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It's Everywhere !!

Discussion in 'Cold Thermogenesis' started by Valorie33, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Valorie33

    Valorie33 New Member

    My 72 yr old mother is having some disc problems in her back, she was looking at possible surgery.

    I told her about the Leptin Rx months ago, however she couldn't see herself doing it, then a few weeks ago I told her about the CT and she really thought I had lost my mind.

    Last night I called her to say Happy Birthday and she brought up "that thing with the cold water" and told me that Dr Oz had a woman on his show desperate to lose the last few lbs, and she said he had a bathtub on stage, and put her in it and filled it with cold water and told her that it would help her lose the weight.

    I really do not like Oz, he is a bit of a flake however if he is the least bit interested in all of this, maybe we should all start flooding him with Dr Kruse info, it would be nice to see him get the whole story right.

    My only worry is his "creative editing skills" could ruin it completely.
  2. PaleoDentist

    PaleoDentist New Member

    I think he had Tim Ferris ion as well.

  3. Bastard is probably reading this forum and going to try and cash in on all the good Docs good work!
  4. Susan M.

    Susan M. New Member

    Just the thought of how Dr. Oz and the creators of that show could bastardize what Dr. Kruse has going on makes me just plain tired! Sigh.
  5. differentstory

    differentstory New Member

    That's what I was thinking. :) I was turned off on his show when he brought Gary Taubes (sp?) on the show.
  6. donkjellberg

    donkjellberg Silver

    He won't go all out and do it since this goes against CW and his cash cow. Genuine healing is a conflict of interest in some circles, especially with the vested interests those have in his circle.

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