!! antibiotic resistant skin infection

Discussion in 'Beginners Area' started by Rain, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. Rain

    Rain New Member

    Jack if you see this, or anybody else want to chime in.... i need help fast

    here's what happened, i had such bad candida that i ordered threelac, i ended up in bed for days, i could do nothing but sleep, with sporadic waking for the needful things

    i broke out in a HORRIBLE skin rash, first itching, then BAD BURNING, then PAIN, then all three

    Penny wrote me the following in my other thread to point out that it is a bad skin infection, but i have been flox'd and can't take strong antibiotics, and i don't know what to do? JACK, QUANTUM LEVEL TREATMENT QUICKLY PLEEEEEASE????

    ok Penny wrote

    Verified Purchase(What's this?)
    This review is from: Threelac Probiotic Dietary Supplement, Natural Lemon Flavor, Includes 60 .053-Ounce Packets (Health and Beauty)
    I just stopped taking ThreeLac because I developed a severe skin infection with a burning rash. At first I did not connect the ThreeLac to the rash. After several days it became worse and I saw a doctor who prescribed anti-biotics for the skin infection. I stopped taking the ThreeLac since I was now taking anti-biotics and decided to do an internet search for other probiotics that I could take while on the antibiotic. I came across a Holistic health care provider's website where she described her reaction to ThreeLac and many other people left comments about their experiences...most negative. I was surprised since I had read so many positive reviews and I thought that probiotics could do no harm - they would either help or do nothing so I thought. After reading through those experiences I felt weak and panicky because I realized that all my current symptoms were due to the release of a pathogenic bacteria into my bloodstream which is the last ingredient in ThreeLac: enterococcus faecalis. It is a bacteria that normally resides in our intestines, but if you have too much, of have leaky gut syndrome (as most Candida sufferers do), it can enter you bloodstream and cause all kinds of infections. Many people reported getting urinary tract infections which led to kidney infections, and most people reported feeling weak, tired, dizzy, and having other related problems. I too feel sick and weak and horrible with this rash - all my symptoms meet the those of an infection with enterococcus faecalis.

    I am not sure if ThreeLac is a complete scam or just a very dangerous "nutritional" supplement that affects people in extreme ways - either very good or very bad. Either way, please do your research before trying it because it's better to be safe than sorry. I am sorry. I believed all the positive reviews and let down my "scam sniffing" guard because I did not think a pro-biotic could cause me harm. I have read that Australia and Canada do not allow this bacteria into food products because it is extremely resistant to antibiotics and pathogenic to some people. Most ironic that the packages say "Pure Natural Food" when it feels like i just unknowingly poisoned myself and may have to spend lots of money getting treatment since I am uninsured and may be waiting too long get proper medical help. Please do not give this to your children without trying it for yourself first. I read some sad experiences of well-intentioned parents giving it to kids with awful side effects.

    I am heading back to the tried-and-true natural candida remedies that I used over ten years ago and worked: Caprylic acid, GOOD probiotics (that are legal in other countries with better oversight than our FDA), and and a Candida diet.

    From Penny:

    You need to get to a doctor pronto and get some vancomycin - if you add ginger juice when you take the vancomycin, it will help the resistance factor of the microbe to the vancomycin... this is from Steven Buhner's Herbal Antibiotics book... he gives a list of tinctures you could use, but screw that, get to a doctor - this bug can affect your heart...

    Do not *ever* use Tylenide as it can deplete your glutathione... your body's main antioxidant - baking soda or calamine lotion might be helpful - any kind of clay might help also - according to the reviewer, you might go see your doctor and get some antibiotics...

    I know it costs $100.00 but if you gave a stool sample to American Gut, they would give you the DNA of your gut flora and you could see what is actually killing you - at least bacteria-wise... the little buggers never travel alone...


    But please, take the package of threelac to a doctor and have him test your blood for e. faecalis... this is quite serious...
  2. Lahelada

    Lahelada New Member

    Rain, don't panic. I am not Dr K but I did read a bit about Herxheimer ,iodine supplementation etc.
    What you are experiencing could be any of the above including the bactericaemia but it does not have to be that.

    It seems to me that Threelac is a quite aggressive approach.Discontjnue,alsodiscontinue the iodine. Iodine needs cofactors like selenium and vit b in specific amounts. I have taken it but never as a daily routine but as a very judicial extra . N=1 but I get the feeling that you need to evaluate or reevaluate what you are doing,what you are taking and whether you should still be taking it and what would happen if you did not.
    Have you heeded the docs advice of some sun? I know it is Vancouver and cloudy but you may still see some benefit.
    Hugs,hope you are beter today.
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  3. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Lah has given you great advice Elaine ...slow down a bit and rethink some things. Maybe pm Clayton - he is in BC - maybe he can recommend a good partner Doc for you? Krista is in BC as well.....

