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Is Osteoporosis reversible?

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Matt Fowler, Nov 2, 2021.

  1. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned that the disease similar to Mad Cow disease is spreading among deer, elk, moose and caribou populations.

    o far, CWD has been found in 25 states across the United States, as well as parts of Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and South Korea. That is of grave concern because it is quite contagious and 100 percent fatal. There is no known treatment or vaccine.
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  2. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    @JanSz @John Schumacher @ND Hauf

    A rancher who has bison and elk told me that he tests the elk every year for CWD, but bison don't get it so he doesn't even need to test them. The bison on his ranch live pretty much like they're wild; maybe different diet or medications given to some bison could make bison able to get CWD. Do any of you know of bison getting CWD? And I wonder, if the prion domain in spike protein and spongiform encephalopathy stuff is true, would bison be more resistant to that too? I'm thinking of the possibility of spike proteins affecting beef cattle and whether there might be a new Mad Cow situation that's blamed on something else, that I could avoid by buying all bison instead of beef.
  3. Penny

    Penny New Member

    I smell bullshit:) Remember the mad cow disease panic before? They killed all those cattle - I think in the U.K. - it went no where - they want to cut us off from beef - they are also trying to pump up another H1N1 scare - next we will have to kill off our backyard chickens - anything to make us dependent on that UBI... honestly, does anyone believe anything any 3 letter agency sez anymore? I don't.
  4. Penny

    Penny New Member

    JK has stated in the past that Wolf's law is null and void - this is because of EMF - I am guessing here - and calcium efflux - but you can put your mom on CDS and you should see great results - check out the start of this interview - he had arthritis so bad, he couldn't pick up a pen - totally cured by chlorine dioxide solution - he said he was quite sceptical - it's an incredible interview:

    Celeste talks with Dr Andreas Kalcker
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  5. ND Hauf

    ND Hauf Pleb

    @Dan2 I’m not aware of cases in Bison. The lady I personally know that was taken down by CWD had worked at a local butcher shop and had processed infected mule deer.
  6. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    @John Schumacher

    Would you mind figuring out, (and writing it here)
    dose and daily protocol
    and if the product below can be used for it and how.
    (Or maybe there is a better and less expensive way somewhere)

    Last edited: Dec 4, 2021
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  7. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    MMS Health Recovery Guidebook
    Jim Humble
    with Cari Lloyd
    Published by
    James V. Humble
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  8. JanSz

    JanSz Gold

    Thank you.
    Would you mind figuring it all out, (and writing it here)
    dose and daily protocol, etc, etc
    figure out what to buy on amazon.com to make it all work.
    Thank you.
  9. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    Thought I may as well C&P the whole protocol section

