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Is Osteoporosis reversible?

Discussion in 'The Cave' started by Matt Fowler, Nov 2, 2021.

  1. Would Osteoporosis be reversible in a 64 year old female type one diabetic? My mother has recently had the diagnosis. but Im refusing to take the G.P's verdict as gospel.
  2. Dr. Marcus Ettinger

    Dr. Marcus Ettinger Platinum Member


    Wolff's law, developed by the German anatomist and surgeon Julius Wolff in the 19th century, states that bone in a healthy person or animal will adapt to the loads under which it is placed. If loading on a particular bone increases, the bone will remodel itself over time to become stronger to resist that sort of loading.
  3. excellent! Yes, I read this in the body electric, but I didnt realise wolf's law pertained to osteoporosis. Ill have to revisit the book.

    How would she go about reversing it? Ive just been reading the relevant chapter in Epi-Paleo Rx, where Dr. Kruse recommends that a high animal protein diet reduces the chance of fracture by 4.5 times. My mum eats only a small amount of meat as she is drawn to "Karma-free" eating, so obviously a Paleo diet will help big time. What else can she do? Would a drastic reduction in nnEMF's make any noticeable improvements?
  4. Dr. Marcus Ettinger

    Dr. Marcus Ettinger Platinum Member

    Wolff's Law means that the more force on bone the more it remodels and the less force the faster it breaks down. So, it boils down to a lot of weight-bearing exercise - squats and climbing stairs. Lifting more weights and playing less bingo while watching TV :)
  5. Would these exercises help with the spine too? Im going to get her using my recumbent exercise bike a.s.a.p for weightloss/cardio and leg strength.
  6. Also, I remember you onced mentioned using sperti lamps in your practice - do they help with mood enhancement as well as vit D?
  7. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    "sperti lamps - do they help with mood enhancement as well as vit D?"

    Depends if you're nice to it. My Fiji lamp has a bit of an attitude; if I look at it the wrong way it just stares right back with the same look. And if I look at it without goggles for too long, I think it doesn't like it because it'll burn my eyeballs.
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  8. Dr. Marcus Ettinger

    Dr. Marcus Ettinger Platinum Member

    The only reason I can see using a sit-down bike is if she can't walk. If she can walk then she should walk. If she can climb stairs or a hill, all the better. If she can go to a gym and be taught how to use the machines, even better.

    If being in natural sunlight is not an option, then the Fiji lamp is the next best option.

    "Man has never improved on what nature has already built." Dr. Ettinger
  9. Dan2

    Dan2 Pedantic schlub

    @Matt Fowler
    Okay, but being serious now...
    The spectrum of UVA and UVB the Fiji makes is pretty similar to proportions in sunlight. Look at this


    and go to the first link in that post. There are graphs in that thread comparing the specturm of the Fiji to sunlight. I don't know much about how the spectrum graphs of sunlight are made, the physics of it and the instruments used, so I don't know what latitude or season the sunlight graphs that are being compared to the Fiji would be like. But the advantage of the Fiji compared to other UVB bulbs (like mercury reptile bulbs) is that the proportions of UV wavelengths are smooth for the Fiji, like sunlight is, whereas most other UVB bulbs it's a lot of a very narrow range of wavelengths and then not much of the others around that, which probably isn't as healthy.

    So yeah, other than the vitamin D from the UVB wavelengths that can help with mood, the proportions of the UVB and UVA from the Fiji mean that it'll do a pretty good job at stimulating the other cellular functions that are helped by a range of UVA and UVB wavelengths, and that entourage of effects (that you can learn more about by reading Jack's blogs about the ways UV wavelengths in sunlight do those things) will be similar to sunlight and so should help with mood too (even if your mom mean-mugs it (but tell her to wear goggles while mean-mugging it so the Fiji can't get revenge by burning her eyeballs (but then the Fiji will get revenge by giving her raccoon eyes tanlines))).
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  10. Starting Strength, by Mark Rippetoe is a great book that helped us. You don't need to be a muscle head, but learning to do the exercises correctly is important. In this book the author explains how doing repetitive exercise causes imflamation. By loading your large muscle groups with increasing weight in carefully selected exercises done in moderation, a person can gain strength , functionality and bone density. Mostly 3 sets of 5 squats, overhead press, and 1 or two others. All stack weight on whole body. once a week is plenty for someone in 60s.

    Someone I love also suffered osteoporosus. She consumed lots of dairy, calcium, magnesium supplements, taught dance classes at the YMCA but still was losing bone density. I figured cows dont drink milk, take sups, or lift weights but still have hella-bones. I made her broccoli or asparagus everyday for years while avoiding oxalic acids and other nutrient blocking phytochemicals. We have embraced Jacks protocols of sunlight and circadian exellence. I make bone broth with a crazy amount of bones. She also hikes, backpacks(a+) and does yoga.