    Dr. K. is away right now - on the East coast .......please remember - he can't practise medicine on the internet - he could have his license pulled and that is why he always tells us we need a partner Doc.

    A lot of folks here on the forum got into trouble with iodine ..... and crazy detox.

    I am sending you big hugs ...xoxo
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  4. Linz

    Linz Gold

    Some years ago I had a very bad rash/blistering skin that eventually required intravenous antibiotics for an infection and it was a frightening experience where none of the medics seemed to know what to do (seven of them!) It was before I modified my diet and I already had severe leaky gut/difficult to control auto-immunity and almost certain Vit A/D problem. I think a strong (medically approved and trialled) probiotic was probably the final trigger for the skin problem. The hospital treatment stopped the infection quickly but not the rash. At that point, feeling abandoned by the medical profession, I discovered a grain-free. sugar-free, high fat diet and the rash evaporated in days although hot itchy spots returned at the slightest provocation for some time. I still take very great care with manufactured probiotics (not so much natural sauerkraut,, kefir etc) and think even the best of them can cause imbalances in the wrong circumstances.

    Some years later with greatly improved health and understanding of what I am doing ( and a heartfelt thanks to Dr K) , I have tried a few probiotics very cautiously - Mutaflor, Lactobacillus Plantarum and another ill-fated trial of VSL3 (rapid nausea and itchiness) - but I haven't seen much if any improvement and I'm very suspicious that they can sometimes cause more harm than good. Penny's explanation of the risks with leaky gut sounds plausible to me. Also good advice from Lah on the iodine. You will get plenty on an epi-paleo diet especially if you include seaweeds in your bone/ fishbroths and there are many warnings about the dangers of supplementing here.

    Don't delay dealing with an infection, I'm sure one of the amazing people here will give you help with the immediate advice you may need on infection and you have already discovered that this is the most amazing place to deal with sorting out the underlying chaos.

    Not helpful for your immediate crisis but I am beginning to think the only really effective way to use probiotics is faecal transplant which I think needs extensive testing of existing gut mo's and using an anaerobic process. Dr K does talk about re-engineering our own gut using raw fish, chitin, not over-chewing food and careful light exposure but I have no idea what would be the best approach for you with your digestive system problems. One supplement that might be worth looking at is vitamin K (esp mark IV). Poor supply in modern diets and otherwise obtained in the gut by good mo's. It helps put calcium in the right place - not sure if it helps prevent efflux though.

    Really hope you start feeling better soon
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  5. Justfourme

    Justfourme New Member

    With the severity of your rash, sounds like you may need to see a doc. I would advise against taking a probiotic with a compromised immune system and leaky gut while on an antibiotic. Antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria in the gut. Instead of using a probiotic, use a prebiotic - that supports the good bacteria when taking meds. Once you are better and your leaky gut begins to heal, you can switch over to a probiotic and continue to take them.
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  6. Rain

    Rain New Member

    Hi you guys, thank you all, i stopped both the threelac and the iodine yesterday and i stopped taking other probiotics too, look up flouroquinilone toxicity and you'll see why i can't take antibiotics.... but i will be taking an agressive approach with coconut oil pulling, colloidal silver, aloe vera, and apple cider vinegar.... i'm fighting the candida with sulphur (topical)

    i'm very itchy this morning but seems the pain is either diminished or not set in yet.. i just got up, i'm sitting here oil pulling... and then will go out and get my barefeet in the grass and some sun, Jack told me to get a vitamin D lamp and i will in 3 days... yes i'm doing what Jack told me to do... i guess the problem i ran into was what Jack didn't tell me NOT to do lol oh hell why am i laughing? this is so unfunny... humour is a terrible defense mechanism at time

    'Ted got knifed last night" .... 'what the fork for???..... oh sorry, too spoon?'
  7. Justfourme

    Justfourme New Member

    The more sun the better, even if it's cloudy, you still get beneficial vit D. Coconut oil has antibiotic properties - slather on your skin.
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  8. Rain

    Rain New Member

    all the stuff i'm putting on my skin has antibiotic properties, i much prefer the aloe vera because it has analgesic properties tooooooooo, it's a little bit of heaven when suffering like this
  9. Justfourme