    Chapter 6
    The Key Protocols
    Starting Procedure
    This Starting Procedure must be done before following Protocols 1000, 1000 Plus, 2000 or 3000. This procedure will assure you greater success as there have been people who without it have experienced nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or excessive tiredness sometimes within the first week or so of starting Protocol 1000. Many give up right then instead of persisting. You can’t blame them; they’ve heard how great MMS is and then it makes them feel bad, so they give up. This is because they started taking too much MMS1 too quickly to begin their protocol. Please
    believe me when I say that this Starting Procedure is
    extremely important to you for your health recovery. It
    can help you avoid unnecessary sickness as it helps your
    body gradually become accustomed to MMS.
    The Starting Procedure consists of taking MMS1 in very
    low doses to start out and working up slowly to a 1-drop
    dose over a period of four days. (There is an exception to
    this rule, see variation on page 82.) MMS1 goes to work
    on killing the disease, but if you go too fast, the poisons
    from dead pathogens (any disease producing agent)
    builds up in the body faster than the body can get rid of
    them. These poisons mainly can cause nausea, vomiting,
    or diarrhea, and sometimes other distress, such as ex-
    treme tiredness, can also be experienced. This is called a
    Herxheimer reaction as explained in the definition of
    MMS Health Recovery Guidebook
    terms on page 6. Hopefully, going through the Starting
    Procedure can help one avoid or minimize a Herxheimer
    Instructions for the Starting Procedure
    Day One
    The first day of the Starting Procedure take 1/4 drop of
    activated MMS every hour for eight hours. Since you
    cannot divide a drop into fourths, the following steps
    explain how you make the dose. Remember, use an
    empty, clean, dry, drinking glass. Since all MMS1 doses
    are taken in 1/2 cup of water, it is helpful to mark your
    glass at the 1/2 cup (4 ounces/120 ml) point, or use a
    glass with this measurement.
    Step 1
    q Activate 1 drop of MMS as per instructions in Mixing a
    Basic Dose of MMS1 (page 32).
    Step 2
    q Fill the glass to the 1/2 cup (4 ounces/120 ml) mark
    with water. Make sure the drops are mixed into the
    Note: Some juices and sodas are acceptable; see pages
    Step 3
    q Pour off 1/4 or 1 ounce/30 ml of this water mixture
    into another glass and drink it.Chapter 6 – The Key Protocols
    Note: Before you drink this 1 ounce/30 ml you can add a
    little additional water—an ounce or two at most—if you
    want to dilute the taste before you drink it.
    q Discard the extra 3 ounces/90 ml. You won’t be using
    them. You must make up a new drink each hour;
    otherwise the dose will lose its potency. Each MMS1
    dose should be made up fresh—mix your drops and
    count to 30 seconds then add water and drink it down.
    One should be sure to never wait more than 60
    seconds before drinking.
    Day Two and Three
    On the second and third day of the Starting Procedure
    take 1/2 drop of MMS1 every hour for eight hours
    a day.
    Step 4
    q Follow steps 1 and 2 (from day one above) each hour,
    but this time pour off 1/2 of the mixture (this will be 2
    ounces/60 ml) and drink, and discard the other half.
    This gives you 1/2 drop.
    Day Four
    On the fourth day of the Starting Procedure take 3/4
    drop of MMS1 every hour for eight hours.
    Step 5
    q Follow steps 1 and 2 (from day one above). In this case
    it would be easiest to discard 1 ounce/30 ml of liquid
    and drink the remaining 3 ounces/90 ml of liquid. In
    other words you are drinking 3/4 of the 1/2 cup (or 4
    ounces/120 ml) mixture that you made in steps 1 and
    2 and this then gives you 3/4 of a drop dose.82
    MMS Health Recovery Guidebook
    Step 6
    q At the end of day four you have completed the Starting
    Procedure to Protocol 1000. The next day (day five),
    you should begin Protocol 1000 as per the instructions
    on page 84.
    Note: In the case of a very sick person, start out the
    Starting Procedure with even less than the 1/4-drop dose
    which is suggested above. For an extremely sick person
    start with 1/8 drop every hour for eight hours (for one
    day), then do the Starting Procedure, followed by Protocol
    Variation–Fast Track for the Starting Procedure
    For those of you who are familiar with MMS1 and have
    used it before, if you feel you would like to get through
    the Starting Procedure more quickly; this variation simply
    cuts the time in half. We do not, however, recommend
    this fast track method if it has been longer than approxi-
    mately eight months since you have taken MMS. (If you
    are accustomed to taking a daily MMS maintenance dose
    [see page 200] and you want to start a full MMS protocol,
    I recommend that you nevertheless begin with the Start-
