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I've Got My Labs - I'd Appreciate Your Help...

Discussion in 'Optimal Labs' started by ozbuck, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. ozbuck

    ozbuck New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Here is my saliva tests and blood tests. Any analysis, info, insight and comments are really appreciated!!!!!

    Some background info: have trouble putting on weight/muscle mass, wake up unrefreshed, wake up a few times a night roll over and then fall back to sleep, have no trouble getting to sleep though, acne/rosacea, feelings of being down, nearsightedness, trouble concentrating, some brain fog at times, difficulty regulating stress, eye floaters, sometimes i feel tired after eating.

    My doc thinks I have adrenal fatigue. I'm going to start the Leptin Rx tomorrow.


    8AM 36.5 nmol/L (6.0-42.0)
    12PM 22.1 nmol/L (2.0-11.0)
    4PM 20.9 nmol/L (2.0-11.0)
    8PM 8.0 nmol/L (1.0-8.0)
    Cortisol Daily Total 87.5 nmol/L (11.0-76.0)

    Morning: 27.1 nmol/L (5.0-30.0)
    DHEAs/CORTISAL 0.74 (0.20-0.60) ratio


    S SODIUM 141 mmol/L (135-145)
    S POTASSIUM 4.1 mmol/L (3.5-5.5)
    S CHLORIDE 100 mmol/L (95-110)
    S BICARB. 30 mmol/L (20-32)
    S UREA 5.7 mmol/L (3.0-7.5)
    S CREAT. 75 umol/L (60-110)
    eGFR >90
    S T-BIL. 8 umol/L (4-20)
    S ALP 79 U/L (35-110)
    S GGT 9 U/L (5-50)
    S ALT 17 U/L (5-40)
    S AST 18 U/L (10-40)
    S T-PROTEIN 76 g/L (66-83)
    S ALBUMIN 45 g/L (36-47)
    S GLOBULIN 31 g/L (26-41)
    S CHOLESTEROL 4.1 mmol/L (3.5-5.5)
    S TRIG 0.5 mmol/L (<1.5)
    S HDL-CHOL 1.51 mmol/L (>1.00)
    S LDL-CHOL 2.4 mmol/L (:love:.5)
    S LDLC/HDLC 1.6 (<4.0)
    S Chol/HDLC 2.7 (<4.5)
    S IRON 15 umol/L (5-30)
    S TRF 2.1 g/L (2.0-3.2)
    S TRF SAT. 29 % (10-45)
    S FERRITIN 226 ng/mL (30-500)


    Units Range

    S Free T4 23.9 H pmol/L (11.0-21.0)
    S Free T3 4.2 pmol/L (3.2-6.4)
    S TSH 1.29 mU/L (0.5-5.0)
    Antithyroid peroxidase antibodies: 6 IU/mL ( :love:5 )
    Antithyroglobulin antibodies: <10 IU/mL ( <115 )


    S FSH 5.1 IU/L (1.5-9.7)
    S LH 5.9 IU/L (1.8-9.2)
    S PROLACTIN 207 mIU/L (0-500)
    S OESTRADIOL 91 pmol/L (<160)
    S PROGEST 3.9 nmol/L (0.7-4.3)
    S TESTO 25.0 nmol/L (12.0-31.9)
    S SHBG 68 H nmol/L (17-56)
    cFreeTesto 331 pmol/L (260-740)
    DHEAS 13.2 umol/L (2.2-15.2)

    S CORTISOL-AM 451 nmol/L (170-550)
    COLL.TIME 08:35


    FASTING: 3.2 uU/mL ( <17 )
    60 Minutes: L 32.8 uU/mL ( 46 - 102 )
    120 Minutes: L 12.4 uU/mL ( 23 - 59 )

    P Glucose Fasting : 4.2 mmol/L ( 3.6 - 6.0 )
    P Glucose 1-Hour : 7.1 mmol/L ( 3.6 - 11.0 )
    P Glucose 2-Hour : 4.4 mmol/L ( 3.6 - 7.7 )


    S Total B12 560 pmol/L (200-700)

    THcy (Homocysteine) 9 umol/L (6-15)