    I also try to feed us with animals and plants raised in a optimally mineral balanced soil . William Albrecht's books are my guide. A soil must start with 60 to 80% calcium, 10-20 magnesium totaling about 80% of available spaces in soil colloid. all the others make up the balance of soil minerals. must be in balanced ratios. Soil testing is important to bringing it where it should be.

    Her doctor couldn't believe how quickly she reversed her trend of bone loss. Still has some osteopenia in some areas, but she still rides horses and skis carefully in moderation.

    Good luck to your mom!
  11. She can walk and is quite active, but hasnt exercised in many years. She wants to have a go on the bike, so maybe she can start off like that to get back in the swing of an exercise routine.

    The gym sounds good, but what about the blue light?
  12. Thank you for your extensive advice and good humour! :D
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  13. Do you think the bone broth was the main contributor to her recovery? And optimising nutrient absorption? Thanks for your input :)
  14. @Matt Fowler - Have you looked into
    The use of osteogenic devices like the ones used at OsteoStrong have shown promising results. Though there are only 4 studies on the specific application of osteogenic loading devices, the underlying principle is one of the most fundamental of human physiology (mechanotransduction) and as loads seen with osteogenic use are far beyond the minimum established trigger for building bone, the results seen are beyond that of other treatments.

    Bone density has been shown to improve 7.34% between the spine and hip results over one year of treatment.
    Further, Hunte and researchers found bone density gains of over 14% in 6 months of treatment.
    Further research shows statistical congruency with a larger sample (n=2300) for functional bone performance gains and BMD.
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  15. The bone broth is powerful. I make it with a ton of bones so if I buy them from the store its an big investment. Am making a batch right now and we have it every day. However, to make a strong position and recommendation after looking at just our n=1 would be fauci science.
    We have also been 110% in on Dr Kruse's protocols: Lots of equatorial sun, avoidance of emf, circadian hygiene(no tv, candles, outside all day, sleep all night, CT). Getting rid of possibly mineral sucking chemicals, foods or activities and fake light avoidance; and embracing, living in and exercising in nature, being conscience of environment and either leaving or improving conditions. I'm not a Doctor, so don't believe what I say without consulting a real health expert, but am very glad she didn't start taking the osteo drugs her doc recommended.
    I think the first step for everyone should be reading Jack"s book and doing all the recommendations. Sups and fake light may keep a person marginally alive or slow decline but will not improve problems. Don't waste too much time going all in. Besides improving health, all other areas of life get better.
    This is a hard sell for most, so you going all in, improving and believing, she will be more likely to go along with you. Dive in head first and don't compromise, the water is amazing!
    Good luck
  16. Dr. Marcus Ettinger

    Dr. Marcus Ettinger Platinum Member

    Pick and choose your battles. Movement at this point is more important. Get here some blue-blocking glasses, if she will wear them.
  17. 5G Canary

    5G Canary Gold

    @Matt Fowler

    Matt sorry to hear about your Mom being in the hospital. This is why zip code matters and the right doctor matters. Doctor Kruse is the only doctor I have found that truly understands how this all works and has given me wisdom to increase my time. Some doctors want to believe you can remain in the crappy zip code and just eat right, take pills and exercise... but, esp. when very EHS sensitive, that is not how living in a bad frequency area works. Our bones are semiconductors. The wrong supplements can make things worse for some... like they did for me. You also don’t want to exert yourself (physically just can’t) when your water and oxygen are being depleted. You need a better zip code... sooner rather then later. Dr. Kruse told me- it was life or death at the time and, it was. Zip code matters! It’s all that matters... and it’s the very reason they put the patient privacy act together. It wasn’t to protect the patients privacy... it was so doctors couldn’t discuss patients with each other. They didn’t want doctors or patients connecting the dots. I will never forget the day my family doctor said “it’s interesting we have seen a ridiculously high amount of patients here that all have vertigo all of a sudden... it must just be a bad allergies season.”.... Seriously!! It was in April of 2010 (the first event 201) when they launched 4G and they told us all it was just bad allergies!

    I would schedule a consult with Dr. Kruse for both you and your Mom.

    FYI... the dog I was waiting to die is turning 19 this year. Yes... 19! She is old but once we moved she got much healthier too! Now she seems to be invincible.. Lol! You can do this!
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  18. I don't know if you know him -> Dr. Dough McGuff is a practicing emergency physician who lives in Seneca, South Carolina. I love him and have read his books for over 20 years.

    Functional Mobility

    Prognostic Assessment of Life after surgery in the Elderly

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  19. ND Hauf

    ND Hauf Pleb

    A heads up to anyone who hunts and knows this is peak wild game bone broth season in the US....

    Chronic Wasting Disease is ripping in the heartland of the US. We typically spend about two weeks making bone broth from deer, elk, antelope, and buffalo this time of year. It's definitely worth getting a head check on any animal you harvest. We no longer take friends bones if they haven't cleared their animal of the disease.

    Hoping for a quick recovery for both you @Matt Fowler and your mom regarding all the above......osteoporosis, current C-19 battle, and zip code syndrome.
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  20. https://www.deerassociation.com/cwd-roundup-september-2021/

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