    ing Procedure using this fast track version.) In any case,
    before proceeding with this method remember, pay at-
    tention to how your body is reacting, go at your own pace
    and again, if nausea, vomiting or diarrhea occur, immedi-
    ately reduce the dose by one half and follow the instruc-
    tions regarding feeling sick on page 50. To fast track the
    Starting Procedure, simply cut the time for dosing in half
    as follows:Chapter 6 – The Key Protocols
    Day One—Fast Track
    q Take a 1/4-drop dose for four hours instead of eight
    q At the end of four hours, increase to a 1/2-drop dose
    for the remaining four hours of day one.
    Day Two—Fast Track
    q Take a 1/2-drop dose for four hours.
    q Increase the dose to a 3/4-drop dose for the remaining
    four hours of day two.
    Day Three—Fast Track
    q Start on Protocol 1000, beginning with a 1-drop dose.
    Follow the Protocol 1000 instructions.
    Three Golden Rules of MMS
    1. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! As long as you are
    getting better, don’t change what you are doing—keep at
    it since it is obviously working.
    2. Your body knows best…You just have to learn to
    listen to it! Anytime you are experiencing nausea, diar-
    rhea, vomiting, or excessive tiredness, and/or are feeling
    worse than your illness is already making you, reduce
    your MMS intake by half and then when the sickness
    subsides, build back up slowly. Continuing to increase
    your dosage when you are feeling sicker is a common
    mistake. Don't let it happen to you! More is not always
    better. Listen to your body!
    3. If you are in a rut, it’s time for a change! Have you
    come to a stalemate? If a five to six day period passes and84
    MMS Health Recovery Guidebook
    you do not see any signs of improvement, and you’ve
    checked to see you are not doing anything wrong, (see
    Reality Check, Chapter 8), go on to the next level. De-
    pending on where you are, add another drop to your
    dose, do the next increase, or go to the next protocol
    and/or add in a Supporting Protocol as listed in the HRP.
    Anytime you move forward, do not stop doing what you
    have already been doing. Add on, but do not take away.
    In Brief…
    Three Golden Rules of MMS
    1 Getting better? Do not change anything.
    Continue with what you are doing.
    2 Feeling worse? Reduce your MMS intake by
    3 Not getting better/not getting worse? If
    there are no signs of improvement, do the next
    increase or go to the next protocol according to
    the HRP.
    Protocol 1000
    This protocol alone has proven time and time again to
    restore health to people with a wide variety of diseases
    and conditions such as Hepatitis A, B and C, HIV/AIDS,
    arthritis, acid reflux, kidney disease, any number of aches
    and pains, urinary tract infections, depression, diabetes,
    and the list goes on and on. Protocol 1000 is also helpful
    for a good general cleanse to rid the body of unwanted
    toxins that one often does not even realize they have.
    Many people report that they really didn’t feel they had
    any major health problems, yet after doing Protocol 1000Chapter 6 – The Key Protocols
    they felt so much better—they had more energy and
    vitality, clearer thinking, and felt healthier overall after
    completing Protocol 1000.
    The instructions given here are for the original, and what
    I like to call, Classic Protocol 1000. If you do further
    research you will find that we and many other people
    have tried various versions of Protocol 1000 over the
    years. While most all of the slight variations of Protocol
    1000 have been successful, according to reports we have
    received from around the world, the success has never
    been as good as the original protocol of mixing the dose
    fresh every hour.
    Protocol 1000 is taking a maximum of 3 drops of activated
    MMS (MMS1) in 4 ounces/120 ml of water (some juices
    are acceptable, as explained on pages 42-45) once each
    hour, for eight consecutive hours, every day, for three
    weeks or until well. One does not start out at 3 drops an
    hour. You try to build up to 3 drops slowly as stated in this
    book and abiding by the Three Golden Rules of MMS.
    Remember, if your body does not tolerate an increase of
    drops, stick with what works best for you. Your health
    may be recovered taking less than 3 drops in each dose.
    Some people have recovered their health taking 1 or 2 (or
    even less) drops per hour.
    It is best to start out slow and build up to the 3-drop dose.
    Do not start Protocol 1000 until you have complet-
    ed the Starting Procedure. After finishing the Starting
    Procedure we start Protocol 1000 at 1 drop an hour and
    work up to the suggested 3-drop dose per hour.86
    MMS Health Recovery Guidebook
    Instructions for Protocol 1000
    Step 1
    q In a clean, dry glass activate 1 drop of MMS as per the
    instructions in Mixing a Basic Dose of MMS1, page 32.