    HAEMOGLOBIN 144 g/L (130-180)
    Hct 0.43 (0.39-0.51)
    RBC 4.8 x10*12/L (4.3-5.8)
    MCV 89 fL (80-100)
    MCH 30 pg (27-34)
    MCHC 337 g/L (310-360)
    RDW 14.4 (11-17)
    PLATELETS 221 x 10*9/L (150-450)
    WHITE CELLS 5.6 x10*9/L (4.0-11.0)
    Neutrophils# 3.4 x10*9/L (2.0-7.5)
    Lymphocytes# 1.5 x10*9/L (1.0-4.0)
    Monocytes# 0.5 x10*9/L (0-1.0)
    Eosinophils# 0.1 x10*9/L (0-0.5)
    Basophils# 0.0 x10*9/L (0-0.3)
    ESR 6 mm/hr (1-10)


    S 25OH VIT D 120 nmol/L (75-250)


    AGA IgG <20 (-20)
    T-glutaminase <5 (-5)

    S CRP, SENSIT 1.1 mg/L (<5)

    DHT 3.4 nmol/L ( 0.7 - 5.1 )
  2. ozbuck

    ozbuck New Member

    Some info HoneyChild posted in my Journal:

    "I still haven't had confirmation that I've calculated this correctly but I think your BUN/creatinine ratio is 18.77

    S UREA 5.7 mmol/L (3.0-7.5) = 15.96 (BUN)
    S CREAT. 75 umol/L (60-110) = 0.85

    15.96/0.85 = 18.77


    If this is correct then you're dehydrated as your result is above 15."


    "RDW 14.4 (11-17)

    "Red cell distribution width or RDW is a parameter that measures variation in red blood cell size or red blood cell volume. A high RDW (over 14.5%) means that the red blood cells vary a lot in size. A normal RDW is 11.6 to 14.6%, but researchers from the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute found that patients with a RDW level greater than or equal to 12.9% had an increased risk for depression."


    This can be caused by deficiencies in b12, folate, iron, selenium, vitamin E and possibly some other things."
  3. Jude

    Jude Gold

    Hi ozbuck.....Looks like...... low HDL indicates a leaky gut, overall cholesterol a bit low....need to implement Leaky Gut Prescription....Epi paleo...mind light cycles, seasonal eating...all the stuff that is reiterated on this site.....
    Your Bun/Creat ratio isn't perfect ( but not above the 20 top limit).
    No rT3 ?.
    Yr T4 is above ref range ..don't know implications of that
    Your Free T3 looks good and so is yr fasting BG.
    Vit D level is great.
    Hscrp...JK likes it to be below 1...not bad at all......
    The cortisol tests......6am ok.......12md...too high...(above ref range).6pm...too high(above ref) 8pm(why not 10pm?) at top limit.....don't know more...but the daily curve should start high and gradually lower through the day ..to low nocte..seems like you're making too much cortisol....what do you do?
    My 2 cents worth...:eek:
  4. ozbuck

    ozbuck New Member

    Hi Jude, Thanks for your thoughts.

    low HDL/leaky gut: I was on a candida diet for a year and then GAPS for a while. I think I've done some good gut healing in the past. I'll look into Jacks gut healing ideas.

    No rt3 unfortunately.

    Too much cortisol, what do I do? hahaha... I don't know what is going on. Maybe I'm just too much of a stress head? Maybe its psychologically based? My doctor also thinks I might have the condition of Pyroluria (under absorb b6 and zinc) which could be causing an internal stress so she has got me under better doses of those vitamins as well as biotin as well.

    Thanks again Jude.
  5. Jude

    Jude Gold

    Thought you may be a fitness go getter!.....that apparently can cause this kind of problem. Think your high cortisol pattern is described as a classic pregnenolone steal syndrome...more research!
    The Heal your hormones bootcamp with Dr T Jackson would be good for you ...good info on Rx of leaky gut ..talks about adaptogens to help and the nasty viruses, bacteria etc that need to be addressed before good hormonal balance can be achieved. All the best.
  6. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    ^^^^^^ excellent advise.....

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