    Justfourme New Member

    Candida proteins resemble gluten proteins, if you are not gluten free, you need to be. There are also other foods that cross react and your body may react as if gluten. Hemp protein, dairy, eggs, etc
  10. Rain

    Rain New Member

    how could i be on a keto diet and not be gluten free? i never understand that question lol i don't use protein powder but may get some of the bullet proof guy's collagen protein for my morning coffee.....

    i don't eat much eggs anymore, they make me conk out, thought i was allergic.... have a bit of cheese for a treat every now and then, will cut it out too... is butter ok? i don't mean to sound daft, but a lot of keto peeps say butter doesn't contain the stuff that makes dairy bad
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2014
  11. Justfourme

    Justfourme New Member

    Gluten can hide in many places. :) Typically those who have issues with dairy can tolerate butter with no problems because the proteins are not in butter. Depends on the health of the gut. I can now also tolerate yogurt and hard cheese on occasion, but not very often and not in subsequent meals.
  12. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Good morning Elaine ...It sounds as if you are a little better? xo
  13. Rain

    Rain New Member

    no i wouldn't say better... but at least i know what i'm fighting, or at least KNEW i just went to the bathroom and my period has started again!!!!! it just ended about a week ago.... for the love of pete, what's going on with my body????

    oh and thanks about the butter

    oh i just realized!!! it's probably all the estrogen from my fat cells!!! did i guess right?
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2014
  14. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    maybe - estrogen dump ..... you are a work in progress! I hope you can find a good Doc. There really are lots of caring/smart Docs out there.

    Did I tell you - I am Canadian? I lived in Canada most of my Life - Ontario [born in Toronto]

    We had excellent/caring Doctors - of course they don't know what JK knows - they were never taught all this stuff - and cannot connect the dots. That is what Jack is teaching us .... to be in charge of our own health and wellness - and help our Docs. My DH was very ill for many years and all the Docs went way above and beyond for him and for me. We also have friends that are Docs and their level of care and concern and love for us was extraordinary.

    I have a great Doctor here in Oz and he loves all this and he listens and he always says he learns from me too. But - he is a very busy guy with a big practise and a young family - I don't know how he ever gets home for dinner!

    I appreciate/understand you frustration with your body ...... maybe sit outside and meditate and hug a tree - and then reread what others have said .......

  15. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Wow Elaine, that was so punny:) My entire family speaks in *puns*... I'm glad you're better today - if you need a good blueprint to follow for fixing your gut, Dr. Tim Jackson has a free ebook you can download... basically he says to start by fixing the leak instead of going right into bug bombing... what is in the gut must stay in the gut... the normal stuff to fix the leak is l-glutamine, DGL, slippery elm, aloe vera, marshmallow root (anything slimy/mucilagenous) to coat it, gelatin, bone broth - vitamin d, b1, zinc...

    Ulcetrol by NOW foods has several of these ingredients in it...
    you also need methyl groups so eating liver is a good idea...

    His web site is: http://healyourbody.org/

    The reason I like to get the DNA of the gut flora is if you don't know what bugs to target, you might waste a lot of time chasing your tail... you may thingk you're saving $$$, but not so much... ask me how I know this... :)

    For instance, you are wise to fight candida with a topical sulphur because if you have a sulfate reducing bacteria like desulfovibrio, that bacteria will eat any sulfur you send down and turn it into hydrogen sulfide... and you will have more toxins to eliminate plus you will not be making glutathione...


    Is a vitamin d lamp the same as an infared bulb? Which one are you getting? Take care Elaine:)
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2014
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  16. Rain

    Rain New Member

    sorry everyone, just totally conked out for i don't know how many hours, this infection is kicking my arse

    caroline, canadian eh? no wonder you're so nice lol that's supposed to be what we are right? nice

    penny the punny joke wasn't mine haha and thank you so much for the link on how to fix my gut, i sooooo need that, but i feel so sick right now i think i will just go lie back down
  17. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    yep - Canadians are supposed to be nice ...... and they always get their man .....???!!!
  18. Rain

    Rain New Member

    haha, yes i do :) what do you guys think, should i cut back on the hot and cold showers with this infection? is it too much of a stress on my body?
  19. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    no idea ..... what is your instinct telling you???? the doctor in your head?????

    that's the best Doctor you are ever going to have!
  20. Rain

    Rain New Member

    i do NOT want to make my body cold right now.... i wouldn't mind a warm shower tho, think i'll go take one.... i'm watching the remake of the movie 'Carrie' the mom in it kind of reminds me of my good ol' mom... gonna scare the crap outta myself, for halloween ye know? :)
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