    q Add 1/2 cup (4 ounces/120 ml) of water or other
    recommended mixer.
    Step 2
    q Drink down your 1-drop dose within one minute of
    Step 3
    q Continue taking a 1-drop dose every hour until you are
    ready to increase your drops.
    Step 4
    q If after three or four hours there is no problem of
    nausea or any worse feeling, then increase your dose
    by at least 1/2 drop. Go at your own pace, (without
    getting sicker than your illness is already making you)
    but steadily build up to a 3-drop dose every hour. For
    example, one person might start out the first day with
    a 1-drop dose for two to three hours, and then they
    may increase to 1-1/2 drops for a couple of hours, and
    then 2 drops for a couple of hours and so on. Others
    might want to stick to a 1-drop dose every hour for the
    entire first day, and then 2 drops every hour the next
    day and so on. Some may even find it necessary to
    stay at a 1-drop dose every hour for a few days before
    they can go up.Chapter 6 – The Key Protocols
    Step 5
    q Continue taking 3-drop doses every hour, for eight
    consecutive hours a day, for 21 days. You may get well
    without another hitch, but if at any time you experience
    nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or excessive tiredness
    simply reduce the amount of drops you are taking by
    at least one half. Remember, reduce but do not stop.
    (A little bit of loose stool or diarrhea might be
    considered OK and part of the cleansing process, but
    if it becomes too much or you are also experiencing
    nausea and vomiting cut back immediately. Follow the
    instructions in the section Feeling Sick, page 50.) Be
    sure to follow the Three Golden Rules of MMS.
    † Never go beyond a 3-drop dose each hour while on
    Protocol 1000.
    † Though it is not pleasant to feel nausea, diarrhea,
    vomiting, or excessive tiredness should you experience
    these symptoms, it is usually a sign that your body is going
    through the detoxification process—so on that score it is
    positive. The goal, however, is to go at a steady pace, not
    too fast, so that you do not make yourself sick.
    † In the event that you recover your health in less than
    three weeks, I suggest that you nevertheless continue
    Protocol 1000 for the entire 21 day period. This will help
    complete the detoxification process.
    Protocol 1000 Plus
    Protocol 1000 Plus requires the addition of DMSO (dime-
    thyl sulfoxide) to your hourly dosing. Before proceeding88
    MMS Health Recovery Guidebook
    with this protocol, please thoroughly read and/or familiar-
    ize yourself with Chapter 4 in this book.
    This protocol is simply adding DMSO to the MMS1 Protocol
    1000 dose which is 3 activated drops per hour (or some-
    times less). With Protocol 1000 Plus, you add in 3 drops
    of DMSO for each drop of MMS. Or, in case you have not
    progressed to 3 drops an hour by this time, continue the
    same amount of MMS1 you’ve been taking and add in the
    DMSO accordingly. For example, if you are taking a
    3-drop dose of MMS1, you would add 9 drops of DMSO.
    If you are taking a 2-drop dose of MMS1, you would add
    6 drops of DMSO.
    Instructions for Protocol 1000 Plus
    Step 1
    q Activate 3 drops of MMS. (If you have not been able
    to work up to a 3-drop dose yet, due to nausea, etc.,
    activate however many drops you are taking.)
    q Add 1/2 cup (4 ounces/120 ml) of water (or compatible
    liquid; see pages 42-45, 56).
    Step 2
    q Immediately after adding the water, add in 3 drops of
    DMSO for each drop of MMS1 you are using. For
    example, if you are making a 3-drop MMS1 dose, add
    9 drops of DMSO. (Thoroughly mix in the DMSO by
    stirring it.)
    q Drink down the dose immediately as once the DMSO
    is added the MMS1 will begin to slowly lose potency if
    left to sit.Chapter 6 – The Key Protocols
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  10. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    Step 3
    q If after adding DMSO to your dose you experience
    discomfort (such as nausea, diarrhea, etc.), reduce the
    amount of DMSO you are adding on the next dose.
    Instead of adding 3 drops of DMSO per 1 drop of
    MMS1, reduce to 2 drops of DMSO to 1 drop of MMS1.
    If you still have discomfort, reduce the DMSO by
    another drop, in other words, use 1 drop of DMSO per
    1 drop of MMS1. If you still experience discomfort after
    reducing the amount of DMSO 2 times, then completely
    stop adding DMSO to your MMS1 doses for a day. Then
    start back with small doses of DMSO and build up
    slowly to 3 drops of DMSO per 1 drop of MMS1.
    † An important reason to drink the MMS1/DMSO dose
    immediately is because DMSO begins to cause the dose to
    slowly lose its potency. It takes up to six hours to lose full
    potency; nevertheless, it is best to drink it straight away so
    it doesn’t lose any of its power. I suggest drinking it within
