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It's not about the destination....but, the journey

Discussion in 'My Optimal Journal' started by mamadell, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. mamadell

    mamadell Gold

    so...here we go
    my first entry into my journal and another step along this journey...we call life

    A New Yorker who found herself in Sedona AZ , I've been living in AZ for almost 10 years now
    and, have noticed over the past few years of living here, that i just don't feel 100%

    Have been following the Epi Paleo rx for about a year now as far as the diet part which feels quite natural to me...previously, i was following the raw food movement, then vegetarian,vegan and, then one day, i happen to pass the meat counter and started to drool LOL !! so, bought the steak and felt better than i had in years !!

    Been concentrating on increasing my DHA intake ...eating quite a bit of fish ( sardines and salmon ) and frozen shrimp.. when i can, i have oysters shipped to me
    What i have noticed over the past several years, is that the amount of inflammation in my body is increasing
    and , my energy is decreasing
    I have Very high oxidized LDL levels , low free T3 levels , very high SHBG levels and all sex hormone levels are very low
    Genetic hyperlipidemia , chronic bouts of systemic candida and chronic mucus and phlegm

    Have tried CT once and my face turned purple .....finger tips turn white...all my blood pulls away from my extremities...

    Have just started listening to all the older webinars and in the meantime, would love to be able to know what specific blood tests i should be asking for other than VAP, complete thyroid etc
    Would like to be able to get to the cause of my chronic inflammation ....feels like something has been brewing for 20 years and finally started to show itself as symptoms :)
    The journey continues.....
  2. fitness@home

    fitness@home Silver

    Great start!

    Have you ever had a really extensive hormone test done? Genova Diagnostics Complete Hormone give a lot of information. It is a 24-hour urine collection. My BHRT doc has me do this annually.

    I think @SeaHorse had issues at first with Raynaud's type symptoms when doing CT, but is now able to. Don't give up on it. Maybe use water that is not a cold and ease into it?

    Good luck on your journey :)
  3. nonchalant

    nonchalant Silver

    Hi Mamadell, do you get much Arizona sunshine?
  4. mamadell

    mamadell Gold

    all day....every day :)
    but, desert life can be harsh...if only the ocean were closer...aahhhhh
  5. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Nice start! Did you start C/T with face dunks?
  6. mamadell

    mamadell Gold

    Caroline...yes, started with face dunks
    don't have much body fat so the cold goes right to my bones....will be adding more good fats to my diet and will try CT again
  7. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    try wearing compression gear........
    mamadell likes this.
  8. mamadell

    mamadell Gold

    just had an extensive lipid panel done to further look at other markers around my elevated oxidized LDL levels
    was diagnosed with familial hypercholesterolemia and while my HDL and TG levels are decent ( 70 and 55 respectively )
    the markers for lipoprotein particles and apolipoproteins are quite high
    APO B 169
    LDL-P 2871
    sdLDL-C 57 ( small dense particle )
    APO A-1 149
    APO B : APO A-1 ratio 1.13 ( high )
    Lp (a )-P 150 ( genetic marker-high )
    LP-PLA 209 ( inflammation/oxidation marker--high )
    APO E ( genetic marker at 3/3 )

    METABOLIC MARKERS ( seem to be in range )

    Insulin 4
    C-peptide 1.5
    HbA1c 5.1
    glucose 99.7
    Vit. D 53 ( could be higher )
    Uric acid 3.6
    TSH 1.26
    Homocysteine 8

    test also indicates that i have hyper sterol absorption markers for campesterol , sitosterol and cholestanol

    so , apparently i don;t have enough LDL receptors on my liver and my body is reabsorbing the excess cholesterol
    of course, my doc wants me to take statins , Zetia , niacin and plant sterols

    been following the leptin RX, CT protocol and mitigating EMF exposure as much as possible
    have noticed that as i go thru menopause that my lipid levels have increased substantially and that my LDL particle size has gone from type A to small dense B particles
    and oxidation has increased

    Just wondering what else i can do to increase particle size and decrease LDL-P number ?

    good news is that my Omega-3 index level is 13.4
    Omega-3 total 17.2%
    ALA 0.3%
    DPA 3.5%
    EPA 4.7%
    DHA 8.8%

    Omega 6 total 24.8%
    AA 9.7%
    LA 12.2%

    Monosaturated total 16.6%
    Saturated total 40.5%
    Trans total 0.8%
  9. mamadell

    mamadell Gold

    2 months later and my health has turned around for the better
    been focusing on getting am sunlight and ample amounts of DHA in my diet and mitigating blue light exposure....wow !! makes all the difference
    no more phlegm , inflammation or allergies
    hormones are in balance and have so much energy !!!
    so much gratitude to Jack and all those who have supported my journey with their insight and wisdom
    looking to living part time somewhere in Riviera Maya and continuing to optimize every aspect of my life
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  10. caroline

    caroline Moderator

    Are you close to Josh Ferber?

    great update!

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