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Is health a supplementation of multiple interventions or is it wrapped in our human environment?

Discussion in 'Ask Jack' started by John Schumacher, Dec 5, 2020.

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  2. When we review PhotoElectricdynamics from a plasma physics paradigm, we find that light's rays are observed as (dielectro-electromagnetic structure, with a radial and coaxial dielectric component) from the sun, these dielectric inductions cause induction in our "solar cells".

    As the energy moves (propagates in the direction of the arrow), the light electromotive force expels radially; “ions” are then pushed out in a cone cavity whose space charge pulls the expelled “electrons” back, forming a high-density region on the propagation axis. The oscillations wake into the cavity and then transversely the energy longitudinally expels again.


    Note: Similarities of light "movement" thru space in the image above -> to Nature's examples "energy" moving through the medium of water (image below)


    Recall from the post above: https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?posts/296188 image below.
    There are multiple factors involved with energy. Three are represented "statically" here:

    • The red lines representing Centrifugal vortex
    • The blue lines representing Centripetal vortex
    • The green lines representing the Inertial plane or spatial circular reciprocating vortex

    When we look are each of these "parts", we find plasma waves can produce electron vortex "bunches" in an orbital angular momentum, twisting in wave packets.

    Please note the double helix

    Note: because of the limitation of the number of images that can be loaded onto a post, this post will continue on the next post.

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  3. Let's try to understand just three of these factors:
    • Centrifugal vortex
    • Centripetal vortex
    • Spatial circular reciprocating vortex
    High Energy electron and proton acceleration by circularly polarized laser pulse from near critical density hydrogen gas - https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-20506-x We numerically observe the efficient proton acceleration from magnetic vortex acceleration mechanism by using the three dimensional particle-in-cell simulations. https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1709/1709.03287.pdf

    At the time instant 200 fsec, the proton beam is showing the energy and spatial density distribution of maximum acceleration.

    The next image (same experiment), we'll look "down" on the proton beam.

    The spatial density distribution of focused proton beam where high-energy protons are concentrated in very small area; which can be attributed to transverse focusing field which clearly demonstrates that high-energy protons are collimated at smaller divergence angle.

    Now let's look at the proton beam as moving through a medium.

    Well golly-gee - > Didn't Nature show us this before?
    "Energy" moving through the medium of water https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?posts/296680


    Is it possible that Nature is trying to show us ->
    "Energy" propagates in dipole vortex structures
    such that as the vortex(es) expand both forward and lateral directions, the field pressure pushes the "ions" to form a density jump along the vortex axises and transversely induces a longitudinal inertial inverse field. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/21230779/

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  4. Dr. @Jack Kruse posed a good question: "How does light carry information?" https://forum.jackkruse.com/index.php?threads/what-is-one-way-light-transmits-information.25655/
    In it he stated: The orbital angular momentum of light ... is dependent on the field spatial distribution, and not on the polarization.

    My response: From the studies in plasma physics we find -> light's spin creates an optical analogue of a tornado.

    Helices spin and counterspin simotaineously.

    The image in the above post is a bit "wrong"; in that -> there are two helices -> one moving in one direction and other counter to it -> or what is known in physics as mirror image or in chemistry mirror image; both use the idea of "mirror image" but have a different application.

    Let's start with a simple idea ->

    A geometric interpretation of distance in octaves by means of the helix of pitch. (a) The whole number of turns separating the lower limit of pitch f min from the frequency f of the tone. (b) The inclusion of phase in the helix of pitch is such that its effect is to rotate the whole helix by an angle corresponding to its magnitude.

    Now let's lay the images over one another ->

    The color contrast help "visualize" both helices moving counter spin to each other.

    Now let's try to think about this beyond "two dimensions"


    And how has Nature shown us? ->


    The double helix spin is a function of three of factors:
    • Centrifugal vortex
    • Centripetal vortex
    • Spatial circular reciprocating vortex
  5. Dr. @Jack Kruse - Thank you for your post: https://optimalklubs.com/btc-23-quantum-zeno-effect-of-money-time/

    The old quantum paradigm is inadequate again. Using a quantum “understanding”, an entirely new paradox emerged, known as the quantum Zeno effect (paradox). Specifically, it is believed that certain physical phenomena only happen due to the quantum properties of matter and energy, like “quantum tunneling” through a barrier or radioactive decays. Thus (according to this paradigm), in order to go from one quantum state to another, your quantum “understanding” needs to think about it as a wave: its wavefunction spreads out over time.

    Please "click" on the animated link -> https://blogs-images.forbes.com/startswithabang/files/2019/03/ezgif-2-7b72c5363c8e.gif

    Please note in the plasma physics experiment image above - the light proton as it “passes” through the medium. There are three phenomena to observed:
    1. The light "bounces" off the medium at right angles, specifically, 42.4923 degrees
    2. The light slows while "passing" through the medium
    3. The light resumes at the same speed on the other side of the medium moving in the same axis protectory without variance
    In the next example, the “quantuan” wave approaches a “barrier”; we see an interaction with the barrier; then its wave form pattern returns back to original form before the barrier. Also note the thermodynamic reflective reciprocal results as the wave "bounces" off the barrier and "returns".