    one minute of adding DMSO drops, because it loses a large
    amount of potency in the first ten minutes and then
    continues to lose potency at a slower pace.
    † When progressing from Protocol 1000 Plus to Protocol
    2000, always continue using DMSO according to the in-
    structions given here in Protocol 1000 Plus while doing
    Protocol 2000, i.e. always add 3 drops of DMSO to the dose
    for every 1 drop of MMS1.
    Protocol 2000
    Protocol 2000 is, in essence, our Cancer Protocol, but we
    are not naming it “Cancer Protocol” as such because it
    also works well for most other life-threatening diseases. IMMS Health Recovery Guidebook
    have observed that more than 90% of those who use
    Protocol 2000 faithfully, and take responsibility for using
    it as directed here, overcome their cancer or other disease
    completely. However, I must also mention that there are
    cases of cancer and other diseases that simply are too far
    gone for even MMS1 and MMS2 to help. Normally these
    are the cases that have had tremendous amounts of
    chemo, radiation, or surgery treatment and the body is
    simply “past the point of no return.” However, we never
    say never. If the person still has one more hour to live,
    get some MMS1 into him. See page 249 for more infor-
    mation on helping people with extreme conditions.
    On Protocol 2000 you will:
    ● Increase the number of drops you take each hour
    to as many drops as you can handle (up to the
    maximum amount of drops for your weight—see
    page 92) without getting sick due to the MMS. In
    most cases the increase in drops is needed for
    cancer and other life-threatening diseases.
    ● Increase the number of hours you take your dose
    each day from eight to ten hours.
    ● At the beginning of the third or fourth day of
    Protocol 2000, you should begin taking MMS2 in
    addition to MMS1.
    The most important thing to remember is, never stop
    taking MMS until you are well. Remain on Protocol
    2000 and any needed Supporting Protocols, as explained
    in the Health Recovery Plan, until you have fully recovered
    your health.
    Note: When progressing from Protocol 1000 Plus to
    Protocol 2000, always continue using DMSO according to
    the instructions given in Protocol 1000 Plus while doingChapter 6 – The Key Protocols
    Protocol 2000, i.e. add 3 drops of DMSO to the dose for
    every 1 drop of MMS1.
    Instructions for Protocol 2000
    Step 1
    q Increase the number of hours per day that one takes
    the hourly dose to ten hours per day instead of the
    eight hours per day of Protocol 1000.
    Step 2
    q Begin increasing the drops in your daily dose by 1 drop
    increments. For example, if you were taking 3 drops
    an hour as per Protocol 1000, you can increase to 4
    q The Health Recovery Plan (HRP) gives allowance for
    an exception to the rule, (see page 70). If you fall into
    this category and therefore come to Protocol 2000
    directly from the Starting Procedure because of cancer
    or some other life-threatening disease, then begin at
    1 drop per hour and increase the drops per hour after
    only a few hours at 1 drop per hour. You can tell if you
    should not add another drop per hour by the way you
    feel. Just keep increasing by 1 additional drop per hour
    until a tiny sickish feeling beyond how the disease
    makes you feel, lets you know for the time being to
    stop increasing. Some people can move along quicker
    and some cannot, please be attentive to the Three
    Golden Rules of MMS.
    q It is important to not allow yourself to feel worse than
    your disease is already making you feel, as the
    additional sickness can then slow your recovery down.
    So if taking your MMS dose results in nausea, vomiting,
    diarrhea or excessive tiredness reduce the number ofMMS Health Recovery Guidebook
    drops you are taking by 50% for the next dose, if it
    still seems like the MMS1 is continuing to cause
    distress, then decrease the dose by another 50% of
    what you are taking. When you feel comfortable with
    the amount of MMS1 you are taking, then slowly
    increase the drops again. If the added sickness is
    severe then temporarily stop taking the drops
    altogether and start again as soon as you are feeling
    better. And again, increase to as much as you can take
    without feeling worse than you already are.
    The following chart gives the theoretical maximum
    amount of drops that most people should take for their
    body weight. Anyone weighing more than 200 pounds
    can calculate their maximum number of drops by adding
    1 drop for each 20 pounds over 200 pounds. There are
    times when a cancer is not improving that one might go
    ahead and take more drops per hour than suggested
    here, in that case do not hesitate to do so, but normally
    this chart is correct. Remember, follow the Three Golden
    Rules of MMS. Some people will not get up to anywhere
    near these amounts. These are maximum amounts—they
