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is epi genetics really > genetics?

Discussion in 'Biohacking 101' started by Aerose91, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. Flawed

    Flawed New Member

    "Currently i have a checklist of over 60 items to make sure are done correctly each day down to minute details, the bulk of which are grounded from this site." That's is impressive, you should be commended for your effort. Keep on keeping on, you're like Bruce Wayne in the pit, preparing to make the climb unassisted!

    I think that definitely epi-genetics have more of an effect on quality of existence than genetics do. Imagine a perfect set of genes, someone derived from a bloodline of folks who obeyed natures laws to a T and lived their entire lives in perfect states of health, this person would be destined for that same quality of life if their environment would allow that, then place that person in a terrible environment e.g. space. Think of there state of health after a year compared to the genetic goldmine they had at their birth, their environment was the only variable altered.

    Although, i think that genetic advantages definitely allow u to cope better with shitty environments. Some people simply have harder lives and more obstacles to overcome, like yourself! normally said ppl will be wise and have great character once they go through hell. Jack's the best example of this, we're all on this forum due to his wisdom and knowledge.

    If you traveled half way across the country why did you decide on a desert as a place to stay? sure there's no nnemf and light cycles can be easily followed but what about seafood? Also how are you gonna continue to CT in a desert?
    You've probably thought about this already to be fair but it wasnt mentioned.

    My heart goes out to you mate. You're clearly in a struggle. I've lived lifestyles similar to those of your friends that you described, i didn't encounter any life altering health implications but my quality of thought was terrible, my day-to-day life was void of substance and direction. Sure your friend might not be as sick as you while she chows down on her bowls of cereal, but then why, with the great hand of cards she has been dealt, is she sitting in her fucking living room eating cereal. Thats wasted potential
  2. Flawed

    Flawed New Member

    "I also have dissociation, mine due to encephalopathy, and it's gotten worse as of the past few days. Unfortunately I can't ground because I'm currently staying in the desert and the heat is so intense outside it makes me much sicker to go outdoors. I do stay as cold as possible though."

    I'm so confused as to why you chose this enviroment

    I Just googled your condition, that sounds tough mate. It sounds like a more drastic version of problems that Dave Asprey faced. I would suggest looking into some of his protocols. Conceptually; it would make sense for you to cover your bases with the three pillars that Jack talks about, and then build on that base with subtle biohacks and products that Asprey talks about. Maybe even consider smart drugs as a temporary solution to study your way out.

    Once again i'm sure this is stuff you've already considered and i'm a complete layman
  3. Aerose91

    Aerose91 New Member

    Hey bud,

    Per your questions;

    I had to choose the desert because of the dry, clean air, most notably lack of mold spores. I can't be in a forest for more than 10 minutes or so before i begin to decline. Hell, im so sensitive to airborne pollutants i can't even be on a carpet. The desert has been the best environment accross the board for people with my illness.

    I had to wait until winter to be able to stay in the desert full time due to the heat in the summer. The desert in the winter is coooold. Highs in the 60's and lows in the 20's so there's plenty of cold if i want. However, as of now just a slight but too much cold is very damaging. I tried to get a little too cold last week and havent slept one decent night since.

    This desert is only an hour away from the coast so there's plenty of seafood if i want it. However, i recently had a lipid panel done under the patricia kane protocol and my DHA was off the charts. I ate a high dha, ketogenic diet for about a decade before falling ill and it blew my omega 6:3 ratio far out of proportion. My doctor has me on a higher omega 6 diet and phosphatidylcholine currently to get me to the optimal 4:1 ratio.

    I am not familiar with Dave Asprey, i will look into him. Thank you.

    Ultimately the question i was posing was simply- if you have 10 people with the same epigenetic factors and 1 gets sick vs 9 that do not- what is the difference. Obviously those differences need to be rooted out and addressed if the person wants the best chance of recovery.

    I appreciate your concern in lending a helping hand. Thanks, man.
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  4. Allin

    Allin New Member

    Life isn't fair and never will be. Blame it on your mother, grandmother and Edison... Remember you have your special N=1 and I have my own special N=1.

    From what I understand,
    1. your DHA is too high
    2. you can not take the AM sun for more than 10 minutes
    3. CT is not an option now but you do get some cold because of the desert temperatures but only can take a little cold at a time.
    4. you need to wear glasses or contacts to function
    5. I am not sure of your hydration/dehydration status
    6. I am not sure if you can get WiFi or if your cell reception is good or bad currently.
  5. Aerose91

    Aerose91 New Member

    1: yes my DHA is too high

    2: early morn and late pm i can handle the sun for longer so i take advantage of those. If its early enough im getting 20-30 min of am sun and a solid hour before sunset

    3: correct

    4: yes, all the time but when im just sitting to get sun in the am/pm im keeping my glasses off

    5: i drink a ton of spring water and have my whole life, not sure of my hydration status either. I grew up with a well though, not flourinated water but we still drank spring.

    6: im staying in a place thats out of range of all cell signals or wifi. I only get this signal if i go into town.
  6. Allin

    Allin New Member

    Keep trucking brother. I'm pulling for you.
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  7. Aerose91

    Aerose91 New Member

    Thank you, good sir
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