    Please "click" on the animated link -> https://blogs-images.forbes.com/startswithabang/files/2018/12/output_0KBvSu.gif

    Please note: The light proton, measured in its wave form, interacts on its approach to the "barrier" before it "hits" the barrier; then note when it "hits" the barrier; and then what looks like a reciprocal wave form on both sides of the barrier, the wave continues forward, the another wave returns.

    So why is this important to understand? We may need to step back from the canvas of substantiated data and ask better questions.

    So what may this mean about our current money environment?
    Perhaps as the monetary system approaches a barrier, we will see a preview (wave interaction) before hitting the "wall"; then great disruption; but there seems to be "hope" past the "barrier". (If you've readied yourself for it, BTC the next stable monetary instrument).
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  6. Jack Kruse

    Jack Kruse Administrator

    I think you've made this more complicated than it needs to be.

    No, it is not. The reason is linked to how light operates with the skin, liver, and kidneys in the Vitamin D cascade.

    97% of vitamin D comes from the sun striking your skin. It produces a compound that goes to the liver and then it goes to the kidneys. To produce that 97 percent you need that healthy sun from being outside during the appropriate time of day. The real key to understanding here is you also need a healthy liver and healthy kidneys to make the chemicals and the free radical signal there to create the 1000 other chemicals that program our immune cells. What does this fact imply?

    It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. It is a feature built into the quantum biology of life. Just being out in the sun is not enough. This is why some of my Farm members with gorgeous tans still have significant risks. They need to do more and listen more carefully. You need to understand that liver and kidney mitochondrial health need to be optimized before the sun can create quantum magic for your immune system.

    Sadly blue light, nnEMF, and alien magnetic fields destroy the ability of your liver and kidney to make Vitamin D. Because of this quantum relationship between the sun, skin, liver, and kidney mandates it. Sometimes just going out in the sun is not enough until you realize that your mitochondrial redox in your liver and kidneys must return before you can make and utilize Vitamin D from the sun again using your skin as the neuroectodermal solar panel Nature designed it to be. This is Black Swan Wisdom. Just having a tan is no guarantee of success in health optimization.
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  7. Thank you - Dr. @Jack Kruse -> May I underscore your statement -> "Sadly blue light, nnEMF, and alien magnetic fields destroy the ability of your liver and kidney to make Vitamin D." -> https://optimalklubs.com/btc-24-light-is-to-dark-as-btc-is-to-hard-money/

    This is the point and case for this Thread ->
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  8. Thank you again - Dr. @Jack Kruse for the recent FaceBook post ->

    "Sunlight works to deplete deuterium via hemoglobin and chlorophyll quantum actions. Metabolism changes with light and deuterium depletion are the result of it. It turns out the metabolism in leaves in the sun is different than the metabolism in the shade. Sunlight deuterium depletes because of how the hydrogen is handled by the leaf metabolism. Research shows us the effect.

    Rollinia mucosa is a tropical fruit tree indigenous to the West Indies and Central America and popular fruit in Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Venezuela, among others. This plant family has generated great interest due to the presence of bioactive compounds, which exhibit promising biological activities, including anthelmintic, antifungal, antimalarial, antineoplastic, antimicrobial, antiprotozoal, and larvicidal properties, as well as being toxic to tumor cells, among others. This plant is known as a medicinal tree, the different parts of the plant such as the roots, stems, bark, seeds, and leaves have been explored in research papers. Pharmacological and phytochemical studies of this species reported the presence of major active principles, acetogenins, that are known to have anticancer activities. How they are created is tied to how sunlight handles isotopes of hydrogen in the metabolism of leaves. Generally, these complex molecules present terminal γ-lactone ring units, tetrahydrofuran (THF) units along the aliphatic chain, and other functional groups to give them their biologic actions.

    Environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, seasonality, circadian rhythm, ultraviolet radiation, air pollution, and other external conditions affect both the quantitative and qualitative composition of metabolites. Sunlit and shaded leaves of plants differ structurally and therefore adapt to sunlight at different levels. Besides being sensitive to different light accessibility conditions, metabolites in leaves have varying compositions during the year. This changes the action of hydrogen in those plants.

    Fingerprinting analytical techniques, chromatographic-DAD, infrared, mass spectrometric, 1H and 13C NMR, associated with chemometric analysis and statistical mixture design enabled the discrimination of sun-exposed and self-shaded leaves of several plants have been published by identifying different chemical fingerprints for different seasons. The same thing is true for humans because chlorophyll is very similar to hemoglobin in quantum construction. What metabolism is capable of varies differently in a different light. Sunlight, darkness, and artificially lit environments are no equivalent and science is blind to this fact. Even in deadly cancers, one can see the effect on the proper selection of hydrogen for a cell. Light is what controls the selection of hydrogen in life." - https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33760674/

    May I underscore the Thermal Dynamic parameters for consideration:
    "Environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, seasonality, circadian rhythm, ultraviolet radiation, air pollution, and other external conditions affect both the quantitative and qualitative composition of metabolites."
    However you followed up with
    "Light is what controls the selection of hydrogen in life."
    I believe -> Understanding the movement of our most elemental charged electron is one thing, but understanding the isotope behavior of H1, H2, H3 -> specifically what happens to the nucleus as the water molecule is split in our human photosynthesis melanin proton jump, maybe more important.

    The question is: What are atomic neutrons doing? <- Is it possible that each neutron steels a negatively charged electron in this (photosynthesis melanin proton jump) process?

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