    are not a goal.
    Protocol 2000 —Maximum MMS1 Dosage
    80-100 lbs (36-45 kg)
    100-120 lbs (45-54 kg) Take no more than 8 drops hourly
    Take no more than 8 drops hourly
    120-140 lbs (54-63 kg) Take no more than 9 drops hourly
    140-160 lbs (63-72 kg) Take no more than 10 drops hourly
    160-180 lbs (72-81 kg) Take no more than 11 drops hourly
    180-200 lbs (81-90 kg) Take no more than 12 drops hourly
    200 lbs (90 kg) and above: Increase the maximum dose by 1
    drop for each additional 20 lbs (9 kg)Chapter 6 – The Key Protocols
    Step 3
    q Begin taking MMS2 on the third or fourth day into the
    protocol. (Please read section MMS2—Details, page
    274, for information on where to purchase calcium
    hypochlorite, and instructions on how to make MMS2
    q Use either #1 size capsules which are the smallest that
    you should use, or #0 size capsules, which is one size
    larger than #1. (And no, I didn’t make a mistake on
    capsule sizes; they really get smaller in size as you
    increase the number.) Start by loading the #1 size
    capsules 1/8 full or #0 size capsule about 1/16 full.
    When the capsules are pulled apart, one side is always
    larger than the other side. Fill the larger side (pack
    loosely). Then put the smaller side on and be sure you
    push it down securely in place.
    Step 4
    q Step 3 gets you started, but increase the amount you
    put in the capsule over the next several days,
    working up to either full for #1 size capsule, or 3/4 full
    for a #0 size capsule. Slowly increase the amount you
    put in the capsule.
    Step 5
    q Take one of these capsules 5 times a day—once every
    two hours.
    q Take your first MMS2 capsule one-half hour after taking
    your second MMS1 dose of the day.MMS Health Recovery Guidebook
    Sample Time Schedule for Protocol 2000, Once
    MMS2 is Added to Your Dosing
    Protocol 2000
    MMS2 Time Schedule
    9:00 AM
    10:00 AM
    10:30 AM
    11:00 AM
    12:00 PM
    12:30 PM
    1:00 PM
    2:00 PM
    2:30 PM
    3:00 PM
    4:00 PM
    4:30 PM
    5:00 PM
    6:00 PM
    6:30 PM
    MMS1 dose
    MMS1 dose
    MMS2 dose
    MMS1 dose
    MMS1 dose
    MMS2 dose
    MMS1 dose
    MMS1 dose
    MMS2 dose
    MMS1 dose
    MMS1 dose
    MMS2 dose
    MMS1 dose
    MMS1 dose
    MMS2 dose
    † While working up to the correct size capsules of MMS2,
    which is either a full #1 size capsule, or a 3/4 full #0 size
    capsule (never go beyond these amounts), keep your
    MMS1 doses constant. In other words, do not be working
    on increasing your drops of MMS1, while you are working
    up to your proper dose of MMS2, because if you get
    nauseous you will not be able to determine which of the
    two might be causing you to feel sick. Once you have
    reached the suggested amount of MMS2, then you can
    begin increasing your drops of MMS1 once more.Chapter 6 – The Key Protocols
    † Remember, at any time, whether you are increasing
    your amounts of MMS1, or MMS2, if at any time you feel
    nauseous or sick from the increase, decrease the amount
    by at least one half and build back up slowly.
    † Never take a dose containing DMSO and an MMS2
    capsule at the same time! See pages 23-24 for the full
    warning on this.
    Protocol 3000
    The goal with serious or life-threatening situations is to
    quickly get MMS1 circulating in the blood while trying to
    stay under the nausea level. One way to achieve this is by
    using DMSO with MMS1 topically. DMSO is a carrier and
    therefore takes MMS1 directly into the skin and tissues
    and thus into the blood. Testing under laboratory condi-
    tions by adding tiny non-dangerous amounts of radiation
    have demonstrated that DMSO carries MMS1 directly to
    any cancer in the body and it then penetrates the cancer
    cells. We have evidence that DMSO also carries MMS1 to
    any place in the body where disease has weakened the
    area. (For further information I recommend Stanley Ja-
    cob’s book: Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) in Trauma and
    Disease by Stanley W. Jacob and Jack C. De La Torre. Also
    The DMSO Handbook by Hartmut P.A. Fischer.)
    Protocol 3000 is the topical use of MMS1 mixed with
    DMSO, applied to the body every hour for a minimum of
    eight hours a day. The MMS1/DMSO procedure described
    below is an accelerated skin technique that helps push
    MMS1 into the blood plasma. This method also helps to
    avoid a Herxheimer reaction. In the case of cancer or
    other life-threatening disease, it should be used in addi-
    tion to a normal oral regimen of Protocol 2000.96
    MMS Health Recovery Guidebook
    Instructions for Protocol 3000
    Step 1
    q Mix up a solution of 10 drops of MMS with 10 drops of
    50% citric acid or 10 drops of 4% HCl acid. Count 30
    seconds for activation.
    q Add 20 drops of water. But if this mixture is too strong
    (causes burning of the skin or other irritation), add
    more drops of water until it doesn’t cause irritation. If
    there is no extra skin sensitivity, you may want to add
    less water (do this in increments), to see if you can
    tolerate a stronger mixture.
    q Add 1 teaspoon/5 ml of DMSO.
    q Immediately spread the mixture over one arm. You
    can use your hand to spread the mix. (Be sure your
    hands are washed and thoroughly rinsed so as to
    remove all of the soap before applying DMSO.) It is
    not necessary, and even potentially dangerous to wear
    a glove, (if latex or rubber). When you have finished,
    wash your hand with plain water, do not wash with
    soap and water, as DMSO is a carrier and can carry
    some of the soap into your tissues.
    Step 2
    q The following hour, mix up another MMS1/DMSO
    solution and spread it on your other arm. Repeat the
    next hour and do a different part of your body. Do one
    arm first, then the other arm, then a leg, then the other
    leg, then your stomach, and then back to the first arm,
    and so on. Use a different part of the body each time
    you apply the DMSO/MMS1 combination. Do this once
    every hour for eight consecutive hours.Chapter 6 – The Key Protocols
    Step 3
    q Repeat this process once every hour for eight
    consecutive hours for three consecutive days. (It is fine
    to bathe or shower after completing the hours applying
    the MMS1/DMSO. Wait at least one hour after applying
    the last application. Thoroughly rinse well with plain
    water before using soap.)
    Step 4
    q Then take a break. Quit from one to four days or
    however many days it takes to overcome any problems
    that may be caused by the DMSO (such as extra dry
    Step 5
    q After the first week you can use this topical application
    four days a week, or more, if there is no problem with
    your skin. If there is no problem, continue to use MMS1
    and DMSO every day, as long as there is no skin
    irritation. Anytime you experience irritation, cut back
    for a time, or you can add more water to the mixture.
    Note: When you quit the MMS1/DMSO topical application
    for four days you should still continue with your other MMS
    † An alternative method is using the same mixture as
    mentioned above of MMS1 drops to water, but spread this
    mixture on the body first and then spray DMSO (see pages
    261-264 on DMSO spray bottle), or pat on the DMSO over
    the top of the MMS1 on the same area. Gently rub it into
    the skin. You can use your clean bare hands to do this.98
    MMS Health Recovery Guidebook
    When finished rinse your hands with plain water.
    (Remember, DMSO is a carrier, so using it with soap could
    carry the soap into your system, so rinse with water and
    wipe dry.)
    † For extra sick people who should take smaller doses
    of DMSO, it would be best to start out using only a small
    area of the body. I suggest using an area about the size
    of the palm of your hand—no larger. Use a small area like
    this for several days before going to a larger area such as
    the entire arm or leg. Use a larger area only if there is no
    adverse reaction to DMSO in the smaller area.
    † Or instead, add extra water to the mixture. That is,
    instead of using a smaller area to rub the DMSO on, add
    extra water to the MMS1/DMSO solution and then put it
    on the entire arm or leg and other areas.
    † There is a more convenient way to do this Protocol that
    involves using spray bottles to apply the MMS1 and DMSO
    to the body. You can find the full details of the spray bottle
    method for Protocol 3000, in the section for children in this
    book on page 260. The same procedure and mixture for
    children can be used for adults. Although the spray bottle
    method may be easier for some people, I have left the
    original method for this protocol above for the sake of
    learning, and for the sake of those people who, for one
    reason or another, may not be able to obtain spray bottles.
    † When working with DMSO, do not use rubber or latex
    gloves or other medical gloves. You could get rubber into
    your body as DMSO melts the rubber. The plastic gloves
    that are not stretch are one kind of plastic that can be used
    with DMSO.Chapter 6 – The Key Protocols
    † Keep full strength DMSO out of your eyes. Be careful
    not to touch your eyes when handling DMSO until you
    have rinsed the DMSO off of your hands.
    † If you notice a burning sensation on your skin after you
    have applied DMSO, a good technique is to place a
    teaspoon of purified water on the burning area and gently
    rub it in. Keep adding water until it is no longer burning.
    Or use a spray bottle with plain water in it for such
    problems, but do rub the water in.
    † You can rub olive oil or Aloe vera gel on the skin after
    the DMSO/MMS1 application in order to soothe the skin if
    you feel burning or irritation.
    Note: For a complete list of safety precautions for over
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  11. Penny

    Penny New Member


    add 10ml to a 1 liter bottle and drink it 8-12 times a day once per hour - 1 shot glass worth... it's pretty straightforward how to make it in the video
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  12. Richard Watson

    Richard Watson New Member

    Jim Humble says to mix it a few minutes before drinking it
  13. Penny

    Penny New Member

    My 25% stuff isn't here yet - I am using the 2% stuff with 5 drops of each container, mix it for 5 minutes - pour it into a 1/2 cup of distilled water and I wait maybe 30 seconds before drinking it - I think it works ot to around 16% instead of 25% - but it's not like I have malaria:)

    K.I.S.S. :)
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  14. Penny

    Penny New Member

    That post of yours made my head spin...:) Andreas Kalcker says MMS is the grandfather and that CDS should be used instead - interesting about the DMSO - and getting it in the bloodstream - I think I'll try that with the 2% CDS I have -
  15. Freebird

    Freebird New Member

    If you're doing it this way, aren't you drinking MMS and not CDS?
  16. Freebird

    Freebird New Member

    So... let's see: If you make the CDS the way he says in the video, you have ~3000 PPM. If you then put 10 ml of that solution into 1 litre of water you'll have a 30 PPM solution to drink, correct?
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  17. Freebird

    Freebird New Member

    @JanSz @Penny @Richard Watson (and everyone else)

    Hope this Helps -

    CDS from MMS:

    OK, so if I have this right, you just get the MMS kit from Jan's link, or go directly to Steve Pardee's/Keavey's Corner/KV Lab web site and:

    1. Buy the kit (2 bottles)

    2. Mix the two solutions in a shot glass and put the shot glass with the mixture in the larger jar of water

    3. Cover it with the sealed glass lid... or maybe even just a regular plastic lid ???

    4. Put it in a dark cabinet for 12 to 24 hours

    5. Repeat the process the next day with fresh mixture in the shot glass -- for another 12-24 hours – and voila! You have CDS.

    6. Put 10 ml of the "infused"/gassed up water (CDS) into a liter of water – and that’s your dose for the day.

    7. Put the unused CDS in the fridge.

    Is this correct?

    Am I missing something?
  18. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Dude - that is correct if you follow that Swiss guy's protocol and it's probably fabulous - but I just got the 25% stuff and the directions were to put 3 drops of each bottle in a cup (I used the cup from the 2% stuff), wait 5 minutes, dump it into some water (4 oz) and drink it up... simple, stupid... like me:) There might have been some wait time there but the directions are right on the bottle - I used this stuff:


    There is some amount of uncertainty as to how long the effect lasts, so I was glad to use it "on demand" - no idea if full or empty stomach is required - oh, do 1 shot 8 times a day once per hour if you use that complicated protocol... :) One more thing - the Swiss guy says MMS is "so yesterday" :) And he recommends CDS instead -
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  19. Freebird

    Freebird New Member

    Thanks Penny! And thanks for the link. This is the stuff I bought directly from Steve's web site. It's much cheaper there. Should be here any day now!

    I got two bottles of "stuff" (CD and either citric acid or HCL) to mix together ~10 years ago or so from Steve when I first leaned about MMS. That was before his business took off so he had time to talk to me on the phone and give exact directions. - Anyway, it was MMS after it was mixed together.

    SO NOW: I thought that when you mix the two bottles of solution (from your link) you get MMS -- And when you let the gas from the MMS be absorbed by the water (Andreas' technique) - You get CDS. --- Is this your understanding of the process and resultant products?
  20. Penny

    Penny New Member

    I really need to watch a couple of those Andreas videos - I would guess that it is stronger if you let the gas absorb but honestly, not my strongest area of expertise:) An interesting observation though as to the difference - Jim Humble or whatever his name is/was was hiking and his friends caught malaria - having nothing else, he gave them a few drops of the water purifier - they healed - so he started studying it in earnest from there - Andreas had severe arthritis - like he couldn't lift a pencil - so his friends said "try this" and then he was a convert - I can see a difference with just the 2% stuff - but I haven't played with it long enough to know any difference between the strength/mixing method...

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